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In Development Last updated: May 5, 2022
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HTML is an excellent way of making the static pages, but without the integration of script languages, the static features couldn’t provide a dynamic function to the web pages.

The advanced of javascript like AngularJS, is necessary for creating powerful client-server and run web applications smoothly. In 2012 Google introduced AngularJs, it is a free and open source software and its embodied with HTML as a script tag.

With the SPA (Single Page Application) development, Angular Js is getting immense popularity, and it provides a lot of configuration towards the most used client-side programming language such as Javascript. With the incorporation of HTML, the users will use the more advanced Angular attributes.

According to market analysis, Angularjs is living here for a long time, and it has become an asset for the web industry. Thanks to the great community, open-source and ready-made template at a lower cost.

By utilizing the advanced attributes of Angularjs, the developers will make different frameworks for creating dynamic web applications. But choosing the right framework is a challenging task because several structures are available in the market. The enthusiastic developers who are willing to work on AngularJs can use these frameworks, and the developers make the software remarkable. If you want to gain complete knowledge on Angularjs, you may take the online course.

Let’s take a look at the following frameworks that will assist you in becoming a smart developer.


Ionic is a champion AngularJs framework. It is specially optimized and robust front-end framework for AngularJs to build web-based and mobile applications.

The specially optimized advanced framework with instructions of Angular to support the deployment of CSS3 and HTML powered applications, thus providing a productive user interference. The developed framework provides an open source and free software development kit (SDK) not only that some UI library components help to build hybrid cum interactive applications for touch-sensitive products.

Sounds exciting to learn Ionic? Check out this hands-on online course.


LumX is a fully flexible front end framework based on Google Material Design.

The features of LumX allows developers to build user interfaces under Google guidelines. LumX relies on Angular JS to support the development of web applications based on the MVC design pattern and also it uses the jQuery to enhance the web-based application performance.

But users are no need to use the jQuery plugins separately while using LumX components. SAAS is used to build the front-end framework. On the other side, Bourbon and Neat provide customization in design applications for better and smooth functionality.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is one of the broadly used and is used for developing the HTML-5 mobile based applications. It is optimized for Bootstrap, AngularJS, and it provides comprehensive support to great libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js. This framework offers essential components such as overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas, switches, and more.

With the Mobile Angular UI, we can design a flexible user interference, and that could transform the web-based applications to user-friendly mobile apps.

Angular Material

It is a UI based component library for AngularJs developers and is inspired by Google Material Design. It offers 30 UI services and components. Angular material components help to build functional, attractive, and consistent web pages and applications while sticking to new modern web page design principles like device independence, graceful degradation, and browser portability.

It helps to make a flexible, faster, and great website. By offering features like natural Button elements like with hovers effects, ARIA support, built-in ink, and themes.

UI Bootstrap

It is developed on the top of the front-end framework called UI Bootstrap. The developers could use the repository dependence components like Bootstrap CSS, AngularJS, Angular-touch, and Angular-animate. The directives those include the repository have external markup.

The web developers keep the markup as an option and use as templates. According to the requirement, developers change the external markup then create the custom templates. Every directive has its own AngularJs module, and they use code to basic guidelines. It provides various directive such as alert, carousel, buttons, drop-down, time picker, date picker, and more.


Supersonic is one of the first hybrid UI frameworks, It consists of Javascript, web components, and CSS that we could use with a popular framework, and it is also called an agnostic framework. It helps with for simplifying the HTML apps, and it is integrated with AngularJS.

Supersonic is work along with AppGyver, and most of API’s will not work in a mobile website or Vanilla Cordova App. It permits users to write HTML together with CSS components, or we use web components that map your HTML to access native APIs and fully native interference with easier than never before.


Videogular is perfect for creating an HTML5 based video-based web or mobile applications. It got features like bindable properties, themes, and plugins, cue point system.


AngularJS is evolving to new heights each day. If you are a partial developer to AngularJS, then you should select a suitable framework for your client requirements. AngularJs provides a framework for both smartphone and web applications. Choose what suits the requirement.

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