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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 20, 2022
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Let’s admit it – customer is king in the realm of your business.

Your product or services are meant for your customers and thus, the victory or downfall of your business depends on your customers whether they want to buy from you or otherwise.

This is why it’s important to provide high-quality customer services, no matter what. It is especially evident from the fact that competition is huge in the market for the same products or services and hence, standing out is necessary for your business to strive.

So, if you pay proper attention to your customers’ needs and listen to what they want to say, it will completely pay off in the long run in terms of higher returns and customer relationships.

For this, you need to keep engaging your customers. And conversational marketing is one of the greatest digital marketing strategies you can consider which helps increase engagement.

Incorporating chatbots into your website and landing pages is efficient to fuel your customer service efforts. Besides, if you want to promote your new arrivals, you can do this through landing pages and embed a chatbot into them to produce maximum traction.

Speaking of chatbots, there is an excellent option you can try – Landbot.

So, let’s talk about it, and I hope towards the end of this article, you will have all the answers to decide whether it’s a right fit for your business or not.

What is Landbot?

Landbot is an intuitive chatbot builder which helps engage your leads, personalize user journeys, and capture data in real-time. The credit for founding Landbot goes to Jiaqi Pan.

You can use this chatbot on your landing pages instead of regular forms for attracting more leads and enhancing the conversion rates. One of the best things about Landbot is that even without any coding skills, you can set up and get it running within a minute or two.

It helps you create prototypes, build the final one, and launch it without any hassle. Additionally, you can easily manage all your conversations happening live or automatically from a single dashboard.

Why should you use a chatbot?

Better customer engagement

Chatbots provide a quick mode of communicating with your customers. Another aspect of its beauty is its adaptability to various channels like the web, applications, social media, and messaging apps. Hence, whatever channel your customers use, they can interact with you using them.  Ultimately, it increases their convenience and boosts your engagement rate.

Improves lead generation

When you are reachable through various mediums, leads pour in through all those channels. It improves your lead generation rates, provided you market your product or services right. As a result, the probability of better sales and revenue is expected.

A deeper understanding of customers

With chatbots, you can get detailed information about your customers by engaging with them quickly and understanding their pain points. You can use this data for taking actionable insights and guiding your offerings in that direction.


The investment in chatbots is comparatively lower than hiring more support agents, going through the onboarding process, and expenditure on infrastructure. It can easily handle all those repetitive and mundane queries daily plus assist during peak seasons as well.

Features of Landbot

The impressive features of Landbot are great for everyone, from users having just basic skills and needs to experienced individuals wanting to leverage the platform to explore their creativity. Its features are:


You can personalize conversation for every customer based on a @variable. You can do it through conditional logic.

For example, you can change the variable in your welcome message to personalize it based on your customer’s location, such as:

“Welcome to London”

You can change “London” to any other place on the globe based on the scenario.

Multipurpose custom bricks

YouTube video

You can turn your dialogue flow’s frequently used sequences such as sign-ups or email verification into virtual custom bricks. Use it in a new bot directly with just a click. Besides, you can also create new bricks or use their brick templates.

Set variable

This feature allows you to include new variables having pre-set values. You can use it to perform calculations and also adjust the value based on user responses.

YouTube video

Landbot formulas

YouTube video

Like the formulas you use in Google Sheets or MS Excel, Landbot also provides you with some formulas. They help you perform a multitude of calculations, manage data formats, and control them in real-time inside the flow of the bots without coding.

Custom Webhook

The custom webhooks of Landbot help you when you need to connect with their integration toolbox. Hence, you can enjoy the intuitive interface and smooth setup experience.

Dynamic Data

With Dynamic Data, you can take full control of the options you want to show to your customers. It helps you stay relevant to fluctuate and adjust the buttons based on the location, time, user preferences, availability, and more.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) implementation

You have the option to connect your chatbot with a Dialogflow agent with just a single click to improve user experience, as it has NLP functionalities. You can also combine the rich graphic elements that Landbot offers.

Pre-built templates

Use the pre-built templates to streamline bot creation for different occasions such as product launch, lead generation, job application, event registration, and more.

Codeless formatting

All their available formats such as landing page, live chat, site embed, and pop-up can power your lead generation. It does so by letting your bot adapt to different target audiences and situations.

Chat manager and human takeover feature

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Use the smart chat manager of Landbot to access previous conversations and user data. You can also arrange for a human takeover of the bot with a simple click. It will allow your team to handle the rest of the conversation when needed and also gives that ‘human touch to the customers that way.

API for multi-channel conversations

With Landbot, you don’t have to limit conversations with your customers to the web only. It gives you the freedom to take the conversation ahead through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other messaging applications using API.

Seamless and wide-ranging integration

Integrate your favorite tools and applications with your bot such as ERP, CRM, or any other application you may need. Landbot supports integration with Slack, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Zapier, SendGrid, and Stripe.

A/B Split

Run your bots through the A/B split test to check which one is better for your landing page and other needs.

Landbot Pricing

There are four types of plans available:

  • Sandbox: It is completely free and includes 100 chats/month
  • Starter: It is available at $35.05 with all the features in the Sandbox plan plus integration for Facebook Messenger, Stripe, Mailchimp, and A/B split.
  • Professional: Avail it at just $116.82 and enjoy all the features in the Starter plan plus the option to eliminate the Landbot brand, formulas, Dialogflow, webhooks, and Google Sheets.
  • Business: The pricing is custom, so, you can contact Landbot to buy the plan according to your set priorities.

Competitors of Landbot

Everyone got competitors so Landbot!

Landbot might not be the best option for everyone, as people with different businesses have different needs. So, in case you are among them, you could check some of the alternatives who are also its competitors.

  • Conversational Form: It’s an open-source tool by SPACE10, and it can help you convert information on forms into conversations.
  • BotUI: It is also used to build a conversational UI based on a JavaScript framework.
  • Drift: It facilitates one-on-one conversations in real-time to boost your customer engagement.


Landbot is, no doubt, an excellent tool for people who love marketing and experimenting with styles and creativity. It gives your imagination a real boost so you can create something useful and unique with a top-level Chabot that you can insert into your landing pages without having to code a single line.

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