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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: May 19, 2023
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Call tracking software offers an efficient way to optimize your marketing efforts amid the present-day business world driven by digital marketing, advertisements, and inbound and outbound marketing.

If you’re wondering why and how then read ahead to learn the effectiveness of call tracking software for your business.

The reality is, tracking ROI is the most effective way to estimate the success of your marketing campaigns. If your return on investment is high, then your marketing strategy is working, and vice versa.


This is why you must be playing with analytics tools and solutions to measure the statistics. For example, you may determine the success of your ad campaigns, SEO, content marketing, offline materials, and more.

But, there’s one thing that you might be skipping to measure: the success of your phone calls. You might not know where the calls come from, what led to conversions, who your customers are, and what their journey and pain points are.

As a result, you may not fully retain the potential of your calls.

This is where call tracking software comes into the picture.

It can help your team map all these details and identify the opportunities to improve your calling strategies and optimize your conversion rates.

This article explains call tracking software, how it can help you grow your business, and introduces you to some of the best tools you can consider.

Let’s start!

What is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software helps you determine the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts, including offline and online channels, by showcasing why a customer called and how the conversion happened.

It provides information about lead sources, can offer a call recording facility, and lets you track what marketing campaign worked the best for you to land more leads. In addition, you’ll get detailed reports and analytics to understand these behaviors.

How does it Work?


With tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics, you can measure how your online marketing campaigns perform to a great extent. But if you run TV or radio ad campaigns or any other offline channels, it becomes difficult to track its performance.

For this, you need to check how many leads each offline campaign generated and how many of them converted. If you attach separate phone numbers to every campaign, you can check how many inbound calls you received from individual campaigns.

As a result, managers can get a better idea of the campaign that’s working. Call tracking software does the exact thing. And when a user calls, the software reroutes the call depending on different factors such as intent, preferences, language, and more.

You can record calls and understand aspects like call duration, customer emotion, feedback, and more and enhance your marketing campaigns to capture more leads and grow your business.

What are the Benefits of Call Tracking Software?


Call tracking software is helpful for sales and marketing teams and your business as a whole in several ways, including:

  • It helps you capture qualified leads with features like call transcription, recordings, etc.
  • Provides a deep understanding of search keywords capable of driving phone calls and leads
  • It helps increase ROI with better customer knowledge about their location and why they are interested so you can optimize your campaigns.
  • Integrates with CRMs to help your sales team get instant data about the caller, call history, and more
  • Aids in quality assurance and training with capabilities like call recording and speech-to-text
  • Measures accurate ROI of your paid campaigns and helps optimize ad spends
  • It helps refine your organic traffic initiatives and SEO
  • Provides quick feedback on call interactions and sales initiatives
  • Offers intelligent analytics and reporting
  • Capable of scaling, especially the cloud-based call tracking software

Now that we have explored the software, let’s quickly jump to find the best call tracking software for you in the market among these options.


Get the full detail on which one of your marketing campaigns is working with call tracking by CallRail. It will help you see which keyword or advertisement got more attention while figuring out the reasons behind it.


Apart from knowing the call sources, CallRail also lets you access a lead’s name, location, and number and record your calls. The software matches incoming texts and calls to your marketing tactics and channels to measure campaign success while optimizing marketing spending and strategies.

CallRail’s call attribution feature bridges the gap between offline and online data and showcases your actual ROI. Hence, you can view which mailers, billboards, brochures, and flyers brought you more customers, in addition to which ad clicks converted.

It makes analytics and attribution easy with accurate performance data in a few clicks. You can view each interaction of every caller with your business, reveal the overall effectiveness of your campaigns, understand buyers’ purchase journeys, and view the live activity of outbound and inbound calls.

CallRail accounts for texts and calls to provide accurate analytics, which helps you make better business decisions. You can combine form data, text, and call to learn your real ROI, monitor team and individual effectiveness, ensure you are adequately staffed during peak call times, and stay updated with call analytics all the time.

The software helps you enhance your lead quality and transform your communications with them. Additionally, you can record calls automatically for audit and training purposes and track outbound calls. Besides, you can create and track the texts while being on CallRail, and never miss a lead with customized, real-time alerts and notifications.

CallRail has already helped 175k+ businesses worldwide, including small-scale businesses and enterprises from sectors like healthcare, automotive, real estate, finance, and home services.


Call tracking software offers detailed attribution for incoming call traffic while allowing you to optimize customer journeys. Phonexa’s Call Logic is one of the solutions that makes this process a breeze. Call Logic is an innovative call tracking suite that helps businesses optimize marketing campaigns. It streamlines organizing, analyzing, and managing calls, allowing users to focus on their core objectives.


With its comprehensive software for call tracking, Call Logic is the perfect tool for businesses looking to maximize their ROI from their call-based campaigns.

One of the main benefits of Call Logic is its free onboarding process for all call tracking services it provides.

Taking care of incoming calls is simple with help from tools like interactive voice response (IVR) and automatic call distributor powered by data-driven call routing, directing callers to the appropriate next steps based on their specific questions and concerns. These features improve the effectiveness of a company’s interactions with its customers, making them more convenient and straightforward.

Access to call details streamlines the process by which marketers may view a detailed description of each lead, down to the user’s point of origin, the buyer with whom it was matched, and, of course, whether or not the lead resulted in a sale.

Seeing daily traffic is a crucial part of call tracking services, and Phonexa’s Call Logic provides this in spades. You can monitor the success of your efforts across the board, not only in terms of traffic, using a well-rounded dashboard. On top of that, everything you read here is based on actual data from calls coming in real-time.

Call Logic is one of the top choice if you need to determine which keywords brought in the most traffic and which adverts led users to call you.


Prioritize your daily sales calls easily, make calls, record them from your browser directly, and log the call to your CRM automatically using HubSpot’s call tracking software. It helps you sell more while making fewer calls and line your daily calls seamlessly.


Contact property and engagement data from HubSpot CRM and prioritize the best calls while setting up your calling queue every day. HubSpot’s call tracker lets you make calls right from your browser instead of picking up your phone.

Just a click is enough to connect you to prospects via a desk phone or Voice Over IP, ensuring the calls are placed from your phone number with the option to record the call. With HubSpot, you don’t have to log calls manually; the call tracker can automatically log your calls to Salesforce or HubSpot CRM.

The software enables managers to coach sales reps efficiently with the help of Conversation Intelligence, providing transcription for call analysis, call commenting, and keyword searching in the Enterprise packages. With email sequences, you can close deals faster and avoid losing.

Turn your repetitive and most effective sales emails into conversion-driven templates and share them with your team. Furthermore, you can track the moment a lead opens your email, downloads attachments, or clicks a link using notifications that stay on top of your feed so you can send them a timely follow-up.

Schedule emails, optimize your docs, personalize your pitch, and schedule meetings with HubSpot CRM, Office 365, and Google Calendar. Also, engage more with visitors with a live chat while they are on your site, use workflow automation, predict lead scoring, and integrate with Salesforce to record every call, email, and meeting quickly.


Get 360-degree visibility into each fine detail of your calls with Freshcaller by Freshworks. Understand your customers and their buying journey by reviewing all the events inside a call.


The call lifecycle feature provides details like the caller’s name, the agent who answered their call, whether the call was transferred or not, how the call went, any extra call charges and the reason for it, and so on. In addition, it can identify up to 50 events in your outgoing and incoming calls to understand the call’s effectiveness.

Figure out the reason behind a customer’s bad or good experience by inspecting the call handling time, answer time, call duration, call transfer, and more. You can also combine this data with post-call transcription and call recording features to get complete visibility into your operations.

Optimize call flows with real-time call data such as wait queues to analyze the performance of the wait queue method. You can also check what happened during the wait queue, whether the user stayed in it, how they reacted, what happened when the wait queue time exceeded, etc. Use this information to audit and enhance your service level and call flows.

Allow your admins and supervisors to evaluate and track agent performance. It is also helpful to identify how long an agent’s issue resolving time was, who ignored/misled customers, and more. Consequently, you can use this data to train your agents and address performance gaps.

Freshcaller offers helpful features such as a live dashboard with real-time insights, team performance statistics, tracking agent availability, auditing an ongoing call, and monitoring service level targets. Besides, they provide default reports to analyze your call center’s health and agent productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. You can even use filters and phone metrics to customize reports.


If you are looking for efficient, cloud-based call tracking software for your sales and support teams, you may consider CloudTalk. They already power 2500+ phone systems and call centers. The software lets you maintain your local and global presence using international phone numbers.


Run your call center virtually from any part of the world and build healthy customer relationships. With CloudTalk, you get essential features to improve your customer interactions while making your workflows even more efficient than ever.

Create custom call queues, record calls automatically, listen to them from your web browser and make personalized extensions or internal calls for each agent, user, or department. Besides, create group voicemail messages or greetings, port your current number, get international numbers from 140+ countries, use a toll-free number, and acquire shorter five-digit numbers.

CloudTalk offers a fax-to-email feature that lets you receive quick fax messages as emails. Plus, you can define business hours to set the availability of receiving calls. Send automatic text messages and notifications, tag internal phone numbers, schedule conference calls, and keep your personal number private with the call masking feature.

The call flow designer feature lets you ensure calls route to the right agents with intelligent call routing using pre-set criteria. In addition, you get other features like automated call distribution, interactive voice response (IVR) menu, skill-based routing, automatic outbound caller, preferred agent, ring groups to shorten response time, call forwarding, VIP queues, and caller-based routing.

Boost your team productivity with features such as call tagging, click-to-call dialing, call notes, automatic callback, call transfers, ring-on-speakers to reduce missed calls, real-time user card, after-call work to complete follow-up tasks, speed-to-text option, predictive dialing, desktop notifications, blacklists, smart dialer, agent status, voicemail drop, and more.

View customer contact history and shared contacts, check caller IDs, SQL exporter, call monitoring and statistics, agent reporting, emotion analytics, wallboard to see what’s happening in your call center, and custom reporting. CloudTalk safeguards your data, manages the users, supports unlimited concurrent calls and multiple languages, features Google Single Sign-On, and is available on different devices,

CloudTalk can easily integrate with CRM tools, eCommerce, and helpdesk tools.


Track your calls instantly and figure out your most effective marketing campaigns automatically with the help of WhatConverts: the name says it all! The software helps you capture each lead coming through a phone call and then trace its marketing source easily.


While label your call tracking to tie your company’s marketing and branding to all the call lead received by your clients and get proper credits, with a custom IVR menu, your callers can hear a menu with different options, which helps direct calls to a suitable connection.

Allow your team to qualify your incoming calls as leads after the call comes to an end. You will get a geographic call routing feature that will direct incoming calls to a business location closest to the caller’s geographic location.

You can reroute calls occurring outside your business timings to different numbers simultaneously with multi-ring functionality. WhatConverts features call transcription that allows you to start reading call details without listening to the complete call recording.

Buy phone numbers and use them with the call tracking software to track phone numbers. Besides, you can create an automated call greeting that plays whenever someone calls you on your tracking number. With their ‘Call Whisper’ feature, you can provide your sales reps with the information on lead tracking before they talk to the prospect.


Monitor, control, and download all incoming calls without extra cost. Plus, you get three call tracking options: offline call tracking for offline marketing channels, marketing source tracking using DNI, and keyword-level tracking using DNI. With Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) triggers, you can choose the calls to track and their sources, such as traffic sources, searches, URLs, and web referrals.

Improve PPC with best-performing keywords that lead to calls and conversions. In addition, you can choose a number to track, give the destination phone number, and track the calls instantly. WhatConverts offers other capabilities like automated spam blocking, HIPAA compliance, porting phone numbers, and more.

Plus, it integrates with 1000+ services and apps such as Google Ads, Zoho, Intercom, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, WooCommerce, Pipedrive, and more.


Maximize every call’s value with the enterprise call tracking software of Ringba that can transform your inbound game. It was purpose-built for marketing professionals as well as pay-per-call by industry experts.


Expand your marketing campaigns with on-demand telecommunications in 60+ countries. Additionally, manage your sellers and buyers with advanced routing, financial rules, and capping. Ringba’s intelligent, automatic call flow optimization helps you maximize the potential of each call.

Unleash new opportunities using the most advanced and fastest analytics engine. They have leveraged years of industry experience and technical expertise to craft a valuable set of tools to help in your business growth. It can also track every little detail about users and help you optimize your profits.

Build your pay-per-call marketing business using their tools, remain compliant with real-time compliance monitoring, and stay ahead in competition using state-of-the-art reporting and analytics. You can also filter, sort, search, drill, and group your data the way you want with instant results using their excellent reporting.

Ringba offers smart targeting and call routing by monitoring your partner’s productivity, creating dynamic routing, and connecting callers with available agents working from anywhere around the globe. Furthermore, it captures your callers’ native user data so your team can optimize ad-spend carefully.

They push feature updates every week based on client feedback and market changes. You also get many other features such as precise campaign tracking, number management, call attribution, performance load balancing, and more.

Enter into the entire platform of Ringba programmatically using their robust API with all the features available. You can also integrate it with your tech stack seamlessly for better visibility and added functionality.


Track your campaign’s effectiveness and use toll-free and local numbers from CallFire’s database for advertisements. It will help you make better business decisions based purely on results and understand what’s working for you.

YouTube video

This call tracking software lets you market your products/services effectively and affordably. Their database consisting of virtual numbers allows you to create a local or global presence.

Plus, CallFire offers SMS-enabled call tracking to utilize a call tracking phone number to send SMSs from long codes to respond to an inquiry through text and then track it through Google Analytics.

Their analytics reports offer you a complete view of your ad performance, and you can even share them without granting full account access. Create customized alerts to notify you instantly, or build a custom call tracking software using their APIs that allow users to provide thousands of phone numbers with quick reporting.

CallFire offers some out-of-the-box features such as sharing in-depth call reports externally, setting office hours for recording messages, extensive number tracking, playing whisper messages to agents while call transferring, and getting both text and calls to local phone numbers. Plus, you can integrate it with Google Analytics, record inbound calls, and get email notifications regarding successful calls.


The call tracking software by Clixtell is another excellent option for you that comes with all the essential features you need to collect in-depth information about your calls, callers, agents, and more. The software can reveal which campaigns, ads, and keywords led to calls and conversions.

Measure phone calls online, offline, and from your marketing channels, and also view and record customer journeys right from search, click, and call to become buyers. You can learn every detail about your campaigns’ efficiency and use the data to optimize your digital marketing efforts and profit.


They offer a simple and intuitive dashboard that provides clear information regarding your calls, leads, conversions, and campaigns at a single glance. Whether you require a toll-free number, local phone number, or phone number across your country, Clixtell can help you.

You can choose from 1000s of toll-free and local phone numbers available instantly. They also offer other features such as conversion intelligence, live dashboard, call recording, detailed click and call reports, dynamic phone insertion, and more. Clixtell’s pricing starts from $10/month.


DialogTech is a leading name in the call tracking and analytics space useful for agencies and enterprise marketers. It is powered by artificial intelligence to reveal actionable insights into conversations, callers, and call experiences.

The software offers efficient call routing technology, call data, and powerful integrations to help you win more customers, understand them, reduce ad spending, and grow your ROI and revenue.


You can visualize how your campaigns perform offline and online and drive conversions. As a result, you can optimize your conversions by finding the most effective marketing channels. Plus, you can also personalize offline and online experiences with real-time data extracted from conversations and calls.

DialogTech provides a fully compliant and secure platform for transcriptions, recordings, features, and data as it is certified by PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and HITECH.


I hope this information on call tracking software helps you understand its importance in driving your growth with optimized sales and marketing efforts. Hence, choose the software that can work best for your business requirements.

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