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After reviewing more than 50 voice tools, here are the best voice changers I found.

It’s not just for pranks anymore. Voice changing is a central element of digital entertainment, communication, and online anonymity.

For some non-male gamers, switching to a masculine voice helps them avoid unwanted attention and bullying. Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) have their own privacy and other reasons to stream in a different voice. In addition, some bank on voice changers for the additional effects to catch the audience’s attention.

There are multiple tools, some of which work in real-time (for games, meetings, etc.), whereas others employ text-to-speech (for podcasts, YouTube uploads, etc.).

Without any further ado, I will list a few you can use. In the end, I hope you’ll find something to deploy for your use case.


Creating studio-like voiceovers is expensive. You need a super quiet recording atmosphere and high-quality equipment to get started. For beginners and hobby projects, this is tough to begin with.

Murf acts as a lifesaver in such situations. You can record “freestyle” irrespective of the acoustic conditions and swap your voice with an AI for the same script, which you can also edit beforehand.

Its voice changer works similarly and asks for uploading video or audio to begin. This converts into a script to tweak ahead.

This way, you can check for its accuracy, remove redundancy, and add anything to convert it to a perfect voiceover. Besides recording or uploading, one can directly copy-paste text and get AI voice as output.

Voice editing has options for pitch, speed, pause, and custom pronunciations. Additionally, you can set the mood, such as inspirational, conversational, angry, sad, etc., to make it sound human-like. Plus, you can put in background music or video from the Murf library or upload your own.

Murf dashboard works with blocks, with as many voice types in a single project, making it perfect for podcasts. You can choose from its 120+ AI voices to find a suitable one.

You should also check the in-depth Murf voice cloning review.

It also supports exporting in multiple formats, including video, script, voice only, voice+music, etc.

Their free tier lets you try all of its voice catalogs (including the premium ones) with 10 minutes of voice generation and transcription each. You also share the link of your creations and invite up to two more users to collaborate. Plus, the trial does not ask you for your credit card details.

Try Murf


I found Lovo a bit different than what some users expect with conventional voice changers. The only option I could see was to input text and choose from an extensive catalog of 400+ voices in over 100 languages in multiple accents.

One can filter the available voice based on gender, age, and use case. In addition, there is a section, Rapid Voice, which lists fast-generating voices that can express 25 different emotions. As of now, this option is only for English voices.

The voice editor allows changing speed, putting emphasis and pauses.

Lovo offers a free 14-day trial of its pro-plan. In addition to text-to-speech, this trial lets you clone up to five voices, share your creations, and integrate Lovo capabilities via its API.

Try Lovo

FineShare FineVoice

FineShare FineVoice also has real-time voice changing you can deploy during streaming, gaming, chatting, and more.

The simplest way to modify your voice is via its online voice changer. This tool gives you a catalog of voices one can change into. Once you pick any, upload a voice sample or record.

Next, you can opt for a pitch change before clicking “Change Voice Now.” The free trial sends your task to the queue, but it didn’t take more than a few minutes in my brief testing. Lastly, it also gives the option to download the modified voice at the end.

You need to install FineShare FineVoice for real-time voice change, however. This application offers 30+ voice effects, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, audio extractor, etc.

You will need to select the appropriate microphone and the speaker. Finally, we must select the FineVoice microphone in the respective applications (ex., Google Meet) for this work.

You can also “key bind” certain voices to use easily at the right moment when “live.” In addition, FineShare FineVoice has a soundboard to add background effects during any live stream.

Based on the subscription, you can apply various free and premium voice effects and listen to them in real time to pick your favorite. The free trial gives you limited access to every tool. Specifically, you can test 5 voice, 30 sound, and 3 audio effects without paying anything and move on to the paid plans to have it all.

Try FinVoice

HitPaw Voice Changer

Adding to the real-time voice-changing tools, you have HitPaw. This tool also boasts a simple interface to get going.

All you need to do is select the input microphone and speaker. This is followed by choosing among the voices to transform to. There are few free and paid voices, including humans, famous characters, and vibes.

The interface also lets you adjust the volume, pitch, and timbre of the output of the chosen base voice. HitPaw also features setting a shortcut for your favorite voices and effects so that you can use them instantly with just a key press.

HitPaw Voice Changer also reduces the background noise level for optimal output.

You can get started for free with a limited powered trial. The paid plans have monthly, yearly, and one-time payments.

Try HitPaw


Voicemod is a great voice changer on this list, which works in real-time by selecting the appropriate microphone and speaker (if you want to hear it too).

The process is very similar to the tools we have already discussed. However, this YouTube tutorial is best for the beginners:

In addition to the standard voice modification, its soundboard lets you induce effects. You can either use the included sounds or upload custom effects.

Not just with PCs, you can also integrate Voicemod with gaming consoles, such as PlayStation and Xbox. Its Voicelabs help you create custom voice filters with its professional built-in effects.

Besides the audio, Voicemod has AR & face masks to give a brand new look you can couple with a modified voice for projecting a unique identity.

Finally, you can use Voicemod for streaming, gaming, online meetings, etc., and see if it’s the best fit by opting for its free trial.

Try Voicemod

Adobe Audition

Adobe has tools for most creative spheres, and voice-changing isn’t left out. Its audio workstation, Adobe Audition, has these abilities where you can change your voice with subtle sound effects or choose to transform it into something entirely different.

One can add up to 16 audio effects to get what they seek. Its real-time voice changing mainly works on the pitch. In addition, it features adding echo, reverb, automatic pitch correction, doppler shifter, etc., for studio-quality voice enhancements.

Personally, I feel its user interface can feel overwhelming to beginners wanting a straightforward voice changer application. Therefore, I would recommend this for serious use cases.

However, anyone can try it with its 7-day free standalone trial. Moreover, you can purchase it with the Adobe Creative Cloud package as well.

Try Adobe Audition

Voice Changer

Voice Changer comes with one of the most straightforward user interfaces.

Simply upload, record, or use its speech-to-text option. Next, choose from the many options to check the effects and download for further use.

It also features a Voice Maker where you can add multiple effects on the input, pitch shift, adjust the order of the effects, and listen to the output. This also gives you an option to share your creation with others.

Try Voice Change


As of this writing, Clownfish is a completely free voice changer for Windows PCs. It works on the system level. This means when it’s turned on, every sound going from the default microphone will be modified.

The application sits in the notification tray after installation. One can click and enter into the “Set Voice Changer” option to configure the effects:

There are multiple effects to choose from. Besides, one can adjust the Pitch, Bass, Treble, etc., to get the desired output.

In addition to the voice change, its Vocoder feature induces certain sounds for further modification. One can also input custom effects too.

It also has a Voice Assistant to convert text to speech. Overall, it works, and the only downside I could see is its dated interface.

Try Clownfish


If you want complete control over the output, MorphVOX Pro can be an ideal choice. This has a catalog of voice and other sound effects to apply in real time to sound exactly like you want.

Plus, you have these extra effects to change the background audio as well.

A few more features include voice comparison and analysis, soundboard, noise cancellation, graphic visualizer, custom sound upload, voice and effects shortcut, and more.

MorphVOX PRO has a free trial and a paid plan to unlock a full set of features.

Try MorphVOX

AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is an audio workstation that goes beyond what its name suggests.

It has a long list of features, which includes voice editor, morpher (changer), recorder, batch morpher, shortcuts, voice mixer, comparison analysis, and more.

Its morphing works on the different voice qualities, resulting in a unique output.

But, this tool also suffers from an unfriendly interface. Still, I found it effective, and things worked as advertised.

Its Nickvoices gave access to effortless voice changing. Besides, the Voice Effects on the right has multiple options to further add flavor to the audio.

AV Voice Changer also has pitch & timbre modification and a sound player to check the morphing effects without leaving the application. Besides, the Voice Beautifying works on subtle qualities such as stretching, smoothness, frequency shift, etc.

One thing I could not see working in my brief encounter with this application is its real-time voice changing. Specifically, its virtual microphone was not there to pick from the available options.

AV Voice Changer has a free trial and a paid plan to unlock every voice effect.

Try AV Voice Change

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer from NCH Software has a free version you can try to see if it fits your bill. It works best in real-time for most meeting apps and online games.

The interface has stacked the effects on the left panel. It works similarly to the apps we have already seen. The Options tab on the top is where you select the default microphone and speaker.

Its Preview mode lets you listen to the output while you speak. Besides, you can Record the voice with the active effect to upload it elsewhere later.

Voxal Voice Changer also lets you import custom voice effects.

However, I couldn’t spot anything to change the pitch and timbre of your voice, which ultimately means lesser control over the final output. Therefore, it’s just the pre-set effects and custom ones (if you upload) to change the voice.

This app has a free version and paid plans for unlimited use.

Try Vocal Voice Change

My Favourite?

I would recommend investing in a good microphone before starting with real-time voice changing. Besides, quieter surroundings will definitely help.

If I had both, I would start with MorphVOX PRO because the interface and flexibility matter a lot to me. And for the recording, I would suggest trying Murf.

However, most of these tools have trial versions, which means you can try them before buying.

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