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In Privacy Last updated: May 26, 2023
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Sneaker proxies are useful if you want to buy limited edition shoes from reputed sites faster before the stock is sold. 

The reason is quality shoes from sites like Adidas and Nike, especially the limited editions that get sold within minutes or a couple of hours. 

And if you want to buy them in bulk, it’s highly unlikely to do so, with millions of consumers worldwide eyeing those pairs of shoes as you. Even if you want to buy one, it’s challenging.

Sneaker proxies can help you here. 

They will place the online order with faster speed and accuracy while bypassing geo-restrictions and order limits.

These proxies are safer since they mask your real IP address to keep you anonymous and safeguard you from cybersecurity risks.

Let’s understand more about them and some of the best sneaker proxies so you can grab your favorite pair.

What is a proxy?

A proxy or proxy server is essentially a server acting as an intermediary between a user and the website they visit.

A proxy hides the IP address of the user’s device with another IP address to enable the user to access the site content. This way, the site can only see the IP address provided by the proxy and not the actual IP address of the user.

As a result of this indirect contact, the user’s IP address remains unexposed. This helps prevent cyberattacks and safeguards users’ data, networks, and applications.

Proxies are used for many purposes, such as web scraping, buying shoes online, accessing geo-restricted content, and more.

Proxies are helpful to place orders on online stores. These are private proxies that you can use safely to connect to an eCommerce store and buy products, including limited edition deals that are not easy to grab otherwise.

What are sneaker proxies and why are they popular?

Sneaker proxies are proxies you can use to buy sneakers from any online store, no matter where you are. 

Hence, if a site is geo-restricted in your region or country, but you are crazy about that pair of black shoes you came to know about some days ago, you can easily buy it using a proxy before the stock is sold out.

Sneaker proxies can be rotating, data center, or residential proxies. Residential sneaker proxies are real IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Since they make the user appear as a real resident of a country, they can hardly be detected and are expensive.

Datacenter proxies work as remote servers to help reroute your web traffic. They are cheaper but involve the risk of getting detected by sophisticated sites.

Interestingly, sneaker proxies are becoming popular these days. It’s because they are helping people buy shoes from any site without difficulties like limits, geo-restrictions, etc. 

The thing is, shoe-selling sites like Adidas, Nike, etc., pose heavy restrictions on users. They use advanced mechanisms to detect suspicious activities and immediately block those users’ IPs to protect their content and safeguard against data theft.

In addition, sneaker websites limit users from buying the number of shoe pairs beyond a certain number, especially for limited editions. The reason is such sites produce the best quality shoes in limited editions. But users are in millions located across the globe. Hence, you can’t buy them in bulk while using the same IP. 

But if you still wish to purchase more pairs, sneakers proxies are something you require. 

They will help you win the race and become one of the lucky owners of those limited edition sneakers, which explains why they are popular.

How do sneaker proxies work?

A sneaker proxy accelerates and automates the process of buying sneakers from a site. They can place multiple orders quickly. Even if you place just a single order using a sneaker bot or proxy, you can still beat the ordinary users due to the speed factor.

All you need to do is use the proxy the right way to make the most out of it and leave it to do shopping on your behalf.

What to Look for in a Sneaker Proxy?

If you want to have the full potential of a sneaker proxy, here are some of the features you must look for before you buy one.

Country of Origin

A sneaker proxy’s location is crucial to ensure you get faster connectivity, fewer lags, and bypass geo-restrictions. 

Hence, buying a sneaker proxy closest to your location is beneficial.

If the sneaker proxy server is physically closer to the store you want to order from, or they are located in the same country of origin, you will get faster connectivity. This will also prevent geo-restrictions.


Even if you have chosen a good proxy from the same country of origin as the store, the next thing you should keep in mind is the speed. 

A sneaker bot can make the entire job of placing an order easier, more accurate, and faster than a human would do. Hence, let the automation help you. 

You can check how much speed which proxy provides and choose the faster one.

Connection limit

The probability of being successful in your goal while using a sneaker proxy increases with more connections. Hence, there’s no point in using a proxy that limits the number of connections to a site.

Therefore, it would be best if you choose a sneaker proxy with unlimited connections.

Proxy type

The best proxy type to buy sneakers is a rotating proxy since your IP address will change or rotate each time you connect to and access a site.

This will mask your identity and safeguard you from attacks and allow you to place multiple orders easily on any site.

Also, avoid free proxies if you want to be safe. They are not only easy to detect but also vulnerable to attacks. Some cyber attackers are also behind these free proxies looking to exploit your data and threaten you.

So, if you are looking to buy sneakers in bulk or want to grab your favorite pair from a newly launched sneaker edition, here are some of the best sneaker proxy options.

Mars Proxies

Get the best sneaker proxies from Mars Proxies that are compatible and optimized with the sneaker bot. It provides data center sneaker proxies and residential sneaker proxies with a guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

Mars Proxies ensures that you stay with the connection during the drop time. Its residential plan is filled with three individual pools available to use at once. Moreover, it provides a hundred million unbanned IPs across the globe.

In addition, it has two verification options, i.e., ip:auth and user:pass, which allow you to use any bot around the world. You will also get non-expiring GBs, sticky sessions, and more. It has a speed of 6-120 ms, unlimited bandwidth, threads, and SOCKS5 support. 

Start your sneaker journey with a daily or monthly plan or pay per proxy. 


IPRoyal has dedicated proxies with sneaker bot compatibility. It offers multiple proxy servers along with IPs from different subnetworks along with dedicated proxies for your personal use. 

IPRoyal offers powerful, fast, and safe data center proxies. Since fashion websites selling sneakers are more restricted with limited availability and selling time, IPRoyal’s sneaker proxies help you grab and sell as many pairs as you want.

You will get SSL encryption to make secure transactions while buying sneakers and stunning automation tools to drive your sneaker business. 

IPRoyal offers 10 GBPS port speed at $0.80/proxy for a day with an instant delivery option, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated, i.e., IP authenticated or user:pass, and locations like UK, NL, FR, IT, DE, and the US.

Bright Data

If you are trying to get hold of sneaker classics from Nike, Puma, Addidas, or Converse, Bright Data sneaker proxy can help you with that. It lets you buy sneakers of your choice in bulk by bypassing subnet bans.


This proxy infrastructure allows you to use over 72 million residential proxies from 195 locations. Hence, you can choose any preferred location during a sneaker release. It also comes with automated tools that help you grab limited-edition sneakers before anyone else.

These proxies have a 99.99% success rate in terms of performance. Bright Data Web Unlocker can unlock sites automatically in real-time so you can grab the offers instantly and place orders in bulk.

For residential proxies, you can choose the Pay-As-You-Go plan that does not involve any commitment. There are other plans named Growth, Business, and Enterprise, starting at $11.48/GB.


Get the fastest sneaker proxies from Smartproxy that work with major sneaker bots, such as Supreme Bot, Better Nike Bot, EasyCop Bot, Nike Slayer, Another Nike Bot, Nike Shoe Bot, AIO Bot, and more. 

Smartproxy offers various integrations to market in social media, scale your business, etc. It provides unlimited threads, fast response time, and unique IPs with no subnet bans. In order to squeeze the delay in buying sneakers, you can connect to sneaker sites from the nearby servers. 

With Smartproxy, you can target proxies in every location with the fastest response times. There is no need to buy a separate proxy in every purchase; Smartproxy provides unlimited connections and threads in every price plan. 

Moreover, setting up a shoe bot is easy, with multiple connections for the same range. Increase your chances of buying multiple pairs and enhance your profit with this tool. It will also help you add the sneakers to the cart and quickly check out the whole list. 

Every residential proxy uses a unique IP for the device, which means no website can ban the IP pool. It is entirely compatible with smartphones, and you can easily check the setup instructions for your iOS and Android phones. 

Choose the best possible pricing plan according to your interest and avail yourself of a 3-day money-back guarantee.

Storm Proxies

Get Adidas, Sneaker, Yeezy, Nike, and Supreme sites proxy with Storm Proxies. It allows you to access residential proxies specially optimized for sneaker sites. 

Storm Proxies is developed for fast, multi-threaded tools and high-performance. Once you are done with the registration process, you can start setting it up instantly without waiting for activation. With the plan you select, you get unlimited bandwidth. 

Storm Proxies can ensure that your IP address stays hidden by leveraging its unique technology developed in-house. Thus, Storm Proxies is risk-free. In every pricing plan, you will get access to a 40,000 residential IPs pool, and the proxy rotating time is five minutes.

Furthermore, you can buy rotating sneaker proxies that don’t need any manual IP replacements, technical writings, APIs, or time-consuming codes. All proxy rotation happens automatically on behalf of Smart Proxies. 

Get 20-port sneaker proxies at $160/month and single access IP, 40,000 residential IPs pool, unlimited bandwidth, and $8/port for extra ports. If you are not satisfied with the service, apply for a full refund within 2 hours of purchase.


Proxydrop is a factory-linked sneaker proxy that provides one of the freshest and most secure IPs in the game. It values quality and thus, offers more than 28 million IP pools. 

Get the best bargains with Proxydrop as it customizes the offers, provides smart server routing, gives flexibility, and builds the services continuously. Proxydrop knows your needs and understands them, and you can likely become a bounty hunter with Proxydrop’s professional sneaker. 

You will get reliable and fresh proxies that help in coping with the sneakers without being extinct. Here, sharing is not caring, and Proxydrop will never share your IPs, and neither allows you to share. It targets the nearest server according to your present location to offer maximum speed. 

Proxydrop works on Supreme, Nike, Foot Locker, Adidas, and more. It has more than 500 active users and more than 10,000 checkouts. It uses endpoint:port format, user:pass authentication, and works on all websites.

Its pricing plan is flexible based on your needs. Choose from various options for residential and dedicated datacenter proxies. Its rotating residential proxies start at $36 for 2GB and dedicated data center proxies start at $11 for 10 IPs.


PrivateProxy offers rotating dedicated proxies and residential proxies to help you buy sneakers and get ahead of the competition. 

PrivateProxy offers lightning-fast speed and various locations across the world so that you can buy sneakers from anywhere. Don’t limit yourself to one pair of limited footwear; you can buy many of them with PrivateProxy. 

Furthermore, it sets up a shoe bot in the right way, so that you can place several bids and engage multiple threads to secure your purchases. Thus, if you want to buy proxies for the sneaker bots, PrivateProxy will help you choose the perfect proxies for your sneakers. 

Don’t worry about the red flag of a single proxy; you can still continue buying with the help of residential proxies. PrivateProxy is different from other providers in terms of a wide network of residential proxy pools. 

Depending upon the location of the market, PrivateProxy provides the spot-on selection of rotating or residential sneaker proxies with the popular bots.

Cop with the best sneakers of the famous brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Zalando, Yeezy Supply, and more. When it comes to competition with European sneakers, PrivateProxy provides greater reliability.

Choose from shoe marketplace, including Foot Locker, BS TN, Footpatrol, and more. It offers seven days of trial for dedicated data center proxies and two days for residential proxies. Buy the proxy servers at $355/month for 200 IPs.


Experience the best user dashboard, real human support, and competitive prices with Geonode. Take a test ride of Geonode’s rotating residential proxy and get unlimited data. 

Integrate your application with Geonode’s tools and synchronize the devices with the database using a code generator. It doesn’t impose data caps on various subscriptions, resulting in increased flexibility and tools you need to grow. 

Geonode proxies support almost all protocols, adapt to any project, and are well managed as well as integrated. Get hassle-free operation with extensive documentation and user dashboard. 

Furthermore, Geonode offers an efficient API that allows direct integration with the applications. It provides simple authentication with user:pass or IP whitelist. It supports many languages, such as Java, C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, and more.

You will find advanced proxy controls like auto-replace, geo-targeting, ISP-targeting, rotating interval, and other customizable options. It is used in brand protection, market research, travel aggregation, SEO monitoring, search engine crawling, ad verification, and more.

Get trial service at $7 for seven days. Residential proxies start at $14/month with high quality, 2,000,000 IPs, rotating, and sticky connections. It supports SOCKS, HTTPS, UPD, geo-targeting country, and more.


IPBurger provides one of the fastest residential sneaker proxies that work with major sneaker bots, such as Supreme Bot, Better Nike Bot, Nike Shoe Bot, Another Nike Bot, Nike Slayer, EasyCop, and AIO bots. 

You will get more than 75 million rotating residential proxies, unlimited threads and connections, a responsive support team, IPs for desktop and mobile devices, and major bots. IPBurger also offers low recaptcha rates with the highest growth rate. 

You can access over 195 locations and 2,014 cities across the world. It saves you from wasting time blocking IPs, and you can focus more on valuable insights as there is no space for captchas. All the proxies in the IPBurger pool are anonymous, so your real location stays hidden.

Since it doesn’t share subnets, it’s immune to bulk bans. All the residential IP addresses are unique, and you can use the advanced rotation for all the concurrent connections and unlimited threads to automate tasks. 

Get up to 30 minutes of sticky IPs with the adjustable and flexible session control option. Convert to a new proxy for every HTTP/HTTPS request and get profit from the connections. In addition, IPBurger allows you to protect your privacy, unblock the web, and enhance online security with a few clicks.     

Choose your favorite plan from the list starting from $79/month and get many benefits like user:pass authentication, premium targets, sub-users, and more.


If you want to buy limited-edition sneakers from big brands like Nike and Adidas or build a business around them, using sneaker proxies can be helpful. These will help you purchase shoes in bulk while keeping you anonymous and safe from cybersecurity risks.

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