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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: September 4, 2023
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Who doesn’t like shopping from their comfort? Online Shopping brings convenience and endless options to your fingertips.

In fact, over 2.14 billion people are online shoppers. That’s 27% of the world’s current population. However, amidst “Add to Cart” and “Buy now,” there’s constant concern about staying within budget and fear of missing out. But not until you use the power of cashback browser extensions. 

These online shopping companions unveil hidden deals and get you cashback opportunities. These browsers track every site you visit and bring the best money-saving offers available.

Here is a quick summary of the best browser extensions for online shopping coupons and cashback I’ll be discussing below.

Browser ExtensionsNotable Features
Paypal HoneyAuto-scans shopping sites, finds coupons, earns rewards.
RakutenProvides cashback, links to stores, referral program.
CamelizerTracks product price history, alerts on price drops.
Capital One ShoppingOffers discounts, compares prices, rewards system.
CNET ShoppingCompares discounts, finds retailers, tracks prices.
KlaranaApplies coupons, partners with 250,000+ stores.
PriceScoutCompares prices, sends coupon notifications.
CentlyOffers cashback, compares prices
CouponBirdsReliable coupon codes, saves shopping time.
PriceBlinkFinds lowest price, alerts with coupons
ibottaProvides Cashback, partners with popular retailers.

Read this blog till the end to explore leading cashback browser extensions and make extra savings. Let’s get started!

Are coupons worth it?


It’s natural to wonder if coupons are worth the effort. Who wants to search tiny codes if they don’t save you money? But coupons confidently deliver on their promise of efficient money-saving and are worth looking for.

Coupons can turn a regular shopping trip into a strategic money-saving mission. These digital codes offer discounts, special deals, and exclusive offers. They make purchases more affordable, particularly for items exceeding your budget.

In other words, coupons bridge the regular price and what you’re comfortable spending. As a result, you save money without compromising your wants and straining the budget. 

What is a cashback reward?


Cashback rewards are gradually gaining popularity among online shoppers and consumers. It is like a shopping reward that puts money back in your pocket. This reward system allows you to return a tiny amount of money from your purchase. 

This small amount of returned money can quickly add up to a considerable number with time. This makes cashback not only appealing but also assists you in making the most of your online shopping ventures.

We have compiled a list of the best browser extensions every online shopper must use. These browsers save you time from searching for discounts and assist you in shopping smarter. Let’s not take much time and dive in! 

PayPal Honey 

Paypal Honey is one of the most legit browser extensions you can find online. This tool helps online shoppers save money right from the day of integration on the desktop. Honey automatically starts scanning every shopping website you go through.  

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Then, it checks coupon databases to bring you the latest coupon codes. Furthermore, you can also earn money from Honey. This virtual power gives you Honey Gold whenever you shop using Honey. 

Later, this gold can be redeemed as gift cards for major online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc.  Besides this, Honey also includes a referral program for more convenience. This online tool has a 4.8/5 rating and a large number of your base. 


Rakuten is an innovative online business with over 10 million members. The platform provides a link to your favorite online stores and websites. You get a cashback from your purchase whenever you shop using the link given by Rakuten. 

Rakuten is a reputed and reliable browser extension. It has several stores listed in it. These stores pay referral fees to Rakuten on every visit and purchase through its site.


As a result, Rakuten gives a tiny portion of its fee to you as cashback. This browser extension has a straightforward working system, which makes it reliable. However, the only thing you may dislike about Rakuten is its withdrawal terms.

Users don’t get cashback instantly. Instead, they are credited to a Rakuten account. This money can be further withdrawn at the end of the quarter, i.e., only 4 times a year. Rakuten also has a referral program and is entirely free to use.  


Camelizer isn’t a cashback and coupon browser extension. Instead, it helps you see any product’s price history in a few clicks. This free tool can be your best shopping companion if you love shopping on Amazon.


Camelizer offers a visual history of prices and trends of the product. It also lets you set a budget to receive alerts whenever the product price matches the budget or drops to the cheapest rate.

In terms of browser compatibility, Camelizer is compatible with popular browsers. This handy tool supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari. In addition to this, Camelizer is free and lets you track prices for multiple products simultaneously. 

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension that doesn’t disappoint its users in any sense. It offers discounts, coupons, and rewards in one place without spending time.


Capital One Shopping is connected with more than 30,000 online retailers. As a result, it gives you an effortless shopping and saving experience. Capital One Shopping doesn’t provide you with coupons while browsing on-site.

Instead, it hunts for top coupons and promo codes during checkout. Capital One Shopping compares prices with other retailers, shipping, and membership costs and suggests the cheapest option.

As a result, you save money ultimately on everything. Capital One Shopping also offers a reward system with credits for every purchase. These credits can be redeemed for Walmart, eBay, and more gift cards

CNET Shopping 

CNET Shopping is a free browser extension every savvy shopper must have. This handy tool saves you time and money simultaneously. It compares and brings the best discounts and retailers in seconds.


With more than 11,000 retailers, CNET Shopping gives you dozens of options. It automatically finds the cheapest option and applies coupons to your purchase. As a result, you don’t have to struggle to find the right retailer and coupon.

CNET Shopping has over 100,000 downloads and top retailers like eBay, Amazon, Target, and more. This tool offers an average savings of $7.55 and helps you track your wishlist products’ prices. 


The Klarna desktop browser extension is a product of the popular fintech startup Klarna. It is partnered with over 250,000 stores. Thus, you can get deals on everything from pizza to your next family vacation.


Whether it’s about shopping or applying coupons, Klarna has a primary user interface. This browser extension looks for the best coupons and applies them automatically during checkout. As a result, you enjoy a hassle-free and money-saving shopping experience.


PriceScout is a fast and compatible browser extension. It automatically finds other cheap retailers while you are browsing any product. Once you install the PriceScout extension, you get two primary features.


They are automatic price comparisons and coupon notifications. PriceScout automatically scans for lower price options from 21,00 stores and lets you know about it. Plus, Pricescout also makes sure that you don’t miss any deals.

Thus, it sends you automatic coupon notifications while you are shopping online. Although PriceScout offers an on-peak user experience, it may hamper your privacy. Therefore, monitor the privacy policy and permissions before using it.


Cently is an attractive and user-friendly cashback browser extension. It assists you in saving time and money while online shopping. Cently is popularly known for its price comparison. 


This digital tool helps you find similar, alternative, and cheaper options for products you browse. From Walmart and Nike to Amazon, Cently saves you money everywhere. Besides coupons and price comparison, it also has cashback rewards.

Cently make sure you earn cashback on your purchase. It is partnered with more than 1,000 stores, so you always have better, more reliable, and cheaper options. Overall, Cently is worth trying and is free to use. 


CouponBirds is a legit and safe money-saving browser extension. It offers the most accurate and reliable coupon codes compared to similar sites. People widely use this virtual power, as it saves them from searching for coupons.


CouponBirds has a solid user base of more than 200,000 shoppers. These numbers are rapidly growing with time. CouponBirds saves you money from more than 60,000 stores. In fact, it applies the best coupons at checkout to make the most out of your shopping.

PriceBlink is a perfect shopping companion for beginners, especially those unfamiliar with coupons and cashback. This online extension improves the shopping experience and helps to save money in a blink.


This personal shopping assistant helps you find the lowest price during online shopping. It eases online shopping by scanning the best retailers from over 4,000 merchants. From electronic appliances to tools, PriceBlink covers all.

Besides finding the lowest price of a product, PriceBlink also alerts you with coupons. This extension automatically shows money saving while browsing an online store. In addition to this, they also have an introductory video to help you understand the usage and add PriceBlink to your browser. 


ibotta is all about cashback. It gives you guaranteed cashback on many popular stores. Whether it’s an online retailer, food delivery service, or travel site, ibotta assists you in getting cashback everywhere. 

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ibotta is a mobile and desktop-friendly browser extension. It has partnered with popular retailers like Cabela’s, Kohl’s, Ulta Beauty, and more. Besides this, the withdrawal procedure in ibotta is way better than many other sites.

You can easily withdraw your cashback in your bank account once you earn a minimum of $20. Although ibotta is safe, easy, and convenient, it lacks compatibility. You can use ibotta only with Google Chrome.  


Online shopping shows dozens of options while sitting on the couch. As a result, we always end up spending more than needed. Hence, it becomes essential to have a money-saving idea. That’s where cashback browser extensions come in.

These tools help you save money and make better choices without leaving the store site. This blog lists some of the best browser extensions to save you funds.

Now you can also explore some best coupon and cashback platforms to save on shopping.

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