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In AI Last updated: June 21, 2023
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When we look around, we realize that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has penetrated numerous aspects of our daily lives, regardless of whether we are aware of it.

From banking to education to healthcare – Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized various sectors and made life so much easier. We find one such great application of AI in face generators.

AI-powered face generators are undoubtedly a wonder of modern technology and a testament to its advancements. Such face generators can create photorealistic faces that one can use for many purposes.

Think about it for a minute, if you want a realistic portrait of yourself yet do not possess the necessary creative skills to create one, what would be your primary instinct? You would want to visit a professional photographer who is capable of doing such a task, right? However, you should not forget that going to an artist for a portrait is costly.

But with an AI-powered face generator at your disposal, you can create professional-looking portraits at way lower costs than an actual artist. Also, the process is quicker, and you can do many other things like face-swapping, turning yourself into a celebrity, etc.

Below, we will see some of the best AI face generators available today.

What is an AI Face Generator?


As its name suggests, an AI face generator is a tool that helps users create photorealistic human faces using Artificial Intelligence. Such tools are known for utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms to understand all the features of a human face. After learning that, these tools emulate actual human faces to generate new ones within mere minutes.

The best thing about AI-backed face generators is that it does not take a lot of technical knowledge to use them. Anyone with a basic knowledge of how to operate a computer can utilize them for creating hyper-realistic portraits without breaking a sweat. These tools also let users unleash their creativity by allowing them to do more than just make portraits.

Most AI face generators today empower their users to create any bodies or sceneries that come to their minds. Therefore, AI-powered face generators are powerful tools for creating portraits for any purpose.

Business Use Cases of AI Face Generators

Here are some business use cases of AI-backed face generators:

#1. Gaming Industry

AI face generators can generate realistic video game characters in a fast and efficient manner. This cuts cost and time by eliminating the need to create each character from scratch.

#2. Product Designing

AI face generators are capable of making realistic product prototypes even before the development process finishes. This allows the developers to get a rough idea of how the finished product will look and how the customers will react to it.

#3. Advertisement

AI-backed face generators have found their use in the advertisement industry. Using such tools, it is possible to generate hyper-realistic human models. Advertisers can then use these models to create a diverse range of campaigns that can resonate with a wider audience.

Benefits of AI Face Generators

AI face generators come with many amazing benefits. Below are some of them:

  • Creating AI-generated faces using AI face generators lets users get royalty-free, high-quality images for their projects. All images created via this method are free from copyrights, and the user has full ownership of them.
  • AI-generated faces are so detailed that it becomes a tough task telling the differences between a real human face and an AI-generated non-existent face. Hence, users don’t need to run to a professional photographer or hire a professional model to get studio-quality portraits.

This not only cuts costs but also delivers the same results way faster.

Let us now list some of the most efficient and feature-heavy AI face generators that can give wings to your imagination and create fantastic portraits:

Face Generator

Face Generator by Generated Photos is an ideal online tool for creating unique, realistic faces from scratch. The tool lets you choose from many different parameters, including sex, age, emotion, head pose, skin tone, accessories, and so on.

YouTube video

Interestingly, users can generate over 11,232,000 variants of the same face. Needless to say, this opens up the vista for experimentation. Face Generator lets you create an infinite number of faces and use them wherever you want, no matter it is in commercial or non-commercial projects.

Currently, Generated Photos offers a 3-day free trial with limited features, after which users can buy their paid plans starting at 19.99 USD/month. allows its users to create their digital soulmates with ease. Users only have to type in a text prompt and choose soulmate style, and will generate an AI face instantly.

You can choose whether you want your soulmate to look real or like an anime character. You can also choose the aspect ratio.


Creating one image each time with limited features is free with To unlock its fullest potential, you can buy its Pro plan for 9.99 USD (1 month) or 69.99 USD (12 months).


Anonymizer by Generated Photos is a great way to guard your identity with generative media. This tool lets users create similar-looking portrait photos using their actual picture as a reference.

YouTube video

It allows you to keep your hair length, skin color, age, etc., for a correct representation. Anonymizer, as its name suggests, empowers users to give others an idea about how they look while still remaining anonymous.

At the time of publication, you can use Anonymizer for free, provided that it is personal usage. However, for commercial usage, you must contact them and purchase one of the available commercial licenses.


Fotor’s online AI face generator empowers users to generate unique, photorealistic human faces in seconds. All you have to do is type in text prompts, and the AI algorithm will take care of the rest.

YouTube video

You can input sex, age, and other traits to make the result resemble the face you want as correctly as possible. You can fully customize the appearance of your AI-generated faces by choosing face angles, eye colors, skin tones, accessories, and whatnot.

Besides creating realistic faces, Fotor allows you to create faces of various styles, including Cyberpunk, anime, 3D, illustration, etc. Also, you can create landscapes, cartoon characters, animals, digital art, or anything you can possibly think of.

And the best part? Fotor’s online AI-backed face generator is free of cost.


With NightCafe, obtaining AI-generated human faces becomes a cakewalk. Just describe your needs, and NightCafe will create stunning, hyper-realistic portraits of non-existent people that you can use anywhere. Also, you can choose from various styles like color portraits, black and white portraits, artistic portraits, and more.

YouTube video

For your info, NightCafe allows users to create multiple faces at the same time, increasing your convenience. NightCafe is a cross-device application. That means you can create realistic faces regardless of the device you are using (smartphone, tablet, or computer).

At present, NightCafe offers its mind-blowing AI face generation services for free. Hence, you don’t need to spend even a penny to create dazzling portraits.

This Person Does Not Exist

Being true to its name, This Person Does Not Exist lets users create realistic portraits of non-existent people in seconds. You have to choose the gender, age, and ethnicity of your desired fake portrait, and the tool will create a face based on that.


If you are not pleased with the output, you can refresh the image to get a new result. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can download it and use it in any of your projects.

As of now, This Person Does Not Exist allows you to download your generated portrait for free only if it is for personal use. For exclusive use in projects, you have to buy it for 14.95 USD. is an effective solution to all your AI face generation needs. The tool helps its users create AI-generated faces in an instant.


Generating digital humans becomes easy with the assistance of’s Fake People feature. Its Artificial Intelligence algorithm has learned from a huge database of 70,000 photos of actual human beings.

This has empowered’s Fake Person Generator to create unique, beautiful AI-generated images that resemble real people.

Presently,’s Fake Person Generator tool is available for free on the official website.


With Playform at your disposal, you can effortlessly create, mix, and edit faces. Playform permits you to create realistic faces, mix numerous faces, or edit facial attributes to enhance your experience.

YouTube video

This tool has a minimalistic UI and is easy to use. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or just starting; you can use Playform without any trouble.

You can choose from over 30 facial attributes, including makeup, age, expressions, etc. Besides, you can create face morph videos that keep morphing between the faces you selected.
Playform offers a free plan that comes with limited features and acts as an entry point. For more features, you can buy one of its paid plans, starting at just 10 USD/month.

FY! Studio

FY! Studio utilizes the latest AI technology to generate photorealistic faces instantly and without any hassle. Just describe what you want in the generated image and FY! Studio will create AI faces based on your text prompt.


In case the results fail to satisfy you, you are free to type in a different text prompt to create new faces. You can also create infinite variations of the same face. You can achieve so by easily adding your desired expression, hair color, age, etc., in the text prompt.

While it may sound surprising, FY! Studio offers all its professional-quality services at zero cost.

Final Words

As you can see, there are several superb AI face generators available in the market right now. Our article has curated the finest possible options for you to check out. While all of these tools are more or less similar in terms of function, each comes with a specific set of features. That is why it is important to go through our article carefully and see which one best suits your needs and creative vision. Good luck!

Next, check out the best AI-based image upscaler to enhance photo quality.

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