This is an era of digital technology. As a result, pen and paper works are now replaced by various dedicated digital solutions. Nowadays, even churches are opting for digital alternatives.

Running a church and managing its operations is not an easy task. Manual work makes it more complicated and time-consuming. Incorporating technology into the church makes the system more structured, efficient, and productive.


This kind of technology is facilitated to the churches by various innovative church management software.

What is a Church Management Software?

Church management software is a digital system designed specifically for churches to assist in various functions. These church software can manage simple to complex church management tasks. These may include management of the database of church members, communications, or online giving or donations.

There are a large number of churches already utilizing the benefits of such church management software. And others are also considering these digital solutions as crucial to assist their church management processes.

You can find various church management software online. However, choosing the right one for your organization is also complicated. So, here is the list of the best church management software that might suit your needs.


Churchtrac has been rated by Capterra as one of the most user-friendly and budget-friendly software for church organizations. It comes with a large set of features. Here you will be able to manage your members. It lets you create member directories and send bulk emails and texts.

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It also allows contributors to make donations online easily. With this, churches can monitor, manage, and plan their budget and funds. Here you can create as well as manage events and record attendances.


Bitrix24 is a free church management software designed for organizations with limited budgets. This lets you integrate your church system with various social media channels to spread the message conveniently.


Bitrix24 allows an unlimited number of users for free. It features over 35 management tools for effective support in day-to-day church operations.

It includes calendars, events, social tools, instant messages or chats, CRM, tasks, and documents. Also, it lets you send automatic notifications to the members. is a great church management software that is designed to enhance engagement in the church community. This software comes with a set of features that support decreasing administration time while growing people.

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This church management software organizes the data effectively for the administration team. It lets church people coordinate with each other and expand the community at a better speed. It also integrates online giving features that make donations easier and hassle-free.

Planning Center

Planning Center offers flexible church management software that meets most of the needs of a church system. It lets churches organize their information, communicate seamlessly, coordinate events, and collect donations online.


You can download this software and enjoy a free trial for 30 days. The support system that it features also lets all the members get help whenever they need it. It adds weekly new updates and features to the software for betterment.


Extend your church community effectively with this amazing church management software, ChurchSuite. It helps you in the integration of newcomers by featuring a connect form.

Using this software, you can also plan your church events and manage your volunteers. It lets you receive online donations. This system ensures the protection of the member data and therefore comes packed with efficient data protection technology.



Aplos is one of the best-rated church management software that lets you automate your church operations. It brings ease to the overall management of your church community. Using this software, you can track payments and pledges. It lets you engage your congregation.

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This software allows you to create firm connections with your teams and groups by planning events. With this, you can make people join online and register for events.


Excellerate lets you organize your church and all its operations effectively. It comes in two types of formats one is a cloud-based system, and the other is desktop-based software. It lets you reach more people by automating emails, letters, etc.

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Excellerate also lets you receive donations and easily share contributions and their statements with the whole community. It comes with visitor tracking, check-ins, mass emails or texts, etc.


Realm is another great church management software that lets you access its data 24/7. It comes packed with a large set of tools that support you in expanding your ministry.


This software features an advanced level of security for protecting members’ and churches’ personal data. You can easily carry out communication using this software. People can register easily for any church event. This also lets you coordinate groups and thus manage your volunteers quickly.


FaithTeams is a simple and affordable church management software ideal for small and medium size churches. It is capable of managing the database of church people and families. Faith Team lets you send texts and emails in bulk. It enables you to receive online giving.

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Using this software, you can schedule volunteers and send them automated reminders. It lets you manage all the contributions in one place without any manual work.

Final Words

If you want to transform your manual church system into an automated or digital one, try any software. These can help reduce the management and organization burden to a great extent. You may also want to explore the best church presentation software to hold the best services.