A recent study has found that almost 87% of all Android devices are insecure.


These vulnerabilities arise due to a lack of security updates. The Internet is never safe when they are connected to the web. Safety is a primary concern these days, and many third-party applications have strived to enhance it.

The following apps will help you to protect your Android devices from online identity & security threats.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast is a great app to provide your Android phone protection against viruses coupled with many other threats.


Avast is one of the world’s most trusted free antivirus for Android, which alerts you when spyware, adware get installed and violate your privacy.

The detection rate of the latest Android malware is about 99.9% and is around 100% of malware detected in the last four weeks.

Verdict: If malware and safe browsing are your primary concern, this app is appropriate for you.


Safeguard your Android devices from ransomware, malware, and other threats using the advanced protection of Malwarebytes.

It can efficiently detect dangerous threats and remove them before your device gets compromised. Malwarebytes offers real-time shields and scans for even the sophisticated phishing URLs while you use the Chrome browser. It also alerts you in case it detects anything suspicious to ensure a safe browsing experience. 


The application conducts periodic privacy audits by identifying access permissions of your apps installed on your phone or tablet. You can track those apps tracking your location, costing you hidden fees, or monitoring your calls. Malwarebytes can quickly search all your files for malware and potentially harmful programs, including adware, screen lockers, etc.

It supports Android versions 6.0 or higher and languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Polish, and Portuguese.

Want to try out?

Malwarebytes offers a 30-day free trial with all the premium features. You can buy its starting plan for $3.33/month for one device, or choose a higher plan for more devices. 


One of the popular security apps – VIPRE Android Security, is a great alternative. It puts the security of your device first by safeguarding it from 20,000+ known malware and viruses for Androids. 

This security app is packed with powerful features such as up-to-date Malware Scanner with the most recent intel on different viruses. It automatically scans all your apps after you install them. Its Web Protection can detect malicious stuff while you are busy exploring the web. 


The Anti-Theft feature can geo-locate, lock, sound alarms, and wipe the phone or tablet from other devices connected through the internet. The all-new Autopilot works as your security advisor, which provides deep insights into device security status. VIPRE Android Security offers total account privacy by allowing you to run a check to determine whether your credentials are safe or not.

While using a secure Wi-Fi like your home Wi-Fi, its Smart Unlock permits you to access your applications directly if you disable the PIN. With the PIN Timeout feature, you can set a 30-second timeout to your PIN. So, in case someone makes five incorrect attempts consecutively, it shows ‘Timeout’.

The security app also snaps a photo if anyone tries tampering with your device. To use this application, you need to have Android version 5.0 and higher, along with a stable internet connection for cloud threat scanning. Get VIPRE Android Security at just $15.99/year for one device.



An all-in-one security app, Nox Security, helps you protect your device from malware and various other threats. It’s like having a single weapon that can tackle all the nasty security concerns. This app can:

  • Keep your phone away from viruses and malware
  • Protect and lock your apps to prevent privacy breaches
  • Prevent others from viewing your notifications menu
  • Block spam and suspicious calls

Apart from these security features, Nox Security also helps you clean junk files, stop power-draining apps, and even protect your phone from Wifi network attacks.

Safe Security


Another similar app that has almost everything you need for protection against viruses, Safe Security, also helps you clean and speed up your device. Apart from the threat protection that it already offers, this app also has a bunch of other interesting features that you’d love to use. Here are some of them:

  • Instant selfie click of the person trying to use your phone without consent
  • Hide useless notifications to stay productive
  • Password-protect certain apps of your choice
  • Manual scan of installed apps and files to search for vulnerabilities

Safe Security is trusted by more than 200 million users worldwide and has a ton of raving reviews.


There are some apps that we use only a couple of times or for only a single purpose and then keep it as it is, so in those cases, it doesn’t make much sense to keep the permissions intact. However, generally, there’s no option to remove the permissions, but thankfully there’s an app for it.

YouTube video

Bouncer allows you to keep or remove permissions on demand and even disallow certain actions of the app that may seem inappropriate to you. It also notifies you of any apps on your device that drains your battery fast and those that appear to sell your information to third parties.

Firefox Focus


There’s no better feeling than browsing without fear, and Firefox Focus helps you achieve just that. It’s an amazing browser that blocks a wide range of trackers while also erasing your history, passwords, and cookies.

As a result of blocking unwanted ads and trackers, you’ll be able to browse a lot faster. Since this app is powered by Mozilla, it’s completely free and gives you the basic right of browsing privately. 🙂


Sophos is one of the best antivirus apps one could have on Android at an absolutely no cost.


Its user interface may not impress you much. However, its features will surely soothe your mind.


  • Virus scanning of installed apps, existing apps, and storage media
  • Loss and theft protection with the support of remote access which allows the user to wipe, lock, ring, and locate your device.
  • Web-filtering
  • Spam blocking

Sophos boasts the latest malware detection rate of 100%, which helps it to stand out from the rest.

Signal Messenger

There are many secure messaging apps. However, most of them work only if both users use the same app.

However, Signal Private Messenger allows you to add an extra layer of security to regular SMS text messages even if one of the users is not using Signal Private Messenger. It is developed by Open Whisper System.


The following are its notable features

  • Open Source
  • End to end encryption which means that nothing is stored on its server
  • can encrypt messages even when any one of the users is not using Signal Private Messenger.

Verdict: If you want an end to end encryption for your regular SMS’, Signal Private Messenger is undoubtedly the best app in the market.

Secure Call

It ensures your calls in such a way that nobody can listen to them. Secure Call provides end to end encryption for your private calls, thus preventing them from being overheard by intruders.


It uses a default phone app to make and receive phone calls. Its Peer to Peer architecture with a robust end to end encryption prevents your calls being stolen by Third parties, including the developers of this app.

Verdict: If you want an end to end encryption for phone calls, use Secure Call.

Find My Device

Find My Device is an improved Android Device Manager that allows you to ring, find, lock your Android device remotely. It also allows you to wipe the device’s entire data if it, by any chance it gets permanently out of your reach.

Many other apps offer this service with its other flagship services.

However, Google is by far the easiest to set up and allows you to log in via someone else Android device manager and wipe data from your device on the go.


Verdict:  If you want to access your phone remotely, use Andriod Device Manager.

NoRoot Firewall

Many apps on your Android device might be using and eating up your mobile data unnecessarily.

NoRoot Firewall puts you in control of Internet access for apps without rooting your device. It allows us to choose whether a particular app can access the Internet only over wifi or only over mobile data or neither or both.



Orbot is an Android application, a part of the Tor project, which allows you to route all of your traffic through the Tor network.

VPN uses a single server, whereas Tor routes your traffic through various tunnels making sure no traces are left behind. Orbot creates a genuinely private mobile data connection. Data gets encrypted and re-encrypted

Data gets encrypted and re-encrypted multiple numbers of times until it reaches the last network where it gets decrypted, thus preventing the sender from being traced.



Remembering passwords these days is quite tricky, with users having multiple accounts online and each account having a different password.

LastPass is one of the best password managers available in the market, which allows you to store passwords of your numerous accounts with extra layers of security.


You can easily access all of your confidential data from any computer or mobile device. Encrypted by a secret master password, all you need to remember is one LastPass password to access all of your passwords.

Verdict: One encrypted step destination for locating all of your passwords.


I hope the above security-specific apps help you keep your Andriod mobile/devices safe and secure. Next, check out some of the best Antivirus for Android.