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Having an email signature allows you to stamp your brand identity and look more professional.

I am sure you must have seen a lot of them and wondered if you could make one for yourself, especially the popping ones with a great-looking profile picture. At this point, you might think that making one is rocket science, but it’s not. Anyone with no coding knowledge can do this. All you need to do is pick any one of the tools mentioned in this list and generate one for yourself.

It’s THAT simple!

But, before I go on to list those, here are some of the benefits of having an email signature that you should know.

Benefits of Having an Email Signature

It’s easy to think that email signatures are no more than some fancy design with your name and photo embedded in it. It’s much more than that. It’s a useful marketing tactic that can be fruitful for your business.

Here’s why:

Brand Awareness

Having an email signature is a great way to let your recipients know who you are as a brand and what you do. It creates a way for you to stamp your branding without even trying hard.

Given that you have all the company information such as name, logo, contact, and colors embedded in the signature, it becomes easy for the recipients to recognize your brand.

Personal Touch

As I talked above about those popping profile pictures in an email signature, it indeed is a fantastic way to create a more personal connection with your recipients.

In the era of artificial intelligence, having a picture of yourself inside the email signature gives a signal to your readers that you’re a real person behind the desk and not a robot.

Reach Out

I believe finding out the contact details of a company isn’t that hard. All you do is look for their website, go to the contact page, and BOOM; there you have the contact information.

But, what if you make the task 70% easier by including your contact details within your email signature? This way, your recipients don’t have to go through those extra pages just to spot your phone number.

It is going to do wonder because you’re giving your recipients the feasibility.

We’ve finally arrived at the significant chunk of this article. Below I’ve listed some of the best email signature generators that will allow you to create your professional-looking signature within a whisker.


Gimmio (formerly known as ZippySig) has many advanced customization and styling options suited to businesses and design agencies wanting to churn out amazing custom designs.

If you’re not much of a designer, they have over 40 professional templates available to use for free. As per their website, over 63,000 professionals use their tool, including many web design agencies that provide email signature services to their own customers (white-labeled).

They’ve been rated #1 Email Signature Generator by brands like,,, and many more. is a flexible email signature design tool. Designers and agencies can easily create beautiful, custom signatures for their clients. Start with a template, change colors, fonts, and spacing, rearrange the order of information, and add any amount of additional fields or sections.

There are no limits on fields you can add or in what configuration. You can create an email signature that is branded for yourself or your clients exactly the way you need it to be.

With a paid plan, companies and organizations can create a simple signature sharing link. Then any employee can fill in their branded email signature in a few seconds and copy it into their email client of choice. The plans are reasonable compared to other per-signature costs that can add up quickly based on the size of your organization.

Individuals can build and save a personal signature for free.


MySignature is perfect for freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to build a powerful personal brand online.

This tool allows you to create and customize your email signature to a very more in-depth level. You have diverse options in creating your signature – from company details to logos to banners to styling, MySignature is a fantastic tool to beat.


Newoldstamp is an enterprise-ready solution that offers signature management and provides additional marketing features such as banner campaigns.

It offers a lot more customization options and exciting features that can hardly be found on others. It lets you integrate apps and social media badges within your email signature. Not only that, but you also have the option to include a promo banner at the end of the emails along with your call-to-action.

How cool is that?

Signature Maker

As the name suggests, Signature Maker is another great option to create customized signatures for your emails. The website has a very plain layout, so it makes the task even more comfortable. All it asks for is –

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL
  • Address
  • Avatar URL
  • Social Media Links

While you’re entering those details, you can see a mini real-time preview that shows how your signature looks like. Pretty neat!


This tool is a bit different than the above two, and for good. It does a bit more than we ask for. Apart from being an email signature generator, this tool will track all the emails that contain your created signature and notify you whenever your recipient reads them. This way, you know who’s reading your emails and who isn’t.

If you already use an email marketing software, you don’t need this extra feature. But it’s useful for people who don’t have them.

Mailcastr has a free plan that allows you to track up to 3 emails per day. Their paid plan costs $5 only and allows maximum benefits.


HubSpot has a lot of tools and templates under its belt, and one of them is an email signature generator. Not often do we trust a tool blindly, but when it comes to Hubspot, we know it’s fantastic. Be it content or tools; they have a unique name for their quality stuff.

They have one of the nicely designed signature generators, and it’s straightforward to get on with it. All you do is select a template, type your company details, style it, and finish off by uploading your display photo.


With the ability to add social media icons, Wisestamp is another cool email signature generator that won’t disappoint you. Their features are divided by plans, with one of them being 100% free. These tools have over 50 templates to choose from, so you can be assured there’s something for everybody.

Lately, they have added the following features.

  • Call scheduling widget
  • Zoom call integration
  • Custom CTA button
  • Styled signature

Right Inbox

Create unique signatures for every different situation with Right Inbox’s email signature feature. We often wear different hats when dealing with emails. There is no one email signature that fits all. With Signatures, you can create different sign-offs for different situations and apply the perfect one with one click.

Its a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Mail Signatures

Usually considered one of the most straightforward signature generator tools out there, Mail Signatures are a great contender in this list. You can either create a signature from scratch or choose from their wide range of templates and take it from there.

The website design of this tool is as funky as the name. But when it comes to creating awesome email signatures, it is straightforward and professional. has four tabs on the generator page along with a real-time preview. All you do is enter your company details, add images, stylize it, and finally include your social links.

Growth Mail

If you’ve noticed, most of the tools mentioned above have many of the features in common. Except a few that offers some groundbreaking features and this tool called Growth Mail is one of them. It has all of the monotonous features you’ll find in every tool PLUS some additional functionalities that are worth talking about.

One of them is the option to turn your signature into a full-blown business advertisement that’ll help you drive traffic to your website without even trying.


Rocketseed lets you create email signatures that are fully responsive and look fabulous on every device. It has some great features like:

  • Ability to add banners within an email
  • Ability to track results via their analytics
  • Ability to check CTRs
  • Super-easy to setup

Apart from that, they’re used and trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Chelsea Football Club, Dell EMC, and Konica Minolta. I highly recommend checking this one out.


HoneyBook is a full-fledged client management suite, but their website has a 100% free email signature generator that you can make use of. You can either create one from scratch or choose a template from their collection.

Creating an email signature from this website is super easy. All you do is select a template, enter your company information, add social links, and you’re done. Though this one doesn’t have THAT MANY customization options; it’s still a great tool to try out.

Email Signature Rescue

No other tool has a more accurate name than this one. Email Signature Rescue truly comes to your rescue with their easy-to-use interface. They have features like:

  • Over 20 templates to choose from
  • Tracking integration with Google Analytics
  • Ability to add animated Gifs and banners
  • Thousands of different social media icons
  • And so much more

It is a paid tool, and their plans start from $48/year and go up till $192/year. With the number of unique features this tool offers, it is worth checking it out.

Crossware Mail Signature

This is a potent tool that lets you create beautiful-looking email signatures, including promotional banners and track everything. Crossware Mail Signature integrates well with Office 365, Exchange and Domino.

Their plans start from $10/month for ten users and allow you to choose more than 500 users for an increased price. They also have a 30-day risk-free trial for you to try it out.


Xink is another excellent tool to create and manage email signatures from one place. It fully integrates with G-suite, Office 365, Outlook, and Mail. The best part? It is GDPR compliant. The signatures are guaranteed to look good on all devices, and they also have promotional banner campaigns that you can incorporate within your emails.

Their plans start from $11/month for ten employees and go up till 500 for $273/month. You can also make use of their free trial to test it out.


Last but not least, Exclaimer email signature software is an impressive option to consider. It works well with G-suite, Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook. With their HTML signature creator, you can come up with a great-looking signature with photos along with a necessary disclaimer for legal compliance. You can experience it for no cost using their free trial.


Truth to be told, using email signatures is underrated, and not all companies use it. I highly recommend seeing this as a marketing tactic and taking advantage of it by including one in your emails today. I believe the above generators will do the trick for you!

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