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In Windows Last updated: July 4, 2023
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Let’s face it; no matter how much of an ear candy an acapella is, no track is ever complete unless it gets an instrumental under the vocals. The instrumental, or the beat, is an important aspect of a song or a track.

If a song lacks a nice beat, all the hard work behind making the track may go to waste. That’s why beat-making is a vital task. Now, if you want to make beats – be it for fun or to make a name for yourself on a professional level – you got to have decent beat-making software.

Luckily, many beat-making software available in the market can help you live your passion. However, not all such software is equally capable, rich in features, or beginner-friendly. Some of them are so confusing in terms of user interface that even the pros might have trouble navigating.

To make things less confusing and easily comprehensible for you, we have curated some of the best beat-making software that would help you create banging instrumentals with ease. Read on to find out more.

What is Beat-making Software?


A beat-making software is a tool that lets users create instrumentals or musical tunes on their computer. Such an application encourages beatmakers to experiment and gives wings to their creativity by allowing them to make high-quality beats without any hassle.

How Can Beat-making Software Be Useful?

A beat-making software opens up the vistas for an aspiring or veteran beatmaker to create musical masterpieces with ease. Such applications can come in handy for below reasons:

#1. Easy to Use

Most beat-making software out there today is easily installable on a computer. They come with various instrument sounds like guitars, drums, bass, pianos, etc. All a user has to do is choose the proper sounds, and you can develop a decent beat within mere minutes.

#2. Affordability

Buying beat-making software and creating beats on it is way cheaper than buying actual instruments. The software contains all of those instruments, and needless to say, they sound realistic. Hence, beat-making software enables a user to make fantastic beats without spending a lot of money. And the best part? Some of these applications are completely free. So, even if you are low on cash, you can still pursue your passion.

#3. More Control

Using beat-making software gives a beatmaker increased control over their productions. Years ago, when the only way to create instrumentals was by using hardware, producers were not able to oversee all aspects of the beats they produced because of their obvious limitations. But today, beat-making software empowers users to control every nook and cranny of their beat-making process – be it quantization, enhancements, or something else.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Next Beat-making Software

Buying or installing a beat-making application on your computer is nothing hard. All it takes is a few mouse clicks, and you are done. However, choosing the right software is where the trouble begins.

If you pick the wrong beat-making software, your chances of getting mind-boggling outputs will go down the drain. Hence, you have to remember these factors before settling for a specific option:

#1. Gentle Learning Curve

The beat-making software has to be easy to use. If it is overly intricate to the point where beginners can’t comprehend what to do and can’t navigate, the tool is not worth it.

#2. Sound Requirements

See if the software matches your music production level. First, decide what mental picture you are trying to paint with your production. Then, check if the software offers the necessary features to achieve that.

#3. Budget

Determine what your budget is. Be realistic. While you may think that going for an expensive beat-making tool would be a smart move, even while it is way over your budget, it is not true. Instead, it would be wise to carefully examine the features offered. Sometimes a free app may have all you need; even if it doesn’t, don’t worry. You can always opt for a full-featured version later.

#4. Compatibility

The software has to be compatible with your computer’s OS. Religiously go through the system requirements of the tool before the purchase. If your device cannot run the app, it will all be in vain.

Now that you know a few things about beat-making apps, let us name some of the finest options to try right away:

Serato Studio

Serato Studio is an easy way to make professional-quality beats. From effective sampling to robust audio separation to a nice workflow – Serato Studio has everything a beatmaker could ask for.

YouTube video

Interestingly, it lets users isolate or manipulate samples easily. So, you get more opportunities to explore and experiment.

Also, Serato lets you visualize your tracks in real time. That means you can see waveforms updating as you progress while creating your beat.

Other cool features include VST/AU plugin support, Automation, FX, Full Mixer View, etc.
At present, Serato Studio has a free plan that offers limited features. To unlock its full potential, you have to subscribe to Serato Studio’s paid plan for 9.99 USD/month.

La Scratchuse

La Scratchuse’s music maker allows users to create musical masterpieces without hassle. The tool makes beat-making a fun experience by letting you make a beat from pre-mixed sound packs.

YouTube video

La Scratchuse provides a wide variety of original and unique sounds. So, no matter what your music taste, you will always find sounds catering to your desires.

There is also an autopilot feature that helps you kick-start if you are struggling to decide where to start.

La Scratchuse’s free plan lets you create 2 beats/day and has limited features. For no daily restriction and full features, you can buy their monthly or yearly premium plan for 9.99 USD/month and 4.99 USD/month, respectively.


With Soundation at your disposal, making beats becomes an easy task. All you have to do is open up a free beat of your choice. After that, you can start customizing the template and get amazing results. Soundation’s pre-made kits are a powerful way to deliver high-quality output.

YouTube video

Soundation also empowers beatmakers to collaborate with their beatmaker buddies on the same project in real-time.

Currently, Soundation’s paid plans start at 9.99 USD/month (billed monthly) and 4.99 USD/month (billed annually).

Amped Studio

Amped Studio is an online DAW that helps you make banging instrumentals using its easy-to-navigate music sequencer and sound editor.

YouTube video

Its integrated sound library, professional-quality virtual instruments, awesome assistance tools, etc., ensure that you make bangers every time.

Besides, if you want to connect external instruments to add extra flavour, you can do that too. Also, Amped Studio paves the way for easy collaboration and sharing to elevate your experience.

Amped Studio has a limited-feature free plan for beginners. For advanced features, you can buy their paid plan starting at 4.99 USD/month and 49.99 USD/year (20% savings).

Soundtrap by Spotify

Exploring new sounds, creating aural masterstrokes, and collaborating with other beatmakers becomes easy, thanks to Soundtrap by Spotify.

YouTube video

Soundtrap provides a large collection of beats, loops, etc., for easy beat-making. Plus, its robust audio editor allows effective automation as well. It also lets you connect your instruments if you want to give your beats that live feel.

At the time of publication, Soundtrap by Spotify’s paid plan starts at 9.99 USD/month (monthly) and 7.99 USD/month (yearly).


MUSIC MAKER is a nice way of creating mind-blowing beats, even if you lack knowledge or experience.

It is interactive and intuitive UI makes beat-making a fun process. Just integrate it into your preferred hardware, and MUSIC MAKER enhances your experience.

YouTube video

MUSIC MAKER offers a wide variety of creative tools and features like modern EQ, powerful effects, smart arrangement, enhanced beat dynamics, and more.

Presently, MUSIC MAKER has a free plan, namely MUSIC MAKER 2023 FREE, with limited features. To unlock additional features, you can buy its paid plans starting at 49.99 GBP.

Push by Ableton

Push is a standalone instrument that can pair with other equipment to enrich your beat-making sessions. You can change Push’s Standalone Mode to Control Mode to start building tracks on your computer.

YouTube video

There are lots of unique packs, the ability to warp recorded audio, synchronization facility using Ableton Link, ADAT ports, etc., that make Push what it is.

Interestingly, if you set up Push to use with your PC/laptop initially but now wish to use it as a Standalone instrument, you can opt for its Upgrade Kit.

Push (standalone) costs 1999 USD, while connecting Push only to your computer costs 999 USD.


MASCHINE is a simple, intuitive way to make beats with ease. Its integrated hardware/software system has a sampler, FX, mixer, arranger, and more.

YouTube video

It also contains the MASCHINE 2 software, an 8 GB sound library, and Native Instruments KOMPLETE 14 Select, having 50 GB of instruments and effects.

MASCHINE’s visual tweaking, Smart Strip, smooth workflow, and inbuilt, pro-grade 96 kHz / 24-bit audio interface make your beat-making sessions a delightful experience. At present, you can buy MASCHINE for 599 USD.


With Bandlab, making music anywhere, anytime, becomes a cakewalk. You can easily record, mix, and collaborate on your music projects on Bandlab.

YouTube video

Bandlab is a fully functional DAW that lets you work on unlimited multi-track projects and free cloud storage where all your revisions stay stored. You can even master your tracks to get the most out of your tracks and enhance your beats.

Besides its own sound packs, Bandlab lets you import other sounds and sample whatever you want. For your info, Bandlab lets you share your tracks with the world and keep 100% of your earnings.

As of now, Bandlab offers its services free of cost.


Splice gives beatmakers access to millions of samples, one-shots, loops, and unique sounds so that they can create any beat their heart desires.

YouTube video

All of the sounds are 100% royalty-free. Therefore, you are free to use them for both non-commercial and commercial purposes.

Also, its intelligent search feature aids you in finding what you are looking for without wasting any time. You can even preview samples to see if they fit the keys and tempos of your tracks before you buy them.

Currently, Splice’s monthly and yearly paid plans start at 12.99 USD/month and 129.99 USD/year, respectively.

Genius Home Studio

Genius Home Studio is a fantastic way of making awesome beats. This handy tool has cool beat packs and sounds to help create your next banger.

YouTube video

This program is basically a web-based DAW that lets beatmakers create masterpieces from home or download its beat pack to use later with other beat-making software.

Undoubtedly, the best thing about Genius Home Studio is that it allows aspiring and professional artists to collaborate and create beats together. And FYI, the beginners would find its step-by-step beat creation process easy to comprehend.

Right now, Genius Home Studio does not charge even a penny for its services.

Umpf Retro Beats

Umpf Retro Beats is an innovative drum machine that, being true to its name, contains retro sounds and grooves from the 80s and 90s.

YouTube video

It offers users a large collection of 750 sounds from classic drum machines.
Umpf Retro Beats’ handy Modulation Matrix lets beatmakers chop and screw their preferred tracks to create something truly astounding.

There are lots of filters, low-frequency oscillations, envelopes, etc. that help you get the old-school feel you are striving for.

Umpf Retro Beats is a part of Reason+ that costs just 1 USD for the initial month and offers weekly sound packs and over 75 instruments and effects.

Final Words

As you can see, several fantastic beat-making software are available in the market. Some of them are free, while others are paid. So, what’s stopping you now?

Identify your needs and carefully go through our article to see what features appeal to you the most. Also, remember the factors to consider before opting for a particular tool. Good luck! Happy producing!

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