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In Business Operations Last updated: March 27, 2023
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SaaS management platforms can be a valuable tool for businesses using SaaS applications in their operations.

The usage and demand for SaaS are growing rampant, thanks to its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.

This is why more and more businesses are adopting SaaS applications.

However, managing several SaaS applications can be difficult. 

You might use SaaS applications for marketing, customer and sales management, and many other areas to ease your life. But it can take a toll on your finances and efficiency if not appropriately managed.

SaaS applications

There are many instances where businesses forget about renewals, and the license expires. You may also be using redundant apps that offer similar functionality or can forget about some applications that may remain unused, but you are still paying for them.

It’s an unnecessary investment and risky since cyberattackers can exploit such applications.

Therefore, a SaaS management platform makes sense for businesses dealing with multiple SaaS applications.

In this article, I’ll discuss what SaaS management platforms are and the best ones you can use for your business.

What Are SaaS Procurement and Management Platforms?

SaaS procurement and management platforms are software solutions that allow you to purchase SaaS applications mindfully and manage them effectively. You can use such a platform to make the best buying decisions and allocate the right solution to the right individuals and teams.

A SaaS management platform can help you visualize all the SaaS applications in your tech stack and understand who is using them. This also helps you discover redundant apps with similar functions and the ones that you don’t use anymore. 

SaaS Procurement and Management

Thus, you can discard such apps and save your expenses. In addition, you can mitigate risks from such applications as criminals can compromise them. You can also use the information from the platform to view your approaching renewal dates, renew apps on time, and procure new ones easily by visualizing everything in a single dashboard.

A SaaS management platform’s capabilities help you save significantly and optimize your SaaS investments.

So, if you are ready to avail of these benefits, here are the best SaaS management platforms you can consider.   


Save up to 20% of SaaS expenditure with zero risks using an efficient enterprise-grade SaaS management platform, Zylo, which also comes with SaaS negotiator services. It will help you grow your business by managing your SaaS spending and the challenges that come with it.


Zylo is a data-driven platform that combines the latest technology, unparalleled expertise, and benchmarks to ensure you reap the most outstanding value out of your SaaS investments. It offers an AI-powered Discovery Engine capable of processing over $21 billion in SaaS spending while delivering actionable insights for quick portfolio optimization.

Furthermore, Zylo lets you discover all the SaaS apps, spend, and usage with smooth, continuous monitoring. It will also help you increase purchasing efficiencies, reduce expenses, and avail data-driven insights to avoid apps with similar functionality.

Get notified of renewals and control them, enhancing employee experience and productivity by empowering them with necessary tools. In addition, Zylo will help ensure SaaS compliance.


Eliminate manual work, streamline buying processes, reduce spending, and concentrate on growing your ROI with Precoro. Its users are spread across 67 countries, including famous ones like Canva, Tala, and more.


With Precoro, you don’t have to think about approval delays, manual reporting, and excel-based management. Instead, Precoro creates POs quickly and automatically moves them to vendors. It offers instant purchase requests, clear status indications, and an unlimited catalog of services and products.

Precoro enables up to 90% faster approvals with quicker delivery and flexible workflows. It includes workflows for custom fields,  departments, and locations, mobile-friendly approvals, and approval policies and thresholds.

You will also get reports to provide faster information to enable optimal operational and financial decisions. It includes real-time insights, 20+ filters to help you discover what you need, and 120+ customizable fields for custom reports.

Book a demo to know more.


If you want to optimize your SaaS savings, efficiency, and visibility, Zluri is a good option. It offers a clean dashboard for everything, from discovering and managing to automating tasks and purchases.


You can slash your SaaS expenses by a third, find underused and unused applications, consolidate them with similar functions, and renew licenses through usage insights. In addition, automate your SaaS procurement, upcoming renewals, and on-boarding and off-boarding in a few clicks.

Zluri provides greater visibility into all the SaaS applications you have so that you can discover and remove unapproved and unsecured apps and remain compliant. Another exciting thing about Zluri is that it comes with an ROI calculator so you can calculate your ROI and explore how much can be saved on your SaaS investments.


Get on a cost-effective ride with Sastrify and let it help you figure out and negotiate the best deals for SaaS licenses on the market. While Sasttrify manages your SaaS licenses, you can allow your employees to focus on other essential tasks.

With this solution, you don’t have to think about investing more time in onboarding; instead, allow Sastrify to do that for you. This saves not only time but also effort.


In addition, Sastrify can monitor your SaaS usage to enable quick adaptations when you need them. It will send suggestions to negotiate, alert you before renewals, and offer risk management and successful deployment. 

Sastrify can work like an external team for you with the right skills to handle your SaaS spend. This way, you don’t have to worry about scaling your internal team up just for managing the SaaS deployments, which can be costly and a lengthy process.

Book a demo to know how it works.


Say hello to Procurify and forget about manual ways of managing your SaaS expenses. It will give you the power of automation to control your SaaS spending effectively. It can be an excellent choice for all businesses, especially mission-critical organizations.

This platform will keep you away from paper processes, complex solutions, and slow approvals; instead, you will enjoy proactive SaaS spend management. In addition, get a centralized place to create purchase approvals and customize them. You will also get quick visibility into your budgets against actual spending.


Make spend management an easy task for your team with the help of virtual and physical spending cards. Procurify, as the name says, will create a smooth procurement process and help you save significant time. You can also use vendor or catalog insights to make smarter buying and business decisions.

Procurify comes with a mobile app so you can make requests and approve items easily and quickly anytime, anywhere. It can also integrate with your tools, such as Slack, Quickbooks, Oracle Netsuite, and more, to make your life easier. In addition, manage to spend efficiently with digital audits, end-to-end expense workflows, and reliable controls.

Watch a demo to understand how to use this platform.


Optimize SaaS expenses using real-time insights and valuable features by Productiv – a SaaS management solution leveraging SaaS intelligence. It has helped high-impact teams like Uber, Equinix, Databricks, etc., save up to 35% of their SaaS expenses and delivers a superb employee experience.

Business leaders from procurement, IT, and other lines look up to Productiv because of its easy-to-use platform, straightforward offerings, and advanced features.

Get better visibility into all your SaaS ecosystem to detect sanctioned apps, optimize expenditure, and track application engagement with intelligent insights.


Automate your employee workflow lifecycles and license management to accelerate operations and lower IT overhead. Deliver a personalized and frictionless app fulfillment process to increase engagement and adoption while saving significant IT time.

You get data-driven proactive governance, operational velocity, and employee engagement with SaaS intelligence. It will also help you improve your compliance and decision-making with predictive benchmarks and insights.


Let Vendr purchase and renew SaaS applications so you can get the best pricing without getting into the trouble of negotiations. It is an excellent SaaS procurement service to reduce your expenses and save big on them.

Vendr brings data-driven insights based on thousands of transactions to get better pricing clarity and close deals faster. Forget about internal complications while making purchases; Vendr will help you transition quickly from the evaluation stage to purchase with 100% compliance.


Getting started with this solution is easy; allow Vendr to analyze your SaaS stack by sharing with them a SaaS spreadsheet. Once they have the correct data, they will determine ways to save you money, make purchases, and renew your licenses. Executives, teams, and department heads can leverage the dashboard to request new tools.

Vendr automates approval, whether you need it from legal, finance, or security stakeholders. Once it has determined the best pricing, it will close the deal, outline savings, and prepare for the next renewal.


Empower your procurement team and improve your efforts with Tropic. It will ease your life in managing hundreds of software vendors with assisted purchasing to process every contract effectively.


Tropic is capable of completing hundreds of business deals each month. This helps produce playbooks, insights, and benchmarks to enhance your sourcing strategies. Delight contract stakeholders by offering them various easy-to-use tools to manage process compliance. Procurement teams can use this platform to manage purchases and renewals easily.

Discover new vendors quickly, optimize the SaaS stack, and standardize the procurement process with Tropic. Its contract management is valuable for organizing your contracts, gaining critical data, and never letting any renewal expire.

With assisted purchasing, you will get an end-to-end software procurement solution offered by Tropic’s experts.  You can monitor your SaaS usage and decide where to increase or decrease it.


Use Torii to get wider spend visibility and optimization to drive your SaaS ROI. This advanced discovery platform can help you understand your SaaS usage, make adjustments, and boost employee productivity.

Torii provides complete insights into your SaaS spend, contract data, and ERP at a glance. It also leverages SaaS intelligence to help you cut 6through the noise and visualize all the software in use, overlapped, or wasted.


Without leaving this platform, this will enable you to make quick business decisions on any software, user, or license. You can connect different resources like ERPs with Torii and find your SaaS spend across your portfolio.

Combine user adoption insights with license cost to optimize your SaaS ROI and impact. With native HRIS integrations, you can map and analyze SaaS expenditure by app owner, business unit, software category, etc., to make better decisions faster.

In addition, advanced workflows will allow you to recover your wasted license quickly, and you can also automate custom license reclamation. Torii will also help you find, manage, track, or phased licenses


LeanIX is an efficient SaaS management platform to optimize SaaS productivity and cost. It enables you to integrate your leading financial, SSO, and contract management solutions to continuously and quickly discover apps and provide greater visibility into your SaaS ecosystem.

This fully-automated platform comes with features like renewal visualizations, identification of duplicate licenses, redundant contracts, and bought SaaS applications, and manages everything in a single place.


All these insights will help you optimize SaaS costs and save bigger. The platform also enables you to drive accountability among your team members and assign ownership, which will help you understand SaaS expenses better and avoid waste. You can also negotiate contracts with software vendors’ pricing benchmarks.

Leverage the platform’s renewal calendar and monthly reports to plan and remain within budget. You can even track usage and improve SaaS adoption with greater visibility. You can also use the insights to ensure the best usage by allocating the proper licenses to members.

Track your software solutions in the SaaS stack and stay compliant with SOC2, GDPR, and other regulatory bodies. The information from the software will also help you prevent security threats, eliminate unauthorized access, and secure data access.

You can also discover SaaS vendors complying with your policies and making the right decisions. Integrate LeanIX with other systems such as Slack, Salesforce, ADP, SAP, Okta, and more.


Use Cledara to have better visibility and control over your SaaS subscriptions. It offers a single place to view and manage your entire subscriptions. You can also drive collaboration by easily sharing the software across your team and avoiding paying for unused or duplicate services.


Cledara will help you effortlessly manage your services, offboard and onboard them, and request new ones. Track your team and empower them with the appropriate software licenses and approvals required while controlling everything with an easy procurement process.

Visualize your users and subscriptions with real-time reporting. You can use actionable insights to find project budgets and savings.

Furthermore, evaluate renewals on time and predict payments using upcoming renewal charges and dates in a single place.


Discover, control, and optimize your SaaS ecosystem with Snowsoftware. It offers detailed visibility into your SaaS usage that you can use as inputs to avoid waste, reduce vendor sprawl, negotiate renewals, and eliminate redundant and risky apps.


This platform offers SAM professionals better visibility into unsanctioned, sanctioned, licensed, and free SaaS apps alongside your infrastructure and in-premises apps in a single solution. All this information will help you optimize SaaS spending and control activities effectively.

The Snow agents installed on your systems with a browser extension can capture usage for more than 8,000 applications identified with their Data Intelligence Service.

It will also allow you to aggregate data for several apps with the help of SaaS API connectors while providing another API connector for uncommon apps. You can integrate it with other tools and perform everything without switching tabs.


A SaaS management platform will help you save significantly on your SaaS spending by allowing you to visualize and manage all your SaaS applications, their allocation, and usage. So, use any of the above SaaS management platforms you prefer and save your hard-earned money. 

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