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  • Here we list out most of the common abbreviations/acronyms used in AWS and cloud computing.

    I started learning AWS and came across a lot of acronyms, which I was not aware of, so I thought to put together the list here. As and when I learn the new one, I will add it here.

    Have you started learning Cloud Computing yet?


    AWS Amazon Web Services
    Amazon ES Amazon Elasticsearch Service
    AMI Amazon Machine Image
    API Application Programming Interface
    AI Artificial Intelligence
    ACL Access Control List
    ALB Application Load Balancer
     ARN  Amazon Resource Name
    AZ Availability Zone
    ACM AWS Certificate Management
    ASG Auto Scaling Group
    AES Advanced Encryption System
    ADFS Active Directory Federation Service
    AVX Advanced Vector Extensions


    BYOL Bring Your Own License


    CDN Content Delivery Network
    CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
    CLI Command Line Interface
    CIDR  Classless Inter-Domain Routing
    CORS  Cross Origin Resource Sharing
    CRR  Cross Region Replication
    CI/CD Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment


    DMS Database Migration Service
    DNS Domain Name System
    DDoS Distributed Denial of Service
    DoS Denial of Service
    DaaS Desktop as-a-Service


    EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud
    ECS EC2 Container Service
    ECR Elastic Container Registry
    EFS Elastic File System
    EI Elastic Interference
    ENA Elastic Network Adapter
    EKS Elastic Kubernetes Service
    EBS Elastic Block Store
    EMR Elastic MapReduce
    ELB Elastic Load Balancing
    EFA Elastic Fabric Adapter
     EIP Elastic IP
     EDA Electronic Design Automation
    ENI Elastic Network Interface
    ECU EC2 Compute Unit


    FIFO First In First Out
    FaaS Function as-a-Service


    HPC High-Performance Compute
    HVM Hardware Virtual Machine
     HTTP  Hypertext Transfer Protocol
     HTTPS  HTTP Secure
     HDK  Hardware Development Kit


    IAM Identity & Access Management
    iOT Internet Of Things
    S3 IA S3 Infrequent Access
    iSCSI Internet Small Computer Storage Interface
    IOPS Input/Output Operation Per Second
     IGW  Internet Gateway
     ICMP  Internet Control Message Protocol
     IP Internet Protocol
     IPSec Internet Protocol Security
    IaaS Infrastructure-as-a-Service


    JSON JavaScript Object Notation


    KMS Key Management Service
    KVM Kernel-based Virtual Machine


    LB Load Balancer
    LCU Load Balancer Capacity Unit


    MFA Multi-Factor Authentication
    MSTSC Microsoft Terminal Service Client
    MPP  Massive Parallel Processing
    MITM Man in the Middle Attack
    MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching


    NFS Network File System
    NS Name Server
     NAT  Network Address Translation
     NVMe  Non-Volatile Memory Express


    OLTP Online Transaction Processing
    OLAP Online Analytics Processing
    OCI Open Container Initiative


    PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
    PVM Para Virtual Machine
    PV ParaVirtual
    PaaS Platform as a Service


    RAIDRedundant Array of Independent Disk

    RDS Relational Database Service
    RRS Reduced Redundancy Storage
    RI Reserved Instance
    RAM Random-access Memory
    RIE Runtime Interface Emulator


    SSEServer Side Encryption

    S3 Simple Storage Service
    S3 RTC S3 Replication Time Control
    SRR Same Region Replication
    SMS Server Migration Service
    SWF Simple Workflow Service
    SES Simple Email Service
    SNS Simple Notification Service
    SQS Simple Queue Service
    SES Simple Email Service
    SLA Service Level Agreement
    SSL Secure Socket Layer
    SOA Start of Authority
    SDK Software Development Kit
    SSH Secure Shell
    SAR Serverless Application Repository
    SRD Scalable Reliable Datagrams
    SSO Single Sign-On
    SAML Security Assertion Markup Language
    SaaS Software-as-a-Service
    SaaS Security-as-a-Service
    SCP Service Control Policies
    SCA Storage Class Analysis
    STS Security Token Service
    SNI Server Name Indication


    TTL Time To Live
    TLS Transport Layer Security
    TPM Trusted Platform Module
    TME Total Memory Encryption
    TPM Technical Program Manager
    TPS Transaction Per Second
    TCP Transmission Control Protocol


    VPC Virtual Private Cloud
    VM Virtual Machine
    VTL Virtual Tape Library
    VPN Virtual Private Network
    VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
    VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    VPG Virtual Private Gateway


    WAF Web Application Firewall