Lately, landing pages have gained a lot of popularity. Most of the businesses have switched to landing pages for introducing and promoting their new products or services.

Landing pages help them in generating potential leads much before the actual launch of a product.

However, with a plethora of organizations using the concept of landing pages to generate leads, it has become exceedingly difficult to stand out among the rest. Also, with their common nature, the conversion rate is quite noteworthy.

With an aim to ‘Chatbotize’ landing pages,, founded by Jiaqi Pan is an online tool that allows you to create a conversational interface for your landing pages.

Landbot (chatbot on the landing page)can be used in place of the forms which is a quite mainstream approach. Such chatbots will not only help you to capture leads but also boost your engagement and improve conservation rates.

Setting them up is very easy. You can have your chatbot ready within a few minutes with absolutely no coding experience.

Some of the features of Landbot includes:

Improved user engagement

With its innovative approach, it creates a fun and entertaining experience for the visitors as they browse through your pages.

Navigation through different areas becomes easy and captivating which in turn raises your conversation rate.

Swift and simple steps to create a chatbot

With its built-in tools, it becomes effortless to create chatbots for your organization from scratch without having any coding knowledge.

The user interface is interactive which allows you to set up a chatbot for your website within a few minutes.

Customizable aesthetics

Though it has some preset templates, you can edit them in a way you want. You can include custom fonts, color schemes, add gifs, images or for that matter, even videos to the background of your landing pages.

Extensive use of various website elements

Landbot has tried to blend with every available site element. You can use social media sharing buttons and other items with this without much hassle.

Landbot’s competitors

Conversational Forms

Conversational Form is an open-source tool developed by SPACE10 which converts a form into a conversational interface.


BotUI is an open-source tool to create Conversational User Interfaces based on the javascript framework.

Landbot is compatible with desktop, mobile chrome as well as iOS devices.