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In Development Last updated: August 23, 2023
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Since its release, ChatGPT has collected various negative and positive opinions. As humans, we are yet to comprehend the exact outcome of A.I fully. 

Loads of surveys suggest that ChatGPT may strain developer jobs in the market, but I suggest not worrying about it. Progress often requires swimming with the flow rather than against it. Therefore, To truly understand, we must dive in and try it out! 

Developers! Get ready for an exciting journey where I will discuss some of the best ChatGPT plugins for coders and developers to make coding more accessible and help you to swim with the flow. 

In this article, I have designed to deliver some great and helpful plugins that can elevate your efficiency to the top level, leaving you with precious saved time. Let’s focus on and understand what exactly plugins and ChatGPT plugins are and how they are used.

I will also disclose its benefits which may give you a good idea regarding the possibilities with the help of ChatGPT plugins. 

chatgpt plugins.

To start, let’s understand what precisely the ChatGPT plugin is. Previously, without AI support, developers followed specific protocols and conducted key checkouts while writing code, such as Error Detection and Debugging.

This approach for the developers was necessary since writing and debugging code simultaneously was impossible. Developers used to allocate two separate time sets for writing the code and debugging it.

But scenarios have changed now, and developers have lots of tools nowadays that save time and improve efficiency. There are lots of tools that are powered by ChatGPT. Different Organizations have expanded AI capabilities by building numerous plugins that can make the developer’s work more accessible by integrating into the IDE. 

Today, developers have loads of options to make their coding job easier. Various organizations have built exceptional AI tools and Plugin (For IDE) to help developers make their work easier, streamlined, and accurate. I have mentioned some advantages of using ChatGPT Plugins, which will change the way you write your code; please find them below,

  • Automation
  • Suggestion
  • Error Detection
  • Error Debugging
  • Document Generation
  • Learning & Assistance

These are the potential capabilities of ChatGPT Plugins, which indicate How important it is to stay ahead of the curve and deliver efficiently. 

To make this possible, I have listed some of the best plugins that can help them get ease in the code-writing process. Developers! Let’s delve into the listicle and bring something new for ourselves today. 

Code Runner

Code runner plugin - chatgpt.

Code Runner is a plugin that can be found in the extensions section of IDE. Code is developed to help developers in code execution. Code Runner executes code in various programming languages. 

Not only that!, but it also provides the developers the effortless solution to generate graphs and plots using Python Programming Language. I would also like to highlight that Code Runner seamlessly manages your file by uploading online to the server, allowing you to access and download effortlessly. It supports an extensive range of file formats.

I found one more feature of Code Runner to be very useful. It gives you the liberty to showcase the beauty of your source code by sharing your code snippets.


  • Supports multiple programming languages.
  • Effortlessly generates graphs and plots using Python.
  • Seamlessly manages and uploads files to the server.
  • Supports various file formats.
  • Allows showcasing and sharing code snippets.

Recombinant AI

Recombinant AI

Recombinant AI is a powerful plugin that connects your base with GitHub and GitLab. With just a few commands on your IDE, you can execute functions related to GitHub and Gitlab, like getting the repository files, status, etc.

To give you a better idea regarding the plugin tool, I have listed down some examples of commands you can use to get things done on GitHub & Gitlab through your IDE itself; please follow the bullet points below,  

  • The command to get the repository files: is “/Get_Repo_Files”. You can use any public GitHub Repository URL, and Recombinant will present you with its directory structure.
  • You can specify which branch you want to see and pull. You can use the command: “/List_Branch

Hopefully, The above points may have given you a deeper understanding of Recombinant AI. More features are about to be released, like Repository creation, File Creation, etc., which the Recombinant Team will introduce with its premium package. 

I suggest you can try it out for $10/Month since it has got good potential. The package includes all the essential features. Additionally, you will also get GPT Engineering. Try it and feel the ease of managing your projects on GitHub and GitLab. 


  • Execute GitHub/Gitlab functions with simple commands.
  • Customize branch selection with a simple command.
  • Repository and File Creation in premium package.


Talk with your source code.

AskYourCode is a unique concept. But the matter of fact is it is still in active development. That is, this tool may crash, or inabilities are possible. Despite these red flags, I believe this tool will take its place in the market very soon. 

To be accurate, AskYourCode is a plugin tool that helps you discuss project code by allowing you to enter the GitHub URL. Yes!

Now you don’t need to copy and paste the entire code base and discuss with the AI for improvements to your project or to understand some other projects. You just have to get a subscription to ChatGPT Plus; then things are pretty simple after that. 

Log in at, create a new chat, and select GPT-4 with plugin support. Install the “AskYourCode” plugin from the Plugin Store. Enable it whenever you need coding assistance to enhance your coding experience.


  • No need to copy and paste
  • Detects file types by their content
  • Handles unsupported files
  • Constantly under active development

CodeCast Wandbox

CodeCast Wandbox is a plugin that enables you to instantly compile, run and share your code with the power of AI.

Let me guide you through the installation and usage process, Open any program (e.g., “Hello, World!”). Then launch the command palette and execute, Wandbox: New Command and select your code. 

A screenshot of Wandbox Command List.

You can compile and run your code on Wandbox by la the command palette and Execute Wandbox: Run Command. This will run your program by just providing simple instructions. 

A screen shot of Wandbox Compilers.

Earlier in the introduction, I mentioned that developers can share the code with Execute Wandbox: Share Command. The above statements clearly define Wandbox’s ability to release some ease to the developers regarding Compiling, Running, and Sharing your code. 


  • Instantly compile, run, and share code.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Streamlined process


A screen shot of a web page showing ChatWithGit Example.

ChatWithGit is a ChatGPT plugin designed to enhance code generation by providing ChatGPT with direct access to relevant code from GitHub. This integration enables users to generate better code with a deeper understanding of existing code snippets on GitHub.

To install ChatWithGit, ChatGPT Pro users can easily add it from the ‘Plugin Store.’ Select the GPT-4 model, go to Plugins, and find ChatWithGit in the Plugin Store.

With this plugin, users can seamlessly integrate GitHub code context into ChatGPT, allowing for better code generation and a deeper understanding of relevant code snippets.

To use ChatWithGit, provide a search query, and the system will fetch relevant code chunks from GitHub. Always include at least one search term when searching for source code.

Example – 

You: “Using the latest Next.js 13 library, write a simple app that uses the app router in TypeScript from the official library.”

ChatGPT: “Sure, here’s a simple example of a Next.js 13 app using the router in TypeScript. First, install Next.js, React, and React-DOM…”


  • Enhances code generation
  • Enables a deeper understanding of existing code snippets
  • Provides relevant code chunks
  • Ensures better code accuracy


YouTube video

Next on the list is highly beneficial for testing professionals. Whether web, mobile, or API testing, Qyrus has earned its name in providing software testers with an effortless and comfortable journey. Therefore, this tool has the potential to be on this prime list.  

With the power of AI, developers will be able to test application specifics visually. This allows it to recognize interface app issues and usability issues. I was amazed to discover that Qyrus can convert Rover output into a mobile automation test, resulting in comprehensive Test Coverage and faster test building.

Currently, Qyrus provides you with three options to proceed with the tool. You get a free trial option for 30 days, with features like defect management, test management, shared test infrastructure, etc. The other two plans are Studio and Professional, providing the user with additional features like Extensive Client Support, Component Testing, etc. 


  • Comfortable journey for web, mobile, and API testing.
  • AI-powered visual testing.
  • Comprehensive Test Coverage.
  • Faster test building


YouTube video

Codeulator is a plugin that gives developers full access to their visual studio code workspace directly inside ChatGPT. I found this plugin to be really very interesting. I have added a picture below, which will motivate your mind to go for Codeulator once. 

Codeulator performing Test Fix.

In the screenshot, you will be able to see a broken test; Codeulator will allow developers to fix it from the ChatGPT interface itself. The question that may arise in your mind is how this happens.

By allowing Codeulator to share the invite link for the live share session with ChatGPT and ask it to fix the test. In the next step, ChatGPT joins the live session and reads the code, and proposes a fix, and when the developers approve, the fix is applied automatically.

You may refer to the above image and visualize the effect of this tool in making your coding journey easier. Codeulator will prove to be a very needful plugin for developers and essential at the same time.


  • Access Visual Studio Code workspace directly inside ChatGPT.
  • Allows fixing the code base from the ChatGPT interface itself.
  • Right, to Approve or Disburse the proposal by ChatGPT.
  • Automatic Application of Suggestion if approved., powered by ChatGPT, offers a feature-rich tool for developers, enhancing WordPress experiences with powerful integrations and automation tools. It enables custom content creation and interactive posting to WordPress, generates reports, and handles long-running tasks with SMS notifications. 

Can you install and configure wireguard?.

The WordPress integration simplifies content creation, and it acts as a reliable problem solver for complex issues. Overall, streamlines workflows and enhances productivity for developers and professionals. becomes an indispensable tool for enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows. Whether it’s content creation, bug fixes, or handling long-running tasks, empowers developers to achieve more with ease and efficiency, making it a valuable asset in any developer’s toolkit.


  • Create and post custom content interactively.
  • Generate reports and seamlessly post them.
  • Notifications upon task completion.
  • Resolve complex issues related to Kubernetes, Git, and Nginx configurations 


Teams find working with data in a single platform effortless, thanks to Noteable’s cloud-based and secure deployment options, user-friendly no-code visualizations, and collaborative environment.

A screen shot of update of specific cell in Noteable.

Noteable provides a lot of flexibility in terms of Notebook Authoring. You have the in-hand features like creating Notebooks, Content Updates of a specific cell, etc.

You have the ability to request ChatGPT to update particular cells by utilizing the Copy Link to Cell feature and then instructing it to enhance or modify the content within that cell. Organizations may go for it and give it a try to understand its flexibility and offerings in more depth. 


  • Freedom to work on an existing notebook. 
  • Easily prompt ChatGPT to create projects.
  • The Noteable ChatGPT Plugin has access to all your resources.


YouTube video

Are you a non-techie with a flair for creativity? Want to craft captivating web app experiences without dealing with complex code?

Look no further than DeployScript, the game-changing plugin that unleashes ChatGPT’s full potential, transforming your web app into a dynamic and engaging platform. Embrace the magic of DeployScript and say goodbye to the hassle of coding – it’s your ticket to a seamless and unique web experience!

Craft compelling conversation flows effortlessly with our visual interface. Drag and drop elements, set prompts, and define responses – it’s like building a chatbot with ease! 

Another feature that pulls me toward DeployScript is that DeployScript creates a powerful program that drives your web app’s conversations with a single click.

Our advanced algorithms analyze your flow and transform it into a seamless user experience. Say goodbye to coding headaches and welcome a new interactive web app magic era with DeployScript!


  • Craft compelling conversation flows.
  • Intuitive visual interface.
  • No coding is required!


YouTube video

CoderPad provides two products currently: CoderPad Screen, which allows candidates to validate their coding skills with specially designed technical tests, and the other one is CoderPad Interview, which provides a common online IDE platform for both interviewers and candidates where they can code live together.

Both tools are powered by Chat-GPT, and you can choose from various paid packages. If you want to try it out, there’s a free option with two tests or interviews per month. This plugin proves to be extremely useful for developers in startup environments who often need to wear multiple hats.


  • Allows you to validate your code.
  • Designed for your interview preparation or practice.
  • Interactive Coding Platform.

Final Words

These tools offer seamless coding experiences, automation, GitHub integration, and more. Say goodbye to complex coding and unleash your creativity with these game-changing plugins. Take the plunge and elevate your coding journey with AI-driven efficiency. Happy Coding!

You may also read about the ChatGPT Code Interpreter.

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