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In Security Last updated: August 25, 2023
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Be it duplicates, piracy, or fraud – brands have always faced the heat of digital goblins. Though not anymore!

You can find several brand protection software in the market that help safeguard your brand from such threats.

But is it so important? And if it is, how do you choose the best one for your business?

In this article, we’ll talk about brand protection software, its importance, and the best software available in the market.

What is a Brand Protection Software?

Brand protection software protects a company’s reputation, intellectual ownership, and identity from unauthorized distribution, unlawful use, and counterfeiting.

The software extensively covers all digital avenues- be it websites, social media, paid ads, and even the dark web.


So how do they work?

Generally, brand protection software uses data scraping techniques, smart AI algorithms, and machine learning to seek trademark, logo, and other brand element infringements.

Using the same, they also help e-commerce owners detect unauthorized sellers, fraudulent products, and brand imitations.

Most brand protection software has common features, like:

  • Omni channel coverage
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Automated takedown requests
  • Real-time alerts

In more severe cases, it can even assist in initiating legal proceedings, if necessary, against infringers. To stay on top of the latest digital threats, you can always listen to cyber security podcasts.

Importance of Brand Protection Software

As cyber threats are evolving and posing risks to businesses and consumers alike, investing in solid brand protection software and security automation is a necessity for businesses.

Below mentioned are a few reasons, backed by data, why brand protection software is the need of the hour.

#1. Gain Customers Trust

Do you know 65% of consumers are likely to trust and engage with a brand that steps forward to protect their interests?

Brand protection software can help your business witness a significant increase in customer confidence- following the pyramid comes more word-of-mouth marketing, sales, and repeat customers.

#2. Counter Phishing Attacks


Phishing attacks involve sending fraudulent communication (usually via email) appearing to be coming from a reputable source. These emails trick users into disclosing sensitive information, typically login credentials and financial details to hackers.

In 2021, 83% of companies experienced phishing attacks. During this year alone, 33 million data records are under threat due to these attacks.

👀Let me ask: Would you mind letting phishers steal your personal or customer data? That is why email security is of such importance.

#3. Reduce Counterfeit Activities

Counterfeit activities have also reached record levels, with sales estimated at $4.2 trillion globally in 2023.

Brand protection software plays a crucial role in identifying and removing unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products, safeguarding brand reputation and consumer trust.

#4. Prevent Account Takeover (ATO) Attack

An Account Takeover (ATO) attack is where a hacker gains unauthorized access to your account with malicious intent. 

In 2021, there was a sharp 90% increase in ATO, totaling $11.4B in losses. The number increased by 131% in the second half of 2022 compared to the first half.

By no manner do ATO attacks seem to be diminishing. But there’s a way to protect your brand and customers from such attempts– Brand Protection Software!

The software prevents ATO attacks since it:

  • Monitors user accounts
  • Detects suspicious activities, and
  • Implements strong authentication measures 

#5. Address Infringements

Intellectual Property (IP) infringements, Copyright Violations, and Trademark Breaches still remain a significant concern for businesses.

In 2023 itself, we saw a rise in reported instances of IP infringement, encompassing copyright violations and trademark breaches. This surge indicates the growing severity of the issue.

And once again, brand protection software is incredibly helpful in identifying and resolving such infringements in digital marketplaces.

With that, you may ask – Which is the best brand protection software? Well! There are many! 👇



ZeroFox’s AI-powered brand protection software provides the best-in-class coverage to protect businesses against counterfeits and cyber attacks. It has the leading Brand Threat Intelligence program, guarding over 10,000+ businesses, including Finserv, Retail, and more.


  • Comprehensive coverage of all the digital channels; extends to social media, surface, deep and dark web, domains, email, and more
  • Offers AI-based analysis, automated content takedowns, and easy-to-use policies to decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Get real-time alerts for threats, unusual account behavior, trademark infringement, offensive content, and logo misuse
  • Has machine learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and other AI-powered tech to analyze millions of content with a click

ZeroFox’s brand protection software combines unmatched AI and human intelligence. No wonder why brands like Nokia, Wirex, and more trust its capabilities.

Amazon Brand Services


Amazon Brand Services provides a suite of tools to help safeguard brands and customers from fraud and abuse. The platform is trusted by 15k+ users and has safeguarded over 800k+ counterfeit attempts with 99% effectiveness.


  • Use IP accelerator to get instant IP rights with vetted IP law firms; enjoy the protection and brand-building features even with pending trademark
  • Easily detect and report Intellectual Property (IP) infringements or inaccurate listings with the push of a button
  • Use the ‘Transparency’ feature to generate unique codes for individual products to ensure every unit shipped is authentic
  • Offers ‘Project Zero’, a powerful combination of Amazon in-house tech and brand insights to detect and remove counterfeits

From small businesses to large organizations, Amazon Brand Services caters to all. For the most part, Its clientele includes renowned brands like BMW, Unilever, Panasonic, and more.

Want to upgrade the security of your business passwords? Secure your business passwords and sensitive information with 1Password



Corsearch is an all-in-one brand protection software offering AI-powered trademark, brand, and content protection. The platform helps tackle online IP infringements, safeguard data as well as customers, and protect critical e-commerce channels.


  • Use AI to gain extensive coverage across the web; AI algorithms automatically match features, images, and logos empowering automated detection and removal of counterfeits
  • Leverage Optical Caracter Recognition (OCR) to find expiry dates, batch codes and speed up the identification of hidden fakes
  • Has built-in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to detect and disrupt networks of bad actor activity online and stop the source

Corsearch has over 5000+ trusted customers globally, including the likes of Decathlon, Levi’s, Unilever, and more. 



Tracer is the industry’s first Human-in-the-Loop AI Brand Protection technology, offering a suite of AI-powered tools to enhance brand security inside-out. 


  • Tracer AI cuts down on review time by automating workflows, adaptive processing, and smart algorithms to find more enforceable detections
  • Use ‘Tracer Graph’ to drill down on brand abuse networks or bad actors, further identify violations, and enforce takedown action 
  • Offers powerful AI tools like machine vision, image recognition, and advanced infringement correlation algorithms to deliver the highest accuracy
  • Auto-create digital evidence files that customers can easily access from online portals to help with lawsuits and investigations

Tracer offers multi-channel brand protection coverage. In fact, the platform’s use cases extend from NFTs and Web 3.0 to product launches and promotions.



Bolster is a highly automated brand protection software that offers multiple solutions to protect your brand. The platform leverages the industry’s most advanced AI technology to automatically detect and takedown brand abuse sites, including fake domains, third-party sites, unauthorized apps, and search engine results.


  • AI-driven real-time detection of domain & typosquatting, fake sites & logo infringements in milliseconds
  • Automated zero-touch takedowns of malicious sites or sites infringing on brand protection groups in minutes
  • Offers an intuitive dashboard with 20+ data points, real-time monitoring, and cross-functional collaboration

Bolster has an exceptional false positive rate of 1/1,00,000. Moreover, it partners with over 1500+ domain and hosting providers to offer hassle-free protection to top brands, including Dropbox, Coinbase, and Uber.



GrowByData offers various products to glide your brand through challenging market scenarios. Its brand protection solution lets businesses stay – compliant with MAP policies and protected from bad actors. 


  • Has built-in MAP monitoring software facilitating cross-channel coverage to track and enforce violations across different time zones, regions, search engines, and marketplaces
  • Get complete coverage for ads; identify unauthorized keyword bidding, infringing competitors, trademark and rank violations, and violations in Ad copy
  • For e-commerce store owners, scan all channels across the globe to find counterfeit or unauthorized selling of products with a click
  • Get real-time alerts for violations with evidence to take instant actions and suppress the source; monitor and audit impacts of brand protection with comprehensive reports

Apart from these, the software also helps businesses spot competitive gaps and study competitors. Much needed to gain an edge in tough market conditions. Besides, GrowByData is trusted by top brands like Nestle, Crocs, Lego, ZoomInfo, and more. 

Want to protect your network, systems, and applications better? Learn about how to prevent privilege escalation attacks!



BrandVerity is a comprehensive online brand protection and monitoring tool designed to help businesses safeguard their brand reputation, enhance online compliance, and combat fraud across various digital channels.


  • Real-time monitoring of online channels, including search engines, websites, social media platforms, and ad networks, for violations
  • Quickly take down unwanted networks or bad actors with features like ‘Bulk Takedown Requests’ and pre-built email templates
  • Ensure complete compliance with affiliate programs; monitor affiliates’ activities, validates their promotional practices, and identify potential violations, such as brand bidding or unauthorized use of trademarks
  • Built-in Ad monitoring features to check for compliance with advertising policies, detects misleading or fraudulent ads, and take immediate action
  • Offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities; get detailed insights into brand compliance, unauthorized usage, track trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their brand protection strategies

Best of all, BrandVerity has an excellent support and consultation team. It hosts PPC compliance experts who help quickly set up and implement guidelines. It’s a matter of time before you can achieve your compliance goals.  



Adthena is a leading search intelligence platform that helps brands, marketers, and agencies dominate their competitive landscapes. It’s best used for protecting brand value and lowering brand CPCs for better returns from running ads. 


  • Use the ‘Auto Takedown’ feature to send bulk infringements to Google for removal with a push of a button
  • Automatically track, monitor, and report instances of affiliate ad hijacks; get evidence of fraud, including ad screenshots and affiliate ID
  • Comes with a ‘Smart Monitor’ that constantly analysis the market and delivers real-time alerts for any standing opportunities or threads

Adthena also offers solutions for optimizing campaigns, breaking barriers to market entry, and creating strategies. The likes of GoDaddy, Loreal, Volvo, Toyota, and more trust the platform’s capabilities.

Wrapping Up

You have been scammed‘ 😲- that is the four-word sentence that gives sleepless nights to business owners and drains millions and billions out of the global economy. 

And as the digital era ages, the choice of brand protection software is soon to become a necessity.

While that happens, taking early precautions and getting brand protection software for your business is better.

The software mentioned in the article has features to protect your brand, although you should cherry-pick the one that fits your business requirements.

And while you are thinking of security, why not ready up on the most dangerous database threats and how to prevent them?

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