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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Due to the ever-increasing popularity of video content, the demand for voice-over services (both human and AI voice-over) is increasing.

Just like the video quality, the audio voice-over is also important while creating a video for your product or company. The voice-over helps you get the desired attention from your audience by rendering your message, and that is why it should be a part of your branding and marketing strategy.

Companies need voice-over for various brand awareness materials, including compelling explainer videos, instructional videos or how-to guides, presentations, persuasive videos for brand promotion, social media ads, and radio or TV commercials.

What Is Human Voice-Over Services?

What is human voice over services

Human voice-over service refers to an artist providing a voice for an audio-video material. The voice-over artists use customized tone and style to make the sound lively and get your message to the audience.


  • Adds the right emotion and personality into your advertising, explanatory, or marketing video.
  • Offers a distinct voice for your brand that contains a unique tone, character, and flexibility.
  • Conveys your message strongly so the audience can understand and realize it.


  • Costs you more to hire a professional voice-over actor for a high-spec result.
  • The process of hiring a human and recording their voice-over is time-consuming.
  • To record it yourself will need getting equipment or spending additionally to use a studio.

What Is AI Voice Over?

What is AI voice over

This refers to the voice-over generated by different tools and platforms using Artificial Intelligence. Usually, you need to provide the script in a written or audio format, and the software will deliver the voice-over.


  • Successful voice-over in lesser time without any training or script practice.
  • Available at a comparatively lesser cost than the human voice-over service.
  • Seamless control of the users over the voice-over process.


  • Though major accents are available, it lacks the regional accents needed for localized branding.
  • Instant flexibility in terms of timing and synonyms is unavailable.
  • The AI voice-over will generate a natural-sounding voice, not a human voice.

Here are a few AI voice-over service providers.


If you want to eliminate the hassle of creating a voice-over manually, you can switch to AI voice-over maker Murf. It simplifies the voice creation process for your explainer video or tool description by converting your text scripts into audio files.

YouTube video

At the same time, it lets you control the whole process. Using this AI voice generator, you can get the studio-quality voice of a marketer, author, educator, podcaster, customer support executive, and career coach.

All these are possible without even spending any time on training. Besides, you can use it to include voice-over on your presentations created using PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Here, you can choose from more than 100 voices who speak 15+ languages. Users can also customize the tone, stress, pitch, and punctuations to ensure the voices carry your message in the right way. Moreover, you can convert your home recordings and sound like a skilled voice-over actor in the videos.

Bunny Studio

When it comes to voice-over speed, Bunny Studio is an unbeatable platform. It takes just 2 minutes to create a project and 12 hours to receive a quality-reviewed voice over!


Unlike other marketplaces, the platform takes care of the entire process so that you don’t have to coordinate with freelancers. All projects also include unlimited revisions, 24/7 support, and a money-back guarantee.

The site features over 5,000 pre-vetted voice artists and 100 languages and accents. Browse and share samples quickly through attributes such as impersonations, gender, and age. Need a rare regional dialect? Bunny Studio will source it for you.


The powerful text-to-speech technology makes LOVO a perfect platform to get next-generation human-like voices. Whether you want to make an explainer video, marketing ad, or eLearning material for your product or organization, this platform can do it.

YouTube video

All you need to do is choose a voice from an expanding library of 180+ voices that can speak more than 30 languages. All these voices come with unique traits, so you can opt for the one that fits your needs.

Then, provide a script by typing or uploading to get a high-quality voice-over instantly. The voices will contain real human emotions and sound lively. The voice cloning technology of LOVO takes only 15 minutes of a target voice to generate a customized voice skin for your product.


Do you want to save the time and money you might have invested in human voice-over artists? If yes, it is time to use Notevibes to get a human-like AI voice-over for videos. It supports English and 25 other languages in 200+ natural-sounding voices.

Notevibes voice over services

This tool has a robust yet simple text to audio editor that can convert your text into voice in seconds. Choose the language and voice, and then select text from the editor to get a customization menu to adjust emphasis, volume, rate, pitch, and pause time.

You solely retain the right to use all audio files produced by this platform. Notevibes uses the most sophisticated techniques to avoid data leaks. So, you can use it for YouTube videos, business broadcasts or announcements, in-game dialogues, and many more.


To create natural-sounding voice-overs for explainers, product overviews, YouTube, and podcasts, you can use the AI voice-over generator VoiceOverMaker. This online Tex converter turns the script into a naturally spoken language.

YouTube video

More than 600 voices in 30+ languages and accents are available on this website, including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese, Hindi, Norwegian, and Turkish. This Saas platform can be accessed from your browser effortlessly.

It generates top-quality audio or voice using the WaveNet model and allows you to save the files in MP3 or WAV formats. You can utilize the advanced video and audio editor for editing video files, time stretching the videos, customizing pitch, and controlling the speech speed.

Furthermore, you can add a different accent to a chosen word and make the voice breathe or whisper.

WellSaid Labs

Don’t waste any more time recording a voice-over for your audio/video material. Use WellSaid Labs to create a captivating AI voice-over for any digital content for your brand. Choose from its wide collection of voices and pick the right one for your production.

WellSaid labs voice over services

You can streamline the complete process and ensure brand consistency by using the same voice for all your content using text to speech platform.

The natural sounding voices generated from this tool will provide an engaging experience for your audience. With it, you can reduce your voice-over services production cost while retaining the quality.

Resemble AI

Those who want to create dynamic and unique voice content that stands out of the crowd should go for Resemble AI. This platform is particularly ideal for generating customized voices for marketing content.

YouTube video

Besides choosing from domain-specific AI voices, you can create your own AI voice using Resemble AI. Here, you can upload the script in raw audio or text formats for voice-over.

Replica Studios

Replica Studios is a text-to-speech conversion tool that generates realistic AI voice-over for your product or marketing content. It comes with a scriptwriting tool where you can type or import the text. Choose any voice from the voice library of this platform and get started.

YouTube video

You can choose gender, voice age, accent, quality, style in the editor and get the voice-over that matches your preferences.

Moreover, it is also feasible to modify pitch, speech rate, volume, and emphasis on this platform. For audio advertisement, you can create a personalized voice for artists, advertisers, podcasters.

Human Voice-over Services

Here are some of the top platforms that offer human voice over services:


Fiverr is one of the top-rated platforms to find people who can perform voice over for your product. You can utilize this website to find a voice-over artist for your organization, using ample options to refine your search.

Fiverr voice over services

On Fiverr, you can get voice artists in over 50 languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, and Portuguese. You can define your business purpose, age, tone, gender, accent, and additional services to get in touch with the right person.

You can also sort your search results by recommended, best-selling, or newest arrivals. It is also possible to choose them based on country of residence, seller level, budget, and delivery time.


If you are looking for a marketplace dedicated to voice-over and audio production, Voices should be your destination. Here, enterprises and marketing companies can hire from a pool of more than 2 million professional voice-over actors who come from 160 countries.

YouTube video

From this website, you can choose the voice-over artist based on language, accent, age, style, and role. You can also sort the result using skill and check the demo before deciding.

By hiring artists from Voices, you can simplify the workflow and get your audio file faster than other freelancing sites. Besides, you can avail of additional services like translation and audio production from the same platform.


Upwork is a freelancing marketplace that offers thousands of professional voice-over services. Whether you want a human voice-over for voice narration, audiobook, eLearning material, podcast, video game, or TV ads, you can find it here.

Upwork voice over services

This platform has artists who speak top languages such as English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, and Turkish. By visiting the profiles of voice actors, you can know about their tone, language, age, prices, services, bio, and reviews.

Based on your company preferences, you can filter the artists by client rating, location, talent quality, and level of proficiency. Upwork also lets you hire artists depending on your budget and delivery time.


Voyzapp is a platform for hiring voice-over actors who specialize in Indian languages. The languages include Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, and others. Moreover, you can find artists with English (US, UK, Indian, and neutral accent), Thai, Japanese, and Turkish.

YouTube video

No matter which artist you hire, all the recordings take place in the hi-fi audio/video studios of Voyzapp under the supervision of a trained recording technician. With the latest equipment, it ensures you get the voice-over of the best quality.

You can get a voice-over in categories such as explainer video, advertisement, animation, documentary, podcast, announcement, eLearning material, and corporate videos on Voyzapp.

Voice Crafters

On Voice Crafters, companies can hire voice actors for projects such as commercials, explainer videos, IVR, audiobooks, eLearning, corporate videos, and video games. The marketplace only offers artists with proven commercial VO experience, so you get the best result for your project.

Just post your project details, and the website will invite suitable professional voice actors so that you can get direct quotes from them in your inbox. It is also possible to listen to samples and invite proposals from the actors.

Companies can find actors of 50+ languages with multiple accent varieties for languages like English, Spanish, German and French. You can easily sort the actors based on language, style/tone, and type of work.

Voice 123

Voice 123 is another dedicated marketplace for voice actors. Companies can post their projects here and request a custom audition to up to 50 artists for free to hire an artist directly. Or, you can browse through the list of actors and review their samples to pick up the right person.

YouTube video

On this website, you can find voice-over artists with the experience of working on advertisements, documentaries, and podcasts. Artists for various languages, accents, and age groups are available here. Filtering them is easy using location, timezone, payment method, or gender.

Each artist of Voice 123 has a comprehensive profile where you can find out about their short bio, skills, experience, reviews and ratings, and payment methods.


Voicfy is a native voice-over marketplace where you can hire professional voice artists for product description, explainer, commercials, telephone IVR, narration, and corporate.

It lets you connect with more than 10,000 native speakers of 100+ languages, including English, German, Russian, French, and Spanish.

Voicfy voice over services

You can easily find an actor by sorting them based on the voice-over services they provide for different solutions. Voicfy also shows whether an artist uses a home studio or an external studio for recording.

Here, you can listen to the samples and invite them to work with you, or you can create a project and let them respond to it.


Voice or audio of your product explanatory or how-to videos play a significant role in conveying the message to the customers.

It represents your company and brand in the market and becomes an identity. To maximize the impact of the company or product videos, you should focus on getting quality voice-over services.

This article discusses the best marketplaces for human voice-over services and tools that offer AI voice-over with text-to-speech technology.

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