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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 20, 2022
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Starting a new business? Want to expand your business’s focus on new products and services? Speak to a consultant from any of the listed expert networks below and make an informed decision not to face capital losses.

Data for business decision-making cannot be from Google searches. It should come from business experts who deal with such data and possess previous experience.

Hence, for the ultimate success in your business, you need to speak to a subject matter expert (SME) found in various expert network companies and websites. Read on to discover the list of most popular expert opinion sources.     

What Are Expert Networks?

The expert networks marketplaces are online platforms where you can hire SMEs, business experts, stock market specialists, investment experts, and so on for one-to-one consultation or projects. The expert network service platform uses background checks and professional profile research to validate the expert professionals.

Some networks of experts also come with advanced infrastructure like online tools for data management, invoice preparation, audio recording, writing audio transcripts, and confidentiality management.

Such networks enable businesses to save money by outsourcing the research work to external experts. Mostly, the professionals and SMEs are from enterprise-level companies like Tesla or Coca-Cola. Hence, a small investment enables you to resolve your small or medium business problems with business leaders who rule various industries globally. 

Management consulting firms, technology consulting companies, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, and investment bankers are the top consumers of such platforms.         

What Do Expert Networks Do?

There is no set standard for the operation of on-demand professional knowledge platforms. However, in most cases, the followings are common:

#1. Business managers or stakeholders discover that certain research data or human insights can increase performance.

#2. The inquiring organization can do its own research to figure out the expertise and profile strength they require.

#3. Alternatively, businesses can approach analysts of on-demand knowledge services providers and submit project details or keywords.

#4. Again, you can either submit your requirement directly to the expert network, or the service provider does this in the back end. 

#5. An intelligent algorithm of the platform matches internal and external profiles according to your requirements. Then the search tool passes on a list of suggested profiles directly to you or through a mediating analyst.

What Do Expert Networks Do

Once you have data on your SME, you can connect with them through video calls. Sometimes, clients may directly recruit the SME for an ongoing or one-time project.

Most expert networks have terms and conditions regarding data privacy, confidentiality, non-disclosure clauses, and payment locking. As a client, you may need to pay the fees upfront with a payment protection system to benefit the SME and client equally.

Finally, the on-demand knowledge service provider earns revenue from each transaction through commissions from the SMEs and research work charges from the clients. Some may also earn by leasing IT infrastructure.       

What Problems Do Expert Networks Solve for Businesses?

#1. Advisors holding senior or mid-level managerial positions can help you resolve problems with business development, product/service marketing, supply chain bottlenecks, sales strategy, complex machinery know-how, etc.

#2. C-level company executives like CFOs, CEOs, COOs, CTOs, etc., may assist you in resolving business issues related to competitor analysis, market trends, sales team, budget optimization, and strategic relationships.

#3. Technology professionals like software developers, website developers, mobile app builders, AI-trainers, big data analytics, etc., can guide you through complex technical strategies.

What Problems Do Expert Networks Solve for Businesses

#4. Experts who regularly study earning statements, profit loss sheets, etc., can help an investment fund manager invest in good-quality businesses. 

#5. In-person, online, and telephonic customer surveys are vital data to understand the nerve of the market. Many expert network advisors regularly perform independent surveys. You can connect with an advisor from a related field to get valuable insights.

#6. Entrepreneurs usually face issues during primary market research, product design, development, and sales strategy. A startup owner or manager can help you resolve these major issues.      

Professional Fields Covered by Expert Networks

Advisors from on-demand knowledge providers are creating a whole new creator’s economy. You will find experts from almost all niches to benefit any business you own. Some major niches are as follows:

#1. Technology consulting for eCommerce platforms, cryptocurrency marketplaces, NFT projects, online gaming, AI-based web apps, mobile apps, computer software, etc.

#2. Healthcare experts for contract research, clinical trial management, installation of advanced instruments in hospitals, technical support for research lab instruments, etc.

#3. Digital marketing and Google Ads experts.

Professional Fields Covered by Expert Networks

#4. Project management with DevOps, Agile, Scrum, and other business management methodologies.

#5. Stock, bond, digital asset, and money market experts for investment and trading.

#6. Management and human resource (HR) consulting niches.

#7. Online market research, customer survey, data analytics, etc., are also important niches.      

So far, we have described the basics of expert networks from the perspective of businesses. Find the ultimate list of the trending expert network services below that your business can try out for problem-solving or revenue growth.

Inex One

Inex One is a popular destination for SMEs, business experts, and business owners to exchange their expertise and grow together. It has a diverse range of business products like Transcripts, Knowledge Management, Compliance Platform, Analytics Dashboard, and most importantly, Expert Networks.

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Inex One does not just let you find the best expert for business insights. It also provides you with advanced infrastructure to store confidential expert calls or content shared by SMEs. The infrastructure of Inex One also enables you to manage multiple experts, bill them efficiently, and monitor your business’s expenditure for expert calls.

Inex One also provides you with a knowledge on-demand aggregator platform. On it, you can search through thousands of expert network service providers and choose a competent one for your next project.      


CleverX is another trusted source of professional communities that can assist you in making the appropriate business decision with actionable data. It lets you message freely to some SMEs for the initial research. 

Then, you can hire the experts directly for one-time or long-term projects. Alternatively, you can schedule a one-on-one video call to interview the expert and mine the data you are looking for.

CleverX Expert Networks

CleverX makes it easier for entrepreneurs, startups, and small and medium businesses to gather business expertise from seasoned professionals. You do not need to hire business experts on the payroll. Just get on-demand consultations when needed on CleverX.

It makes SME searching easier. Intelligent programming looks for the right professional when you input business or project keywords. Moreover, you will find highly talented and successful business consultants from top companies like Tesla, Google, Forbes, Ford, Apple, Shell, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and many more.      

Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG)

Yet another reliable professional and business data insight platform is GLG. Experts consider GLG as the insight network for the whole world. Whether your business is in the USA and you want to open a manufacturing unit in Vietnam, Malaysia, or China, get all the expert calls at your fingertips by signing up for this knowledge on-demand platform.

GLG’s insight discovery works through a proprietary workflow of three solutions. These are GLG Direct, GLG Syndicated Insights, and GLG Research. If you are an entrepreneur and have time for self-service research, you can connect directly with the SMEs via GLG Direct.

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On the contrary, if you are a medium or large business owner and want to outsource all the research work of a new venture or unit to GLG, you can choose the GLG Research solution. It offers detailed quantitative and qualitative research data from workshops, focus groups, discussion panels, voice-of-customer data, and market research.

Moreover, if you are a small business and want to look into existing GLG content rather than interviewing an SME, you can try the GLG Syndicated Insights. It lets you access the GLG library of reports, surveys, transcripts, webcasts, etc.      


Did your business operation stuck in a process bottleneck that none of the internal managers or technology experts can resolve? Are you looking for ready-made B2B research data or expansion plans that you can apply to your venture? You can try NewtonX!

It is a trusted platform where experts with proven experience and records respond to the toughest business problems you can think of. Furthermore, the professionals are nice, forward-thinking, and approachable. Hence, you can make the best utilization of the one-hour consultation call.

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NewtonX collects and maintains a marketplace of the best experts for industries like advertising, marketing, healthcare, HR, manufacturing, real estate, and many more. The platform utilizes an AI-based search tool that transforms your inputs into database queries with more than 40 fields. 

Then it refines and identifies the right SME profiles according to your business problem or query. Furthermore, NewtonX creates a list of potential SMEs that are competent to resolve your business inquiries.

Third Bridge

If you are looking for investment insights and professional consultation or services, you can take a look at the services of Third Bridge. It has a unique approach to the knowledge on-demand industry known as the blended model for knowledge exchange.

A client can look through a vast library of high-quality content for business, investments, and consulting purposes. Experienced and talented executives at Third Bridge curate the content library regularly so that you get the latest data and make informed business decisions.

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If the business problem you are facing is unique and there is no pre-existing content, you can take advantage of Third Bridge Forum or Connections. The Forum is a collection of experts who will deep dive into the project once you opt for Third Bridge’s services. Alternatively, you can speak to an SME directly if you go for the Third Bridge Connections service.    


Try Guidepoint’s services if you are looking for professional Advisors who can guide a one-time project of business expansion or provide expert suggestions via one-to-one interviews. The Guidepoint Network of experts is an ever-growing platform. It has more than 1,000,000 Advisors scattered throughout 150 industries and niche subjects. 

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Other than human expert insights, Guidepoint also provides other expert knowledge exchange services via research products, surveys, data analytics, and legal solutions.  


AlphaSights is yet another trusted and reliable expert network for various businesses and investment requirements. If you want managed to search for industry experts for business data analytics, insights, surveys, and personal experiences, you must check it out. 

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The executives at AlphaSights analyze your requirements, perform market research, tally expert profiles, and finally recommend superior profiles that mostly resolve your initial query.

Its network of experts is suitable for investment bankers, private investment firms, mutual funds, management consulting, corporations, and non-government organizations (NGOs).  

Coleman Research

If you are witnessing revenue losses due to the barrier of reaching the right expert suggestion, you can access Coleman Research’s website and review its services. Business owners globally respect this expert network service provider for instant access to an expert you can not find through its competitors.

YouTube video

Business management consultancies and investment firms mainly use the knowledge exchange services from Coleman Research. Its services include one-on-one consultations, quick polls, and expert surveys.    


Are you passionate about not failing the business even when the world is changing rapidly and information becoming outdated every minute? Opt for Capvision’s expert network services every time you make significant business decisions that involve money, time, and customer base.


Its Advisors come from every corner of the world and currently tally at over 380,000 experts across industries. Thus, for offshore manufacturing units, business expansion, investment decisions, or fund management, you can reach out to Capvision.    

Final Words

Never start a business or expand an existing one blindly. Also, never trust free and friendly advice from strangers. You may not know, but it could be possible that your competitor has recruited many bad actors who might put your business at risk by sharing rumors or half-truths.

Instead, rely on business experts that are available online for a quick consultation for your new business or the new business unit that you want to start.

You can try the above expert network platforms or aggregators to meet some of the nicest and most trusted subject matter experts.

You may also be interested in the best document management software for small and medium businesses to keep expert network consultation data safe and make it accessible.

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