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In Design Last updated: May 11, 2023
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With 3D modeling, you can convert your imagination into a digital art form. 

This is why 3D models are instrumental when creating animation. 

Whether you want to create a picnic scene by the lakeside or an architectural character, 3D modeling works. 

However, if you are not proficient in 3D modeling techniques, it can get challenging to create them. 

Don’t worry, now you don’t need to necessarily create them manually. Instead, there are sources available on the web where you can find and download them directly. 

From these platforms, you can get your desired 3D models of so many different objects that are often needed in animation or 3D work. 

Let’s discuss what 3D models are, where they are used, and some of the best platforms to buy or download 3D models.  

What Are 3D Models?


3D models are the digital representations of an object or surface when an artist transforms his imagination into a three-dimensional (3D) visual. In simpler words, it is a mathematical representation of an artist’s imagination that has been brought to reality by using 3D modeling software. 

All the 3D models are showcased in the form of a physical object in the software through a collection of points that are interlinked with each other using geometric entities. Curved surfaces, triangles, and lines are the primary entities that help in representing a given 3D model in the 3D space. 

3D models are an integral part of animation, marketing, video games, movies, virtual reality ecosystem, medical imaging, CAD software, and many others. These models can be constructed using 3D modeling software, but most of them are constructed from NURBS. 

Business Application of 3D Models

With the advent of modern technology, 3D models have found their application in many industries. From designers, video editors, and filmmakers to engineers and architects, 3D models are widely used by many individuals and businesses for designing or creating something.


The applications of 3D models include:

  • 3D design: 3D models are heavily used in the 3D design sector because it helps designers create design prototypes before creating an actual physical prototype. They can bring their imagination to life and showcase whether they can be useful in a particular project.
  • Product modeling: Businesses involved in product designing, packing, branding, or bottling rely heavily on 3D models.
  • Animation Industry: 3D models are crucial for animation, and without them, this industry would lack quality and efficiency. 3D models can help animators bring their imagination to life, and that too with high accuracy.
  • Gaming Industry: Without 3D models, the gaming industry can get on a backtrack as most of the components in a game are typically 3D model assets. Game designers use a lot of 3D models to create characters, assets, objects, and many other aspects of the game. 
  • Architecture: Architects use 3D models to create architectural designs and provide an accurate representation of their plans. They use 3D models to represent visuals of buildings, sites, interiors, and landscapes.
  • Engineering Industry: Engineers also rely on 3D models to accomplish many projects. By combining 3D models with 3D engineering software, engineers are able to calculate and plan a lot of things that weren’t easy with previous manual processes.
  • Motion Picture Industry: Many films nowadays are created with the help of 3D models to represent different characters. Modern motion picture creators primarily utilize 3D models to generate fictional environments in movies. They are also used for character or object representation, special effects, etc., in animated movies.
  • Education: 3D models are useful in education and science for representing the form of chemical compounds, geographical structures, or archaeological structures.
  • Healthcare Sector: The healthcare and medical industry use 3D models while designing medical equipment with high precision and elaborate detailing, which is vital in this sector. The modern medical industry uses 3D models to represent various processes. Whether you want to create an anatomy or visual process of surgery, 3D models have become an instrumental part of representing them accurately.

Benefits of Using 3D Models


Here are the benefits of using 3D models:

Realistic and Accurate Representation 

One of the primary reasons that many designers utilize 3D models is that they can showcase a realistic and accurate representation of their imagination. 

With 3D models, you can easily create an accurate prototype of a project and showcase it to others regarding the output. It is a much better representation than 2D drawing, where you don’t always get the scope to showcase many details accurately.

Easy to Create 

Many new designers now rely greatly on 3D models because they help them create projects without the hassles of manual modeling

3D modeling is indeed a tricky genre, and it is tough for new designers to master them. The readily available 3D models in different platforms allow new designers to create complex projects without facing limitations. 

Enhance Sustainability

Businesses can enhance their product sustainability by utilizing different 3D models to evaluate their design options. Within a project, they can shuffle between 3D models and find out which design will match their vision the best. It will help them in minimizing the cost and effort to create many different physical prototypes and ultimately reduce waste.

Faster Project Completion


When you have access to several 3D models from different platforms, you can efficiently complete projects at a faster rate. Neither have you spent time creating models using 3D modeling software, nor will you have to wait for artists to create 3D models for you. 

Better Marketing

Whether you are planning to launch a product or construction projector, 3D models serve as an essential object for promotion and marketing. 3D models allow you to showcase the exact replica of your project or product to the clients or customers. 

Now, let’s dive into some of the best platforms to buy or download 3D models.


Considered one of the best and most significant marketplaces for high-quality 3D models, TurboSquid is the platform you should be eyeing for. From cars, characters, vehicles, and animals to furniture, anatomy, and landscapes, this platform has more than 5 million models available for download.


All these 3D models are offered by experienced 3D artists all over the world; thus, you won’t come across mediocrity in their list. This platform ensures you get the best competitive pricing while you buy a 3D model so that you won’t have to visit other sites for future requirements. 

After buying a certain 3D model from this platform, if it doesn’t work with your project, you can quickly return it for a complete refund. Moreover, the organization employs 24/7 customer support and 1 million dollars in indemnification, which is a significant advantage for all buyers.


Sketchfab is a leading platform for all your 3D models, where you can buy your required 3D model from an inventory of millions. The platform hosts around 1.3 million users, offering one of the largest marketplaces of 3D models that you can choose based on your requirements. 


The platform offers a wide range of options across all categories, which include animals, architecture, characters, foods, fashion, gadgets, people, music, furniture, weapons, sports, and many more. The meticulously designed 3D models can be utilized for various niches so that you won’t find any limitations with their usage. 

This platform gives you complete access to check out its mesh and texture before you make the final purchase, and it is beneficial for making the right purchase. Another factor that will compel you to use this platform is excellent pricing, and they have been kept affordable so that everyone can use it freely.


Find your ideal 3D model for your gaming, advertising, AR/VR, or 3D printing project from the list of millions of options offered by CGTrader. Besides 3D models, CGTrader also offers low-poly PBR 3D and 3D printing models that are often needed for different projects. 


This platform currently has a dedicated database of 1.6 million 3D models to choose from, and the list is expanding with time. However, if you don’t find the ideal 3D model that caters to your requirement, then you can order custom 3D models using its Modelry feature. 

CGTrader gives you the option to hire 3D design freelancers so that you can create 3D models based on all your design needs. Beside normal 3D models from standard categories, the platform also offers 3D models for many unique categories like space, plant, watercraft, military, and blender. 

What’s more interesting is that you will get discounts when you purchase 3D models from this platform.

Free 3D

With over 17,000 free 3D models available to download, Free 3D is one of the best platforms that many artists and animators from all over the world prefer using. Here you can download any of the 3D models you need for your current project and don’t pay anything for downloading it. 


All the 3D models you get on this site are offered worldwide with rights and licenses to use in commercial spaces. Despite offering free 3D models, you will appreciate the quality it maintains in all the categories, which include architecture, vehicles, aircraft, furniture, electronics, animals, and many others. 

Besides its extensive gallery of 3D models, Free 3D has also come up with premium 3D models for different designing software that come with a price tag.


If you are looking for a marketplace where you can have an ample number of 3D models of your upcoming building design project, Renderhub can serve as a good choice. It is a highly reputed website where artists from across the world can submit their top-quality 3D models, so you won’t have to make any significant adjustments while you use them.


Renderhub is one of those 3D model marketplaces that will spoil you with choices as it has a vast coverage in categories like people, interior design, appliances, games, robots, weapons, etc. 

A unique feature that you will find in this store is the option to buy 3D bundles at an affordable rate, where you will get numerous 3D models catering to the same niche. You can even download free 3D models from this website, and that too without any limitation in choices across different categories.

Cults 3D

Cults 3D serves as the go-to site for all designers to grab the 3D model they need, and the credit goes to the wide range of options. The platform has a team of professionals who analyze every 3D model before adding them to their respective categories, thus, making sure you won’t have to worry about the quality. 


The platform focuses a lot on modern and smart 3D models that cater to present trends, and that is why many people prefer to purchase 3D models from Cults 3D. While most of the 3D models at this site are available at an affordable price, there are some splendid designs that you can even buy for free. 


Even though there are hundreds of sites offering millions of 3D models, not everyone will offer top-quality 3D models that will blend with premium projects. 3DExport comes as an exception because here, you will find premium quality 3D models from top artists coming from different parts of the world. 


Whether you are looking for designs for aircraft, animals, cars, architectural elements, electronics, jewelry, furniture, music, sports, or toys, 3DExport will help you get any 3D model you want. The best thing is that all the 3D models are available in different formats so that you can utilize them for different software. 

The company has tried to keep the pricing as affordable as possible, but it changes according to the 3D model type you decide to use. Besides, you will come across some impressive free 3D models in 3DExport’s library, but the number of such 3D models is quite limited.


When you are working on Cinema 4D or Blend and looking to include 3D models to add to your video or CG project, Hum3D is the site you should check out. 


The organization started its business in 2005 with the help of 3D artists from all over the world, and soon they became a popular choice for many people in the 3D modeling community. To date, the organization has served more than 1 million customers, and most of them were highly satisfied by the 3D models they have on offer.

Hum3D offers one of the most extensive collections of 3D models of cars, weapons, electronics, furniture, aircraft, military, animals, and many other elements that you frequently need in various projects. 


3DOcean has a pretty cool library from which you can get all your desired 3D models. It will surprise you when you explore the list of 3D models it offers. 


With around eighty thousand 3D models covering all the popular categories, it gives you access to all the required choices you need for your project. You can even find 3D models of smartphones, science objects, and tools that you won’t usually see in other 3D model sites. 

On this site, you can buy the 3D model under regular and extended license options, and it entirely depends upon your requirements.


When you have access to the best platform to buy or download 3D models, you will see a significant improvement in your workflow. It will help grow your video production or animation work because you will be including top-quality 3D models in your design. 

Thus, if you are looking for a platform to buy or download 3D models, refer to the above options. They are all widely popular among artists, and you can choose any one of them as per your project requirements. 

You may also explore some best STL file editors to repair or edit your 3D model file.

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