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Pet sitting or boarding apps are a relatively new concept. A pet sitters’ job is to care for the pets while the owner is away.

A pet sitter will stay at the owners’ home so that the pet can enjoy and relax on its turf, and the application adds convenience for the owners.

Pet sitters provide care for all kinds of pets. However, cats and dogs remain their prime clientele. You can easily find pet sitters on various pet sitting apps. Being a fur baby parent myself, I’ve listed a few of the apps I’ve used and found worth it. And if you are curious about how these apps work, just scroll to the end.

Best Pet Sitting/Boarding Apps


Rover is a trusted dog walker and pet sitting app. They provide dog boarding, dog walking, house sitting, drop-in visits, and doggy daycare. In dog boarding, your pets stay overnight at the sitter’s home.  In house sitting service, your sitter takes care of your pets and home.

Your dog will get all the attention without leaving home. You don’t need to worry as all sitters pass a background check, every sitter provides detailed personal information, and all sitters are approved by their sitter specialists. 

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PetBacker offers dog boarding, dog walking, pet grooming, pet taxi, pet day-care, pet photography, pet training, veterinarian, and pet sitting app services. You can choose a pet sitter to visit one time, two times, three times per day, or stay overnight in a pet sitting service.

You can see price estimates, read reviews, and see how far your dog has walked, all in their pet app. Pet safety is their top priority. Their insurance premium covers every stay booked through PetBacker. The reservation is simple online, and you can communicate directly within the platform. 

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WagWalking is a local, trusted pet care app. Whether you’re looking for daily walks, planning a trip, stuck at work, or want your furry best friend to have some company, they offer any day, anytime care. Every pet caregiver passes an enhanced background check, their services are insured, and support is standing by around the clock.

From GPS-tracked walks and customized lockboxes to easy booking on the Wag app, they make your life easier at every step. You can try out any of their services, like dog walking, dog training, pet sitting or boarding, and drop-in pet care.  

Try WagWalking

Fetch PetCare

Fetch PetCare is a pet care service app. They have covered it all, from puppy and pet sitting to pet medical administration. You can choose from a 30, 45, or 60-minute visit to give your pet their daily dose of fun-filled exercise. While you’re away, they will ensure your pet has all the food, water, exercise, and attention they deserve.

If your pet needs a lift to the groomers, vet, or dog park, you can book a pet taxi. And if you’re away for the night, they will stay overnight or stop by in the morning and evening to take care of all your pet’s needs. 

Try Fetch PetCare


Petsitter is a local, trustworthy pet sitting app. From a short walk around the park to an extended vacation, you can find a pet sitter with availability all year round. You can find the most reliable pet sitters with different filtering options and powerful search tools.

Whether you have a furry, scaly, or feathered friend, they have the right pet sitter for you. Compare pet sitters near you for their pricing, flexibility, and experience. Later on, you can talk to the ones you like. Arrange a time with the pet sitter of your choice, and you’re good to go! It’s that easy. 

Try Petsitter


DogVacay is a dog walker and pet sitting app. With DogVacay, your pet stays in a sitter’s home or yours, whether you’re traveling or just out for the day. Simple! Here’s how it works – Browse sitters near you, book and pay online, and find loving, cage-free care.

They have the right sitter for every type of pup, from puppies and senior dogs to those with special needs. They offer 24/7 customer service, premium pet insurance, and daily photo updates. Find the right person to watch after your pet, even at the last minute. DogVacay is also joining the famous Rover pack. 

Try DogVacay


Meowtel is a local & insured in-home cat sitter app. Booking a cat-sitter is simple. You need to search and reserve the cat sitter and set up a free meet and greet with them, and then you can travel anywhere with peace of mind. The cat sitter will also be able to engage your cat pretty well.

Every Meowtel sitter is five-step vetted and fully insured. The sitter will meet the kitties and you to ensure it’s the perfect match. You’ll receive regular updates, including lots of photos and videos. So, book a 5-star cat sitter who caters to your cat’s specific needs. Every visit includes feeding, water-refreshing, litter box cleaning, medications (if applicable), and lots of cuddles and playtime!

Try Meowtel

Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow is a dog care app. Their services include dog boarding, dog training, dog daycare, and in-home pet care. Their counselors are certified in pet first aid and CPR. They offer large, climate-controlled play yards for your pet.

At Camp Bow Wow, your dog is in safe and loving hands. Your dog will get many benefits at the camp, like regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight, relief from boredom, relief from separation anxiety, and improvement in destructive behaviors.

On top of that, your pet will have improved socialization with people and other dogs and an increase in overall happiness. They also give pet parents access to live webcams to check in on their dogs anywhere. 

Try Camp Bow Wow

Well, that was my list of best pet sitting apps, now let’s get to what pet sitters do and how these apps can help you.

What Do Pet Sitters Do?

Pet sitters have various duties and responsibilities. In the absence of the owner, they are responsible for taking care of the pet’s basic care, and that includes:

  • Walking the pet
  • Provide them with food and water
  • Brush their fur and maintain basic hygiene
  • Give medications, if there are any
  • Clean pet’s litter box
  • Take them to the specified vet if they fall sick or suffer an injury

Pet sitters are also required to fill out a contact sheet from owners with their contact number, vet’s contact information, and detailed pet information such as age, weight, breed, medical conditions, etc. Pet sitters need to notify the owners if their pet has fallen sick or has suffered an injury under their supervision, and they must take them to the vet. 

Why is Pet Sitting so Popular?

It has everything to do with good pet-sitter services available in the market that makes the pets and owners both happy. Apart from the apparent reason pet-sitters are animal lovers, they have a pretty flexible schedule that can work well with you and your needs.

Pet sitters are professional pet carers. They probably know what to do in an emergency concerning your pet. A pet-sitter respects and understands your wishes. If you have a scheduled three-time feed plan for your pet, they will follow it.

The great reviews also help the ever-growing pet-sitter community. They are experienced, have excellent communication skills, and will text you photos of your pet while you are away on vacation.

They are orderly so that when you come back from your trip, you do not find your pet’s dishes dirty or your pet’s litter box full. On top of that, they will also ensure that everything is clean and is in its rightful place.

How Does a Typical Pet-sitting App Work?

The pet-sitting apps are your one-stop solution for every dog’s service and needs.

From dog walking, dog boarding, pet sitting, and in-home visits to providing pet taxi services and medication, you can find every possible dog service at the tip of your fingers. 

Thus, the apps are geared towards giving the pets the best of care while their owners are away, without owners needing to hunt up a reputable source. After all, you can’t just leave your fur baby🐾 with just about anyone, can you?


Pets are precious little creatures. Their happiness depends entirely on their human parents. But managing a dog can be pretty tiring as well.

There are many pet sitting apps on the internet that cater to every pet’s need. There is no need to stress about whom to leave your dog or cat with while you are away.

These pet sitters are happy to take care of your pet for even a few days, and you don’t need to bother about background checks or qualifications, as most apps take care of that for you.

Thus, the next time you need to go on a date, catch up with a friend or are called over for an impromptu meeting, you can count on a pet sitting app to save the day!

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