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In Development Last updated: April 5, 2023
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If you are a developer, brace yourself! Now, AI technology can assist you in your next project through code completion.

We all are aware of the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, but many of us don’t know what exactly AI can do. In fact, Besides telling you a joke and beating you in an online chess game, it can also complete a code for your software!

As a developer, you have to deal with many complex issues on each passing day besides writing the code for the software or apps. But, when you have an AI code completion application, you can complete more tasks in less time and become highly productive.

AI-Powered Code Completion and Its Use Cases

Simply put, such applications or platforms use AI technology to complete the code you write to build a tool or software. If you are a developer or coder, AI code completion tools will help you write codes faster because there will be fewer keystrokes.

Apart from this, these applications will also aid you to code more accurately by reducing common mistakes like typos with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Writing the same code in different places is undoubtedly tedious for every developer. AI code completion tools cut down on such repetitive coding by suggesting the next code elements that you might type.

AI Code completion use cases

While doing so, it considers your context and millions of programming codes in different languages so it can offer you accurate predictions.

Besides reducing the number of errors you might make during coding, these tools ensure that developers spend less time searching reference codes. For these reasons, these solutions are popular among both freelance developers and software development teams.

Here is a list of top code completion tools that use AI technology:


Tabnine AI code completion solution takes your productivity to the next level by combining a cutting-edge public code model with a precise customized algorithm. This all-language code completion assistant constantly learns the codes, patterns, and preferences of your team and, as a result, offers business-level solutions.

Every time a team member uses this app, the accuracy of this code completion increases. Also, developer teams can get standardized code and alignment using the tool.

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In-flow approval becomes easy, thanks to the instant and precise code suggestions of Tabnine. As it suggests the code in your IDE, you don’t have to deal with any downtime or distraction.

If you are concerned about privacy and compliance, this could be an ideal choice. This AI tool runs on your local computer and never shares your data and code. As a result, you and your team have total control over your data. Moreover, this ensures data security and compliance.

Tabnine also uses the global best coding practices to learn and implement them in your code. Subsequently, you can eliminate unnecessary testing and dev expenses while delivering the codes faster.

GitHub Copilot

If you are looking for an open-source code completion tool, choosing GitHub Copilot will be the right decision. This self-claimed AI pair programmer offers you suggestions for complete lines or whole functions inside your code editor.

It puts the knowledge of billions of open-source coding lines at your fingertips so you can stay focused and need to invest less time.

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However, you will always be in charge of your code as it lets you choose from the alternative suggestions and edit the recommended code manually. Moreover, this tool adapts to your edits, fitting your coding style.

The code completion solution is compatible with a huge collection of languages and frameworks. The supported languages include Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go.

Use it as an extension for your favorite code editors like Visual Studio Code, Neovim, and JetBrains. This extension is available on a desktop, or you can also use it in cloud solutions, like GitHub Codespaces.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

IntelliCode is a tool from the house of Microsoft that enables AI-assisted coding. It comes integrated with Microsoft’s IDE named Visual Studio. In Visual Studio, it supports C# and XAML, while it is compatible with Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript in Visual Studio Code.

This AI code completion tool received its training from the codes of half a million of GitHub’s open-source projects that have a minimum of 100 stars. Therefore, it can guide you with smarter suggestions considering the current code and context.

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To do so, it also takes assistance from variable names and positions, the IntelliSense list, Libraries that you use, and functions in nearby code. While this tool will show you suggestions in alphabetical order by default, you can always toggle between the options.

Its whole line code completion feature, available in the 2022 version of Visual Studio, indicates the next chunk of code based on your gray text inline prediction.


Want to be more productive as you code the most sophisticated software? Start using PyCharm, an integrated development environment specially made for Python developers.

Pycharm AI Code Completion

It offers you the feature of AI code completion that you can enhance further. PyCharm comes with a keyboard-centric approach so you can get done with the coding in lesser time and focus on more important things.

Besides intelligent code completion, it also supports error checking on the move, seamless project navigation, and quick fixes.


AIXcoder is an intelligent programming pair for your development team. It takes care of your codes with AI technology so that you can use your intelligence to deal with more complex and critical things.

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If you are concerned about your code’s data security and privacy, use the offline version to keep your code safe on your computer. The deep-learning models it uses get training from millions of open-source code. Hence, it can suggest you with codes appropriate to your context.

This code completion engine also supports personalized deep customization for your team or organization that lets you achieve more during the development. Moreover, it collects coding stats to offer you tailored code inspection rules.


Do you want to build defect-free software and deliver them before the deadline? Then, it is time to empower your team with Ponicode.

This solution uses Artificial Intelligence technology to write codes at a greater speed while maintaining the code quality with the least effort.

Installation of this tool will take less than a minute, and you can kickstart app development that won’t be tedious work anymore. It will help you eliminate monotonous processes by harmonizing code quality with speed and creativity.

Now, you can develop Industrial-grade software with future-proof code minus the bugs and flaws. You can use this solution for Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript languages free of cost.


Jedi is another open-source entry in this AI code completion solution list. It is primarily a Python static analysis tool developers can use in IDEs/editors plugins.

Though it focuses on code autocompletion, you can also enjoy its other features such as goto functionality, search and find, refactoring, and so on.

Jedi AI Code Completion

It has a simple API that you can use with different editors and projects such as Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Vim, Emacs, Kate version 4.13+, Atom, GNOME Builder, Gedit, and IPython.

Wing Pro

Wing Pro is an intelligent editor that you should use to code easily using Python. This editor analyses static and runtime code to offer you high-quality context-appropriate suggestions.

Also, it provides you with an enhanced editing experience with a smart error-checking feature. You can avail of its auto-completion feature in the editor and integrated Python shells.

Wing Pro AI Code Completion

This tool comes with a Source Assistant that keeps itself updated all the time to show you inline documentation, type info, and call tips.

It also enters function and method arguments automatically as you code. Wing Pro also lets you correctly place your arguments by tab through the invocation.


Here, we discussed some of the top AI code completion solutions that you can use for product development. While some of you may wonder if Artificial Intelligence will replace the developers, it is too early to say anything now.

The current scenario suggests that it will grow into a system over time that will automate the tedious parts of coding.

So, instead of worrying about the future, it is better to make the best out of these code completion solutions and include these in the list of productivity apps you use.

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