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Want to know about the best VoIP monitoring tools? Here is everything that you should be aware of.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol system can manage, monitor, track, and report data and voice transmissions over the Internet. It is known as broadband phone service, internet telephony, IP technology, and broadband telephony to solve potential issues.

However, the system requires high-maintenance networking and can’t tolerate poor performance leading to packet loss and latency. Poor performance can also impact the voice or audio quality, making it essential to work on choppy audio.

VoIP technology is packed with several benefits, such as the ability to make calls and cost-efficiency. It is popular in telemarketing, customer services, and tech support teams that don’t have concerns with call quality. Data-driven devices such as tablets, computers, and phones can easily make calls.

However, there are departments where poor call quality is a concern that makes it essential to opt for VoIP monitoring solutions that follow up with other components such as VoIP traffic monitoring, VoIP troubleshooting tools, and VoIP traffic analyzers.

VoIP applications include WhatsApp, Google Group Chat, Google Voice, Skype, etc. The technology allows traditional telephony services to use packet-switched protocols to operate on networks. It helps obtain individual packets with the help of voice signals transmitted to the compatible network.

One needs to find the right VoIP monitoring tool in the evolving markets. Several options are available, such as closed-source, open-source, free, and enterprise-grade solutions.

Here are some of the top VoIP monitoring tools for you to consider.


Dotcom-Monitor’s enterprise-grade VoIP monitoring services allow you to instantly troubleshoot phone number availability from anywhere in the world, at any time!

The moment your organization’s VoIP communication system has availability or performance issues, their system immediately replicates calls to an end user’s SIP device and analyzes the call responses to determine the cause of connectivity issues. You are immediately alerted (with the cause of the problem), allowing you to respond promptly and apply necessary fixes fast!

From personal/private numbers to large corporations, Dotcom-Monitor does it all, testing any and all types of phone number services for availability and performance, ensuring that your customers are happy and never without the ability to connect with you via phone!

Paessler PRTG Network Monitoring

If you want to improve the VoIP performance, start with the Paessler PRTG Network Monitoring to know the issues. It helps monitor traffic, serves as a troubleshooter, reduces VoIP errors, minimizes latency, packet loss, or jitter, and improves its performance. The advantage of using PRTG VoIP monitoring software are:

  • Troubleshooting to detect any defective switch and router,
  • Improve VoIP performance to avoid call crashing or dropping,
  • Traffic analyzer to understand the load, monitor data, and analyze the outcome.

The online tool comes with five sensors to get started with the VoIP troubleshooter. Paessler PRTG Network Monitoring includes Ping Sensor to measure packet loss, Round Trip sensor to measure the quality of service, Ping Jitter sensor to analyze jitter value, Cisco IP SLA sensor to measure QoS, and One Way sensor to monitor the quality of connection.


If you are looking for VoIP monitoring software with a trial version, Site24x7 can end your search. The 30-days trial period uses Cisco Internet Protocol Service Level Agreement (IPSLA) to access VoIP services. It is easier to troubleshoot the quality issues in real-time with performance metrics and available stats giving deep insights.

Site24x7 VoIP monitoring tool receives instant alerts and keeps devices from any outages. It tracks different components such as latency, jitter, and packet loss affecting the quality of a call. It tracks round trip time (RTT), means opinion score (MOT), and metrics from destination to source (and vice versa).

VoIP calls face common issues like frequent call drops, audio delays, voice compressions, choppy voices, and echoes. The troubleshooting feature analyzes all the call transmission and network to rectify issues. It covers the metrics like packet loss, jitter, missing managed internet access (MIA) packets, packet late arrival, etc.


SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager can help obtain performance insights and deep critical call QoS metrics. The tool comes with a 30-days trial period followed by a subscription starting at $963. Users focusing mainly on IP SLA monitoring and management, VoIP quality monitoring, WAN monitoring, Cisco call manager support, and Network jitter monitoring can opt for the tool.

SolarWinds analyze call detail records that can analyze the records generated using Avaya Communication Manager and Cisco CallManager. It helps identify any distortion, noise, and latency while eliminating problems. The tool can deliver control and central visibility to the users and get historical and real-time statistics reporting. It uses IP SLA-specific network statistics and helps accelerate troubleshooting for CUBE calls and Cisco SIP failures.

VoIP Spear

VoIP Spear tracks the voice quality to ensure that one can analyze it and fix the issues. The software helps monitor the quality of the VoIP 24×7 to see the status of the problems. VoIP Spear offers a score showcasing the quality of calls as the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) using the chart.

The tool tests major cities effectively, with the servers offering detailed insight. Along with this, the email alerts make it easier to monitor voice quality.

Riverbed UCExpert

Riverbed UCExpert is an easy-to-use VoIP monitoring tool where users can easily interact and collaborate with customers and teams. It is a tool that improves productivity by reducing help desk calls and effective collaboration. One can enhance voice and video collaboration applications, messaging capabilities, social media, and mobile apps.

Riverbed UCExpert offers continuous monitoring quality of unified communication that can solve issues that are the primary concerns. The aim is to decrease reaction time, utilize intelligent policy-based traffic control, fix end-user impact problems, and scale video applications for availability.


As the name suggests, ExtraHop offers a hop to users regarding video and VoIP performance monitoring. It is the best solution for jittering, dropped calls, or lagging. ExtraHop can instantly monitor all the data to understand the IT activities that might affect its quality. It also isolates the user issues and helps offer an understanding of conditions. The software supports compliance and auditing, correlates traffic, analyzes traffic, and gains visibility.

Manageengine OpManager

Manageengine OpManager is a top-notch tool that ensures zero complaints on the call quality, brings the network together, service monitoring, performance and fault performance management, and network traffic analysis. The tool’s features include proactively monitoring VoIP performance and VoIP quality across WAN infrastructure.

OpManager can also troubleshoot the performance issues for users along with VoIP QoS trend graphs and detailed destination or source performance reporting. The users can gain extensive VoIP performance reports by Jitter, Packet Loss, MOS, Maximum RTT, and Maximum SLA violation.


Generally, businesses don’t opt for the free tools as they are relatively limited regarding the features. However, sometimes free tools can meet the user requirements, whereas other times, users can check the ideal options before finalizing.

Users can set up VoIP monitoring tools that can fit their requirements to ensure that no packets are lost. So, pick your best fit and get started with VoIP monitoring.

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