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Are you using Slack apps but don’t know how they can increase your productivity? Here are some best Slack apps specifically for productivity that can come in handy.

Undoubtedly, Slack has become one of the most exceptional communication and team management applications. Millions of users and hundreds of companies use Slack as their primary communication app to connect with remote team workers and different departments.

To run the business smoothly, one needs to focus on several applications that can make conversations, discussions, and tasks seamless. The best feature of the Slack application is that it is easy to integrate with other applications.

From getting notifications about projects, assigning tasks, tracking progress, getting feedback, and setting deadlines, the Slack application, with its integrations, can help you a lot. The best is that you don’t have to log in ten applications to get the job done.

On top of that, it is easy to install the plugin from the web browser and integrate it with Slack to get rolling. Slack integrations are easily accessible and work by adding new functions such as document libraries, workflow boards, games, and video chats.

Here are some of the best Slack applications that can increase productivity by streamlining communication, aligning tasks, automating results, meeting goals, and helping you to stay connected.


Geekbot can help run surveys and standup meetings and obtain daily reports on Microsoft Teams and Slack applications. The aim is to save time, get automated reports, and turn routine updates along with setting the frequency and time of standup meetings.


  • Maintaining the reports based on employees’ local time zones is easy without prompting them to receive the report at midnight.
  • Use templates to start with reports, compile data sets, work in just a few clicks, and get live support on hand.
  • Send a friendly report to employees to share reports in real-time and snooze the standup to get a response.
  • It is ideal for sales reports, daily standups, bonding moments, meeting notes, team feedback, private 1-on-1s, team retrospectives, and more.
  • Set autopilot teamwork for recurring tasks, share responses, collect surveys, run daily standups, and post updates on Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Geekbot also helps in getting responses from Microsoft Teams and Slack.


Bonusly integrations work well with Slack, helping team members to collaborate and communicate efficiently. The users can join the recognition channel on Slack to know the employee’s status and their peers. It offers live feeds of employees at every step throughout the workday.


  • It helps in boosting engagement with team members without leaving Slack.
  • Building a stronger team and scaling up recognition among members, direct reporting managers, peers, and others.
  • Promoting core business values with communication and collaboration is a bonus.
  • Regular updates about birthdays and occasions ensure everyone can celebrate the event together.
  • Automated notification feature in Slack with no additional efforts for managers or leaders.

Bonusly sends recognition to the team members with a simple command /give as a mode to earn the achievement, get awards, and receive a bonus.


Friday is the management tool that one can use for templates, tips, and productivity hacks. It helps the users to unclutter the calendar and help to overcome significant challenges. The aim is to increase productivity while following up on synchronous and asynchronous communication.

Friday integrations help you to glue the workplace in order, such as docs, chat, project management tools, and HRIS. It will help in integrating the scattered tools making communication at work more accessible, and is the perfect solution for new hires.


  • Recap of weekly tasks to help the team accomplish their tasks.
  • Get direct reports and updates without scheduling another meeting.
  • Sharing the everyday tasks with everyone to streamline the work.
  • Customizable communion routes such as reminders, questions, and cadence.
  • Get compelling reports to stakeholders without wasting time on instant trends.
  • Automated work routines and planners to connect with colleagues instantly.

One can integrate Friday with Slack to streamline the tasks and project management. With Slack integration, one can automate regular updates like weekly tasks, standup meetings, and more. It is easy to configure Friday with Slack, and you (along with your teammates) will get the update regularly.


Roots aims to reduce office burnout, boost team collaboration, and create a more robust company culture. The HR Slack plugin is designed to help the employees streamline their day-to-day tasks and increase productivity. It is a great HR solution to ensure that you can start with work without investing in several tools.


  • It comes with an onboarding system allowing users to build an automated workflow to auto-assign tasks and for the orientation of new employees.
  • Track each employee’s tracks, and prepare employees for better flow and comfort for Slack.
  • Follow up an organization chart to understand the lines of communication and improve visibility with real-time Slack notifications.
  • Help the team stay connected and bond over interested groups, watercooler topics, and meetup roulettes.
  • Use intelligent surveys for employee engagement and know what steps you can take to enhance their experience.

Roots are easy-to-deploy, making users download, install, and set up the plugin within a few minutes. Along with this, the tool that comes with unlimited PTO for the Slack app to request, track, analyze, and approve employees’ usage. integration is considered an ideal addition to the Slack platform. It offers seamless communication for employees, helps them receive regular updates, sync conversations on both platforms, and track any changes in real-time. The aim is to stay on the same page to work as a team.


  • Track all the deadlines and notify team members instantly over Slack directly.
  • Sync the data automatically, such as conversations and updates about Slack over
  • Create new tasks and assign them to team members instantly. integration can help the team to work effortlessly with each other by sharing real-time progress with others. It allows employees to change status, create new tasks, notify others, and finish projects without missing deadlines.


Consider Donut as a one-stop to connect with employees without waiting for the watercolor breaks. It is a way to enjoy virtual coffee, DEI discussions, and peer learning. The aim is to build meaningful relationships among employees, streamlined collaborations, and discover new rituals within the team.


  • It helps in maintaining privacy until you want to share the task or event with someone as a channel.
  • The messages and notification is sent to those who you will invite.
  • Free access to the Donut features for employees such as sending invites, celebrating events, and having watercooler chats.
  • It comes with several functionalities that are divided into two paid plans such as Premium and Standard plans.

Donut is easy to work with to bring people closer. It facilitates new connection, encourages mutual celebration, and automate random conversation. The best thing is that users don’t have to compromise their privacy to get things done.


HeyTaco helps employers to build happier and stronger remote teams. It helps in streamlining workflow, don’t worry about recognizing team members, and having fun while working together.


  • One can reveal activity feeds to see what the team is working on.
  • Maintain and activate leaderboards to receive and give tacos to the employees.
  • Create memorable moments with friends based on special occasions or achievements and give them virtual gifts.
  • It helps businesses to create a recognition-rich culture for their employees to reduce turnover costs and retain team members.

HeyTaco is easy to integrate with Microsoft Teams and Slack; include tack emojis when you are messaging colleagues to show appreciation and praise to put a smile on their faces. On top of that, it allows you to keep track of all your team’s activities.


Polly gets all the updates and brings them to your Slack application, whether a big question or a minor query. It answers all the questions instantly without messing around on different platforms.


  • 7-10x faster and immediate response than form or survey
  • It comes purpose-built for Slack.
  • Make informed decisions with instant and visualized results using CSV database files.
  • Automating repetitive tasks with weekly check-ins, 1-on-1 meeting agendas, daily standups, and other routines.

Polly tool can also amplify diverse voices using structured bottom-up feedback to improve employee experience and get anonymity control on sensitive topics.


Consider Jibble as the free Slack time tracking tool that can help employers track the clock in and out of employees’ time. It can help in viewing simplified timesheets and work as a messaging tool. The solution can help discover the commands that can work for the companies to get started.


  • Track employees’ time with slash commands to understand their progress.
  • Track daily logs of employees with payroll hours, tracked hours, and daily entries.
  • View activities and projects to track time and check who is working on what module.
  • Simplify the timesheet data with regular logs, weekly updates, and daily summaries without switching applications.
  • Understand the project activities of all the employees instantly while scrolling through details.
  • Get instant and real-time notifications to track employees’ activities such as clocking in time, understanding their work, etc.

Users can create a Jibble account, integrate it with Slack, invite members, and start using it.

Status Hero

Status Hero is a tool with instant synchronization with automated standups and aligning teams instantly. To get insightful and concise reports, one can stay async with data and check-ins. The aim of using Status Hero is to replace lengthy meetings, interruptions, and shoulder taps.


  • It is easy to automate daily check-ins with customized settings, send Slack, SMS, or emails, and be aware of time zone.
  • Track the health of your team members while tracking their goals, check-in rates, requests, and activities with retros and 1:1s report.
  • Review the employee’s activities instantly in the real-time activity stream and check-ins from project management tools without switching apps.

It is ideal for Microsoft Teams, Slack, and email to check-ins and compile activities to clarify intentions, accomplishments, and blockers. The aim is to help hybrid and remote teams across timezones and workflows to get reports, share feedback, and review the team members.


Workast aims to organize work for the teams on Slack while delegating tasks, streamlining processes, running meetings, managing projects, and increasing the visibility of team members’ tasks. It is easy to install Workast with a few clicks and start collaborating with team members.


  • Instant reminders and notifications in Slack without overflooding your tools.
  • Collaborate with team members with no separate passwords, invites, or new accounts.
  • Create tasks on Slack easily and capture the status instantly.
  • Gain visibility over the tasks assigned to the team members, reallocate resources to tasks, and keep track of them.

Workast has made it easy to track and capture the work details on Slack through boards, lists, timelines, and calendars. It helps users to create unique workflows and streamline the tasks via Emails, Calendar Sync, Workflow Builder, Webhooks and API, Zapier, and Forms.


Range allows users to keep track of their employees from Slack without switching between applications. From check-ins to check-outs, it can cover all the significant features. If you have been nagging your team about all the tasks and updates, it is best to go for Range that will eliminate the need to message the team.


  • Set a reminder to track the tasks without going into the micromanaging phase.
  • Get powerful status updates to get productive, focused, and connected results.
  • Writing check-ins quickly and at a faster rate irrespective of the tasks your team is working on.

It is easy to connect with Slack; visit the integration setting, set Slack up, connect Slack and Range, follow the necessary steps, and start enjoying the integration.

Simple Poll

Simple Poll is a native and simple integration tool for Slack that can help connect with colleagues within a few minutes. It is easy to create a poll using the /poll command so that others can cast a vote.


  • Create anonymous polls to hide to see who voted what easily.
  • Set up recurring polls based on week, day, or month.
  • Limit the voting to one vote per person or multiple votes as per your requirements.
  • Create surveys with multi-questions to make it easy to know the employee’s experience.


Evergreen is a peer-to-peer recognition utility promoting a productive work culture, all the while building a healthier planet. Put simply; active users can distribute 12 seeds per month to their peers as a token of appreciation. In turn, Evergreen plants real trees for every seed in collaboration with EdenProejcts(.org).


  • Managers can check about the givers and receivers of virtual seeds, giving them insight into company culture and values.
  • Evergreen indicates personal and company-wide carbon offsets and overall team performance.
  • Allows tagging company values to see their real-time implementation.

To see how it works, you can avail of its 14-day free trial. Please note the Evergreen team clearly states they don’t plant trees for the trial users.


Where do I find Slack apps?

You can check the Slack App Directory for all the apps, along with their respective categories. Slack’s free subscription lets you choose any 10 apps to integrate. You can add unlimited apps with Pro and Business+ subscriptions.

Are there any free Slack apps that are worth trying?

While the choice of free Slack apps is subjective and varies based on the use case, my personal favorites are Google Drive, Zoom, TimeBot, Giphy, Simple Poll, etc.

How can I manage and organize my team’s Slack integrations?

Only workspace admins can add or delete Slack integrations. For this, one has to be logged into the subject workspace before visiting the Slack App Directory. Next, the Manage option at the top menu allows integration management.


With this said, we hope you can leverage this list and boost your productivity instantly. These applications and integrations will help you get the best results, increase retention, and facilitate collaboration without compromising quality.

You can also look at these productivity apps if you are a remote worker.

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