Don’t let spammers annoy you with these blacklist mobile apps.

The digital revolution has revolutionized the era. It has expanded its arms for the goodwill of people. It has made every new technology easily available to consumers. Not only has it increased efficiency by reducing the time but also the cost. The recent ML technologies have made it easier for businesses to place several calls at once. The data is extracted easily from the internet, and a bot call is placed. It has increased the reach of businesses. Thus, the engagement is increased. But, after all, it’s annoying.

People are annoyed and claim that they get a greater number of spam calls than actual calls.

The corona pandemic has led to an increase in spam calls. Due to the shift of work to a remote base, the fraudsters are on the verge. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to bombarding calls. People are packed in their houses and spend much time on smartphones. Thus, it makes them more available for these spam traps.

These calls aim to sell service to users by bombarding them with sales pitches. It’s like you are peacefully walking on the streets, and a person stalks you continuously. Thus, bombarding you with exclusive offers. Most of these scam calls try to interfere with your privacy.

Moreover, they try to steal private information and do scams. However, other than spam calls, there are Robocalls, Telemarketing, and Phishing.

What’s the solution?

Thanks to the following mobile apps, which help you to stay protected.


YouMail uses smart technology to detect spam calls and robocalls.

It plays the ‘Out of service message’ whenever such types of calls happen. The algorithm matches the incoming phone number with a list of spam numbers. It asks the users for spam and inappropriate numbers when there is an incoming call. It also helps identify missed calls. Further, you can put up a personalized voice message. This message rings up whenever an incoming call takes place. You can greet people with a lively message.

Moreover, YouMail provides the user with a premium service. Its paid service provides features like:

  • It provides an option for a second phone number. It can be sent directly to voicemail and be forwarded to your cell phone.
  • Call routing and auto attendant.
  • Automatic text messages.
  • Free conference calls with automatic recordings.

Availability – iOS and Android


We are often bombarded with calls from unknown numbers.

We wonder whether it’s a work call or spam call. Calling that unknown number seems risky. Thus, to get rid of this nuisance, we have UnknownPhone. Hence, you don’t need to worry about unknown calls.

One can report harassment calls. This will help other users from spam calls. Just leave a comment and throw all your stress away with the UnknownPhone service.

Availability – iOS and Android

Calls Blacklist

This Android app blocks calls and messages. It blocks spam, inappropriate and harassment calls and texts. It also provides a personal blacklist. If you add someone to the blacklist, it will be automatically blocked if you get annoyed by these calls.

Install the Calls Blacklist app from the play store. The algorithm prevents robocalls. Identifies unknown numbers through enhanced caller ID too.

SMS blocking enables a built-in messenger. It blocks spam and robo messages too. It is one of the best solutions available to you.

Availability – Android


Hiya is applied directly to some mobile networks.

It identifies and blocks calls you want to avoid, with options of auto-blocking and reverse phone lookup. It particularly pays attention to the first 6 digits of a phone number. Spam numbers follow a certain mimic of these defined numbers. It filters down these calls and messages.

Availability – iOS and Android


Truecaller is one of the most reputed and trusted spam prevention app. It has helped the administration in solving a lot of cases. Truecaller identifies the person who is calling even before the call appears. Hence, you know, beforehand, a call will be knocking on your phone screen.

It tells you about the unknown callers and helps you to decide whether to receive it or not. It also provides extensive call history.

Exclusive features include, who viewed your profile option, gold-colored badge ID symbol. Call blocking, and caller id features are free. Premium features include the removal of ads and call recording features. Incognito mode is also available for you. The rating and reviews are commendable.

Availability – iOS and Android


CallApp is a free app that identifies all spam, telemarketing calls. The best feature of this app is its social media coverage. It updates your contacts from social media. Thus, keeping you more connected. It identifies a large number of callers.


  • Caller ID-identifies phone calls from spammers, telemarketers, and unwanted numbers.
  • Call Blocker-You to have your blacklist. Block contacts you want and remain unbothered.
  • Social Media- All your social media contacts will be updated on your list. Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Availability – Android


Annoyed by Robocalls?

Nomorobo Robocall Blocking is a premium app that offers a 14-day free trial. It has an excellent rating. It blocks spam calls and texts. It identifies calls from robocallers. Further, hangs the call even before you hold up to receive. The national do not call registry helps in this process.

It’s simple to use. Go to the website, enter your details. You will receive a mail to activate and set up Nomorobo. There you go, reject all the robocalls without bothering yourself. It provides you an option either to reject a call or send a text message.

Availability – iOS and Android

Call Control

Call Control is one of the most popular platforms for telemarketers, robocalls, and spam prevention. The application analyzes 12 million members in the community to give accurate results within a few seconds. It contains pre-loaded features such as CommunityIQ that helps in generating Do Not Call complaints and Community reports.

Availability – iOS and Android


Choose the above-listed call blocker apps for your smartphone to save you from all the malpractice. Save yourself from frauds and spammers!

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