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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 1, 2023
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If you are among the 397 million Twitter users, you already know this is a big social media platform you should not underestimate. Individuals, brands, and businesses have been using Twitter for many years to create awareness, push their brands and market their products. 

The character limitation on tweets makes it easy to capture users’ attention. However, if you need to explain your message in many words, you can still use a thread for your tweet. 

We live in a busy world, and you may not have to keep logging in to your Twitter account to publish Tweets. Some Twitter users send out a Tweet daily, while others send several daily. Irrespective of your category, you can always schedule your Tweets at the start of the day or week.

Twitter has a built-in scheduling feature. However, it is less effective than third-party scheduling tools. These are some of the reasons why third-party tools are better;

  • Scheduling tools have many features: Some scheduling tools give extra features such as hashtags and keyword research. 
  • The scheduling feature on Twitter is only available for verified users: Twitter Blue is a paid feature. However, you may still be a regular user who wants to schedule tweets. 
  • Ease of use: Scheduling tools are created to user friendly and easy to use. 

These are some of the best Twitter scheduler tools that will automatically post your content.



Planable is a tool for planning, approving, and scheduling content for your Twitter account and other social media platforms. The sync on/off feature comes in handy when you want to simultaneously create content for different socials such as Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 


  • Content planning: Instead of storing your Twitter content in a spreadsheet, you can now keep your drafts in Planable and release them at the best time. You can schedule a whole week/month’s content. 
  • Collaboration: If you have a team where you are the lead, you can add your copywriter and graphic designer to the Planable dashboard and make it easy to collaborate. 
  • Content management: Instead of sending emails to your team lead or client to view and approve content to be posted on Twitter, you can add them to Planable and let them approve directly. 
  • Easy previews: You can view how the content will appear on different devices and edit and repurpose it before going live. 

Planable has a free plan, while the paid packages start from $11/user.



Later is a tool that allows you to schedule tweets in minutes. The tool is suitable for individuals, business owners, and influencers. This tool allows you to draft tweets when inspiration kicks in and tweet them at the right time. 

Key features

  • Flexible: You can use Later on your desktop or your mobile devices. Such flexibility allows you to tweet from anywhere and reach your target users. 
  • Cross-platform: You can share a tweet across different platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn using Later. 
  • Analytics: How your tweets perform is something you should always pay attention to if you are an influencer, a brand, or a business owner. Later’s analytics will help you get that information.
  • Allows tagging: Special mentions and tags can help you reach specific Twitter users. 

Later has a free plan with limited features. Paid plans on this platform start from $18/month. 



Hootsuite is a tool that provides a simple way to grow your followers, connect with your teams and monitor your conversions. This tool increases your speed by allowing you to schedule multiple tweets in seconds and reach thousands of users. 

Key features 

  • Analytics: The platform allows you to monitor and answer messages from its dashboard. As such, you can see all the messages sent to you on Twitter and respond to them right from Hootsuite.
  • Filtering: Twitter has all sorts of content. You can filter the content that appears on your timeline. Such an approach makes it easy to follow trends and only respond to content that matters. 
  • Collaboration: Hootsuite makes creating teams working towards the same group easy. For instance, you can have your graphic designer, content planner, and copywriter working from the same Hootsuite account. 
  • Customization: You can customize this tool to suit your brand needs and pick your voice. 
  • Analytics: Generate reports on your tweets’ performance for future planning and forecasting. 

Hootsuite has a 30-day free trial for all its plans which start from $99/month. 



RecurPost is a tool that allows you to create several variations of the same tweet. You can thus target different people and send variations of the same tweet severally. This tweet scheduler and automation tool allow you to plan your content, and it will take care of the rest.

Key features

  • Content fetching: Sometimes, you may lack inspiration on what to post. RecurPost allows you to fetch content from your favorite websites. 
  • Import content: You can upload content through third-party websites, CSV, or even other social media platforms, format it, and schedule using RecurPost. 
  • Statistical reports: Analyze how your tweets are performing for better planning. 
  • Social inbox: You can see everything happening on Twitter without leaving the RecurPost platform through the social inbox. 
  • Team management: This tool allows you to invite team members and work towards a common goal. 

RecurPost is a paid tool starting from $25/month. All the plans have a 14-day free trial. 



SocialPilot is a tool that helps you to publish tweets across all your Twitter accounts hassle-free. This allows you to enrich your tweets through hashtags and graphics for a larger reach. The tool lets you import your media from your local device, Canva, or Dropbox.

Key features

  • Collaboration: SocialPilot allows you to bring your tribe together. You can assign different roles to different team members on this platform. 
  • Analytics: The analytics tab allows you to determine the best-performing tweets, which audience interacts with your content and other metrics. 
  • URL shortening: Twitter limits the number of characters in each tweet. SocialPilot allows you to shorten your URLs to make the best out of the characters in your posts. 
  • Automate your content calendar: This tool allows you to schedule up to 500 tweets at a go. You can also rearrange the order of these tweets through the drag-and-drop feature. 
  • Content Library: SocialPilot saves every Tweet or thread that you send out. You can thus always come back and analyze your best-performing tweets or even edit them for reuse. 

SocialPilot is a paid tool whose plans start from $25.5/ month. However, you can enjoy 14-day free trials on every plan.



Sproutsocial is a scalable platform that allows you to manage your Twitter and other social media platforms seamlessly. You can publish, schedule, collaborate, and analyze reports from this platform. 


  • Content planning: You can store your drafts in Sproutsocial and release them at the best time. 
  • Share publishing calendar: You can add your team to Sproutsocial and collaborate on content creation and delivery. 
  • Content Archive: You can access past tweets, repurpose them, or gain inspiration for new content. 

Sproutsocial has a 30-day free trial for all its packages, starting from $249 per month. 



Planly is a tool that allows you to plan content and schedule tweets in advance.  The easy-to-use interface makes it possible to auto-post content and add media and hashtags without leaving this platform. 

You can also jot down tweet ideas, edit later and schedule them to go out when users are active. 

  • Multiple accounts management: You can add several Twitter accounts to your Planly account for management. This feature makes it easy to manage different brands from the same platform. 
  • Team management: Planly allows you to add and assign team members’ roles. You can thus streamline the content management process using this platform. 
  • AI content assistant: If you no longer have ideas for your Twitter posts, you can use the AI assistant and generate high-converting posts with a few prompts. 
  • Multiplatform: Social media is very broad. Planly is your go-to platform to share content across different platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Planly has a free plan with limited features. Paid features start from $7.5/month. 



Twittimer is for individuals, influencers, and business owners who want to leverage the power of automation in social media management. You can schedule reminder posts before your big event or launch without logging in to your Twitter account daily.

Key features 

  • Share media-rich content: Visuals make content more visually appealing. Twittimer allows you to add images and videos to your tweets. 
  • Post analytics: Twittimer allows you to analyze how your target users interact with the content. You can then determine the best-performing hashtags and keywords and the best time to post. 
  • Save drafts: You can save your posts and templates in Twittimer for future use. This approach ensures you save time and do not have to compose your tweets from scratch. 
  • CSV uploads: You can upload your posts in bulk if you save them in CSV format. You can add images to your CSV files before uploading if you are an advanced user. 

Twittimer has a free plan with paid monthly packages starting from $16.



Metricool is a tool that will help you increase your visibility on Twitter without any struggles. This tool allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and schedule tweets and threads. 

Key features 

  • Competitors research: If there are accounts that you admire, you can gather data from them in minutes.
  • Draft and preview: Creating content to be posted for a whole week or month may require a lot of time. Metricool allows you to use some of your templates and preview how your content will appear after it goes live. 
  • Reporting: You can generate visual reports of the growth of your Twitter account, the most effective hashtags, and the tweets with the highest reach using this tool. 

Metricool has a free plan, while the paid packages start from $18/month. 



Buffer is a tool that helps schedule tweets and retweets of important content. With this tool, you can schedule to publish your posts at the ‘best’ time, which impacts the reach and engagement levels. 

Key features 

  • Content repurposing: Buffer allows you to repost your LinkedIn posts on Twitter or even reshare an old tweet that has a lot of impacts. 
  • Hashtag research: Hashtags make your content searchable and discoverable. Buffer allows you to conduct keyword research and pick hashtags that are likely to push your content the most. 
  • Analyze metrics: With Buffer, you can know the number of retweets, likes, and followers you gain from certain tweets. You can then determine what works and plan accordingly. 
  • Integrations: Buffer allows you to import content and graphics from Giphy, Canva, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. 

Buffer has a free package, while the paid plans start from $6/month. 



Queue is a tool that allows you to schedule content for your Twitter account without leaving Notion. This tool allows you to benefit from all Notion features as you plan, create, edit, and post tweets. 

Key features 

  • Content pipeline: Queue’s content pipeline allows you to plan everything from ideas, in-progress content, reviews, and published content. 
  • Supports any database: You can import content from your favorite database to this tool without any changes. 
  • Content archive: Queue keeps a copy of your past content for easy referencing and borrowing of ideas. 

Queue has a free plan, while the paid packages start from $9/month, billed annually.


You now have a variety of tools that you can use to schedule your tweets and take control of your Twitter strategy. The choice of the tool will depend on the features and your budget. Luckily, most of these tools give free trials, and you can test them before committing. 

You may also explore some Twitter Marketing Tools to grow your account.

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