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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 30, 2023
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Text/SMS marketing serves as one of the most convenient and smart ways to stay in touch with your valued customers and keep them in the loop about your offers. 

Due to this, text automation has emerged as one of the best marketing tools for many businesses. 

Whether you are running a small or large business, text automation has become a go-to choice as it lets you send the right messages to the customers without any extra work. 

For this, there are text or SMS automation platforms that enable you to automate the whole process and send predefined SMS according to marketing strategy, booking calendar task, or integrated marketing application. 

However, there are plenty of SMS automation platforms available in the market, it can be confusing to choose one among them. 

Here is a quick summary of the best Text/SMS automation platforms I’ll be discussing below.

PlatformNotable Features
OmnisendSMS/email integration, global outreach, pre-built workflows, customer engagement.
TextMagicKeyword-triggered auto-responses, global support, precise customer list.
TextlineCustomizable automation, auto-reply, SMS scheduling, affordable plans.
SlickTextAutomated workflows, scheduled messages, autoresponder, affordable pricing.
MessageMediaRule-based triggers, API integration, security
JustCallCRM integration, auto-responders, drip campaigns, SMS analytics, global numbers.
SenderUser-friendly, personalized automated responses, popups/forms, affordable pricing.
DialMyCallsScheduled/recurring messages, automated triggers, 2-way SMS, bulk messaging.

In this article, I’ll try making it simpler by discussing how automation platforms can help your business and help you choose the best text/automation platform. 

What Is a Text Automation Platform?


A text automation platform is simply a software or web-based application to automatically send predefined text messages to individuals or groups of people. It utilizes modern technology to automatically send SMS to all the specified individuals when triggered by a specific event. 

Businesses can use SMS automation platforms for various tasks like booking reminders, updates, store offers, order confirmation, balance updates, warnings, and many other events. Even though many different forms of communication have come up in modern times, SMS still serves as a better choice because it helps in saving time and resources.

Moreover, automated text messaging not only has higher response ratios but also better open rates, making effective choices.

You just have to predefine the message and set other preferences, especially when you have integrated a reliable SMS automation platform with your system. The platform will automatically do its job.

Benefits of Using Text Automation Platforms


Text automation platforms offer plenty of benefits to businesses. Some of them are:

Easy to Use

Text automation platforms make it a seamless task for you to set up automated text messaging for your clients. These platforms come with a simple interface with well-laid-out features so that you can customize your SMSs according to your requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution 

The text automation platform allows you to save a lot of money because it involves a limited number of machines and employees to create and send texts. Using a single platform, you can send automated texts to every customer you want, and that too without worrying about the exact number. 

Consistent Return

SMS automation platforms help you gain consistent returns by staying in touch with your customers through automated messaging. It lets you automatically send important and relevant messages that increase brand loyalty and gain a better conversion rate.

Better Engagement

This platform helps you segment your audience or customers according to age, demographics, gender, choices, and other criteria. Once you are able to group the users, you can send relevant messages to each group and boost overall engagement.

Automated Text Messaging 

The significant benefit of these platforms is that all the processes are done automatically. You just have to enable certain features and make some customization. Now, let the platform do all the work. This will help you focus on other crucial tasks that will drive growth.

Uses Cases of SMS Automation Platform


Let’s check out some popular use cases of SMS automation platforms.

Sales Notification

Using a text automation platform for sending sales notifications is undoubtedly one of the common use cases. It enables organizations to notify their customers regarding the start or end of sales on their website or offline store.


Many organizations utilize SMS automation platforms to send appointment confirmations and reminder messages to customers. These confirmations and reminders are mainly done for doctor’s appointments, movie tickets, restaurant booking, delivery, and other events.

Newsletter Welcome Message

A brand can send automated personalized text messages using an SMS automation platform to users and prompt them to sign up for its newsletter. As soon as a customer registers, it triggers the platform to send a message to the user’s phone, displaying a welcome message. 

Order Confirmation

An image of a man standing next to a phone with the words your order is confirmed.

Almost every organization associated with selling products or any kind of service uses this kind of platform to send order confirmations. Once you have made the purchase, it will automatically send you the order confirmation.

Text Message Survey

Text automation platforms are widely used by many businesses when they want to conduct a survey in order to gain some kind of useful insights. They usually send inquiries or questions to their respective customers through SMS and collect data as well as feedback through their replies. 

Abandoned Cart Message

E-commerce stores send reminders to customers when they add any product to their cart but leave without making the purchase. The automated texts help the organization persuade the customer to complete the purchase.

Now, it is time to talk about the best text/SMS automation platforms to help you choose the suitable one for your business. 



If you are looking for a text automation platform, Ominsend is one of the best ones out there. It is a top-rated platform for SMS marketing that lets you integrate SMS with your emails. Its automation library boasts many pre-built workflows so that you can send order confirmations, cart abandonment, birthday wishes, and many other things. 

Omnisend lets you easily set up a simple automated messaging process, and you can either set it up for one-time or include it in your automation. One of the best things about this platform is that it lets you connect with customers all over the world, as it supports all country codes. 

When you integrate this platform with your system, it lets you collect visitors’ phone numbers using any TCPA-compliant SMS list-building tools like Popups, Landing pages, or Teasers. The 2-way SMS messaging through Gorgias integration takes your marketing to a whole new level because you can effectively engage with your customers. 

You can avail of all these services through the Standard and Pro plans costing $16 per month and $59 per month, respectively.



TextMagic is a text automation platform that enables you to send automatic responses to all incoming messages. It is highly useful for organizations to deliver the correct responses and update their list based on the keywords in the incoming message. 

While using this platform, many businesses have witnessed increased brand loyalty. You can send targeted responses by selecting suitable keywords from the library.

When any customer sends an SMS, they automatically get added to the list, and you can also organize them in the list according to the keywords they send. If any customer unsubscribes, the contact will automatically be removed from the list. 

TextMagic offers support for around 33 countries, enabling you to send responses to your global customers at no extra charge. If you want to respond to United States customers, you will have to pay a price of $0.049 per SMS.


Streamline your workflow while maintaining customer satisfaction with an automated text message service.

Textline is a well-known automated text service that streamlines your workflow and helps you engage in personalized customer service with all your valued customers. Its deep integration with your system enables you to automate the SMS workflow and ensure better customer engagement. 

The best thing about this service is that you can customize the text automation process. You can quickly make changes to the rules of trigger automation and create a customizable workflow. 

To increase the productivity of your team, it provides you with an automation template where you can store your own for recurring usage. The “auto-reply” messaging assists your business to respond quickly to your customers, which is a crucial ingredient for customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, you will get all the vital features of SMS scheduling, bulk text messaging, and two-way conversation. Its Smart SMS feature will definitely impress you.

Textline is known for its affordable pricing, where it charges you only $59.97 per month for the Limited plan, whereas the Pro plan will cost you $249.95 per month.


Text message automation made easy.

SlickText puts your text service on autopilot and helps you focus on other important tasks. The automated workflow of SlickText serves as the primary feature of this platform that allows you to send automated and customized text based on customer behavior. 

This platform also lets you create a chain of automatic text through SMS drip messages, and you can send them at different intervals to customers. 

To help you achieve a high customer retention rate, SlickText provides you with an autoresponder feature. This feature sends auto-replies when a customer texts a unique keyword or joins a text messaging program. 

Scheduling text messages for customers is also made easy with SlickText. You can also utilize its recurring text message, where the platform will automatically send messages at regular intervals. 

Another great thing about this platform is its price, as the Basic plan starts at $29 per month for 500 texts.


Automated sms service.

Send messages efficiently to your customers using MessageMedia‘s text automation platform. It uses rule-based triggers, which streamline your manual tasks and lets you send texts to customers depending upon the specific requirements. 

This platform also automates the response to incoming SMS through a rule-based system. You can even customize the rule to cater to your needs. 

An amazing thing about MessageMedia is that it effortlessly integrates with existing systems through API and automates SMS, depending on your business model. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about compatibility because it supports around 85 leading software systems.

Since it connects with your system through API, it offers Tier 1 security, ensuring no vulnerability exploits your devices and systems. 

MessageMedia’s basic package starts from $49 per month while its Pro plan will cost you $249 per month.


YouTube video

JustCall is a popular text automation platform that can assist you in sending personalized messages or special offers on autopilot. This powerful platform integrates with your CRM; thus helping you deliver messages whenever you want.

The platform lets you schedule campaigns or do follow-ups via text. It also enables you to offer the best-in-class customer service by providing you features to auto-respond to queries, trigger automated SMS according to predefined rules, schedule bulk SMS, and more. 

JustCall provides you with the capability to run drip campaigns with automated texts in order to persuade customers. The automated text detection capability of this platform is advantageous to quickly detect responses from customers and auto-send text replies. 

Furthermore, you will get an SMS analytics feature and gain a lot of valuable insights. JustCall will let you track all SMS activities, assess the ROI of campaigns, and acquire other vital metrics. It also offers you a local number for almost 70 countries so that you can stay in touch with your customers throughout the world. 

JustCall’s pricing plans start at $19 per month.



Scale up your business by utilizing the efficient automated texting platform of Sender and cater to your customers’ requirements. You can combine this automated texting service with your marketing strategy to witness rapid business growth. 

The platform has been designed in such a way that you won’t face any difficulty while onboarding or using it. Its user-friendly interface has all the functionalities present in it and is easily accessible. 

Sender’s SMS workflow is commendable’ it lets you trigger messages and responses according to your business requirement. Even though it sends automated responses to incoming messages, it does so in a personalized manner while being meaningful. 

Moreover, Sender serves as an all-in-one solution that comes with popups and forms to attract quality leads. It also provides an incredible journey with automated text communication, which allows you to send welcome text, abandoned cart SMS, birthday greetings, follow-up messages, and so on. 

They have kept the pricing quite affordable, and cost $8.33 per month for the Standard plan.


Automated sms text message.

Trusted by over 40,000 organizations all over the world, DialMyCalls is an automated text messaging service. It lets you send automated SMS to all your customers using a well-laid-out interface making the whole process easier. 

DialMyCalls enables you to schedule your messages according to the trend and your plans. In addition, this platform offers recurring text messages through which you can send the same message multiple times. 

The platform offers automatic triggering of text messages, which allows you to send a response SMS when the customer texts a code or signs up on your site. It will also enable you to indulge in an engaging conversation with your customers using the 2-way SMS feature. 

The bulk text message and long-code SMS functionality make this service very helpful. Similarly, the SMS keywords feature makes it easy to use the SMS broadcasting service and facilitates better communication. 

Depending upon your requirements, the Standard Monthly Plan will cost you $85.49 per month for 500 contacts.


Text automation platform serves as one of the practical and affordable ways to automatically send text messages to all your customers without requiring manual intervention. 

The above-mentioned text/SMS automation platforms can get the job done for you without making a hole in your pocket. All these platforms come with excellent features so that you can ensure customer satisfaction and high customer retention.

So, go ahead and choose the best text/SMS automation platforms based on your needs and budget. 

You may also explore the best SMS marketing platforms to engage with your users.

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