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Sports is one activity that brings people from all walks of life together. You can create a sports app focusing on sports like football or general.

Irrespective of your chosen category, sports websites have great potential as you can make money through banner ads, affiliate marketing, or display ads from platforms like Google AdSense. 

Sports news and live scores are time-sensitive. Thus, you must keep updating your website to keep up with what is happening on the field. You can collect and display such data on your sports website using sports APIs. 

Introduction to Sports API


A Sports API is an interface that connects two systems/ apps to provide end users with sports data. For instance, a frontend application fetches data from a live score feed (API) and displays it on your sports website. 

Common types of sports APIs and their Use cases

News and commentary APIs

These APIs give access to news, articles, blog posts, and commentary about sports. You can use such APIs to build a sports news website or a news feed. 

Live Scores APIs

You will find many sports being played anytime. Fans and punters alike want to know the live scores, which can be provided by a live scores API. You can use such an API to create a live scores ticker or display the latest scores on your sports app. 

Scheduling and Results APIs

Different sports leagues offer schedules for different games. Scheduling and results APIs allow you to display the schedules of upcoming games on your web application. Users can also access the results of previous games from such APIs. You can use such an API on your betting website or sports app. 

Odds APIs

Such APIs offer predictions on different outcomes of a game. Users can view prediction data like who will win, the total score, or who will score based on historical data and teams’ form. You can create a betting application or display odds on your sports website. 

Player and team statistics APIs

Statistics are essential during sports transfer windows or the sale of a team. The potential investors want to know how the player/ team has been performing. Player and team statistics APIs display detailed statistics such as rankings, scoring efficiency, games played, and goals scored. Using such APIs, you can create a sports comparison website and player or team ranking apps. 

These are some of the best sports APIs you can use today;

Stats Perform Opta


Stats Perform Opta is a sports API that offers sports data that powers sports experiences across all media types. The data on this platform is captured in real-time and then delivered to the users through an extensive range of feeds. 

Stats Perform Opta offers an extensive range of APIs such as Opta Analytics, Opta Data Feeds, Opta Vision, and Opta Predictions. This platform uses a combination of AI modeling, computer vision, and human annotation to generate sports data. Stats Perform Opta is a paid service, and the charges are based on subscriptions. 

Sports Data API


Sports Data API is a platform that gives access to all major sports and all major leagues through its comprehensive API. The platform also offers real-time data for live matches, and all the results are provided in JSON format. 

Sports Data API is also a good option for historical data stored on its database. The platform utilizes a global server network to ensure requests are processed with the urgency they deserve. Sports Data API has a free plan that offers up to 1000 API requests per month. 



SportsDataIO is a sports data and content provider that produces millions of data points across different games. The platform licenses its data through robust APIs, predictive engines, and responsive widgets & visualizations. 

SportsDataIO provides sports data, fantasy data, betting data, news, and images. The BAKER Predictive Engine is handy for those who want to know about future games, seasons or careers. The platform suits media & broadcast operators, traders & operators, fantasy brands, teams and leagues. SportsDataIO is a paid service offering a free trial across all its APIs. 



Sportradar offers easy-to-consume API feeds for over 80 sports. This API covers over 500 sports leagues and 750,000+ events every year. The APIs are easy to integrate into your website, and they return requests using JSON and XML formats. The platform offers live scores and historical data. 

The platform offers editorials, images, and widgets to add to your website easily. Sportradar is a paid service, and the packages are customized based on the needs. However, you can enjoy a three-month free trial. 

All Sports API


All Sports API is a sports information provider that covers almost all sports. The platform also offers downloadable Results, Standings, Livescore, Full Site, and Events widgets that you can use to build your sports application. 

The platform also has a WordPress plugin for website owners using WordPress CMS. All Sports API has several APIs for football, cricket, tennis, and basketball. The platform has a free plan that allows up to 260 API calls per hour. The paid plans start from $59/month, paid yearly. 

EnetPulse Sports Data API


Enetpulse Sports data API curates data from 80+ sports across the world. The API allows you to request only the data you need through its refined endpoints. Enetpulse Sports Data API is well-documented and can be accessed in different languages. 

This platform is fast and returns data in JSON format for easy consumption. If you are not a developer, you can use the widgets and add them to your sports app. Enetpulse Sports Data API is a paid service but offers a “Free Test Account”. 

Data Sports Group


Data Sports Group is a full sports catalogue offered through an API. The platform offers in-depth, high-quality live sports scores and statistics across all sports. You can pull data using XML or JSON formats. Data Sports Group Sports Data API comes with starter code in various programming languages and detailed documentation to help you get started. 

The platform also has a migration feature, making it frictionless to switch from other providers. You can also use the widget feature in case you want to avoid raw data formats. Data Sports Group API is a paid service whose packages are customized based on needs. 

Stats Perform 


Stats Perform is a sports data and technology company. The Stats API provides a vast collection of sports data ranging from historical data for leagues worldwide, cumulative season data to live sports data. The APIs are well-documented to make integrating them with sports apps/websites easy. You can also contact support in case you encounter any challenges.

Stats Perform has a network of global servers to make your API calls fast and responsive. You can make your requests in JSON or XML formats. Stats Perform is a paid service, and the packages are customized to suit individual needs. 

TheSports Sports API


TheSports Sports API is a sports data provider that covers sports like football, tennis, basketball, and eSports. The platform allows you to filter data on various sports where you can get basic data of players, teams, etc., real-time data & live scores, and statistics data. 

The platform is available in 12 languages to cater to different clients. TheSports Sports API is a paid service with packages customized based on needs. The platform also offers a 15-day free trial. TheSports Sports API has a 3D Live Match Tracker and a 2D Live Match tracker that offers real-time, in-depth match details and visualization features for live games.



GoalServe is a sports API for all the major leagues and sports. The data is available in XML and JSON formats. The API provides live scores, fixtures, results, historical data, prematch & in-play odds, and fantasy data. You can get data on major leagues like NFL, Worldcup, EPL, Champions League, PGA and MLB from GoalServe API.

You can sign-up for the full package to get all the sports covered or select a specific API for sports like football, eSports, motorsport, or basketball. APIs like football APIs are also broken down into small bits like Fixtures API and Live score API to ensure that you subscribe only to what you need. GoalServe has different packages starting from $150. 

Live-score API


Live-score API is an API that provides football data from different leagues and competitions worldwide. The API allows you to gather live scores, group standings, match events, history data, and group standings from one spot. 

Live-score API supports up to 2000 API calls per hour and collects data in JSON and XML formats. The default language on this API is English, but you can also switch to Arabic, Persian, and Russian. Live-score packages start from 9 € /month with a 14-day free trial. 

Lsports SportAPI


SportAPI is a sports data service that covers all sports. The platform offers high-quality, in-depth sports pre-match and post-match statistics. SportsAPI covers 30 sports and up to 10,000 events per month. The platform collects data from official and reliable sources using its high-quality software. 

The platform is designed to return requests fast with a 0-1 seconds latency. SportsAPI is easy to use and includes code samples to add to your application. SportsAPI is a paid service whose packages are customized based on needs. 



Sportsdata is a supplier of sports-related live data. The platform process data from TV and directly from the sports avenues, and you can thus be assured you get real-time data. Sportsdata covers over 890,000 events annually, made possible by its 8300 trained sports journalists stationed in different parts of the world. 

This platform covers 90+ sports and over 25,000 events monthly. Sportsdata has different packages that are customizable based on needs. 

Rolling Insights DataFeeds


Rolling Insights DataFeeds is a Real-Time & Post Game sports data feeds provider. The platform offers data on the major North American sports ranging from football, soccer, ice hockey, and basketball to baseball. Betting platforms, fantasy gaming platforms, and sports media use Rolling Insights DataFeeds as a source of sports data. 

Rolling Insights DataFeeds comes with code samples illustrating how to add the API to your front-end application. You can also bank on the developer support on this platform in case you encounter issues during integration. Rolling Insights DataFeeds is a paid platform with a pay-what-you-use model. 


You now have a variety of sports APIs you can use in your next sports app/ website. The choice of the API will depend on the nature of your website and what you want to display. Sometimes, you can use several APIs on the same website to display different data/ information. The terms of use will vary from one API to another. 

You may also explore some best SMS APIs to send messages to your users.

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