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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 28, 2023
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Transcribing on your own can be compared to doing something akin to rocket science. However, you can make your life easier by choosing a transcription software application and service to help you convert video or audio quickly, easily, and affordably into text.

Besides saving you tons of time by using a reliable speech-to-text tool, you will also greatly improve your content for your audience or search engines.        

Whether you’re transcribing for an interview, journalism, a YouTube channel, or a podcast for educational purposes, nothing will make your life easier than using transcription software and services.

Since tons of transcription software and service apps can convert audio and video files into text, all with different advantages and drawbacks, this article makes your job much easier by reviewing Amberscript Transcription. We shall consider its features and benefits and why you must choose it.   

Amberscript Transcription: An Overview

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Amberscript is a handy transcription tool that automatically converts recordings of interviews or conversations into written text. While it may not be 100% error-for-free, using Amberscript can save you much time and cost compared to trying to transcribe independently.

The tool offers two distinct services: manual and software-based transcription services. The software-based tool uses Amberscript voice-to-text Transcription to transliterate audio files.

In contrast, you can use the manual transcriber to request a human transcriptionist to copy your audio files. Moreover, Amberscript is designed to generate a sub-title functionality when doing video transcription.   

Users will benefit significantly from choosing between the auto-generated and manual modes, besides the feature enabling them to synchronize video subtitles correctly and accurately. An easy-to-use, excellent, and efficient intuitive interface and AI make using Amberscript good value for money.

On the flip side, though, students will find it a little expensive, and of course, it could do better if the mobile app had the text editor feature. 

Importance of Accurate and Efficient Transcription 

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A transcript may be a written record of something said by someone using their exact words. However, in some industries, an odd mistake or spelling could only earn you a red face before you correct it.

Nonetheless, in other industries, that little error could snowball into a major disaster that could damage a firm’s reputation or, at worst, impact a person’s career or the life of a subject. Whether you’re dealing with technical, medical, legal, journalism, or other complex terms, accurate transcription means not a word is lost because accuracy is paramount. 

Take the example of a medical facility in India that was fined $140 million in 2013 because an outsourced transcription to a doctor erroneously wrote “80” instead of “8” for an insulin dose that led to the death of a patient.

In other cases, the placement of punctuation can alter the meaning of a sentence completely, underscoring the importance of carefully choosing transcription software to ensure you get the correct tone and intent of the spoken message. If your text comes out with many mistakes, the transcription becomes useless. Transcription accuracy is critical since errors cost time, money, and reputational damage to every participant.      

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Key Features of Amberscript Transcription

Besides offering transcription and subtitling in over 39 languages, Amberscript differentiates accents and dialects like American or British English. The auto-transcribe process depends on an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) feature within minutes to near-perfect accuracy.

Other prominent features of the Amberscript transcription include the following: 

#1. Accuracy of Transcription

Amberscript offers an accurate machine-made transcription and subtitling service. However, the few mistakes that pass through are mostly caused by poor audio quality, bad pronunciation, or using words the software may still need to recognize.

Users can also select the correct number of speakers when the audio file includes a conversation to ensure better results. Besides, it’s also possible to set the transcription to one speaker so the AI doesn’t take any break in your speech or when your voice changes slightly as a second speaker.

Most importantly, the user has full control of the text after audio or video files are transcribed, meaning they can correct any mistakes manually. Users can also rename speakers, highlight important information, and select the text format for exporting the transcription.     

#2. Machine-Made Transcription

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Amberscript’s machine-made transcription facilitates fast and accurate audio and video content transcription. It uses artificial intelligence and advanced speech recognition technology to generate results up to 85% accurate in over 39 languages.

Additionally, users can benefit from the auto-generated subtitle service to give accurate subtitles to video content. The highly readable subtitles can be up to 100% accurate, even in terms of synchronization and placement, making them appealing and acceptable to a global audience.   

#3. Human-Made Transcription

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The human-made transcription service is designed for users with the highest accuracy. It involves a team of highly trained transcriptionists who offer accurate and quality transcriptions for any audio or video content. This service, which can take 24 hours but up to three days, is guaranteed to be completely error-free and highly readable.

Users can also benefit from the human-made subtitle service offered by skilled captioners trained to deliver the smallest accurate detail.   

#4. Data Handling and Encryption

Amberscript employs military-grade security measures that ensure all the data they collect from users is handled and stored correctly. Apart from the human transcribers, when a user has selected the manual transcription process, none of the company’s employees can access users’ data.

According to the company’s website, they use the best industry practices to guarantee all data is safely secured and transferred online. All data files are also anonymized and encrypted, and the company’s workers are trained in data security.  


Amberscript provides three different pricing plans that significantly differ from the competition. In addition to the three plans, namely pre-paid, subscription, and pay-per-minute, a free trial plan is available. You must carefully assess the three plans to select the most appropriate for your situation.  

🟢 The pre-paid plan: Amberscript’s pre-paid plan is designed for clients with one-off projects and costs $10 per hour. The transcribed text will mostly be ready within minutes, and users benefit from email support. Additionally, you can use the built-in online editor to correct transcripts, and the service also offers multiple speaker distinctions.   

🟢 The subscription plan: If you intend to use the service regularly, you’re better off selecting the subscription plan that costs $25 monthly and offers up to five hours of uploaded audio or video content. Users can choose between a monthly and annual payment, with the annual plan offering a 20% discount monthly, bringing it down to $20 per month. 

🟢 The pay-per-minute plan: This plan is specifically designed for users who prefer the manual human-made transcription or subtitling service and costs $1.25 per minute of uploaded files, while subtitle translation will cost $7 per minute.  

Users are advised to take advantage of the free trials available with the subscription and pay-per-minute plans, which offer some 10 minutes for free, to get a feel of how the software works before signing up for the paid services.

According to the company’s website, the firm processes billings and payments via Stripe, a PCI-DSS-certified third-party payment processor, Stripe, which uses high-level encryption to secure all payment details entered. 

How Amberscript Works?

Amberscript is designed to professionally convert audio files into editable transcripts, meaning users can easily search through their audio and video files. By using this service, you can upload your audio and video files to the web, so your end users can select the language in which they want a file transcribed, as the software already supports 39 languages, which include English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Chinese, etc.

The cloud-based tool also supports the following file formats for transcription and subtitling:    

  • Audio: AAC, DSS, MP2, M4A, MP3, MPA, FLAC, GSM, WAV.
  • Video: M4V, MP4, TS, FLV MOV, WMV, AVI.
  • Audio/Video: MPEG, OB, WMA, MXF, WebM, MPG, OGG, 3GP.

Step 1: Upload Your File

You can upload audio or video files to the user-friendly platform. The platform accepts different file types, including MP3, MP4, or WAV, meaning you can transcribe various multimedia sources. 


Step 2: Choose Your Service

Once you upload your audio file, you must choose between the machine-made transcription, which takes 60 minutes on average, and the manual service, which takes at least three days. If you selected the manual service, you may also want to choose that Amberscript’s team of expert transcribers and captioners edit, correct, and subtitle your transcript.    


Step 3: Select the Desired Language

Once you select from one of the 39 languages the software supports, the process will begin as the software quickly converts the file into editable text. Once the transcription is ready, the system will send you an email notification with a link to the completed file.

After your transcript or subtitle, easily export the text from available formats, including SRT, VTT, and TXT. This enables you to use your transcribed text with various video platforms and apps, ensuring the content is both accessible and engaging to your audience worldwide.  


Step 4: Edit Your Text

The auto-generated text may contain some errors, but Amberscript has an in-built web editor that you can use to the audio file and make any corrections that may be necessary. Moreover, once you’re through with the editing, you have several auxiliary functions like adding highlights or exporting the text file in different formats once you’re done with editing.  

Amberscript Alternatives 

Now that we’ve gone over the features and pricing plans of Amberscript transcription and subtitling service let’s turn our attention to a few alternatives so you can compare their features and see the difference.  

#1. Happy Scribe 

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Happy Scribe is a high-tech AI-powered transcription tool professional transcribers and subtitlers use. The App’s users can choose between the speech recognition AI tool that delivers up to 85% accuracy or a team of highly skilled linguists and transcribers who promise up to 99% accuracy levels done within hours of the audio or video file submission.

You can expertly transcribe texts into various formats as Happy Scribe prepares and delivers files ready for submission to different platforms. Moreover, you can upload files of different lengths and sizes as the software supports all file formats. 

The platform seamlessly integrates with popular apps such as Zapier, YouTube, and others. It is designed for use by teams of any size interested in reaching global audiences.

#2. Trint

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If you desire to transcribe and share audio from your smartphone, you must look within the Trint platform. The tool is designed to help users capture all those important moments that could happen away from the office. You can use Trint’s AI-powered capabilities to record live interviews besides seamlessly importing files from your phone to other equipment.   

Trint is designed to import audio files from other apps, and users can save files to the device or the cloud without fear of losing any data. The tool supports at least 34 languages, including Spanish, English, Hindi, and Mandarin.

Trint is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and iOS systems, and you can create your personal dictionary of brand names, people names, and other non-standard spellings.

#3. Rev

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Rev is an AI-powered tool that offers a variety of audio-to-text transcription services as well as a human-generated service. The tool offers up to 99% accuracy for outcomes in both automatic and manual transcriptions, whether in English or any other of the foreign languages it supports.

Moreover, Rev offers live captions for Zoom meetings, virtual conferences, webinars, and other video presentations in at least 15 languages.   

Rev goes beyond similar tools by adding noteworthy non-vocal elements besides the regular audio-to-text service. Moreover, users can benefit from using foreign subtitles, while their live captions for Zoom meetings can be great for the deaf community and those who are hard of hearing. Rev supports both Android and iOS devices.

Final Words

The introduction of AI-powered tools like Amberscript has made the business of transcribing and subtitling easier, and with over 39 languages supported and an almost error-free outcome; you get to save time on an otherwise strenuous and time-consuming task. Even when errors appear due to bad pronunciation, the tool’s online editor highlights that you can correct the mistakes manually.  

Amberscript has a team of language experts to deal with situations where users need a 100% outcome with transcription and subtitling, meaning everyone is covered. While some users believe the services are a bit pricey, it’s noteworthy that you can take advantage of the free trial before you finally choose the paid service.

Next, check out subtitle translation tools to break the language barrier.

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