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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: June 30, 2023
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Ensuring security is crucial, and traditional lock and key systems often fall short of effectively protecting our homes, offices, and valuable belongings. So, what to do now? Don’t worry! We got your back. Introducing fingerprint door locks! These innovative devices combine convenience, heightened security, and precise access control seamlessly.

Fingerprint door locks revolutionize the way we protect our spaces by utilizing biometric authentication. Unlike traditional locks that rely on physical keys or passcodes, these locks utilize unique ridges and patterns on our fingertips. This serves as the means to grant access, providing a more secure and convenient method. By analyzing an individual’s distinct fingerprint, these locks provide an unparalleled level of security. As a result, practically eliminates the risk of unauthorized entry.

Furthermore, fingerprint door locks offer a range of advantages beyond their advanced security features. They provide a hassle-free and convenient method of entry, eliminating the need to carry keys or remember complex codes. Additionally, these locks enable precise control over who can access a specific area or property. It also offers an efficient way to manage access rights and track entry logs.

Why do we need fingerprint door locks?


Unique Fingerprint Recognition🖐️

Each person possesses a distinct fingerprint, enabling fingerprint door locks to differentiate between authorized and unauthorized users. This ensures that only individuals with registered fingerprints can gain access, significantly minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry. You can further upgrade exterior security through door or window sensors.

Efficient User Management

Fingerprint door locks come equipped with user management functionalities, simplifying the process of adding or removing authorized users. This feature enables administrators to exercise precise control over access to specific areas or properties, allowing them to adjust access permissions flexibly as needed.

Comprehensive Access Logs And Auditing

Many fingerprint door locks maintain detailed access logs that record the date and time of each entry. This feature empowers administrators to monitor and review access activity, creating an audit trail that enhances security measures and ensures accountability. For an added layer of security, you can also install video doorbell cameras to keep an eye on your home 24/7.

Time-Based Access Control ⌚

Fingerprint door locks allow programming access to individuals only during designated time slots. For example, employees in an office setting may have access to certain areas exclusively during their scheduled work hours. Implementing time-based access control prevents unauthorized entry during non-designated hours, bolstering security.

Temporary Access Privileges

Certain fingerprint door locks provide the option to grant temporary access privileges. This functionality is particularly useful when authorizing access for contractors, guests, or service providers, as it eliminates the need for physical keys or access codes. Time-limited access grants and automatically revokes access after the specified duration, ensuring tight control over temporary access.

Access Revocation

Fingerprint door locks allow for swift and uncomplicated access revocation when necessary. For instance, when an employee departs from an organization or a guest’s visit concludes, administrators can easily remove their access privileges. This instantaneous revocation eliminates concerns regarding lost or duplicated keys and maintains a high level of security.

Whether you aim to enhance the security of your home or strengthen access control measures, these cutting-edge smart door locks present an effective solution. Come let us check some of the best fingerprint door locks for better security and control. 


Introducing the smart fingerprint door lock by Foxgard, providing keyless entry and recognizing your fingerprint in just 0.3 seconds, resulting in quick and effortless access. It has two ways to unlock-use your fingerprint or utilize the mechanical key as a backup in emergencies or when batteries run out.


  • Humanized design with the capacity to store up to 100 group fingerprints.
  • Low battery alert with a red LED flashing five times and a USB emergency power port for convenience.
  • Adjustable door handle suitable for both left and right doors.
  • Auto-lock and normal-open modes for added flexibility and security.
  • Simple DIY installation that requires only a screwdriver, with no additional drilling.
  • Compatible with most standard single-cylinder US doors, with adjustable latch and door thickness options.

Experience peace of mind with Foxgard’s smart fingerprint door lock, backed by a 12-month warranty, free lifetime technical support, and comprehensive customer service. 


Presenting the versatile 3-in-1 smart lock, offering three convenient ways to enter your home-fingerprint unlock, code unlock, and mechanical key unlock. Yszbiay fingerprint doorlock stores up to 50 fingerprints for quick and accurate recognition with a 99% success rate in just 0.3 seconds. Also, two mechanical keys are included for emergency use.


  • Humanized design with features such as a maximum of 100 group fingerprints, low battery alert with a red LED flashing five times, and USB emergency power port (USB cable included).
  • Has an adjustable door handle for left or right doors and auto-lock and normal-open modes for enhanced security and privacy.
  • Simplified installation without the need for wiring or drilling, easily adjustable latch, and compatibility with both left and right doors.
  • Long battery life with low power consumption, providing over a year of usage with four AAA batteries (not included). 
  • Additionally, there is a low battery reminder and an emergency USB charging port for added convenience.
  • Comprehensive technical support, including detailed installation guides, clear user instructions, and free lifetime technical assistance.

With simplified installation, long-lasting battery life, and dedicated technical support, Yszbiay smart lock provides a reliable solution for your home security needs. Feel confident and protected with this smart and efficient door lock system.


The GEKRONE keyless entry smart lock offers various unlocking methods, including bluetooth, a dedicated app, fingerprint recognition, a virtual button, and a mechanical key. This ensures that you have the best unlocking method available for any situation.


  • Pair the smart lock with the optional WiFi Gateway (sold separately) to achieve ultra-long-distance control. 
  • You can control the lock remotely, and it is compatible with both Alexa and Google, allowing for seamless integration with your existing smart home setup.
  • It is made of durable zinc alloy material, providing anti-corrosion properties and a sleek, modern design
  • With 360-degree fingerprint recognition within 0.3 seconds, the lock offers quick and secure access. It can store multiple fingerprints for convenient keyless access by the entire family.
  • The smart lock supports iOS and Android devices, allowing for easy control through a dedicated app.

The smart lock features an adjustable latch, making it suitable for door thicknesses ranging from 1-3/8″ to 2-1/8″ (35mm-54mm). It can be installed on both left and right-handed doors, serving as an excellent replacement for standard American door locks.


Presenting the GeekTale 3-in-1 smart door knob, offering fingerprint unlock, app control, and emergency backup keys for a keyless entry experience. With its smart features, strong security, easy installation, and dedicated customer service, it’s an ideal choice for enhancing convenience and safeguarding your home.


  • The app control feature allows easy fingerprint management, checking to unlock records, and enabling auto lock, passage mode, and secure lock.
  • Combining a classical door knob design with fingerprint lock functionality and modern app control
  • Simple installation using a screwdriver within minutes, compatible with most US doors, and can easily replace existing door locks

Get a localized customer service guarantee with a worry-free 30-day return policy and 24-hour technical support available via email or phone. You can also contact them anytime for assistance with any issues.


The versatile Millionhome door lock, 4-in-1, offers four convenient ways to unlock: fingerprint, password, app, and key. With easy installation, smart app control, emergency charging, and a warranty, this fingerprint door lock provides security and convenience for homes, hotels, schools, and more.


  • High fingerprint recognition rate of up to 98% and quick 1-second door access. It can store up to 50 groups of fingerprints, eliminating the need for keys.
  • Easy installation designed to fit US standard doors with compatible backset and door thickness. No wiring or drilling is required, and it is suitable for both left and right-handed doors.
  • Unlock using a smart app, allowing mobile phone access and temporary password sharing for friends, visitors, or housekeepers. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Emergency charging capability with 4 included AAA batteries, featuring a low battery reminder and a USB interface for emergency charging.

With Millionhome door lock, 4-in-1, experience hassle-free access and rely on dedicated customer service for any support needed. There is also one-year warranty coverage from the date of purchase.


The Harfo 5-in-1 smart door lock offers five convenient ways to unlock it. With remote control capabilities, easy installation, advanced security features, and double assurance options, this keyless lock provides convenience and peace of mind.


  • Five unlock ways: fingerprint, passcode, IC cards, app control, and physical keys, providing flexibility and multiple access options.
  • Remote control and WiFi access when paired with the Harfo WiFi gateway (sold separately
  • Easy installation with no additional drilling or locksmith required. It can be installed within minutes using a Phillips screwdriver. 
  • Reversible door handles are suitable for both left and right-handed doors.
  • Enhanced security features, including auto-lock, anti-peep function, and private mode, ensure a safer home environment. 
  • Multiple administrators can be authorized, and various passcode types can be generated for friends, guests, and housekeepers.
  • Accommodates up to 300 users with fingerprint, passcode, and IC card capabilities. 
  • Backup keys can be used in case of battery depletion
  • An emergency USB port allows a temporary power supply through a power bank for unlocking the lock.

Upgrade your home security with the Harfo 5-in-1 smart door lock, offering multiple unlock options and advanced features. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of keyless entry while ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones.


The samtechT smart lock app allows you to generate and send five different types of codes – permanent, custom, temporary, cyclic, and one-time. This flexibility enables you to satisfy various access needs for children, friends, or others who require entry, enhancing your smart home experience.


  • Experience fast and secure unlocking in less than 0.3 seconds with our advanced machine-learning fingerprint access technology. 
  • It offers a 6-in-1 keyless entry solution, including fingerprint, passcode, key card, wireless fob, smartphone, and key, providing multiple options for convenient and secure access.
  • Allows you to monitor and track who enters and exits your premises. You can view detailed information such as the unlocking method used, the precise time of access, and any failed code attempts. 
  • With the smart lock system, you can assign fingerprint access, key cards (2 key cards included), wireless key fobs (sold separately), and share E-keys from the app. 

The samtechT smart lock app and software are free to use indefinitely without any hidden charges or long-term costs. Additionally, the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year product warranty, and lifetime customer support from the date of purchase. 


The Sifely smart door lock is an excellent solution for Airbnb short-term rental hosts, rental property management, and homeowners. It allows you to generate passcodes remotely and easily share them with your visitors, providing a convenient and secure access solution.


  • Enjoy the versatility of the advanced 5-in-1 keyless entry smart door lock, offering multiple unlocking options. 
  • Installing this door lock is a breeze and can be done in minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver. There’s no need for extra drills or the assistance of a locksmith. 
  • The door handle is reversible, accommodating both left and right-handed doors.
  • Pairing the smart door lock with the optional Sifely WiFi gateway (sold separately) enables remote control of your lock from anywhere, at any time. 

The Sifely app and software are free to use indefinitely without any hidden charges or long-term costs. Also, the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year product warranty, and lifetime customer support from the date of purchase. 


Check out the latest convenient TEEHO TE002 fingerprint door lock, designed for easy installation and offers keyless entry with advanced features. With options like one-time codes, fingerprint recognition, and smart locking capabilities, this lock provides enhanced security and convenience for your home.


  • Easy installation with a quick setup process that can be completed in minutes using just a screwdriver, suitable for individuals of all genders.
  • The one-time code feature allows you to set a temporary PIN code for door access, which is automatically deleted after use
  • Enjoy convenient keyless entry by providing unique access codes and fingerprints for up to 20 family members
  • Additionally, you can create temporary codes for guests to use during their stay.
  • Experience a secure and fast fingerprint unlock with our advanced biometric technology
  • Take advantage of the smart locking features, such as setting the automatic door lock to engage within a specified time range of 10-99 seconds.
  • The one-touch auto-lock feature allows you to lock the door instantly by pressing and holding any key on the keypad for 2 seconds.

Upgrade your home security with our TEEHO TE002 fingerprint door lock, offering easy installation, convenient keyless entry, and advanced security features. Enjoy a hassle-free experience and enhance the security of your home with our innovative smart lock solution.


Enjoy the convenience of the advanced 3-in-1 keyless IRONZON fingerprint door lock, offering three unlocking methods – fingerprint, anti-peep virtual password, and physical key. The fingerprint recognition rate is up to 98%, and the door can be opened in just 1 second. You can add up to 50 groups of fingerprints, eliminating the hassle of forgetting your keys when you go out.


  • It is designed to fit US standard doors with a backset of 2-3/8″ (60mm) and 2-1/8″ (70mm) and door thicknesses ranging from 1-3/8″ to 2-1/8″ (35mm – 55mm). 
  • It requires no wiring or drilling, making installation hassle-free, and is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed doors.
  • Its simplistic design makes it suitable for various private spaces such as offices, apartments, or other residential areas.
  • The keypad door knob operates on 4 AA batteries (included), providing up to 12 months of use depending on the frequency of usage. 
  • It features a low battery reminder function and is equipped with a USB interface for emergency charging, ensuring continuous functionality.

The smart fingerprint deadbolt lock comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you encounter any installation issues or there are missing parts, the customer service support team is available to assist you.


Presenting the world’s first built-in WiFi keyless entry smart lock, ULTRALOQ, that offers multiple ways to unlock, including app, fingerprint, code, and mechanical key.


  • Multiple ways to unlock: app (Bluetooth & WiFi), fingerprint, code, and mechanical key, providing flexible access options to suit your preferences.
  • Utilize the built-in WiFi (2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/N) to control your smart lock remotely via the U-tec app. 
  • Experience quick and reliable fingerprint recognition with the Ultraloq smart lock, unlocking your door in just 0.3 seconds.
  •  It also features an auto-lock function for added security and peace of mind.
  • Crafted with a sturdy zinc alloy construction, the Ultraloq smart lock is built to handle the demands of a busy household. 
  • Its weatherproof exterior ensures durability and protection in all conditions.
  • It is designed to fit any standard US interior and exterior door without the need for wiring or drilling. 

The package includes a screwdriver for hassle-free installation. Refer to the provided “Installation Tips (PDF)” for guidance. Enjoy a worry-free return policy, along with a lifetime mechanical warranty and 18 months of electronic warranty. Take advantage of advanced features and protect your home with confidence with ULTRALOQ WiFi keyless entry smart lock.

Break the Monotony: Choose the Right Fingerprint Door Lock!

The fingerprint door locks offer superior security and control features. These locks utilize advanced fingerprint recognition technology to provide convenient and reliable access control. With the ability to store multiple fingerprints, set unique passcodes, and integrate with mobile apps, these locks offer enhanced security measures and eliminate the need for traditional keys. While locks serve to protect your home from the outside, you can also add indoor home security cameras so that you can monitor individual rooms, like nurseries, the study, etc.

So, by investing in one of these fingerprint door locks, you can ensure better protection for your home or office and enjoy keyless entry convenience. You can have personalized control over who can access your premises. Upgrade your security with these top-rated fingerprint door locks for peace of mind and improved control. Also, check out some keypad door locks for hassle-free home security.

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