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In HR Management Last updated: August 21, 2023
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The role of human resources has evolved due to the expansion of remote and hybrid work cultures. In this scenario, AI-powered HR chatbots have emerged as powerful tools to help businesses manage HR activities.

The targets of any HR department are simple. Fill the recruitment requests quickly, communicate with the employees to resolve payroll, benefits, and workplace conflicts, and keep the employees engaged with the company’s growth objectives.

While your existing HR team may be doing just fine, you can enhance their productivity by many folds if you get the best HR chatbot with AI. An AI-based HR chatbot reduces the workload of human HR managers and executives. Hence, your HR team can invest more time in resolving complex issues.

Keep reading to explore the best human resource chatbots with conversational AI and take employee engagement in your organization to a superior level. 

What Is an HR Chatbot?

What Is an HR Chatbot?

An HR chatbot uses generative AI, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), deep learning, and neural network technologies. The chatbot uses such computing techniques to provide quick assistance on HR topics like benefits, leave policies, onboarding, evaluations, and growth programs.

Besides advanced artificial intelligence support, HR chatbots also come with data connectors and software integrations for HR process automation. You can connect the internal policies database, recruitment processes, and other HR tools to the AI chatbot so it can automatically process repetitive tasks.

Not to mention, HR chatbots are the perfect tools to gather unlimited feedback, survey, and poll data in an organized way. Later, you can use any AI data analysis tool to produce actional insights from such raw data.

How Does an HR Chatbot Help With HR-Employee Interactions?

If your business has remote, hybrid, and onsite employees, then keeping everyone engaged is a challenging task. It could be really hard for the remote, frontline, and hybrid employees to connect with an HR to resolve HR-related issues or get answers. 

Then again, when the onsite employee count grows a lot, the existing HR department workforce may not be able to handle all incoming requests. Here comes an AI-trained HR chatbot.

It can connect itself with your business apps, HRMS system, recruiting tools, and other databases. Then, it will appear as a conversational AI chatbot on company intranets, websites, mobile apps, or productivity tools.

Employees can ask the AI chatbot questions in natural language and get quick answers without bothering a real HR. If the issue is complex and needs genuine intervention by a human HR, it can create a ticket and pass it on to the next level.

At its core, HR chatbots are here to reduce the workload of your HR team so human HRs can deliver more complex and strategic responsibilities than answering repetitive payroll, benefits, etc., requests.      

Find below other notable advantages of using an AI HR chatbot:

  • HR chatbots introduce robotic process automation in tiresome HR processes
  • Reduce the need for human HRs when the employee count grows
  • Spread HR policy, payroll, benefits, career progression, etc., information quickly
  • Benefits, leaves, payroll, etc., processing becomes faster and more affordable
  • The HR department can recruit and onboard faster
  • You can make HR support available 24 by 7 for 365 days
  • Give unbiased, polished, and personalized responses to employee queries on HR processes

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#1. Benefits Enrollment

AI conversational chatbots can help employees understand and enroll in company benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, etc.

#2. Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Such tools can guide your new hires through the entire onboarding process. The tool provides them with the necessary information and paperwork. It also answers their questions related to the process.

#3. Training and Development

Chatbots can recommend training programs and learning resources based on employees’ roles and career goals.

#4. Conflict Resolution

HR chatbots can also offer guidance and resources to help employees resolve conflicts in the workplace.

#5. Compliance and Ethics

These AI conversational tools can educate employees about company policies and ethical guidelines.

#6. Career Progression Support

Smart AI chatbots for HR can assist employees in exploring career advancement opportunities within the organization.

#7. Exit Interviews

HR chat AIs can conduct exit interviews and gather feedback from departing employees to improve retention and identify potential issues.

#8. Employee Surveys and Feedback

HR chatbots can carry out surveys to gather feedback from employees on various aspects of their work experience.

#9. Time-off Management

Chatbots can also facilitate the process of requesting and approving time off, ensuring compliance with company policies.

#10. Performance Management

Generative chat AIs with HR specialties can assist in setting performance goals, conducting evaluations, and providing feedback to employees.

So far, you learned the reasons to go for an AI-powered HR chatbot to manage the HR processes of an organization or HR outsourcing agency.

Now, find below the trending tools that are making the buzz in the market by reliably handling HR questions and automation for any industry: 

Paradox AI

YouTube video

If you are a recruiter who hates to spend hours doing mundane, repetitive tasks, you must start using Paradox AI. This conversational recruiting software automates the process of having conversations with applicants and helps you hire the right people faster.

It offers ample options to customize the chatbot according to your business needs. You can also use this to automate the interview schedule. The visual assessment feature makes decision-making easier for you. This solution supports 30+ languages, so you can use it to hire from all over the world. 

Paradox AI chatbot can easily find the most appropriate job for an applicant using their location, resume cross-matching, and conversational context. Also, it offers a personal experience to individuals based on their queries and responses.


YouTube video

Humanly is the right conversational AI chatbot for organizations looking for high-volume hiring and retention. It offers a combination of automated chat interactions and AI virtual interview analytics. It modernizes your engagement with the candidates by making the process efficient.

This HR chatbot uses different engagement channels like chat, SMS, social media, and QR codes and can be integrated with your existing ATS and CRM to streamline candidate interaction. It can ask the right set of questions to the applicants to screen them without any bias.

Humanly can also suggest you ask the right cultural question to the candidates. It also helps to measure the potential lifetime value of a candidate through predictive learning. Automation of scheduling and screening, virtual interview assistant, and reference check are other features of this solution.


Hr chatbot integration with HR department for employee assistance and support.

If you want to get an HR Chatbot with a human touch, go for Landbot. This solution will not only improve the talent acquisition process of your company but also offer a great onboarding experience to the applicants. 

On this platform, even non-technical professionals can easily create and deploy custom chatbots using the no-code chatbot builder. You can also make it use variables to gather, store, retrieve, and organize data in real-time. Thus, you can ensure that the bot offers objective, data-backes, and personalized answers to the queries to foster transparency.

Landbot enables organizations to connect their HR chatbots with existing tools for streamlined workflow and enhanced internal processes. Its smart integration supports Slack, Mailchimp, Airtable, Calendly, Dragonflow, Zapier, and Google Analytics.


YouTube video

Phia is an AI-powered HR chatbot that lets you offer a redefined experience to your employees. This intelligent assistant can help companies in pre-boarding, FAQs, onboarding, engagement, and HR help desk.

It offers 24×7 real-time assistance to the employees and generates HR tickets that get automatically assigned to the right person or department. You can even load data on your company policies and associated compliances onto Phia. It can even generate contextual answers from long documents to answer queries.

With Phia, employee engagement will be interactive and fun – thanks to ideation campaigns, surveys, recognitions, tasks, and suggestions generated by it. It also supports integration into different communication channels like Slack and MS Teams. Its conversational interface is also ideal for checking holiday calendars, leave balances, etc.

YouTube video is an innovative solution that can empower your HR desk. Its automation and self-service features enhance the efficiency of your HR team while keeping your employees engaged and productive. The AI-powered virtual assistant of this solution can be integrated into Microsoft Teams and Slack. 

It can answer general FAQ questions and create workflows for HR. also automates onboarding, assigns training, and answers questions from new joiners. It also keeps the employees engaged with surveys, tests, and quizzes.

DRUID Conversational AI

YouTube video

DRUID Conversational AI virtual assistant serves in multiple HR roles seamlessly. You can integrate it with your company website, intranet, and mobile app to process HR tasks. The tasks it can accomplish range from answering common HR questions, posting recruitments, onboarding new recruits, performing employee retention interviews, and employee offboarding.

If you need to deploy a conversational AI to assist internal employees or external contractors, the DRUID solution library can help you with that. It has more than 500 AI-powered HR skills. The skills are mixed and matched in easy-to-deploy templates. 

Its conversational AI tool is powered by standard AI-industry technologies like NLP and NLU. The chatbot comes with more than 99% accuracy when replying to employee questions. It can achieve this feat by integrating with your company databases and systems.  

Leena AI

YouTube video

Recognized by Gartner, Leena AI is a trusted vendor for solutions relevant to HR virtual assistants, recruitment software, and new recruit onboarding systems. Also, Leena AI is a reliable provider of tech orchestrators for employee experience, voice of the employee, and integrated HR service management. 

It comes with an all-in-one HR solution that can handle every task between employee hiring and retirement. The HR chatbot is popularly known as Leena AI WorkLM. The four core modules of this AI chatbot are as follows:

  • HR service delivery
  • Organization-wide or personalized announcements
  • Employee engagement
  • Organization knowledge management 

The WorkLM comes pre-trained with standard HR process information. You can easily integrate with intranet, websites, WhatsApp, mobile app, Slack channels, etc. Moreover, the Leena AI WorkLM is able to support more than 100 languages.    

CoRover AI

HR Chatbot replaces HR manager.

CoRover AI could be your and your employees’ go-to chatbot for answers to all sorts of HR support questions because the tool is powered by state-of-the-art AI and ML solutions to offer HR support automation for employee engagement and experience management. 

The HR chatbot can accept text, voice, and videos from several mediums like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Business Messages, etc. Its VIdeoBot is powered by an integrative digital twin.

Diverse and multichannel integration is one of its best functionalities. It can sync data from most business CRMs, ERPs, database software, social media accounts, emails, and more. Moreover, it also allows you to integrate systems into it using API calls.  


YouTube video

ONLIM lets you make the most of conversational AI to offer a futuristic HR experience in the processes of recruiting, onboarding, and administrating employees. This HR chatbot is also useful for all kinds of internal and external communication with your employees and job applicants.

As your company starts using this solution, your HR team will be free from performing daily mundane tasks. As they can focus more on complex tasks and conversations, the efficiency of your business processes improves.

ONLIM provides accurate, personalized, and instant answers to your applicants 24/7 while keeping them updated about their application status. It facilitates fast onboarding, resulting in a higher satisfaction rate among the applicants. Moreover, companies can connect this solution with data sources like knowledge databases to answer complex questions.

Final Words

Inclusion and regular implementation of HR chatbots in the workplace has proven benefits. These conversational AI tools offer personalized support at an affordable cost. Remote, onsite, and hybrid-work employees can now get HR-related assistance quickly online.

Try the above-mentioned HR chatbots now and choose the one that suits your company’s needs and budget. 

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