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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 18, 2022
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URL rotator tools help test landing pages and split traffic based on rules. Here are the best link rotator tools to improve your conversion optimizations.

Any online business needs traffic to thrive. It is essential to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, whether you use free or paid traffic generation strategies, to get a higher return on investment and faster growth.

You may have needed a single link that points to several URLs or web addresses at some point. How would you route traffic from a particular URL to different locations? Or distribute traffic using a link?

Using a URL rotator or link rotator is a clever way to distribute high-quality traffic among all the participants in a group promotion or advertising campaign.

In this article, we’ll discuss link rotators and their benefits, how they affect the SEO of your website, and some of the best link rotator tools to route your traffic effectively.


Link rotators are unique links that allow you to route visitors to different landing pages.

A visitor who clicks on your link will be forwarded to one of the numerous URLs you have added to the rotator.

There are different delivery rules you can set up, such as sequential, random, weighted, or spill-over.

To determine which of your landing pages performs better, you must use a rotator when conducting A/B test experiments. It is especially useful when tracking conversions (such as sales, opt-ins, etc.).

After testing, you can make adjustments, such as directing your traffic to the landing page that received the best results or improving the landing pages that received the worst results, then retesting.

A rotator can also distribute traffic from a link to various partners, display messages to visitors when they repeatedly click on the same link, etc.

The link rotator does traffic distribution on various factors according to the specified percentage. You need to add rules to the path and specify the percentage of traffic distribution between them.

The main reason to use a link rotator is to test multiple offers or landing pages with the same marketing campaigns, which helps determine the most profitable landing page.

You must include the links to the offers in the campaign’s path and distribute the percentage among them equally to achieve this. It will enable you to compare various offers with respect to the same circumstances and traffic to identify the most effective ones.

You can include the amount of traffic you want to send to a single campaign page or add multiple destinations based on factors like device and country. It helps analyze the campaigns effectively.


Link rotators can help improve technical SEO by fixing issues like broken links and improving CTR and conversions.

Broken links can affect the SEO performance of a business in multiple ways. The most important are user experience, authority, revenue, and Google rankings.

In addition to being bad from the perspective of the top search engine, long and disorganized URLs increase the likelihood of broken links, which makes for a bad user experience.

For instance, when copying or pasting a lengthy link, a user might omit one or two characters, and your traffic opportunity is lost.

In contrast, link shortening makes your URL more approachable, encouraging users to click the link.

Link rotators use 301 redirections that don’t create any SEO issues.


The biggest advantage of using a link rotator is that it allows you to drive traffic to different URLs/websites without creating a new link. Doing this helps save your advertising budget and gets more work done with less effort.

And obviously, the additional benefit of a link rotator is that your time is saved, and putting things in perspective, here are the various benefits of link rotators you need to know:

  • You can use link rotation alongside your affiliate links to distribute traffic between different affiliate marketing programs using a single anchor text and URL. It works best when you use them with a generic link that can apply to multiple products.
  • You can implement split testing quickly and more easily. Split testing, also referred to as “A/B testing” in several instances, helps you test multiple offers. It is also crucial for analyzing audience behavior, with each landing page targeting a specific audience.
  • Brands and publishers can explore new, fair business partnerships, especially if they’re members of an affiliate program. A good way to do so is by using link rotations.
  • Like URL shorteners, you can optimize your links for conversions using a link rotator. You can find where the traffic is coming from, its frequency, and other similar metrics.
  • Link rotation tools are also helpful in promoting better ad rotations. Since prominent ad placements are limited to a few spots on your website, you can optimize the same using link rotators for more attention.

Now that you know what link rotators are and what benefits they offer. Let’s discuss some best link rotator tools available in the market today.



Linksplit is among the best link rotator tools in the market. You can start using Linksplit’s free link rotating tool to split traffic into 10 different destinations and also customize the traffic percentage for each URL destination, reducing the percentage of destinations performing poorly.

It helps add your retargeting pixels from the likes of Facebook, Google, Bing, and Twitter ads. Users can also edit their link destinations without creating a new link.

The tool also has a URL shortener, which makes it an ideal option for brands and publishers.

Features of Linksplit:

  • Editable, trackable, and short URLs
  • Helps distribute traffic to up to 50 destinations
  • Helps customize traffic percentage for each link
  • Retargeting pixel support
  • Easy shareability

Linksplit offers some very competitive packages. You can select the package that best suits your business’s requirements, using it to boost traffic to your website.


GeniusLink is another link rotation tool that makes tracking, managing, and localizing smart links relatively easy. Dubbed the “world’s most intelligent URL shortener,” allowing you to earn more money with minimal work.

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GeniusLink is specially designed for affiliates, content creators, and eCommerce businesses and helps boost their traffic and increase revenue.

The software tool also has localization and ‘choice pages,’ allowing your brand to design, manage and launch different product pages. You can add custom branding to the page (logos, images, layouts, and themes).

Using this tool, brands and affiliates can track the entire customer journey up to when they buy your product or initiate checkout.

GeniusLink also offers another great feature, i.e., automatic affiliation, where you need to enter the details of your affiliate only once, and it will automatically monetize your links to eBay, iTunes, Amazon, Target, etc.

Features of GeniusLink:

  • Automatic affiliation
  • Link A/B testing
  • Automatic product localization
  • URL customization
  • Comprehensive insights and sales/commission tracking
  • Shareable short links
  • Choice Pages

The company is known for its excellent customer support, with a flexible pricing structure that doesn’t add any burden on the resources of a small/medium-sized business.

GeniusLink offers per-click pricing starting at just $5 per month with 2000 clicks. Although, for usage beyond 2000 clicks, you need to pay $2 for every 1,000 clicks.


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Linkly is a one-stop solution for your URL rotation needs. You can set the traffic split percentage and diversify your traffic to unlimited destinations with Linkly. It also helps you to determine which product or affiliate is performing better.

Linkly also offers real-time updates on its dashboard and helps you to monitor the performance with the sparkline traffic charts.

Linkly also helps to create simple branded tracking links. It works with all major platforms like Shopify, WordPress, Leadpages, Instapage, etc.

Here are some of Linkly’s best features:

  • Customized, branded short-tracking links
  • Redirects customers based on their country
  • Distribute traffic to unlimited destinations
  • Add-ons for browser, Google Sheets, and Zapier.

Linkly currently offers a free subscription for up to 1000 clicks per month. The company also offers a subscription of $29 for 25,000 clicks per month for professional users.



RotatorLinks is one of the most affordable link rotator tools available in the marketplace. It is ideal for small businesses as it helps them to boost their sales with minimal investment.

RotatorLinks allows you to take control of your traffic and split it like a pro. You can shorten any link or add, edit, or delete any existing links. The link management software offers a simple dashboard that is easy to navigate.

You can view the live traffic-related stats for each URL destination or divert it to another one.

RotatorsLinks has the following features:

  • Economical subscription plans
  • Ability to split traffic among different URLs
  • Live traffic statistics
  • Customize and shorten links

RotatorLinks offers a free trial of 15 days for its first 1000 users. It offers three plans- $0.00, $5.00, and $19.00. The $0.00 plan is valid for seven days and provides 5,000 clicks and 15 links to generate. The $5.00 plan is valid for 30 days and provides 10,000 clicks and 100 links to generate.


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Pixelfy is a link rotator and A/B testing tool. It helps you to gain full control of your links. The tool allows you to test multiple links simultaneously and distribute the traffic between them. You can distribute the traffic across 50 different destinations.

Pixelfy allows you to choose the mode of how you want to rotate your links – sequential, weighted percentage, random, or sequential by the user.

You can also customize your tracking links with your domain for branding. In addition, with the help of real-time updates, you can track your data metrics and stay ahead.

Features of Pixelfy:

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports.
  • Customized short links
  • Distribute traffic across 50 different destinations

Pixelfy offers three plans: professional, business, or enterprise. All three plans offer unlimited link generation, domains, and analytics. The professional plan, which costs $19.99 per month, offers 20,000 clicks, whereas the business plan, which costs $49.99 per month, offers 150,000 clicks.

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The AdsBridge Smartlink is a real-time link rotator tool that helps to maximize traffic monetization. It has an auto-optimization feature that enables it to re-distribute the traffic based on earnings per click and per visit. The traffic can be distributed to up to 50 destinations.

AdsBridge also allows you to split-test the landing pages. It determines which landing page is most profitable.

In addition, AdsBridge also helps to track the number of clicks and monitor the performance of the tracking links.

The tool offers users the following features:

  • Auto-optimization
  • Traffic distribution to up to 50 destinations
  • Split test landing pages
  • Monitor the performance of tracking links

AdsBridge offers a free trial version of 14 days with 50,000 clicks per month.  There is a range of monthly plans starting from $29 per month to $799 per month. However, the annual plans range from $299 to $8339.


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One of the reliable link rotation tools is Mohamedison link rotator. It helps to distribute the traffic to various destinations using a single unique link.

The tool also allows you to specify the traffic percentage on each link. Whenever a user clicks on a link, the link rotator server generates a random number and selects a destination proportionally.

The tool also features GEO redirect, which redirects the customer to their own country’s store website. It helps to maximize earnings and increase personalized experience.

Features of the Mohamedison link rotator tool:

  • Distribute traffic to multiple destinations
  • Specify traffic percentage
  • Geo IP redirection

Mohamedison offers three plans – basic, standard, and premium. The basic plan is $7.99 per month, which offers up to 10,000 clicks, whereas the standard plan is $19.99 per month, offering up to 1,000,000 clicks. You can also upgrade to the premium plan for $49.99 per month & get an unlimited number of clicks.


Today, almost all successful marketing campaigns require rigorous A/B testing. Through A/B testing and conversion optimization, brands can analyze which offers, audiences or strategies work well.

A link rotator can be helpful and can play a key role in their affiliate/ digital advertising campaign.

In this article, we have covered the top link rotation tools for brands and creators. Each of them comes with a benefit of its own. Being feature-rich, you can use them to get started and generate quality web traffic for your website and improve landing page conversions by doing A/B testing.

You can also explore some best brand link management tools to track, cloak, rotate and redirect links.

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