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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: July 15, 2023
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Do you want to take your Shopify store sales to the next level? Check out this list of the best Shopify apps to increase sales.

Having an online store means you can easily facilitate the connection between your business and the customers. But you can not undermine the challenges that come along the way.

Shopify is undoubtedly one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. According to the data of January 2022, more than 3.76 million websites use Shopify. If you are one of them, the competition to attract customers to buy from your Shopify store is evident.

But, worry no more!

Shopify offers a massive collection of more than 7000 apps or plugins to help you with your eCommerce success. Besides, you can integrate many additional tools with your Shopify store for better business growth.

Still, looks like a daunting task to choose the best Shopify apps? This blog will offer a cherry-picked list of the best Shopify apps or tools to increase sales.

Why Do You Need Apps/Tools for Your Shopify Store?

Why Do You Need Apps Tools for Your Shopify Store

While Shopify is a sophisticated eCommerce platform, its core features cannot provide you with the necessary boost your company needs. That’s why you need to go for additional Shopify apps or tools. Shopify apps are plugins you use to improve the functionality of your store.

You can integrate these apps into your online store and enjoy new features that make your and your customers’ experiences seamless. Here are some benefits you can get by using the best Shopify apps.

Marketing and Advertisement

Shopify apps can do the tasks of promotion and marketing for you in order to convert the leads into customers. Shopify store owners can install such apps to let more people know about their products and coordinate with affiliates.


Any Shopify store aims to sell more products. You will find many intelligent tools in the Shopify App Store that can contribute to increasing your sales through different approaches.

Depending on your products and potential customer base, Shopify store owners can find the best Shopify apps to increase sales and earn more revenue.

Lead Generation

Without solid leads, you can forget about reaching your sales target through your Shopify store. Hence, lead generation should be an essential aspect of your marketing strategy.

There are many dedicated apps for funnel automation and lead generation that can help you point out potential customers.

Optimization for Search Engines

Optimization for Search Engines

Though Shopify is highly compatible with SEO as a platform, you can further boost the ranking and impression of your website in the search engines using the additional apps.

You can use general apps to experience an overall improvement in terms of website SEO. If you are an expert in site optimization, you can use the best Shopify apps for specialized SEO.

Better Customer Service

In today’s e-commerce environment, good customer service is mandatory. Using any robust and easy-to-use customer support and service apps, you can promptly revert to your customers’ queries and prove yourself to be dependable.

Product Review Generation

Customers these days largely depend on customer reviews and ratings while going for any product or service. Hence, collecting reviews from your customers is a great way to establish your credibility with future customers. Many Shopify apps collect reviews on your behalf and ultimately help with sales.

Check out the following list of apps and tools for Shopify store sales boost.


If you are tired of paying for numerous apps installed on your Shopify store, it is time to switch to Vitals. Installing this platform will help you do away with issues caused by multiple plugin installations, such as slow site loading and app clashing. It offers some of the best Shopify apps, 40 to be precise.

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Some of the most popular apps are Product Reviews, Announcement Bars, Shipping Information, Currency Converters, Pop-ups, Stock Scarcity, Countdown timers, All-in-One Chat, Instant Search, Social Media Buttons, Content Protection, Quick Access Links, Scroll to Top Button, and SEO ALT Tags.


Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform that offers SMS, Loyalty, Reviews, and Subscriptions solutions designed to help brands of all sizes create seamless shopping experiences for their customers.

Yotpo SMSBump allows brands to communicate with their shoppers via personalized text messages that boast a 25x ROI on average. The Yotpo Loyalty and Referrals solution rewards existing customers to boost customer lifetime value.

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With Reviews, there’s a dedicated space to collect and display customer content in order to leverage the power of social proof. And Subscriptions can help turn customers into repeat buyers. Combined, these solutions yield connected data that gives brands a deeper understanding of who their customers are and what’s most important to them.

As a Shopify solution, the Yotpo platform is great for growing brands that are looking to gain momentum within their industry and boost brand and product discovery. Plus, it’s an easy-to-use solution with technology that works together for a more intuitive experience.


Manychat provides a highly personalized and interactive experience to the potential customers visiting your Shopify store. As the name suggests, it connects with your store visitors through Facebook Messenger & SMS about order details, reminders about the abandoned carts, and tailored coupons.

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Since it reaches the people directly, there is a higher chance of getting more customers and orders. Manychat also enables you to create unique and personalized coupon codes for each customer that take only one tap to redeem.

It also comes with the automated messages feature that updates customers on purchased orders and delivery. Businesses can use Manychat to generate reviews for their store to improve credibility.


If you are a Shopify store owner who needs to manage all affiliates, including brand ambassadors and social media influencers, UpPromote makes the job easier for you.

Creating and assigning coupon and affiliate links are seamless with the app. UpPromote also lets you track an unlimited number of referral orders without any hassle.

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Businesses can utilize UpPromote Marketplace, branded landing pages, and multi-level marketing to attract and appoint affiliates, even within your customers.

With customized affiliate registration forms, email templates, and communication facilities using email and chat, UpPromote makes sure you have a professional relationship with the affiliates.

The app also generates reports and data analytics about the performance of your affiliate team, including commission, clicks, and orders.


ReferralCandy is one of the best Shopify apps that promotes word-of-mouth marketing by rewarding your existing customers for their referrals and making new customers purchase from your store.

This app automatically pays the referral rewards so that you do not have to do this manually. All you have to do is choose from gifts, coupon codes, and cash as rewards.

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It provides you with insights on additional sales, top referrers, and industry benchmarks by tracking your referrals and showing you the analytics. This app is also helpful for dealing with any fraud and spam.

If you are a Shopify Plus merchant, you can enjoy additional benefits such as a dedicated account manager, enterprise-grade security, and customized features.


Are you searching for a no-brainer social proof app to increase traffic and conversation on your Shopify store? If yes, then go for Fomo. It offers a simple yet automated personal recommendation solution by showing real-time customer interactions to your store visitors.

Businesses can use this app to display recent purchases, new social media followers, form submissions, newsletter subscriptions, active visitors, product reviews, and resolved support tickets.

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By using Fomo, you can choose between two ways of displaying social proof. One is Fomo Inline, which you can place anywhere on your website. The second one is the Live Fomo notification. You can go for any of its highly customizable templates to attract your audience with social proof.


If you are into Shopify dropshipping, your store should have the Spocket app for a simplified process. It lets you procure high-quality products from thousands of trustworthy suppliers from the US, EU, and the rest of the world.

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Thanks to the up to 30% discount from the verified dropshipping suppliers of this app, you can maximize your profit and get a competitive edge. Sprocket also has a fair return policy that you can utilize to try selling unique products.

Once you add this app to your Shopify store, customers can enjoy features like one-click order fulfillment, real-time order tracking, and flat-rate shipping.


PushOwl is one of the best Shopify apps that provide a web-based push notification service to online store owners.

It creates reminder notifications for making new purchases or completing the orders and then shows them on the screen of an array of devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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This app is perfect for nurturing visitors into customers through notifications with higher visibility and clicks. It does so without even collecting their personal information.

PushOwl has a powerful reporting feature that tells you about impressions, revenue, popular products, campaign performance, and other valuable data.

Businesses can also keep the customers engaged by showing them alerts on inventory updates, cart abandonment, and shipping.


Adwisely is a prospecting and retargeting app that allows integration of your Shopify store with Facebook and Google—the two most prominent sales channels.

It helps your business grow while investing minimum effort and money on ad management by letting you effortlessly run ads on these platforms.

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This powerful online ad tool assists you in the ad creation and management process in different ways. Its prospecting ads market your products to attract people to visit your store for the first time.

Adwisely reminds people about their abandoned cart or viewed products by running retargeting ads. Apart from the above features, it promotes compelling seasonal sales to the customers to encourage them to reengage with your store.


Hextom is not a single app. Instead, it offers a collection of the 13 best Shopify apps to increase sales through various channels.

No matter what your business size is, it can offer you a SaaS software suite for a set of software is ranging from inventory management, store automation, SEO, customer engagement, and many more.

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Some of its popular apps are

  • Countdown Timer Bar
  • Translate My Store & Currency
  • Bulk Image Edit
  • Image SEO
  • Email Collection Bar
  • Shop Workflow Automation
  • Bulk Product Edit & CSV import
  • Multi-Currency Converter.

Moreover, Ultimate Sales Boost is another sales-boosting app from Hextom that increases average order value by promoting your products throughout the shopping journey.


Jebbit is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales. It lets you create beautiful and engaging quizzes for your audience. These shoppable or match quizzes increase conversion rate and sales by assisting visitors in discovering products best fit for them.

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Besides, you can build surveys, personality quizzes, lead generation forms, and more using this app and share those across channels such as email, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Companies can use any of the 50 pre-built templates this no-code platform offers and customize them according to their brand identity. The data and leads collected through these quizzes will help you do marketing and copywriting for your website.


Businesses looking for automating workflow and email sequencing should opt for Drip, a powerful marketing tool for Shopify. It offers different apps for email marketing, SMS marketing, forms & popups, segmentation and personalization, workflow automation, and insights.

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With these apps, you can reach more potential customers, develop your own list, and convert more traffic into your customers by sending them personalized emails. You can engage with the customers better using these apps and see a boost in your revenue.

By utilizing the customer insights and personalized recommendations provided by this solution, you can develop marketing strategies for your business.

Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell is the Shopify app that makes sure you sell more to your customers by offering them a replacement of their orders with an upgraded version. It comes up with dynamically updated upsells generated based on the previous choices of the customer.

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You can also use Bold Upsell to cross-sell associated and complementary products as per the products already added to the cart. The app allows quick application setup and creation of products/services offers.

While making upsell offers like free shipping and discounts, you can take customers’ activity, the value of the shopping cart, and upsell metrics into consideration.


With people being glued to their smartphones more than ever, you can use the text marketing service of Recart to grow your business. The app helps businesses by automating SMS and Facebook Messenger marketing.

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You can send targeted and personalized promotions to your potential audience using its Sponsored Message campaign. The app comes with opt-in tools that you can utilize to grow your marketing list for SMS, Messenger, and emails at a rapid speed.

Businesses can utilize the Flow Editors of Recart for developing a workflow for Messenger and SMS within a few minutes. Choose any pre-built flow from its Template Library and get better ROI by providing a conversational experience to your customers at scale.

Wrapping Up 👩‍🏫

This article outlined the best Shopify apps to increase sales and achieve a loyal customer base. While all these apps are popular due to their features, you should choose an app with the basic attributes and capabilities to fulfill your business needs.

Make sure the best Shopify app you choose is easy-to-use, affordable, and time-saving. It is also useful to check its rating to understand what other users have experienced.

You may now read about trusted eCommerce hosting platforms for companies of any size.

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