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In WordPress Last updated: June 13, 2023
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The popularity of smartphones and tablets has made mobile device usage more widespread than desktop usage. Consequently, a growing number of people prefer mobile apps over conventional sites to access the web.

The need for businesses and website owners to maintain a mobile presence in the form of a mobile app has increased due to this trend. 

A mobile app will assist businesses in improving user experience, connecting more users, and eventually increasing revenue. However, converting a WordPress site to a mobile application can be challenging. Thankfully, there are several plugins that can turn a WordPress website into a mobile application. 

Today, we’ll discuss some of the top plugins for converting your WordPress website into a mobile app.

Difference Between a Mobile App and a Mobile Website


Basically, mobile apps are software that you can download, set up, and use on your mobile device. These applications are specially created for mobile, and you can get those easily using Google Play store or App store. 

On the other hand, a mobile website is a website that has been modified to appear properly on a mobile device. You can access a mobile website from both the desktop and mobile. But a mobile website is fully optimized for mobile devices

Some of the key differences between a mobile app and mobile websites are: 


Mobile applications provide more sophisticated features and capabilities, including offline availability, push notifications, and accessibility to device components like cameras or GPS. Mobile webpages don’t provide the same level of advanced functionality as apps do.

Consumer Experience

Mobile applications are more dedicated and user-friendly since they are exclusively made for mobile devices. Despite being mobile-friendly, mobile websites may not provide the same optimization quality for user experience

Installation Process


Mobile webpages can be browsed and accessed using a web browser. But mobile applications must be installed on a mobile device. 


You can access mobile apps directly from your mobile device and even run some features offline. But when it comes to accessing a mobile website, having an internet connection is mandatory. 

Push Notifications

Unlike mobile websites, mobile applications can send push notifications to users. Therefore, you will never miss a thing, whether online or offline. 

Exposure to Device Features

You can use a mobile device’s camera, microphone, GPS, and other functionalities while using it, which is not feasible with a mobile website. 

Keep in mind that mobile applications and websites have their usage, advantages, and disadvantages. But the choice between the two will depend on the needs and goals of a business or organization.

Why Convert Your WordPress Website to a Mobile App? 


If you own a mobile-optimized WordPress website, you might wonder why you need a mobile app. So, let’s pay some close attention. 

Till December 2022, 60.2% of online visitors came from mobile devices, whereas 37.7% came from desktop users. Therefore, companies may want to offer an even better service to attract mobile visitors through mobile applications.

It’s possible to reap advantages for you and your customers by creating a mobile app for your WordPress site. Some benefits of developing a mobile app for your website include the following:

  • Better User Experience: Compared to a mobile website, a mobile app may deliver a more streamlined and intuitive customer experience. The overall quality of the service may be improved with the help of features like push alerts and offline access.
  • Greater Engagement: By giving quick and simple access to your site’s information and services, a mobile app can boost user engagement. Increased pageviews, longer user sessions, and more frequent visits are all possible outcomes of this strategy.
  • Marketing & Advertising: Brand recognition and customer loyalty can both be greatly boosted by using a mobile app as a promotional tool. In addition, it might aid in attracting more visitors to your site.
  • Revenue Growth: Monetization possibilities, including in-app subscriptions, might expand with the release of a mobile app. It may also help in developing effective interventions for advertising and marketing products and services.
  • Deeper Insight & Better Data: A mobile app can provide insightful information about user activity and preferences of the users. So it can be utilized to enhance the user experience and promote company expansion.

Converting your WordPress site into a mobile application is definitely worth considering if you want to take your site to the next level.

It’s essential for your company to have both a mobile-optimized website and a mobile app since they serve various objectives. To attract more visitors via search engines and backlinks, your website must be mobile-friendly. This makes it simple to access and view on all devices and platforms. 

Yet, by offering offline access, push alerts, and a more individualized experience, a mobile app can create a better user experience. Now that you know the advantages, let’s explore some of the best options to convert your site into a mobile app. 


Appmysite plugin allows you to convert your WordPress site into a premium mobile application. This application can turn any pre-existing site into a budget-friendly mobile application within minutes. 

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With a single click, you can link your website and application to offer a seamless and rewarding experience. Moreover, You can align the app with your website’s type, brand concept, and business objective. The amazing part is that you can publish your mobile application in the Google Play store and Apple store platforms. 

Key Features: 

  • Sync & match your WordPress theme with the application.
  • Get a live preview on the go while making changes. 
  • One-click connection to WordPress is available. 
  • Automatic website content sync on the app. 
  • Smart and instant troubleshooting options are available. 
  • Multilingual option available 
  • Integrate with WooCommerce 
  • App monetization option. is the only WordPress plugin developed and hosted 100% in Germany and Austria with huge care and the highest privacy standards. Appful is built for companies, private users, and agencies, whose focus is the design and speed of their app as gives you a 100% native iOS/Android app built on Swift and Kotlin directly out of your WordPress website. This means sleeker, faster, and more modern Apps for your project.


Moreover, Appful is the only plugin that offers 24×7 free live support for you via phone or email in English & German, and the team helps you personally to build your app for free.

There are 2 options for you to use Appful: You can either log in on and build your app within minutes with drag & drop and test it out for free as a beta on your iPhone and Android. Or you can reach the support team by mail[at], and they build your app for free and provide you with a sleek-looking beta. is free to use (even to build your beta), but once you launch your app into App Store and Play Store, they charge you a monthly or yearly fee.

This is how Appful works if you want to do everything on your own:


Here are the USPs of Appful

  • Premium 100% native design with dark/light mode
  • Highspeed caching on iPhone, iPad, and Android for blazing-fast UI
  • Choose your custom Colors, Features, Elements, Logos, etc.
  • Automatically syncs to your WordPress content every 2 seconds.
  • Appful builds your own features into the app (e.g., scanner, GPS, fingerprint, NFC, etc.)
  • Unlimited Push Notifications (you can even send them manually or based on different categories that your users can subscribe to)
  • Choose the features you need, like different menus, search bars, custom category lists, offline content, and WordPress comments.
  • Users can open the app without downloading, just with QR-code (instant apps) offline content for usage without the internet.
  • Update your App for free and 24×7 live with the dashboard – even after it’s released.
  • API for phones camera, NFC chips, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

The pricing of Appful starts at 99 USD per month, but they offer special plans for different use cases and features. Just visit or give them a request at mail[at] to get an individual offer.


APPExperts is a mobile application builder that offers free and premium options. It enables you to transform your WordPress website into a mobile app for various devices, such as phones, tablets, and others. This solution serves different business needs, such as eCommerce stores, blogs, and CMS websites. 

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Without writing any code, you can develop and launch an application on your WordPress site. You may design the app and include the pages, menus, and settings you prefer. One of the exquisite features of this solution is the free lifetime plan. 

Key Features: 

  • WooCommerce integration. 
  • It offers an elegant and smooth splash screen. 
  • In-built search functionality.
  • Content management options to manage any content.
  • Multilingual options are available, including RTL languages. 
  • Website to application lives update option. 
  • App caching option available.


WPMobile.App is another solution that will build android and ios mobile applications from your WordPress site.  The mobile application will give users the same look and feel as if they are using the WordPress site. 


The mobile app will include all the features of a website, such as custom post types, pages, and posts. So, if you want to reach a wider audience and especially mobile users, you can surely try this plugin. 

Key Features:

  • Apply most WordPress themes to the mobile app.
  • User-friendly UI for a native app experience.
  • Customizable menu with hamburger or three-dot options.
  • Real-time traffic analytics with 10 key indicators.
  • Automatic and manual language translation.
  • Multiple push notification options.
  • Automatic updates and bug fixes.
  • Quick content access via built-in search engines.


With MobiLoud, you can convert your WordPress site into an outstanding mobile app for android and ios. Any WordPress business can turn its website into a fully functional mobile app. Thus, you can use this premium service to launch your app in App Store & Google Play. 


MobiLoud is not just an app builder; it’s also about providing a complete service. You will get an app creation and testing service before launching it. Furthermore, they will also provide complete support and update service. So, you will be saving a good amount when it comes to development and maintenance expenses. 

Key Features: 

  • Two platforms: News for news-related websites and Canvas for all sites.
  • Quick launch without coding.
  • Full-service package for the creation, maintenance, updates, and customization.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Single dashboard for app management and push notifications.
  • Seamless WordPress integration.


Androapp lets you create an astonishing native mobile app on the android platform from your WordPress site.  It takes minutes and zero programming knowledge to convert your beautiful site into a mobile app. After creating the app, you can even test it very quickly using your android devices. 


Key Features:

  • Automated push notifications for the latest posts.
  • Monetize with 4 ad types.
  • Social sharing options are available.
  • Cache app content with WP Super Cache.
  • Android native listview with infinite scrolling.
  • Detailed analytics with action tracking.
  • User-selected app language.
  • Exceptional UI features, splash screen, and custom fonts.


Stacks is the ultimate mobile app builder plugin to convert WordPress sites into mobile apps smoothly. The drag-and-drop interface enables you to create a mobile application with minimal coding experience. As a result, you can develop a simple info-based native app (android and ios) or any complex eCommerce app.


The unique interface of this plugin lets you create a customized user experience with different tools. You can assemble different elements of the app within a few clicks of this app builder. Whether you’re an experienced developer or starting out, Stacks makes it easy to turn your website into a top-quality mobile app.

Key Features:

  • Native app generation capabilities 
  • Drag & drop features to personalize your app
  • Unlimited sections with customizability 
  • Customize all the elements to fit your brand 
  • Ready-to-use templates available 
  • WooCommerce integration & WordPress sync option 
  • Integrates with Google Admob for monetization 
  • Multilingual support and integration with Polylang and Hyyan 


Appypie is another WordPress site to a native or hybrid mobile app conversion tool. You can easily turn your WooCommerce store into a user-friendly mobile app. It integrates the content and your store’s information instantly within the mobile app.    


This plugin can locate your customer’s behavior and find where they are using most of their time. Thus, the process of understanding the customer and aligning them with the business becomes easier. Furthermore, the app assists you in growing your website’s SEO ranking. 

Key Features:

  • Experience a superfast native app packed with features. 
  • Instant updates to the app via the website or WooCommerce store.
  • Convenient communication options via email, texts, calling, etc. 
  • Push notifications based on location, category, schedule, and more. 
  • Social media integration for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Learn more about your customers with Google Analytics 
  • Improves your WordPress site’s SEO ranking


SuperPWA creates a superior mobile web experience with its WordPress website-to-mobile app conversion capabilities. It creates progressive Web-Apps with insanely fast loading time and improved performance. 


The tool takes less than a minute to set up an entire mobile app from a WordPress website.   Users can quickly place the app on their home screen using the “Add To Home Screen” option. The process of creating, configuring, and maintaining the app is pretty easy since their support team is always ready to act on feedback.  

Key Features: 

  • Quick and simple mobile app configuration from the website.
  • Responsive support for maintenance and updates.
  • Detailed documentation is available.
  • Personalized splash screen customization.
  • Convenient “Add to Home Screen” feature.
  • Advanced caching options using the CacheStorage API.
  • Ability to select pages for offline access.
  • Automatic updates whenever the website is updated.
  • Customizable themes and mobile templates.


The Appmaker plugin makes it simple to convert your WooCommerce store into a mobile application. This DIY mobile app builder offers a flexible drag-and-drop interface to minimize the app-building effort. You can publish the converted app for the ios and android platforms without any technical dependencies. 

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Confidently showcase your brand with this WooCommerce mobile app which is highly customizable. Som engages more customers, increases sales, and takes your WooCommerce store to the next level. 

Key Features:

  • Straightforward checkout process for the customers. 
  • Send unlimited personalized push notifications. 
  • Zero coding WooCommerce to Mobile app conversion. 
  • Sync your WooCommerce store data instantly. 
  • Integrates flawlessly with 100+ WooCommerce plugins.
  • Multiple language and currency support, including WPML.
  • Live chat support is available to connect with customers.
  • Flexible product filtering & sorting,, and shipping options 

Author’s Note 

Having a mobile presence for your business is essential for achieving success through competition. By converting your site into a mobile app, you are opening a new channel to expose your business to more customers.

Remember that an ideal app will highlight your brand clearly to the customer and provide you with the highest customizability. Furthermore, you can easily use all the features without requiring technical expertise, streamlining the process for you.


We’ve curated a selection of the top WordPress plugins to transform your website into a mobile app. These tools will significantly streamline the process of creating a comprehensive native mobile app in a limited time. To optimize your business efforts, we suggest focusing on utilizing one of the above-mentioned plugins for efficient management and business growth.

You may also explore some passwordless WordPress plugins for seamless logins.

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