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In Privacy Last updated: May 26, 2023
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Are you running a business that needs multiple identities? Or do you want to hide your identity and protect personal data from snooping websites? Get an anti-detect browser!

On the internet, wherever you go, websites are tracking you through cookies. Sites track browsing habits, search keywords, video preferences, products/services purchases, and many more. 

Some websites also track IP addresses and geolocation. Hence browsing on conventional web browsers becomes inefficient if you do online businesses. For individuals, it becomes a security concern since websites mine your data to sell them to third parties who may keep calling you to buy items.

To avoid nuisance and increase the business scope, people have started using anti-detect surfers. These browsers do not come cheap, and before purchasing, you need to evaluate their efficacy. You can save time by trying out the tools mentioned below.      

What Are Anti-Detect Browsers?

Though no web browsing tools offer absolute secrecy while surfing online, some browsers help you minimize the exposure. At least these will let you easily navigate your online affiliate program businesses. The net fraternity knows such tools as the anti-detect web surfers.

Anti-detect website browsers are highly similar to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, the anti-detect variants use technologies like data spoofing and digital fingerprint personalization to guarantee anonymity. Also, such tools leave little to no digital traces on websites.

Consider you need to manage multiple Twitter accounts for business promotions and ads. You can use an anti-detect browser to open multiple accounts in different tabs. Hence, these browsers are also popular as multi-login browsers.      

Anti-detect web surfers have other abilities like: 

  • Different digital fingerprints for different browser tabs.
  • Tricking website spam filters.
  • They can use various cookies for different accounts.
  • Host websites can not analyze anti-detect web surfers.
  • WebRTC plugins and Flash can not affect the efficacy of such browsers.
  • Host websites can not detect your footprints if you use any proxies.

Moreover, most premium anti-detect browsers come with optimized device fingerprints for Amazon, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Shopify, and so on for easy affiliate and marketing research on such platforms. 

Ethical Use Cases of Anti-Detect Browsers

Ethical Use Cases of Anti Detect Browsers

Anti-detect web surfers are meant for ethical use like third-party or self-businesses that need many online profiles for research and product promotion. Though individuals also use such browsers for black hat activities, that might not be legal. Here is how you can use this mighty tool ethically: 

  • Using the tool for social media managing services where you need to administer hundreds or thousands of clients. You also need to access sites from different locations and IPs.
  • Increasing the reach of affiliate links through multiple ads, forums, and social media accounts needs an anti-detect web surfer.
  • Dropshippers use such applications to spread business via many stores without linking all the stores to one owner.
  • If you are an eCommerce manager, you will need such browsers to minimize the risk by using unrelated eBay, Amazon, and payment profiles.
  • Web scraping domains with fingerprint-linked tracking or dynamically generated websites.
  • If you want to run ad campaigns from multiple Facebook Business and Google AdWords accounts, you will need a web browser with anti-detect features.     

How Do Anti-Detect Browsers Work?

Such browsers make separate browsing environments by producing digital fingerprints for each individual profile. Digital fingerprint means emulated virtual devices that behave just like a conventional web surfer like Google Chrome. 

The generation of the non-identical fingerprint is not random. The browser manufactures such a digital footprint similar to generic ones so that the host website’s spam filter can not identify any differences. Also, one tab’s digital footprint is different from the other. 

A manufactured digital fingerprint contains various data points similar to general browsers. These could be user agents, IP addresses, geolocations, operating systems, graphics cards, web plugins, installed fonts, etc. Anti-detect browsers use Chromium engine and other programs to ensure components of the digital footprint remain close to usual footprints.  

Anti-detect web surfers can not manipulate IP addresses. Thus, you need to connect it with a proxy server that will dynamically provide access to different proxy IPs at different times. Hence, you need to buy a premium proxy service to complete the circuit of anonymity.

Let’s now look at some of the best anti-detect/multi-login browsers.

X Browser: Smartproxy

X Browser from Smartproxy is a full-service anti-detection management suite. It allows you to open multiple website browsers at one instance without risking your anonymity. Its specialty is to use real-time and real user mimicking digital fingerprints that web hosts can trace back to profiles that are not yours. 

Yet, you can use these profiles for digital marketing, eCommerce, crowd marketing, affiliate marketing, etc., without getting into legal trouble. Furthermore, the anti-detect browser makes your marketing, ad agencies, and teams productive by offering a no-code setup. 

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Hence, marketers who do not come with programming skills can use the multi-login browser without any tech support supervision. 

Also, some other notable features that you should know: 

  • No Captchas by Google Search or Cloudflare.
  • No IP bans.
  • Manage multiple profiles on a visual dashboard-type interface.
  • Unique fingerprints for all searches and web visits.
  • Setup proxies using any proxy service provider instantly. 

Moreover, it offers API access for business purposes like eCommerce scraping, SERP scraping, etc.  


If you seek a more secure anti-detect browser, MoreLogin is your go-to choice replacing physical devices and unreliable virtual machines. The platform is an answer to providing a separate browsing environment with the convention of adding proxies in bulk. Its cognitive ability helps users assign different proxy IPs to a group or individual tabs. As a result, this provides a better system for avoiding tab clutter, leading to a multi-level teamwork capability.

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You can generate separate customizable statuses and notes for each profile. With all highlighted pointers, this effectively aids professionals like dropshippers in spreading their businesses through multiple stores without linking themselves across a single nametag. eCommerce managers can also exceptionally develop themselves in the market without compromising their profiles across multiple platforms.

With all points highlighted, there are a few features that need to be looked into for MoreLogin. Having an in-depth knowledge of the anti-detect browser will help you in the selection of the best in the market:

  • The entire data is stored on AWS Cloud using strong encryption, a fingerprint database that safely protects your data on any device.
  • It effectively defeats the canvas fingerprint of an HTML5 canvas.
  • You can find support for various proxies, including HTTP, SSH, and SOCKS5.
  • The platform allows instant importing of Chrome extensions and bookmarks, as it is a Chromium-based and Firefox-based browser.

Considering all these points, it is evident that MoreLogin provides a wholesome experience for anti-detect browsing on the current levels of the internet. In situations where you have to run ad campaigns from multiple Facebook Business and Google AdWords accounts, this is the right tool to go by for exquisite results.


Dolphin{anty} is a modern anti-detection browser designed for efficient and convenient multi-accounting on the Internet. This tool is indispensable if you need to manage multiple accounts from any site in one place. This will help you a lot if you work with Facebook, Google, Tik Tok, Twitter, Discord, Coinlist, Binance, and many other sites. There are no restrictions; you can use the browser wherever you need it.

Managing multiple accounts has never been as convenient as in Dolphin{anty}. In a few clicks, you can create and run unique browser profiles, install browser extensions, change proxy data, automate actions, and much more.

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Basic and Unique Browser Features:

  • Separate proxy manager with the ability to bulk-add proxies
  • Built-in action automation tool
  • Manager to create quick bookmarks
  • Separate customizable statuses and notes for each profile
  • Browser extension manager
  • Multi-level teamwork with distribution of roles
  • API integration with Selenium, Puppeteer, and Playwright

The browser can be installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can ask a question to the support service on the website or directly in the browser application. This browser is developing rapidly and is constantly updated, which is also a big plus.

After registering an account in this browser, you get a free plan for 10 profiles.

GoLogin Anti Detect Browser

If your business needs multi-accounting for scale-up and revenue growth, try out GoLogin. It assures you complete anonymity by using spoofing technologies to manipulate identifiers that websites capture. 

The GoLogin application lets you control and hide your device’s digital footprint. By enabling such settings, your device imitates a genuine internet identity to bypass website hosts’ anti-fraud systems.

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A positive point of this anti-detect surfer is it lets you create numerous browsing profiles. All the browsing accounts will have a genuine digital fingerprint, irrespective of the workstation and internet connection. All these profiles will be unique and will never overlap with each other.

Hence, if you use GoLogin to manage hundreds of Google Ads accounts, Google will not be able to ban all of them because Google’s systems will detect each browser tab as different browsers from unrelated machines.


Kameleo is a simple but effective tool that enables you to produce, store and run multiple web browsing profiles easily. You do all that while avoiding any chances of revealing the real digital fingerprint of the browser by changing it naturally. 

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The salient features of this multi-login browser are:

  • Browser’s digital fingerprint protection by spoofing.
  • Virtual profiles with cookies, browser extensions, passwords, etc.
  • Defeats canvas fingerprint of an HTML5 canvas.
  • Supports all sorts of HTTP, SSH, and SOCKS5 proxies.
  • You can use a virtual machine or Android phone to browse.
  • Selenium Stealth WebDriver for automated browser profile generation.

Once you get and run Kameleo, web hosts and its anti-fraud tools will perceive your business’s browsing fingerprint differently. Also, you can create as many browser profiles you want to serve others or self-owned businesses of online researching, marketing, and advertising.


If your online business requires mission-critical performance and lag-free surfing, you need to get a highly reliable solution that bypasses all kinds of bans. One such solution is Multilogin. With a single click, you can generate profiles, customize digital footprints, and automate integration with third-party marketing tools.

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The notable features of this popular anti-detect browser are: 

  • Custom fingerprints with dedicated storage.
  • Offers up to 1,000 automated tasks like profile creation, account creation, purchases, merchant activities, etc.
  • Gives you access to Teamwork 2.0 for secure and efficient credential sharing with marketing agents.
  • All data is stored on AWS Cloud with strong encryption.

Moreover, it has stealth browsers that resemble Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Thus, your staff does not need to go through any learning curve. Simply use Mimic Browser if you like Google Chrome or Stealthfox Browser if you prefer the Firefox engine for website browsing.           

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is another wonder in the space of multi-login and anti-detect surfers. It does not just provide you with an anti-detect browser. It also comes with a complete workspace like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace

The Ghost Browser workspace is the go-to place for regular online research, marketing, and advertising. You can also make dedicated workspaces for all the clients. Thus, it is a must-have browsing tool for digital marketing or social media management agencies that cater to many customers.

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A workspace contains various browsing components like folders, bookmarks, history, downloads, and browser settings. Some other noteworthy features are:

  • Assign different proxy IPs to a group of tabs or individual tabs.
  • Instantly import Chrome extensions and settings.
  • Reduce tab clutter using the workspace.
  • Choose between temporary and permanent identities.

Downloadable apps are available for Windows and macOS. The Ghost Browser development team is also working to build compatible apps for Linux systems.   


Incogniton is an effective anti-detect browser for businesses. If you want full control of your online data when surfing online and using different browsing profiles without challenges, you must try it.

With Incogniton, replace multiple workstations with virtual browser profiles. Thus, you save a lot on the maintenance or procurement of many computers. Each virtual browsing profile has a unique digital fingerprint and a device emulator. So, websites you visit consider you a separate entity even if you open the same domain for different accounts.

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Speaking of features, it offers: 

  • Ready to use multiple browser profiles.
  • Protection of digital fingerprints from the internet.
  • Selenium integration.
  • Team collaboration 

The browser is compatible with popular macOS and Windows operating systems. You can easily install from the downloaded package without the need for coding expertise.  


You must try out Lalicat for multiple accounts management since conventional web surfers like Firefox, Chrome, and Edge do not let you browse the same domain from multiple user accounts. It is based on the Tor network and Chromium engine.

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Thus, you can easily switch online research and marketing tasks to Lalicat without going through training sessions. Also, its user interface is quite simple, and all the multi-profile management systems are set up automatically by the tool. Hence, you can simply install and start using its awesome services like: 

  • Unique browsing profiles.
  • Managing marketing associates.
  • Automating online business workflows.
  • API access to automate repeated tasks on the browser.

Currently, the anti-detect browser app is only available for Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11 operating systems.  


MarketerBrowser is a standalone web surfer that helps digital marketers administer many accounts of the same domain. Thus, your marketing agency can complete tasks like product promotion or advertising using many accounts and boost market reach. 

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It lets you open many tabs or browser pages. Then you can assign different proxy IPs to all profiles. Additionally, you can add many device fingerprints so that the website host identifies all the tabs as individual workstations. 

Moreover, the browser comes with an AI that optimizes the anti-fingerprint tracking technology at the back end. Even if the host comes up with novel ideas to track your device’s fingerprints, AI will change the tracked data swiftly for lag-free connectivity.  


SessionBox has two unique products for digital marketers and social media managers who need multi-login and anti-detect browsers. The first one is the SessionBox Workstation browser with intelligent digital fingerprint management and session isolation technologies. 

Thus, when you open multiple tabs on Facebook and log in with different Facebook ad accounts, Facebook does not lock you out. It allows you since it detects all the surfing requests are valid and from unique devices.

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The second product is SessionBox Extension. Like Chrome extensions, you just install the add-on in your favorite browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. SessionBox’s anti-detect surfing program transforms conventional web surfers into a multi-login browser.     

Final Words

An anti-detect web surfer is a powerful tool helping digital marketers get advanced insights from online research for social media ads, ad accounts, and eCommerce. Super privacy-conscious individuals and high-profile persons use it for anonymity on the internet. 

Though there are harmful uses, the benefits are enormous, and proper ethical use will ensure sustainability. You can try any of the above anti-detect browsers for business or personal purposes. The ethical use case guidance will help you steer away from trouble.

Functional anti-detect web browsers need proxies. Understanding different proxy types will help you choose the right one for your business needs.

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