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In Crypto and Mobile Last updated: June 30, 2023
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It’s smart to use a crypto portfolio tracker and bring all your investments under one hood. Let’s find the best ones to make crypto investments easy and efficient.

Among thousands of cryptocurrencies, tracing the gains and losses of your investments can be difficult.

More often than not, people miss the important details and end up mismanaging their crypto investments. And that’s especially true for serious investors with a widely spread-out portfolio.

Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers

So we’re here with a list of nifty tracking applications to cut short your struggles. These apps track multiple exchanges and hundreds of coins.

They give vital details with great accuracy that otherwise take hours of calculation.

Simply put, portfolio trackers empower investing.

But you’ll feel the difference only when you try a few and settle with your match.

Without any further ado, let’s begin.


CoinTracker also managed to get a mention in our crypto tax software article. And now, with portfolio tracking, it makes all the more sense to use it for better compatibility.

You can rest assured to track every single investment with CoinTracker’s support of 300+ exchanges and over 10K cryptocurrencies. Based on the exchange, transaction import is supported with the API key or CSV upload.

It shows real-time market value, optimizes for cost basis accounting and supports tax-loss harvesting. You get performance charts by date and crypto with the added benefit of daily portfolio updates.

Finally, you can start for free for five wallets and switch to paid tiers for more.


CoinStats is a premium crypto portfolio tracker which gives you personalized crypto news, analytics, and the power to manage your portfolio on desktop and mobile.

You’ll find support for multiple wallets and exchange accounts via the API keys. Once set up, CoinStats presents vital information at your fingertips to ease off the investment decisions.

You get charts showing the growth per asset or the whole portfolio.

In addition, there are heatmaps segregating loss and profit-making entities. The analytics sections reveal the most profitable and loss-inducing coins, top exchanges, total fees, withdrawals, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no free tier. However, it has a 3-days free trial to judge its relevance specific to your needs.

The Crypto App

The Crypto App is a highly-rated smartphone-only crypto portfolio tracker and news aggregator.

This application supports integrating top exchanges and native blockchain wallets. But most users seem to praise its widgets which let you stay informed from the home screen without opening the app each time.

The Crypto App has an ad-supported limited-features free version.

But the pro version with a one-time payment opens the doors to adding unlimited wallets and exchanges. In addition, the paid version comes with more widgets, UI customization, an ad-free experience, and live data from over 200 crypto exchange platforms.


Unlike what we have discussed till now, Delta Investment Tracker is an application to keep a bird’s view on your complete investment portfolio, crypto included.

delta: Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker for diverse portfolio

The free version lets you connect to two exchange platforms, and the paid version lifts these limits. You will see a similar policy for adding crypto wallets.

There is also an in-built news section that pulls pieces matching your portfolio.

The free users can analyze the transaction history, coin split, and source. The pro version displays the good and bad investment decisions, fee breakdown, and more.

Conclusively, this is a better option for people with a diverse portfolio combining stocks, crypto, ETFs, bonds, etc.


CoinGecko is one of the best crypto portfolio trackers for people transacting less frequently.

This tool lets go of automation and relies on good old-fashioned manual entries: you will be entering all your transactions to get the details right.

In addition, you can create multiple portfolios to see the consolidated profits or losses.

Lack of API entries can be a deal-breaker for some, but this makes your investment private. Besides, you can enter as many test transactions and plan accordingly for the future.

Finally, CoinGecko makes its case for the absence of some advanced features with a completely free experience.


CoinMartetCap’s crypto portfolio tracker is similar to CoinGecko, with manual entry of transactions.

And likewise, it’s free and suitable for a small number of transactions. You can also create multiple portfolios and view the changes as preferred.

This is also free but lacks some premium features present in other portfolio tracking platforms.


Altrady is an advanced trading and crypto portfolio platform that supports API integration and transactions entry through XLSX or CSV upload.

altrady: paid only best Crypto Portfolio Tracker

With Altrady, you create a password-protected vault for saving all your API keys. In addition, this crypto utility has options for authenticating specific devices and setting two-factor authentication.

Besides, you can leave notes with chart screenshots to avoid previous mistakes. Moreover, Altrady tracks and displays important market news right into the dashboard.

Finally, Altrady doesn’t have any free subscriptions and seems ideal for advanced traders.


Kubera is a wholesome investment tracker platform that takes care of a diverse set of asset classes, including stocks, crypto, your home, car, websites, and more.

YouTube video

For crypto, it permits API import. However, you can also do manual entries in case a specific exchange isn’t listed.

There are pie charts to show the percentage share of each asset in the portfolio.

Kubera’s 14-day trial will just cost you just 1$, which is again strange but a fair practice to keep free-loaders at bay.

Finally, this is a very straightforward application and the best crypto portfolio tracker for minimalists.


Coinigy has a free forever plan which gifts an additional 30-day fully-featured trial comprising all its advanced features.

coinigy: Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker

You can import the transaction data with API or wallet addresses.

The dashboard has tabs for the asset distribution, line/bar charts, and top gainers/losers. Moreover, you can add custom panels in the Boards tab depicting News about a specific keyword, exchange rates at particular platforms, and do a lot more.

Overall this trading-heavy platform can be a great value with its free tier and useful features.


CoinTracking is a very detailed and powerful crypto portfolio tracker. Straightaway, the amount of information can be overwhelming to some but stay put, and you will receive tons of valuable insights.

YouTube video

Transaction importing is a breeze with API, CSV, or manual entries. You can also directly add the wallet address and get your data synced up in seconds.

Moreover, the analytics and reporting are on the next level. CoinTracking shows details like trades per exchange, per month, your crypto balance by day, etc. Then there is the timeline which shows each crypto activity in a beautiful vertical bar with date stamps.

And that’s just in the dashboard. CoinTracking has a separate reporting tab that gives every single detail regarding every transaction, fee, gain/loss, current & daily balance, and a lot more.

Besides, you can create a crypto tax report with just a few clicks or get full-service tax assistance from certified tax professionals.

What’s more, you can start for free for your first 200 transactions.

This is probably the best crypto portfolio tracker that you shouldn’t miss trying.

Conclusion 🪙

Some people still go with the traditional spreadsheet way of managing their portfolios. And that’s perfectly okay at the beginning.

However, when you grow and hop around a bit more, these tools can prove handy.

On a relevant note, you can check out crypto staking and the best crypto staking platforms to put your ideal investments to work.

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