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In Design Last updated: August 28, 2023
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No matter how advanced the cameras get with time, there will always be a need for editing and retouching photos that you click with it.

There are many reasons behind it, but one of the main ones would be that editing tools help you enhance the quality and visual appeal. It’s like achieving 100% from a photo that was initially just 70% appealing, and you only realize this fact after you’ve started editing it.

In the age of social media and advanced technologies, if you’re about to put a photo out there for the world to see, it’d only make sense if you try to achieve its maximum potential to be captivating to the people.

To help with that, I’ll be sharing some of the best AI-powered photo editing apps and software that’ll do the job quite nicely. And if you are too impatient to get clicking📸 again, here’s a handy summary table of each of these 😍tools with a detailed take in the post below!

Covers up camera quality faults 📸

Let’s face it; not everybody has access to the best camera out there. Chances are you’re still using your favorite DSLR or phone you purchased a few years ago to click your photos, and that’s totally fine as long as you use an editing tool.

The reason being, the photos you click with those older devices might produce not-so-great lighting and could turn out to be slightly grainy.

A good editing tool would be able to cover those camera faults up in a jiffy so your photos look at their best as they should be.

Helps maintain a high brand image 📈

If you’re running a business, you just cannot afford to put out low-quality and visually displeasing brand photos. With editing software, you’d be able to turn even ordinary photos into professional-looking ones, which would help you maintain a steady business reputation.

Fixes last-minute errors ✔️

It’s normal to click photos and be completely satisfied with them, only to later find out there were many mistakes in the photo session. A simple example would be unwanted elements or people in the background that totally disrupt the vibe of your photos.

Thankfully, these days editing apps can easily help you rectify and correct those, either by cutting them out or blurring those parts with ease.

With all that aside, let’s have a look at the list without any further delay.

Luminar AI

Powerful, fast, and feature-rich are what best describes this wonderful AI-powered editor called Luminar AI.

It has tools within the editor that particularly caters to specific photo elements, such as atmosphere, sky, face, skin, body, etc. Upon activating it, the effects will be applied straightaway to those parts.

Their artificial intelligence doesn’t take more than a few seconds to analyze your photo and come up with an edited version of it that looks far more appealing than the original.

Also, it has templates that you can utilize to turn your mixed quality photos taken from different devices into a universal style, making it seem like they were all taken during one photo session.

Till now, I’ve just scratched the surface of this tool’s huge capabilities. You can go ahead and try it out for free for a first-hand experience. It’s available on Windows and macOS applications and in the form of plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple Photos.

Leawo PhotoIns

Leawo PhotoIns is set out to provide the most user-friendly photo editor with AI technology. Featuring Photo Enhancer and Photo BG Remover, it supports batch photo enhancement and batch photo background removal. Trained by millions of photos, you can totally believe PhotoIns. Trained by millions of photos, you can totally trust PhotoIns.

Based on advanced AI technology, the Photo Enhancer module can beautify your portrait photos by enlarging eyes, removing freckles and wrinkles, retouching skins, and more. Also, for landscape photos, it can make them look more comfortable and vivid through dynamic range and sharpness boosting, white balance and exposure adjustment, colors and contrast optimization, etc.

Also, if you are a professional, the support of RAW photos will be useful to you. It can solve lens-related problems like chromatic distortion, aberration, vigetting, etc.

On the other hand, with Photo BG Remover, you can remove backgrounds from a mass of photos in one click. Once source photos are loaded, it will intelligently analyze photos, and then automatically remove the photo background in batch.

For more precise adjustment, Photo BG Remover also provides various tools to manually remove background from an image. After photo background removal, you can freely change the photo background to any solid color or desired photo. Also, with abundant effects preset, you can edit photo background and foreground with fuzzy, coloring, shadow, pixelate, and more. All edited photos can be output in batches.

HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw Photo Enhancer appears as a trailblazing AI-powered platform intended to transform the photo-editing industry. The site equips users to easily modify and create masterpieces out of their photographs thanks to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive toolkit.


The powerful AI engine powers features like one-click improvements, smooth background removal, accurate object isolation, and a range of creative filters at the core of HitPaw’s capabilities.

From upscaling photos to 4K/8K, fixing blurry images, and restoring old visuals to efficient batch processing, HitPaw covers all. You now have the ability to perform complex modifications with unmatched precision.

The application speeds up editing without sacrificing the quality of the finished output, allowing for the retouching of portraits, the removal of undesired items, and the use of creative effects. HitPaw strikes the ideal combination of user-friendliness and sophisticated editing abilities, serving both beginners and experts.

In a time where visual content rules digital communication, HitPaw stands out as a crucial AI tool for easily converting photographs into engrossing visual storytelling!

Movavi Picverse

You can expect nothing but flawless results with Movavi Picverse, a tool designed for photographers of any caliber.

YouTube video

It has an intuitive user interface and many tools that can edit your images, remove background, add new background and add color to B&W photos. Some other capabilities of this software include:

  • Precise unwanted object removal
  • Custom sharpness adjustment
  • Realistic photo retouching
  • Noise reduction
  • Color and light correction

You can also add text, change fonts and open RAW files in this program, which automatically converts them into JPEG. Movavi Picverse is available in many different languages, including German, Spanish, Turkish and Japanese.


You can never have enough AI-powered tools! That is why Lunacy has 4 of them. It is free designing software that works best for both amateur photographers and design enthusiasts.

YouTube video

Lunacy includes: 

  • Image Upscaler enlarges images and enhances their resolution in one click. It takes 10-15 seconds to automatically process the image without losing quality. 
  • Background remover helps to make the background transparent in any image, and it replaces time-consuming picture editing. Lunacy automatically performs high-quality image masking in two steps: paste the image, and remove the background.
  • Avatar generator instantly creates user avatars for contact lists or testimonials. It allows you to choose the avatar’s gender, age, appearance, and even emotions. 
  • The text generator is also worth noting. It automatically generates placeholder texts for your interfaces.

Lunacy is a 100% app available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and it is available in 18 languages worldwide. Plus, all the tabs can be shared with your team and edited in real-time with up to 100 teammates. 


Topaz is specifically a photo enhancement tool that helps you achieve the maximum potential out of your photos.

It relies on AI for better photo quality instead of the methods used by traditional editors, which are faster but not as effective when it comes to enhancing photos. This one takes more time to process, but the result totally makes up for it.

You can either use this software as a standalone or plug it in with your existing image editor, so you don’t have to change anything.

Topaz has many positive reviews from long-term users, and it has been mentioned on some of the biggest sites, such as Mashable, BBC, The Verge, and TNW.


Prisma is an intelligent app that can turn your photos into paintings and other gorgeous-looking art pieces within seconds.

By just adding your photo into it, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of filters and adjustments that eventually delivers artistic renditions based on your photo’s unique arrangement of pixels. You can also set the intensity amount if you still want to preserve some hints of the original version.

Prisma recently rolled out another similar AI-powered editing app named Lensa, which’s solely made for selfies and portrait photos. It can cover up pimples, dark circles and do other skin corrections along with overall enhancements.

Upscale photos and obtain high resolution without hampering quality by using, a fully automated processing tool.

Apart from increasing resolution, it can adjust color and tone and enhance the picture without any major waiting time despite being entirely dependent on AI.

You can use the exported photos for any purpose, including eCommerce product shots, real estate ads, and even printing. In fact, it improves the image DPI to ensure the printing result is crisp and clear.

Claid performs best when you import unprocessed images rather than already manipulated ones. So, this is something you should keep in mind before working with this tool to get the best out of it.


An intelligent tool that can remove background from your photos instantly, Slazzer can be useful for many cases.

You could use it on photos that have humans, cars, animals, buildings, products, and just about anything. It gets the work done without hours of waiting time, and that’s without sacrificing accuracy. Once the background is removed, it lets you save it as transparent or replace it with a new one of your choice.

Slazzer integrates with many third-party tools, such as Photoshop, Sketch, WooCommerce, and Figma. You can get started for free to try the service out before jumping on a paid plan.

Explore more photo background removal tools.


You can perform a variety of different editing tasks in bulk automatically by using autoRetouch.

YouTube video

It’s super-fast and saves you a massive amount of time by allowing you to configure options, dropping as many images you want, and download them all at once. You can also export your results in PSD format so you can continue editing them in Photoshop, with vector paths and alpha masks included.

Some of the many possibilities of this software include:

  • Add ground shadows
  • Skin retouch
  • Create product mockup shots in one click
  • Fine-tune product images as per the requirement of different marketplaces
  • Utilize color palettes
  • Instantly extract color and fabric patches from your images to directly upload on your eCommerce website

autoRetouch is very reasonably priced for the amount of features it offers. You can get on board for free for a start.


Pixlr is editing software that caters to both advanced users and beginners with the help of its simple interface.

It’s divided into two different tools – one for photo editing and the other for graphic design. So, depending upon your requirement, you’re free to use either of those to get the job done.

Coming to the features of this software, it allows you to:

  • Utilize various templates to create creative designs
  • Create picture collages
  • Remove background instantly
  • Apply a variety of filters and effects

Pixlr can open many different file formats, including SVG, PSD, PXD, and WebP.


The above photo editors will help you make the most out of your photos without you having to do a majority of the work. The best part is that all of them are reasonably priced for the kind of features they provide.

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