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In Collaboration Last updated: July 28, 2023
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Prevent distractions on the internet from driving your attention and affecting your productivity with the help of Chrome extensions.

Getting distracted from the work of utmost importance is human nature. This has been from the beginning of time. As a result, this distraction impacts your daily productivity. In this modern era, progressive technologies contribute a lot to making you the perfect worker. However, a large number of distractions have also come to the forefront.


A single wrong click can drive your attention from a productive session and waste your precious minutes. This is because you enter an endless internet that can numb your mind. And once you get distracted from your work, it does not seem easy to regain that lost concentration.

This sort of distraction seems much more effective while working remotely when you have no one to supervise you. A pair of shoes appearing on a web page or a yummy pizza offer highlighted on the sidebar are all distractions.

And once you are distracted, according to stats, it takes around 23 minutes to regain the focus on your task. Whatever the working environment, Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browser worldwide. If opening a tab on Chrome can cause distraction, at the same time, it offers a lot of useful extensions. These extensions can minimize distractions and encourage you to stay focused.

Let’s explore such excellent Chrome extensions.


Momentum is a wonderful chrome extension that helps you transform your new tab page into an inspiring dashboard.

Your inspiring dashboard will include your daily focus activities, to-do list, links and bookmarks, and much more. All these things will prevent you from distracting and keep you motivated throughout the day. This is a free Chrome add-on that you can install on your Chrome web browser.


Noisli is a unique chrome extension that can help you stay calm and relaxed while staying focused. It enables you to mask irritating sounds and listen to soothing sounds that can enhance your productivity.

It comes with a library of high-quality sounds that you can mix and curate a playlist of your interest. Noisli lets you work in sessions using its timer. You can also utilize its distraction-free text editor for work.

You can sign up for free to start enjoying the various features of Noisli.

Rescue Time

If you are looking for a dedicated tool to keep you alert and motivated, go for Rescue Time. It is a time management software that lets you work based on a daily focus goal. As you work on your system, it keeps an eye on your activities.

Rescue Time’s Chrome extension tracks what you are working on and alerts you to stay focused with uninterrupted efforts. It automatically monitors if you are losing your focus or tackling too many tasks simultaneously.

It also helps you by blocking your major distractions and thus offers reports on your focus.


Sometimes opening too many Chrome tabs also becomes a major distraction. Because with too many tabs, switching between instantly required tabs becomes messy. To deal with this situation, OneTab comes into play.

OneTab lets you convert all your tabs to a list. Whenever you need to open the tabs again, you can restore them individually and all at once.

Besides increasing efficiency, another important benefit of this is it saves around 95% of your memory. This Chrome extension is completely free to use.

Win The Day

Win The Day is another good focus tool that comes in the form of a Chrome extension. It lets you set your daily goals. On the basis of these goals, it monitors your day-to-day activities and internet usage habits. It then alerts you by sending focus reports.

chrome extensions

Win the Day reminds you of your daily goals and thus keeps you focused on achieving them. Its focus mode lets you block main distractions and stay productive throughout the day.

Tracking Time

Tracking Time, as the name suggests, is a time tracking software that lets you monitor your team’s productivity. Various organizations of all sizes make use of this tool to keep track of the activities of their workforce.

It provides you with complete records of the number of hours your team members worked. It is not limited to time tracking. It is a one-stop solution to your needs of project budgeting, billing, payroll, etc.

Tracking Time’s Chrome extension lets you monitor your team in real-time and measure their productivity.


Forest App is a focus application designed specifically to prevent you from the overuse of your smartphone. If you are a smartphone addict and this habit hinders your work, the Forest App can be the right option for you.

It highlights its tagline, “Stay focused, be present”. This tagline itself motivates everyone toward their work. Using this app, you can set limits on your smartphone usage.


If you want to prevent yourself from opening unnecessary links and sites on the web, you should install StayFocusd. It limits the time that you waste by visiting time-wasting links.

Once you use all the allocated time, the blocked sites remain inaccessible for the whole day. Using this focus extension, you can block-allow particular sites, specific subdomains, specific pages, specific paths, and much more.


BlockSite helps you retain your focus on your work by allowing you to block the apps or sites that cause distraction. This tool is designed not only for professionals but for students as well. Using this tool, you can control your access to the web and your browsing content.

It lets you define your daily goals and keep your focus on those goals. You can download BlockSite for free and control your time effectively.


PomoDoneApp lets you track the progress of your current project. Using this tool, you can link your task management service with PomoDoneApp, and you can instantly enjoy all its benefits.


If you can win over these distractions, you will be able to work far more productively than ever. So, if you find yourself trapped in such internet distractions, try any of these focus chrome extensions. These are going to help you wonderfully in bringing you back to track.

You may also download these Chrome extensions to improve productivity.

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