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In Business Operations Last updated: August 23, 2023
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Do your organization needs a perfect system to manage the fleet and track maintenance, routes, locations, budgets, drivers, and safety? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss fleet tracking and management and some of the best software present in the market.

Fleet Tracking Software and its importance


Fleet tracking software helps manage and track commercial vehicles like cars, trucks, and vans to ensure they are maintained and serviced correctly. It allows businesses to make the best use of the vehicles by improving their efficiency, productivity, and safety conditions for drivers.

It helps companies of various sizes keep track of their assets and manage equipment from heavy cranes and bulldozers to generators and trailers.

The fleet tracking software is essential because of the following reasons:

  • It helps lower fleet labor expenses.
  • It helps eliminate vehicle theft. 
  • It facilitates quick vehicle recoveries.
  • It keeps track of vehicle maintenance and services 
  • It helps in reducing expenses like maintenance, fuel, etc.
  • It improves driver safety and optimizes driver and employee 

Key Features of Fleet Tracking Software


Here are some key features of fleet tracking software:

  • Fleet vehicle tracking and real-time visibility of vehicles
  • Fuel management by making sure efficient fuel consumption
  • Fleet maintenance to optimize fleet performance, reducing labor costs and maximizing ROI.
  • Alerts and notifications like vehicle status alerts, vehicle health alerts, and alerts for unexpected events.
  • Outline driver activity and  behavior, track their performance
  • Fleet alarms to ensure a stress-free fleet and stay on top of productivity
  • Machine learning with historical data to track vehicle uploading
  • Trips and mileage tracking to support paperwork, tax filing, deduction calculation, etc.
  • Digital documentation to add, save, and share receipts, customer signatures, proof of delivery, etc.

Following are some of the best GPS fleet tracking software:


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Motive is an AI-powered application providing features like ELD compliance, Smart load board, GPS tracking, Equipment tracking, Wi-Fi hotspot, and much more. The platform’s advanced technology eliminates guesswork by providing precision GPS tracking and live updates.

The software is best for industries such as Construction, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Trucking and Logistics, Delivery, Agriculture, etc.

Best Features:

  • The platform automates the whole ELD compliance and helps minimize violations.
  • AI backs Motive to deliver high-quality loads as per users’ needs and requirements.
  • The Motive Fleet dashboard offers real-time tracking of drivers and vehicle locations.
  • The dashboard allows tracking all assets like trailers or equipment in one place.
  • The software provides WiFi Hotspot to connect with your drivers.

To get started and know the pricing, you need to fill out the initial form, and based on your answers, you will get a customized quote.

Verizon Connect


Verizon Connect is powerful, advanced fleet tracking software that helps businesses easily monitor and manage their fleet. The software helps increase fleet visibility, streamline fleet management, and easily manage EVs by providing useful data.

Various types of businesses like Distribution and Govt use it. & Public Safety, Constriction & Heavy equipment, Oil, gas & mining, etc.

Best Features:

  • Its AI dashcam feature alerts drivers about their distractions or feeling sleepy.
  • It provides a drag-and-drop calendar and technician mobile app to streamline job management, schedule, and dispatch.
  • It allows for monitoring expensive equipment and tracking stolen assets.
  • Its mobile application helps drivers track HOS, simplify inspections, and manage ELD compliance.
  • Other software features are Digital tachograph, Route optimization, and Commercial navigation.

Verizon Connect offers two pricing plans which are: Reveal Starter ($0.66 per vehicle per day) and Reveal (pricing for this plan depends on various factors like no. of vehicles in your fleet).


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Samsara is an FMCSA-approved fleet operation management software helping various industries like logistics, construction, and transportation with GPS fleet tracking, routing and dispatch, ELD compliance, and more.

It is one stop platform for managing all types of vehicles, from cars and buses to trucks and specialized vehicles.

Best Features:

  • The software is available as IOS and Android app, allowing seamless real-time tracking of vehicles on mobile devices.
  • The platform has reporting tools helping users plan more suitable routes and send alerts and notifications for speeding, idling, and geofences.
  • It cares for the safety of drivers through its features like integrated dash cams and driver safety scores.
  • It allows real-time capturing of documents by taking pictures of items.
  • It allows integration with TMS (transportation management system, GIS (geographic information system), and payroll.

The platform provides customized pricing plans based on your business needs and the features you require on your fleet tracking system. 

GPS Trackit


GPS Trackit offers one of the best fleet tracking solutions empowering your fleet with various features and customizable features. A few benefits of the software are proven return on investment, tracking and locating your valuable assets, automating fleet reports, viewing vehicle trails, identifying the nearest vehicle, etc.   

Best Features:

  • It allows customizing and automating reports and sending alerts.
  • The software offers plug-and-play devices such as asset trackers, trailer trackers, dash cams, ELDs, and hardwired trackers.
  • It provides safety alerts and driver scorecards for drivers’ safety.
  • With its GSA-approved real-time GPS tracking, users can monitor public transport.
  • It provides vehicle health features like diagnostic reports, maintenance schedules, and integrated fuel cards.

GPS Trackit provides custom quotes based on features you need, types of vehicles you want to track, etc.


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Azuga is simple-to-use, customizable, affordable, easy-to-install software providing valuable features for both drivers and administrators. Using the software offers critical benefits like reducing speeding, enhancing customer satisfaction, simple reporting, and much more.

This cloud-based platform is best for businesses of all sizes, such as pest control, transportation, equipment rental, manufacturing, etc.

Best Features:

  • The platform keeps track of driver behavior like speeding, accidents, and more.
  • It provides real-time visibility of vehicles and provides more accurate ETAs.
  • It is simple to install with its plug-and-play devices.
  • It provides real reporting to keep track of all your assets.
  • Other features of Azuga are GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and driver rewards.

Azuga provides customized pricing quotes for fleet tracking solutions based on various factors.


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GoFleet is one of the best fleet-tracking software for businesses of all sizes. It provides a Telematics Platform, Cameras & AI, Driver training, Car Sharing, Indoor Tracking, and much more.

The software will help your organization increase productivity, enhance driver safety, and leverage advanced technology to make optimal use of your fleet.

Best Features:

  • It offers real-time GPS tracking to provide updates on the vehicle’s location.
  • It has plug-and-play technology for its GPS tracking system.
  • Customers can gain valuable insights and help drivers improve their efficiency.
  • Other software features include indoor tracking, fuel and maintenance, driver training, fleet telematics, Asset monitoring, cold chain, and more.

For pricing, you need to book a demo with them after filling out a form. After you submit your answer, a fleet consultant will contact you and let you know their pricing per your needs and requirements.

Force By Mojio


Force By Mojio is an excellent software providing a simple and affordable GPS tracking system for small businesses. This software offers a plug-and-play GPS tracking device, a web app for managers, and a mobile app for managers and drivers.

Best Features:

  • The software provides near real-time reporting and updates it every 10 seconds.
  • It allows sharing of driver locations.
  • The platform saves the trip’s history and other details for up to 18 months.
  • It monitors vehicles’ health and updates for maintenance.
  • It provides a RoadScore tool that keeps track of the driver’s activity and behavior.

Force by Mojio provides 30 days Free Trial, you can book a demo with them, and based on your requirements, you will get a customized quote. Their pricing starts at $18 per vehicle per month. The software doesn’t require you to sign any contract, and there are no hidden fees.



FleetSharp is one of the most preferred commercial fleet tracking systems with a simple and affordable GPS tracking system powered by Google Maps. It provides a complete fleet tracking and maintenance solution allowing users to manage and track cars, vehicles, and other assets.

Best Features:

  • GPS Mapping: It allows tracking vehicles’ real-time location, tracking the nearest driver, reviewing the vehicle’s history, and creating custom-shaped geofences.
  • Driver Safety Monitoring: It allows giving drivers safety scores based on speeding, rapid acceleration, and harsh driving to always keep track of how drivers are treating the vehicles.
  • Real-time Tracking Alerts: The software sends automatic alerts for speeding, harsh braking, geofencing, rapid acceleration, and more.
  • Management Dashboards: Users can manage the fleet from their desktop and mobile devices, like mileage reports, total drive time, idling information, and much more.
  • Maintenance Tracking: With this software, your maintenance tracking is made easy.

To get customized pricing from FleetSharp, call them or filling a form regarding your company details and fleet size. 

GPS Insight

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GPS Insight is helpful software for all businesses of all sizes with vehicles, heavy equipment, and other assets. It’s a leading fleet tracking software with the benefits of ease of use, excellent customer service, streamlined fleet operations or maintenance, etc.

Best Features:

  • GPS Tracking Dashboard: The platform offers a customizable dashboard to configure with things that matter most and also allows prioritizing KPIs.
  • GPS Tracking Map: It provides real-time and historical visibility of your vehicles.
  • GPS Tracking Alerts: It sends alerts of every activity of vehicles, any issue, safety violations, etc
  • GPS Tracking Reports: The software provides valuable insights and helps businesses with reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving safety, and much more.

GPS Insight provides custom pricing based on your business requirements; you can call them or fill out the form from the website.

Rhino Fleet Tracking


Rhino Fleet Tracking is a vehicle fleet tracking system for businesses of all sizes. This cloud-based software allows integration with GPS Google Maps, provides route management tools, and reporting.

Best Features:

  • The platform allows tracking trips, arrival time, traffic, driving duration, and more.
  • It also allows keeping track of working hours and overtime to calculate employees’ income.
  • It provides its own pre-activated and programmed vehicle tracking devices.
  • It provides timely notifications of vehicle maintenance or services.
  • Other software features are monitoring driver availability, alerting drivers when running out of time, managing hubs and carrier information, Geofencing, stop, idle, or speed alerts, and more.

One of the advantages of the software is that it doesn’t require any contract, and you can cancel it anytime. It provides customized pricing plans based on your requirements.

US Fleet Tracking


US Fleet Tracking is a powerful platform with a LIVE iOS tracking system providing the industry’s fastest and most accurate solution.

It allows seamless integration with service call and fuel card solutions and Google Maps to quickly locate fuels or repair stations, dispatch addresses, food joints, etc. The software also helps calculate ROI based on data specific to the organization.

Best Features:

  • The platform provides alert notifications based on distance traveled, times, issues, etc.
  • The system dashboard has integrated live traffic updates to avoid being stuck in traffic jams.
  • It allows the creation of customized reports with metrics such as excessive idling, speeding, mileage, device input data, and more.
  • It saves a history of playback activity from trackers for up to 90 days.
  • This software lets you access live weather updates like rough weather conditions to plan the following best route.
  • Its Geofencing feature offer real-time travel updates of the vehicle.

US Fleet Tracking offers different plans for Cellular GPS Trackers and Satellite Trackers. The pricing plan for Cellular GPS Trackers is Standard for $24.95 and Premium for $39.95. The pricing plan for Satellite Trackers is Standard for $24.95 and Premium for $79.95.

Final Words

Selecting the right fleet tracking software to meet all your needs and requirements can be daunting. A solid fleet tracking software should easily track and manage all your vehicles, manage drivers, and operations.

You can start by listing all the requirements and checklists you want from the software. You can then review the list of software mentioned in the article to find out which suits you best.  

You may also explore some best SIM-based fleet tracking solutions.

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