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Have you ever noticed that one device’s audio quality sounds better than another? 

Unfortunately, the quality of your audio will be limited by the caliber of your speakers and headset. It’s also restricted by your device’s enhancing capabilities and processing. 

If you’re searching for a volume booster, you might have heard of Boom 3D. This software completely transforms the way everything sounds. 

This article will review Boom 3D, what it does, its features, and pricing. So let’s dive in.

What is Boom 3D? 

Boom 3D, an award-winning audio-enhancing software developed by Global Delight, aims to elevate the sound of any media player. 

Whether streaming movies, playing video games, or listening to music, this app utilizes music technology to add amazing 3D effects and boost your audio playback experience. 

With the power of Boom 3D, you won’t need expensive surround sound boosters or headphones to feel your music! This platform works on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

This audio booster program operates system-wide, enhancing the sound quality before the signal reaches your speakers. They have amassed more than 30 million users worldwide and have provided boost effects to over ten million songs.

Some Challenges that Boom 3D Helps Overcome

Manufacturers have made TVs, laptops, and desktops much thinner and the bezels smaller. As a result, this has forced the speakers into the bottom or back, making them tiny in the process. 

The issue here is to produce a decent-quality sound, the speakers must be bigger. And it doesn’t help that they’re typically facing down or away from you. This creates a quiet or unclear sound. 

Therefore, most people end up buying external speakers or home theaters. It isn’t easy to receive immersive sound without spending hundreds of dollars on high-quality headphones or an entire surround sound system. 

With the Boom 3D software, you can enjoy immersive sound without investing in expensive hardware. From loud gunshots in an action movie to the anticipation of a stick breaking under someone’s footsteps, you’ll hear theater-like experiences right from your home. 

Regardless of your media player, Boom 3D can breathe new life into your audio experience. You’ll appreciate the bass, mid and high frequencies with pure clarity. 

For example, watching your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu doesn’t require sitting in front of your TV set with high-end surround sound equipment. 

Boom 3D utilizes patented sound staging technology to create an immersive audio experience regardless of your speaker system or headphones. This technology can be found in high-end living room entertainment centers but can be accessed through affordable software like Boom 3D. 

Even Netflix has stated they will begin offering Spatial Audio on select content. Also, Apple provides Spatio Audio on select music, meaning you’ll receive an immersive experience when consuming those select content. 

However, Boom 3D gives you the same experience on all content, not just select shows or songs. 

Boom 3D Features 

Boom 3D provides a state-of-the-art listening experience by giving you a wealth of features. You can fine-tune your audio experience with band equalizers, volume controllers, and over 20,000 radio stations

Let’s take a look at these features in detail: 

#1. 3D Surround Sound 

3D surround sound is imperative if you want to feel fully immersed in what you’re listening to, whether it be your favorite tune, a movie, or in-game action. 

One of the software’s best features is its capability to convert ordinary audio into full surround sound, similar to a home theater system. 

It works by using Global Delight’s patented Spatio Audio technology to the sound coming from your system. That means you can listen to simulated surround sound on any device. 

Utilizing computer algorithms, Boom 3D adjusts the track’s elements to generate a more detailed frequency response. You can adjust your audio’s LFE gain and intensity to meet your preferences. These settings are vital to receiving rich and immersive sound quality.

#2. Equalizer Presets 

Boom 3D features a 31-Band Boom Equalizer to help calibrate the audio, ensuring each frequency is modulated. It automatically detects which presets your track needs. 

However, you can experiment with it to see which ones you like best. For example, there are presets such as: 

  • Jazz 
  • Loud Music 
  • Classical Dubstep
  • BassBoost
  • The 60’s 
  • Acoustic 
  • Flat 
  • Electronic 
  • House
  • HipHop

And many more.

You can adjust the equalizer if those presets don’t meet your preferences. They provide intensity sliders, letting you tinker with the audio levels until you identify the right mix. Then, save the adjustments for the future. 

If you like to produce music, such as audio mastering or audio mixing, this platform can provide the right type of playback.

#3. Boom Volume 

Most devices are limited in volume output, especially on your desktop. But Boom isn’t!

Boom 3D’s volume boost lets you crank up the audio output. 

Unlike most systems, raising the volume won’t hurt the sound quality. That means you won’t get any white noise or obnoxious hiss filter as the sound intensifies. 

You can hear every detail without distortion when viewing a movie, listening to songs, or playing a game. 

#4. App Volume Controller 

The program doesn’t just increase the volume of your music or songs. It can also calibrate your desktop volumes by adjusting notification alerts, background music, and app output. 

For example, all the sounds from Netflix, Google Chrome, iTunes, Skype, and others can be adjusted through Boom 3D. 

#5. Advanced Audio Player 

This speaker booster includes an intuitive audio player that lets you play all your existing audio files with its boom effects. 

It acts as your music player app, letting you create playlists, organize music collections, and import your favorite songs. 

Importing your favorite tunes is easy. Drag and drop your audio files into the program and play them immediately. 

While the desktop version doesn’t integrate with music streaming platforms, you’ll need to download and import the files onto Boom 3D. 

However, the in-app integration is available for iOS and Android versions. 

#6. 20,000+ Radio Stations 

With over 20,000 radio stations from 120 countries, you can switch to Boom 3D as your primary music player. The radio station lets you save your favorite radio shows and go-to stations for added convenience. 

You can also browse by categories in the Explore Section, such as: 

  • Music Genre
  • Shows on Air
  • Special Selection
  • Spotlight
  • Tags
  • Topic 

And what not!

#7. Boom 3D Effects 

Apart from receiving immersive surround sound, you can select five different audio styles to elevate your listening experience. Here are the electronic effects Boom 3D offers: 

  • Ambiance: This filter highlights the sound from every ambient movement to sound more realistic and detailed. This is similar to 3D surround, except it focuses on the surroundings, which is great for gamers and movie enthusiasts. 
  • Fidelity: Similar to turntable decks, this feature lets you enjoy music as they were recorded so that you can hear accurate playback. This helps you get rid of distorted and unclear sounds. It enhances weaker frequency bands and refunds the sound quality for better sound output. 
  • Night Mode: This feature reduces the intensity of the bombastic sounds while highlighting the softer sounds like breezes or whispers. 
  • Spatial: Creates a detailed 3D soundscape bringing more depth and clarity to your audio. 
  • Pitch: Pitch correction is ideal for sound recording and production, allowing you to manipulate the pitch levels. However, you can also adjust the pitch of your tracks with five different semitones. 

Boom 3D Android and iOS App 

If you’re looking to receive the same immersive sound quality through your mobile device, you can download Boom 3D for iOS or Android

While it doesn’t offer the full-blown equalizer or every feature as the desktop version, it still gives you plenty of cool features for your smartphone. 

The app has an advanced equalizer, giving you 27 presets like Pop, EDM, Rock Music, Blues, Heavy Metal Music, etc. These are customizable, allowing you to configure the output and match your preferences. You also receive plenty of radio stations to enjoy. 

Furthermore, you can set up the surround sound output for your playlist, which works for your speakers and headphones. 

One of the unique aspects of the mobile version is the streaming platform integrations allowing you to connect your Tidal or Spotify account to access your playlist within the app. And it even has CarPlay compatibility to enjoy an immersive sound experience on the go. 

With over 4 million downloads and 6 million average songs played monthly, it’s an app that many music listeners and podcast enthusiasts actively use. 

Boom 3D pricing 

Fortunately, Boom 3D won’t cost you a fortune. They offer a 30-day free trial for users to test their software and see whether it’s right for them. That gives you enough time to play with the adjuster and other features. 

If you like Boom 3D, you can purchase the software for only $14.99 for Windows or Mac. Currently, they’re running a flash sale on the Global Delight store since the original price is $49.99. 

The software is only compatible with any macOS system 10, 10.3, or later, and Windows 10 or 11. 

It’s a one-time installment that includes all the features, meaning you don’t have to pay a subscription. 

As for the Boom 3D for iOS and Android, it’s free to download. However, if you want to access all of their features, you’ll need to upgrade to their paid membership for $2.99. 

Wrapping Up 

The Boom 3D music player and sound equalizer are outstanding solutions to improve your audio experience on virtually any device. 

With high-end functionality and affordable pricing, the software can allow you to receive 3D sound effects without paying an expensive upfront cost or subscription service. 

If you’re looking to significantly improve the audio quality of your music, game, or movie, Boom 3D is the way to go. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Install their 30-day free trial and experiment with the ground-breaking features for yourself! 

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