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In Development Last updated: March 9, 2023
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JavaScript is one of the most popular and used programming languages. Its flexibility and power are some of the reasons for its popularity. It has frameworks that can also be used on the server and client sides, explaining why its adoption is rising. 

Developers need various tools to build a JavaScript app and get it running. JavaScript compilers are among the important tools experienced developers, learners, and programming enthusiasts use to write and test their code. 

In this article, we will define what a JavaScript compiler is, why you should use one, and review some of the best:

What is a JavaScript Compiler?


JavaScript is a high-level programming language, and its code in pure format is not readable by computers. 

A JavaScript compiler is a tool that converts JavaScript source code into machine-readable code before a program executes. 

A compiler changes/ compiles this high-level language to binaries that are readable by computers. 

Why use a JavaScript compiler? 

You can use an integrated development environment or a code editor to write, execute and test your code. On the other hand, you can avoid the two and use an online JavaScript compiler. 

These are some of the reasons why you might settle for the latter;

  • Hassle-free execution: You needn’t download JavaScript and its associated packages to compile and execute code. An online compiler takes care of everything. 
  • More productive: You don’t have to switch between programs to compile and execute your code. An online compiler’s window is enough to work on your JavaScript code. 
  • No need to burden your machine: JavaScript compilers are mostly hosted on optimized environments. You no longer have to burden your CPU as you run your code locally. 
  • Simple: Some IDEs and code editors may sometimes have many features you don’t need. An online JavaScript is simple, with just enough features to complete your work. 

These are the best JS compilers.


Replit is an integrated development environment that features a compiler. It is one of those compilers with advanced functionalities to offer a complete development environment. 



  • Supports collaboration: You can share your code for review or work on the same project as a team. 
  • Integrates with Git: You can link with your existing Git repositories or create some from scratch while using Replit. 
  • Supports deployment: Using this compiler, you can deploy your JavaScript app on platforms such as GitHub Pages and Heroku. 
  • Supports package managers: You can use NPM and Yarn package managers with Replit. 

Replit has a free package where you can enjoy up to 0.5 GB of Account Storage and create unlimited public Repls. Paid packages start from $7/month if you want unlimited private Repls. 

Geekflare Compiler 

The Geekflare online JavaScript compiler is a perfect tool for compiling JavaScript and NodeJS code. The compiler comes with boilerplate code to get you started.



  • No setup needed: Unlike most online JS compilers that prompt users to sign up, the Geekflare compiler does not need sign-ups. 
  • Live execution: You can see how your code appears on the browser when you hit the “Run” button. 
  • Minimalistic: Geekflare compiler is simple but essential for testing and learning. 

The geekflare compiler is free and perfect for testing purposes. 


Programiz compiler makes JavaScript coding available to all, as its tool is accessible on PCs and mobile devices. This JavaScript compiler is among the many others offered on the platform. 



  • Easy to use: You don’t need to sign up to use this online compiler. Start writing code and hit the ‘Run’ button to see it render. 
  • Comes with boilerplate code: The tool comes with some code to show you the basic structure of JavaScript code. You can edit it out and write your code. 
  • Customizable: You can switch between dark and light modes to suit your taste. You can also maximize the code editor and output windows for a better view. 

The Programiz compiler is free. 


Playcode JS compiler allows users to write, compile and run JavaScript code online. This tool is perfect for learning.



  • Easy to use: You must sign up to use Playcode. You can use Google, GitHub or Microsoft accounts to sign up and start coding. 
  • Comes with templates: The JavaScript templates have configured HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. These files have boilerplate code to get you started. 
  • Customizable outputs: You can customize the output window to your liking. 

Playcode compiler has a free package where you can create unlimited projects with up to 8 lines of code. Paid packages start from $4.99/month for unlimited lines of code per project. 


OneCompiler is an online tool where users can write, run and share JavaScript code. The tool also introduces the basics of JavaScript language for beginners. 



  • Easy to use: No sign-up is needed to use this tool. 
  • Code suggestions and autocomplete: You can use these features to improve your productivity. 
  • Customizable: You can add dependencies to your JavaScript code. 
  • Displays error messages: Use descriptive error messages to debug your code. 
  • Supports downloads: You can download your code to your local machine. 

OneCompiler is a free tool. 


myCompiler allows developers and learners to run their code instantly from any device. 



  • Powerful editor: You can enjoy auto-complete and syntax highlighting from this tool. 
  • Code tagging: You can add tags to your apps for easy referencing and searching. 
  • Supports save and download: You can sign up and save your code. You can also download your files after testing. 
  • Multilanguage support: You can use myCompiler with other languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby, and C. 

myCompiler is free to use. 


Scaler JS compiler is an online tool that you can use to compile, run and test JavaScript code. The tool has a section that explains how a JavaScript compiler works and the basics of this language. 



  • Easy to use: You can use this compiler as a guest or sign up. 
  • Customizable: You can switch themes or even change the font size of your code editor on this tool.
  • Supports debugging: This compiler displays error messages to ease debugging. 

The Scaler compiler is free to use. 


Codingninjas compiler is an online tool for building, running, and testing JavaScript code. This online is accessible from any device.



  • Smart editor: This online compiler has smart features such as code completion and syntax highlighting to improve your code-writing process. 
  • Error highlighting: The compiler provides thorough error messages to help you identify errors in your code. 
  • Customizable editor: Using this compiler, you can switch between light and dark themes. 

Codingninjas online compiler is a free tool. 


Ideone compiler is an online tool that allows developers to debug and compile JavaScript code. The tool is powered by Sphere Engine™ technology. 



  • Syntax highlighting: This tool highlights the syntax you should use while writing your JavaScript code.
  • Supports code sharing: You can save and share your code with your teammates for review. 
  • Comes with powerful shortcuts: Its editor has shortcuts you can use to be more productive. 

Ideone compiler is a free online tool. 


Sololearn compiler is an online tool that comes with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for the complete front-end development experience. 



  • Smart editor: Developers benefit from autocomplete and syntax highlighting from this JS compiler. 
  • Shareable code: You can make it public and share it with team members for code review. 
  • Error highlighting: This tool highlights your code’s errors to help debug. 

Sololearn compiler is a free tool. 


With the Workat compiler, developers can run, save and share JavaScript code without setting a JavaScript environment on their local machines. The tool has an informational section that explains the basics of JavaScript language.



  • Code suggestions: The compiler has a smart editor that offers code autocompletion and suggestions. 
  • Error highlights: The compiler highlights why your code fails for easy debugging. 
  • Customizable editor: You can switch between different themes on the editor to suit your tastes and preferences. 
  • Shareable codes: You can save your codes in your dashboard and share with others. 

Workat Compiler is free to use. compiler offers a simple, fast, and light tool to write and compile your code. This compiler comes with some boilerplate code to get you started. 



  • Simple: This online compiler has a simple design but is very powerful. 
  • Comes with HTML snippets: The compiler allows you to include HTML code on your project for complete front-end development. 
  • Supports various frameworks: You can add frameworks and libraries such as JQuery and Bootstrap while using this compiler. 
  • Supports code saving: Once signed up, you can save your code for future reference. compiler is free to use. 


The popularity of JavaScript is not fading soon, as we can see JavaScript UI libraries and server-side frameworks continue being improved and others introduced. Experienced developers and newbies also have the above online compilers to use as they create different JavaScript applications. 

The choice of an online compiler will depend on cost, features, and preferences. Some of these tools offer basic functionality, while others offer more than a compiler. 

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