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In Digital Marketing Last updated: June 5, 2023
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The video sales market is booming, and savvy businesses use it to supercharge their marketing strategies. With a video sales platform, companies can create personalized video experiences for their customers, resulting in more closed deals.

These platforms make it easier for businesses to connect with their audience and showcase products more compellingly. If you’re ready to take your sales to the next level, keep reading about the top video sales platforms available.

What Is a Video Sales Platform?


A video sales platform allows businesses to make, distribute, and track video content. This platform enables businesses to produce engaging content that increases sales, fosters customer relationships, and builds brand awareness.

Video sales platforms also provide analytics for tracking and measuring video effectiveness. Ultimately, video sales platforms allow businesses to improve their marketing and reach more people.

How Does a Video Sales Platform Help to Grow the Business?

 ✔ Broaden your audience: Video sales platforms allow businesses to reach customers outside their traditional geographic boundaries.

Increase engagement: A video can create a more meaningful customer interaction than a text-based message.

Build trust: If video content is used to personalize the customer experience, it can help build customer trust.

Lead generation: A video sales platform is used to educate customers and generate sales leads about products and services.

Boost conversions: Video sales platforms can improve conversion rates by giving customers a more engaging and interactive experience. As video is more engaging, video sales platforms help businesses reach more people.

Let’s explore some of the best video sales platforms available to boost your sales:


The Dubb video sales platform lets you transform and optimize your sales strategy. Businesses can increase revenues by leveraging the Dubb video marketing platform to attract customers and close deals.

YouTube video

Moreover, Dubb enables businesses to evaluate their video’s impact and performance and continually improve them. You can also create high-quality videos easily and quickly on the Dubb platform with predesigned templates and stock videos.

Hippo Video

The Hippo Video platform allows businesses to make, host, and share videos using the cloud. The drag-and-drop video editor features AI-driven video analytics, custom options, and an intuitive user interface.


You can use this platform to produce engaging videos for marketing, training, and sales purposes. The Hippo Video platform also integrates with Salesforce, Marketo, and HubSpot. Plus, teams can collaborate and share video feedback, making it easier for them to work together.

All in all, Dubb is an innovative video sales platform that helps businesses modernize their sales. Video can enhance sales communications, build relationships, and improve sales performance. Dubb has many features and an intuitive interface, making it a great tool for digital-age businesses.


If you are familiar with video prospecting tools, you know how tedious creating subject lines and messages can be. Bonjoro can solve this problem.

YouTube video

Bonjoro is an impressive video sales platform that provides an easy and fast way to create personalized video messages. This video sales platform aims to help you scale your sales efforts, build relationships, and close deals quicker.

Bonjoro’s interface is intuitive and easy to use so that you can create professional-looking videos quickly. Moreover, you can use its powerful analytics to track the performance of your videos and campaigns. The Bonjoro sales strategy allows you to reach more prospects, increasing sales.


Sendspark is a video sales platform designed to increase business sales. It has the potential to transform businesses’ sales strategies.

SendSpark allows you to create personalized video messages that can be sent directly to your customers using a user-friendly interface. SendSpark helps you offer an engaging and human sales experience to your customers.


You’ll get more customer interaction if you record and share personalized videos. Sendspark lets you create videos that explain your company’s value and meet its specific needs. You can strengthen your relationship with customers and prospects by following up with them.

The platform allows users to customize templates, analyze data, and access AI-powered insights. It also integrates with CRM and email solutions for enhanced lead conversion.


Undoubtedly, the BombBomb video messaging platform will increase your sales. You can send personalized video messages to increase the number of leads you generate.


With this platform, your sales representatives can send one-to-one video emails to prospects from anywhere they are. BombBomb provides great flexibility and insight, allowing you to monitor when and how long prospects watch your videos and their interactions with them.

Several CRM platforms are compatible with BombBomb, so you can select the one that is most convenient for you. You may include a call-to-action (CTA) in any part of the video to compel your viewers to take action.


The Covideo platform provides businesses customizable video messaging to improve their sales and marketing strategies. Users can make, share, and track videos with features such as video hosting, call-to-action overlays, and analytics.

The Covideo platform helps sales teams generate leads, engage customers, and create personalized journeys. It’s a game-changer for creating engaging, impactful, and personalized videos.

YouTube video

CoVideo’s easy-to-use interface allows users to record and customize videos easily. It integrates into existing communication workflows. The platform lets you send videos straight from your CRM, email client, and other sales tools, so you’ll save time and get your videos in front of the right people.

Covideo makes it easier to communicate with prospects, clients, and colleagues. So, connect your business with Covideo’s easy-to-use interface, seamless integration, and powerful analytics.


Maverick platform uses artificial intelligence and automation technologies to revolutionize business processes and streamline workflows. With Maverick, organizations can grow faster, more efficiently, and more productive.


Maverick has built-in project management, task tracking, communication, and collaboration capabilities. Maverick’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create, assign deadlines, and track tasks in real time. It optimizes resource allocation to keep projects on track.

You can use it as a VA powered by AI that helps you work smarter. It analyzes user behavior and gives you personalized suggestions to help you and your team do your thing better. You can automate repetitive tasks, manage your time, and even get proactive alerts.

Maverick helps businesses be more efficient, collaborative, and successful. It streamlines workflows, improves communication, and drives productivity in today’s fast-paced business world.


Videoform revolutionizes sales strategies through the use of video. Videosform is an all-in-one video marketing platform that helps businesses create engaging, customized video content that boosts sales.

Videoform lets users create engaging videos demonstrating their value proposition and engaging their target audience.


Videoform offers analytics that enables businesses to track and optimize video content for maximum effectiveness. In this way, companies can achieve their goals more efficiently. The intuitive design of Videoform makes it easy for businesses to create stunning videos quickly and easily.


OneMob is a cloud-based platform for creating, managing, and sharing rich media content such as videos, presentations, and webinars. Businesses can easily create professional-looking content to share with their target audiences.


Businesses can also track and analyze the effectiveness of their range using analytics and tracking tools.


Vidyard assists sales professionals in prospecting and achieving results using video. The platform lets you record videos from your browser, desktop, or mobile device.

The site has an extension for Chrome that allows you to record directly from the browser. If you want to share the video on social media, copy and paste the link.


Vidyard is considered the leading video prospecting software for salespeople due to its wide range of features and convenience. For example, Vidyard notifies you whenever someone views your videos and their location.

There are also several small yet useful features. If you change the thumbnail of your webpage, prospects will recognize you more quickly. You can add captions and metadata to improve your search engine rankings.


Quickpage is an online collaboration video sales platform that enables teams to manage projects, assign tasks, and communicate in real-time. Several features are available, including file sharing, project management, task tracking, etc.


Quickpage is easy to use, enabling teams to collaborate more effectively and efficiently. Sales professionals can create video messages that leave lasting impressions on prospects and customers.

You can record videos from your webcam and send them to others or upload pre-recorded videos. Quickpage lets sales teams create engaging video presentations that effectively communicate their value propositions and engage their target audiences.

You can edit videos with captions, call-to-action buttons, and branding elements, which ensures professional-looking videos.

Final Words

Video sales platforms help you reach more customers and close more deals. You can showcase your products or services through video sales platforms to engage customers.

The top video sales platforms mentioned above help businesses track sales. Business owners can thus increase profitability and sales by investing in the right video sales platform.

Next, check out why video marketing is important to your business.

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