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In HR Management Last updated: August 17, 2023
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People management refers to the responsibilities that include hiring talent, nurturing employees, and keeping them motivated for better retention.

The term promotes that it is more about managing the people (than regarding them as just employees), improving their engagement, help them grow, which should give better results to the organization.

Is People Management Different From Human Resource (HR) Management?

 People Management

People management is a sub-set of human resource management. While it involves the entire process, HR includes a lot more stuff.

For instance, the human resource department counts in the legal and ethical practices and is responsible for connecting the company and the employee.

On the contrary, people management solely focuses on skill development, compensation, benefits, behavior, and motivation of the employees.

Good people management will ensure better retention for employees. Depending on the company/organization, it takes an excellent leader/manager to make that happen.

How can people management software help improve the process? Here’s how:

Benefits of Using People Management Software

People Management Software

People management software helps you organize and keep track of the entire process.

To give you some pointers, some key benefits include:

  • Enhanced efficiency: When it comes to data related to an employee, their work, and progress, it is essential to have it all accessible in an easy-to-consume format. With the software, you have fewer chances to miss all the essential details needed for decision-making.
  • Cost savings: It is time-consuming and expensive to manage rewards, salaries, and taxes without automating it. The software helps the company and the employees to make better use of available perks.
  • Automation reduces human error: It is practically impossible to manage several employees with excellent efficiency without automation, a people management software should help.
  • Guaranteed compliance: To keep up with the regulations as per state/national/federal laws, you have many things to worry about. An automated system should make this hassle-free.
  • Data security: An organization is entirely responsible for handling the critical data associated with its workforce. With a good tool, a company can be confident about its data security practices.

People management software also improves decision-making, provides insights into the entire process, simplifies administration, and more.

So, the benefits to it have a significant impact on an organization.

However, choosing the right people management software that lets you compete with the rest of the industry with minimal effort is essential.

Some of these include:


Deel provides a single global hiring, HR, and payroll system that has helped thousands of companies to expand rapidly and efficiently. Deel works for employees regardless of location so that you can manage them all in one place.

Deel is being utilized by more than 15k businesses worldwide, and notable ones are Subway, Dropbox, Shopify, Notion, Reebok, Intercom, and many others.


Deel helps you manage HR, payroll, and hiring for remote teams worldwide while ensuring legal compliance. This versatile tool helps streamline employee relocation, save man hours, avoid compliance risks, and assist in managing contractors across different countries.

Its global infrastructure eases the job of hiring and payment for contractors and direct employees regardless of their location. It includes compliance, automated invoicing, and global payment services.

Deel provides in-app assistance 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They have in-house tax, payroll, and legal support specialists and over 100 Deel-owned organizations worldwide to simplify hiring and payment.

Additionally, they offer various payment ways and aid in reducing entity setup fees, which average more than $210,000 per country. Customers can save up to 86 hours each month by automating HR administration as well. The pricing structure is different for contractors, employees, and employers.


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Rippling is a mix of everything. You can manage your employee benefits, salaries, learning, talent, and the ability to manage devices and enterprise-focused applications.

This may not be suitable for small organizations, considering its pricing plan and the feature set.

However, Rippling can be helpful if you want lots of control under a single software (with people management functions).

Zoho People

zoho people

Zoho People is one of the popular options for its flexible pricing plans for small organizations and enterprises.

It offers a simplified user interface and feature-set to uncomplicated the management process. Additionally, you get good support for utilizing the software on the go and on your mobile.

You can also find several integration options (Zapier, QuickBooks, GSuite, etc.) available that let you utilize them in various industries.

You get all features: time tracking, scheduler, AI bot, self-service, feedback system, attendance, assessments, and more. As per your requirements, you can decide the pricing plan that suits your organization.



Connecteam is an exciting option where you can manage your employees and facilitate business operations, including internal communication.

It presents itself as an all-in-one app that a business needs. You also get mobile access to manage everything essential on the go.

While it is not specifically tailored for people management, it provides functionalities to manage rewards, motivate employees, and help with their skill development.


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WorkPatterns focuses entirely on people management, where feedback, interaction/meetings, and goal management are vital highlights.

Additionally, you get a feature for 360 reviews as well.

It offers integration with most of the popular tools used in the industry like Salesforce, Slack, Zapier and Asana, and more.

If you do not look for extras in people management software, WorkPatterns can be an excellent choice.


RISE is yet another platform focusing on people management.

It provides growth insights, lets you manage rewards, and enhances employee communication regarding compensation.

You also get support for eSignatures and enterprise-level encryption with the platform.

Access to the mobile app is restricted to a specific pricing plan. So, you may want to explore your requirements before getting started.


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Lattice provides fine-grained control over all the essentials for people management. Some popular organizations, including Reddit, Slack, and Asana, utilize it.

You get insights on performance, goals, and the ability to help employees advance their careers.

There are surveys, pulses, and a couple more features to engage your employees to give feedback and inform the company how they feel about work. Like other platforms, you get seamless integrations with your favorite tools like Jira, Slack, Teams, and more.

Interestingly, it also allows integration with other management platforms, including Namely, Rippling, Workday, and more.


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15Five is a performance-focused platform that lets you improve engagement and let managers drive the performance of the employees.

You also get the abilities for people development, where you can help highlight the strengths and offer career paths/plans to employees.

Similar to RISE, you need to select a specific pricing plan to get access to its mobile applications. You can opt for training for managers through 15Five to help make the most out of it.


Workday is a popular platform with features for talent management, employee experience, payroll, analytics, and more.


It is suitable for enterprises that need to step up an organization’s people management and HR experiences.

Companies like Netflix, Comcast, and Adobe use it for their robust feature-set and good user experience.


What is the difference between people management software and HRIS?

Though People management software and HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) sound similar and are used to administer the workforce, there are differences between these solutions. Let’s see some of them here:
HRIS focuses solely on end-to-end employee or people management and is especially preferred by mid to large organizations. In contrast, People management software is selected by small to mid-organizations intended only to improve employee engagement and productivity.
HRIS systems are used to store and track all data related to their employees, such as compensation, performance reviews, payroll processing, taxes, and compliance as well learning and development. On the other hand, People management software helps organizations stay connected, engaged, and productive with their employees.
In large enterprises, the automation of recurring and manual activities is executed using HRIS software, such as HR tasks like payroll and benefits administration, etc. In contrast, People management software is used to achieve their HR goals, such as improving employee engagement, retention, etc.
As the HRIS software takes care of comprehensive data of employees of large enterprises, they are expensive and would take time to implement across the enterprises; contradictory people management software is more affordable and easier to use, so it is generally preferred by small organizations wherein they just want to do basic management of people related to their organization.
So overall, it all depends on the type of organization and their requirement to decide which software needs to be integrated into their systems. 

What employee metrics can be monitored and analyzed using people management software?

People management software is an invaluable tool for businesses to monitor and enhance the performance of their workforce.
It provides comprehensive insights into key employee metrics such as time tracking, productivity, engagement, communication, collaboration, and performance, which enable organizations to identify areas for improvement or necessary interventions.
By monitoring these various factors along with attendance statistics like sick leave and vacation time, employers can better understand how they manage their staff’s output more effectively to maximize success.
People management software plays a vital role in all organizations, irrespective of size and sector, to identify trends, patterns, and gaps in their workforce.

Can people management software help with performance reviews and goal setting?

People management software offers automated capabilities such as reminders, feedback collection, and report generation with efficiency, transparency, and consistency.
It provides managers and employees access to employee performance reviews, feedback on goals setting information, and ratings from one central repository place, making it easy to continuously provide 360-degree evaluations throughout the year.
The reports generated by this software clearly illustrate an employee’s progress, thus enabling employers to design effective appraisal processes customized based on their inner needs.
People management software simplifies performance reviews and goal setting to make the process faster, more unbiased, and productive and ensures employees are efficiently working towards organizational objectives.


Organizations cannot ignore people management. It could break or make the organization reach heights.

The software to facilitate the management can be interesting. So, it is a good idea to assess the requirements of your organization and what aspects you need to focus on for your employee management.

All the choices mentioned in this article are highly rated and have proven track records. You can get started with anything that sounds good to you.

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