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In Digital Marketing Last updated: February 10, 2022
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Creating content regularly is a pretty tedious process. It is also very hefty on your marketing budget.

People often get confused between content creation and content curation. Content creation is the process of coming up with new content from scratch. This content is entirely original, with no other similar content available anywhere.

On the contrary, content curation is the process of collecting relevant content from different authoritative sources and tweaking the content to give it your own voice. This content is shared in various formats with the audience.

With the help of a content curation recycling system, you will be able to save plenty of time and money. You need to put in a lot of effort and time to come up with fresh content. This can be saved by curating content.

Let us understand more about content curation.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is all about researching and finding relevant material for your audience. This content is curated from various sources and shared strategically with modifications as per your audience.

If you are a marketing agency, you would add a blog post with some of the best tools. You will also add a context to let readers know why you picked them. You curate this entire list because your audience will find the information valuable.

Content Curation

In simple terms, content curation is compiling and modifying the available content from different sources to make it presentable to your audience.

Now, you have an idea about content curation. But, you might be wondering why you need to get into content curation. So, let us have a look at the benefits of content curation.

What are the Benefits of Content Curation?

The most significant benefit of digital content curation is that it adds value to your audience’s feed. Currently, there’s too much information available out there. But, people don’t really have the time to sit and read for a long time. This is where you can curate some valuable content pieces and share them with your audience.

You need to figure out what type of content your audience loves. Even if there’s too much content available out there, your readers will love it when you present it perfectly in front of them. It will also help you build trust and credibility as a content creator.

Content curation is the best strategy when you are low on fresh content ideas. It is definitely easier to gather content and share it than to create from scratch. You should try studying the content from various experts in the industry and curate something around it. You should also adopt social media content curation if you are running a business. This will save your time and money, and there are plenty of benefits aligned with this process.

How is Content Curation a crucial part of Business?

There are plenty of reasons to back content curation for businesses. Let us discuss some of the key reasons.

Building credibility as a thought leader

When you curate content and share it with the audience, they will see you as a thought leader. They will be able to see different perspectives from your end on various topics.

If you are following the right content curation strategy, there will be a huge increment in your knowledge base. So, people will see you as an authoritative and go-to resource whenever they need your industry expertise.

Thought Leader

Curating content is more about adding your views, opinions, and perspectives. Sharing others’ content with your thoughts is where your audience connects with you.

Connecting with various thought leaders

Content curation will help you stand out among others. This is where you get an opportunity to build relations with several other thought leaders from your industry. If you share another thought leader’s content with your own perspective, that will open up a new opportunity to connect with that thought leader.

If you simply post someone’s content, they would like your post or add a quick response. On the contrary, if you add your own opinion to their content, they will actually engage with you. This will open up a new conversation for you.

Boosts brand awareness

Content curation is an excellent way to enhance brand awareness through different thought leaders from the industry. When you share other thought leaders’ content on your platform with your views, they will likely follow more of your content and even share it with their audiences.

This works as an excellent brand awareness opportunity. But, you need to be very careful about content curation. You should only share content that will add value to your audience’s feed. This will help you in growing your business.

Improves search engine optimization (SEO)

It is evident that creating more content will positively impact your SEO, and it would significantly boost the traffic to your targeted website. Well, this is not only with created content. You can expect similar results even with curated content.


Several marketers think people will leave your site and go there when you link any other source’s content. But, if you implement the strategy right, there will be a significant boost visible in your search engine rankings. You will be able to drive more audience to your social media channels and websites.

Value-adding content curation will boost organic traffic on your website and social media handles. It will also help you look less self-promotional and more focused on valuable content. This will push your business to greater heights.

One of the best content curation examples is your newsletter. Brands often send email newsletters with links to their articles and social media handles. This curated content consists of various links or even a single promotional link. You can either mix original and curated content or go entirely with the curated content. This will supplement your marketing efforts.


Now, let us move towards some of the best content curation tools for your business. It is not possible to keep on curating content manually. That’s where you can rely on content curation software to do the job. Here are some of the best examples of curation tools.


When you are in the marketing field, it is essential to keep up with the industry’s latest trends. There are plenty of sources where experts are saying different things. Different things are trending on various sources; it becomes difficult for a busy marketer to go through everything.

This is where Feedly comes in. Feedly collects all the content from your favorite sources and presents it in one place to read easily. You can organize all the content you need for curation from different sources like blogs, specific keywords, RSS feeds, YouTube channels, tweets, and more.


Feedly is the perfect content curation tool to keep everything organized. You can even create a board and share it with your team members. So, your team can view it, comment on it, and you can even prioritize certain pieces of content from it.

So, Feedly will clear out the noise and only provide necessary content to you. This makes the content curation journey simpler and more effective.


Flipboard is another content curation software available for both desktop and mobile users. It will help you create stories that completely grab your audience’s attention. If you are thinking about creating a series for your content, then Flipboard is the right choice for you. It allows you to generate a mini-magazine for all your content readers.

YouTube video

Your feed can be completely personalized. You can select the categories that interest you and subscribe to some of the preferred sources of information. The info will be available in all formats, including text, images, and videos.

You can create your own content magazines and share them on social media platforms through Flipboard. With Flipboard, you can not only make content curation easier, but you can even add promotional links to your products or services in the blog posts for better results.


With Inoreader, you can expect the content to be in front of you as it is available. You can either go for unfiltered news feeds or completely customize your feed with filters. Inoreader allows you to follow Facebook pages, email newsletters, Twitter searches, podcasts, blogs, and even RSS feeds. So, it is like a one-stop solution to reading content from different sources.


Inoreader features powerful automation that allows you to send push notifications or perform specific actions when any desired criterion is met. You can even monitor keywords from the active search queries to see what’s trending.

Inoreader is available on all platforms, including Android, Desktop, and iOS. So, you can handle your content curation process even with your mobile phones. You will see new content frequently coming as you choose your preferred categories. Here, you will get exposure only to worthy content.


Do you happen to send various emails to yourself with bookmarks and links to read later on? If you also like to save all the relevant content and read it later on, then Pocket is the perfect content curation tool for you. Pocket will clear the clutter and organize all your content in a single place.

So, whenever you see something interesting that you would like to read afterward, you can simply click the Pocket plugin button. Now, that piece of content will be stored in your Pocket account. This tool is useful across several platforms. Whether you are reading content on your mobile phone or laptop, you can use Pocket everywhere to store content in the same place.


You can group different articles on Pocket with separate tags to quickly get to what you want to read. On top of that, the inbuilt search feature will help you search for the right thing among the curated articles.

Pocket is a simple content curation tool that will be the perfect one for startups and beginners. You can expect your content marketing strategy to work pretty well with Pocket.


Among all the other content curation tools, Quuu is the only one that suggests content that is reviewed by humans and not by any algorithm. Quuu is a one-stop solution for content curation from different sources like videos, blogs, podcasts, and much more. This platform covers every category.

YouTube video

Quuu also offers a Discover feature that allows you to find content from any interest category in different languages. Quuu is heaven for content curators as well as content creators. You can easily share, read, learn, and engage with fellow curators.

On top of that, Quuu can also be integrated with different schedulers. So, you can directly share content on your social media platforms from Quuu. It is a hand-curated content platform that is powered by AI.


Wakelet is a completely free content curation tool that helps you keep everything organized on the internet. You can save your biggest inspirations, portray your finest work, and plan out everything from a single platform. As all the features are available for free, you can try and experiment with various things.


Wakelet allows you to create and curate endless collections with visuals, text, and audio. No matter what you see on the internet and find interesting, you can add it to your collection. There’s no coding required to organize everything. You get a seamless experience with this tool.

You can build a portfolio on Wakelet and invite your clients to have a look at your work. Collaborating and sharing are made pretty easy. On top of that, Wakelet also provides integrations with some widely used tools for making everything more effective.

Whether you are an individual content creator or a small business, you can rely on for collecting relevant content for your website, publishing it, and also sharing it on your social media platforms. If you are thinking about using content marketing for your business, this tool will definitely work in your favor.

You can create newsletters within a few minutes on for sharing your content or even promoting the content of other creators. The platform allows you to develop a content hub for publishing content automatically. will monitor your interests and suggest relevant content accordingly.

You or your team can go through the available content and curate something for your targeted audience. This will help you boost your business’s growth and build credibility.

Conclusion 👇

Before you select any content curation software, you should be clear with the marketing strategy for your business. You can try out the tools mentioned above and see which one works the best as per your requirements. You need to choose software that simplifies your content curation process and makes it faster.

You may now look at some of the best content marketing tools.

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