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In Digital Marketing Last updated: June 23, 2023
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Do you run an eCommerce business and want your products to reach a global audience? Try these B2B wholesale marketplaces to sell your goods.

When it comes to ensuring the flow of products and goods from manufacturer to consumer, B2B wholesaler marketplaces play a crucial role. These function as the intermediaries in the supply chain as wholesalers purchase goods from manufacturers through these platforms and resell them in bulk to retailers.

Continue reading to know the essential features of a B2B marketplace and the best B2B wholesale platforms. 

What Is a B2B Wholesale Marketplace?

B2B Wholesale Marketplaces

B2B marketplace is also known as B2B trade marketplace or B2B wholesale marketplace. These online platforms function as the center that connects businesses and industries to buy and sell products in bulk. Here, importers, suppliers, exporters, retailers, and wholesalers come together with each other to get products for their business systems.

These marketplaces also have manufacturers or vendors who sell to these buyers in businesses. After they supply the products to these buyers, the latter party sells these goods to the end customers.

Must-Have Features of a B2B Wholesale Marketplace

Must-Have Features of a B2B Wholesale Marketplace
  • A good B2B wholesale platform should have an extensive product catalog that lists all the available products. It should be able to provide custom pricing according to the order size of the buyers.
  • A B2B eCommerce website should support bulk and wholesale orders, as the target audience is another business entity. However, it should also support smaller orders for products with less demand in the market.
  • Information confidentiality is another must-have feature of such websites that protects other vendors from seeing the product specifications and pricing of your goods. 
  • A B2B marketplace should allow each vendor to manage their own company information, contact details, product pages, product catalog, and pricing through the multi-vendor portal.
  • The platform must have easy search filtering and navigation features to ensure a smooth user experience. 
  • The buyers of these websites should have the flexibility of changing their purchase orders, shipping addresses, payment methods, delivery methods, payment terms, etc.
  • Sellers on these websites should have full control over their eCommerce pricing configuration along with real-time pricing integration with the backend systems.
  • These websites should also have quick and easy reordering options, as reordering is a common workflow of B2B buyers.
  • Incorrect product information often leads to losing an interested and potential customer. A good B2B marketplace must allow vendors to show updated product information, images, and pricing across omnichannel touchpoints.
  • B2B trade platforms should offer both modern and traditional payment methods to ensure a great checkout experience for all buyers.
  • Quote management feature is also mandatory for these websites as it helps the merchants increase fulfillment speed and reduce human error.
  • To have a balance between eCommerce SEO and customer-specific pricing, B2B marketplaces should offer restricted access control to the merchants. It lets them hide or customize product prices based on the user.
  • Another useful feature of a B2B eCommerce website is sharing shopping carts. Thus, multiple people can participate in the buying process.

Why Do You Need a B2B Wholesale Marketplace?

#1. Have a Strong Online Presence

Have a Strong Online Presence

Having your product catalog listed in a B2B marketplace keeps you one step ahead of the competitors who follow the traditional in-person B2B sales. Showcasing your products online offers you 24/7 visibility and increases the chances of reaching qualified buyers.

#2. Expand Your Network

As thousands of B2B procurement professionals are already on the best B2B marketplaces, you can engage with these verified and trusted suppliers. Businesses that do not have enough time and resources to reach customers using offline and online channels can choose to sell on a B2B marketplace to expand their network.

#3. Spread Your Customer Base

B2B wholesale marketplaces let you configure settings to make your products available in different languages and manage international transactions and logistics. Thus, manufacturers can reach a wider range of audiences worldwide.

#4. Reduce Initial Cost

No matter what is the size of your business, you can start selling your products in the B2B marketplace at a low initial cost. Hence, these platforms are highly useful for small and new businesses.

#5. Foreign Market Access for SMEs


B2B marketplaces allow SMEs to sell their goods and services to global customers even without any experience in this field. These platforms are also an economical way for product promotion.

#6. Increase Customer Loyalty

With the help of reliable online B2B platforms, you can grow good business relationships through engagement and conversation with your buyers. It enables you to spend less time on lead nurturing and more time driving your business growth.

Check out this list of wholesale B2B marketplaces where you can sell your products to global resellers in bulk.


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B2B eCommerce wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and sellers can scale up their online business using Alibaba. It works as an easy and economical platform to sell to 40,000,000+ active buyers of 200+ countries and regions.

It provides the sellers with tools and know-how crucial for the successful eCommerce presence of your business. The B2B wholesale marketplace also saves money that you would have spent on expensive trade shows. 

This digital storefront ensures your customers meet your products digitally, so you have to spend less time making cold calls to the leads. Membership on this website will incur a low, upfront cost, which is ideal for SMEs. Using the dashboard and analytics tools, you can monitor your business and optimize it accordingly.


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If you belong to the US-based brand community, Handshake helps you reach the global wholesale market. This is a no-fee marketplace; even the shipping cost is paid by the retailers. It means all the revenue generated from selling on this website goes straight to your pocket.

Independent businesses can reach more than 65,000 retailers through this website. This Shopify marketplace also lets you manage the profile and products of Handshake from the Shopify platform. 

The primary category of products sold here are accessories, apparel, beauty & wellness, food & drinks, home & lifestyle, jewelry, kids, stationery, and pets. It even offers several tools to have full control over your products, pricing, and brand reputation.


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Faire is a B2B whole marketplace with 1,00,000+ brands; you could be one of them. Independent makers and artisans get to sell their quality products to more than 7,00,000 verified independent retailers on this professional website.

Currently, the retailers are from North America, Europe, and Australia; it will be available in other markets soon. Here, you get guaranteed and secure on-time payment as the platform handles the payment processing and covers 60-day payment terms for customers. 

On this easy-to-use platform, you can sell apparel, paper, kids and baby, home decor, jewelry, beauty, food and drink, and pets related products. It also offers you efficient order management approaches. Moreover, a number of free customer management and marketing tools are included with this platform. 

Amazon Business

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While is a B2C and D2C marketplace, it has another platform named Amazon Business for B2B wholesale buyers and sellers. More than 5 million organizations use this website for employee purchasing, so you can easily make your products reach them with a one-stop shopping experience. 

From office supplies to IT products, from restaurant supplies to professional medical products, you can sell all kinds of products in bulk on this wholesale B2B marketplace. Here, selling multi-unit quantities means you need to pay lesser fees.

It also lets you manage both B2B and B2C inventory using the same seller account. This website also saves you from creating manual invoices by automatically generating invoices. It even offers free apps for Android and Apple devices. 


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Ankorstore is a big name in the domain of the B2B wholesale marketplace. It lets you sell to a thriving community of 300,000+ verified retailers. The website is also ideal for instant network growth.

Here, global top brand sell products in the following categories: home and living, grocery, fashion, stationary, jewelry, beauty, and kids. This platform is free to join, charging a 24% commission on the first order and 12% on reorders.

After joining this website, you do not have to deal with any cash flow problems as it pays you money on delivery. It also pays the shipping charges for your product deliveries.

Global Sources

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Global Sources has already established itself as an internationally recognized multichannel B2B sourcing platform. This website helps you connect with buyers worldwide with tailored sourcing solutions. 

It is the first online international trade platform globally and has been providing sourcing services to Chinese and other Asian buyers. The website boasts a high-quality buyer community of 10 million+ registered buyers coming from 240 countries and regions. 

Here, you will also get to reach your goods to 97 of the world’s top 100 retailers. Using its Android and iOS app, sellers can chat with buyers, manage inquiries, and post product videos. 


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DHGate is a premier wholesale B2B marketplace. Established in 2004, it currently connects over 2 million registered buyers from 220+ countries and regions. This platform sells more than 30 million products in 26 categories, such as electronics, home, sports, bags, apparel, fashion accessories, toys, and renewable energy items.

This reliable website emphasizes user convenience and efficiency so that both buyers and sellers can engage and trade seamlessly. DHGate even has partnerships with renowned international shipping companies, including DHL, UPS, and FedEx, to ensure quick and cost-effective delivery services.

Furthermore, this website offers strict quality control measures and secure payment processes for smooth transactions.

Droply by Abound

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Droply by Abound is a wholesale marketplace that serves retailers and brands in the US and UK. It connects independent retailers and emerging brands at scale by providing them with relationship-building tools.

It does not charge you any monthly fees or have any conditions for minimums. Hence, you can start selling your products immediately. It supports shipping your products from the US using your branded package slip. The keystone pricing on this marketplace helps you gain a good margin from each sale. 


Best B2B Wholesale Marketplaces Tundra

Become a wholesale seller at Tundra and join the leading global brands for online wholesale trading. Here, you can sell your products to 30,000+ buyers from all over the world. This modern wholesale platform does not charge any commissions or transaction fees, so you can keep all your revenue.

Setting up your store on this marketplace is super easy, as you can directly upload your products and seamlessly manage the orders. It also offers you the option to boost your products to potential buyers.

Tundra users can also track the key metrics using an analytics dashboard and promote new and old customers through email marketing. It also stops reselling your products on other marketplaces by blocking all Amazon resellers.


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Whether you are a new eCommerce business or an expert online seller, EWorldTrade helps you make a difference. This wholesale B2B portal offers the right trade leads to make your business successful. This global platform lets you have a deeper look at the requirements of your target audience.

The categories sold here are apparel, machinery, beauty products, light, automobile, chemical, food, and beverage. It even offers extensive digital marketing services like advanced social media marketing, SEO and SEM services, and product videos. 

Every seller gets a dedicated account manager along with brand consultants. They manage your reputation and work to generate business leads for you.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the best B2B wholesale marketplaces, you can easily sell your products on those platforms and make sure to reach the global customer base through your goods. 

This article also includes the essential features of a good B2B platform that you can use as a checklist before selecting the right website for your business. You can check out the detailed features of these platforms to find out which one is the best option for you.

Also, reading about B2B buyer intent data platforms will help you create the correct marketing strategy for your business.

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