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Insurance Claims Management Software is a complex tool to serve both the insurer and the insured. However, the process involved in documentation, wrongful claims, or mismatching of quotes can result in rejected, delayed, or fraudulent claims. 

The software is primarily a transaction-enabled system of records used by the adjuster. The software gathers information and processes it per the underlying policy and coverage guidelines for the claim and the claimant. It also evaluates and analyses the circumstances of the claim and acts, which include payment, executing transactions, and preserving a record of the same. 

In this article, we will be taking you on a quick journey through Best Claims Management Software, which provides you with the most optimum solution and is easy to use. However, before diving into the competition, let us understand the basics of claims and how they are handled.

What are P&C Claims?

P&C (Property and Casualty Insurance) is coverage that helps the insured protect properties. Property Insurance helps them protect their property, such as homes and cars. Casualty Insurance, on the other hand, is a form of liability coverage. It comes into play when a person injures another person or causes damage to another person’s belongings. Property and Casualty Insurance usually come bundled together as one insurance policy covering: Car, Home, Renters, Power Sports, and Landlord Insurance. 

What is the workflow of P&C Claim?

As evident as it is, a P&C claim can only be filed after the event, so that is the first step in filing a P&C Claim. The most crucial step that follows the damage being done is filing a police report about it in case of a burglary or theft, and that report should be kept as evidence. 

The insured should also collect as much evidence, such as taking pictures, before starting the repair work. It helps the insurer in the preliminary assessment of the damage caused. If a third party caused the injury, the insured should send a claim to the third party for reimbursement and notify the insurance company with estimated quotations.  

Not long after, the insurance firm will send a surveyor/ claims adjuster to assess the damage and estimate the total loss. The last step of the P&C claims is the compilation of all the documents, which includes a notice of loss sent to the insurance company, a report of the accident with pictures, cost of damages, a copy of the police report, and a claim note sent to the other party if any. 

Why do you need claims management software?

The most crucial advantage of claims management software is that it is digital. As the insurance claims involve a lot of paperwork and data points, manually doing them opens room for human errors. Digital Claims Management Software uses automation to identify and pinpoint specific tasks, thus eliminating errors in the standard procedure. 

Streamlining the claims management software processes makes claim processing easier, smarter, and faster. It saves time, reducing the claim cycle iterations for more productive claims management and providing security.

Let us now dive into the world of Claims Management Software, where insurance principles and technology’s seamlessness guide every step. Each Claims Management Software offers something unique while being accessible, innovative, and fast.


Aclaimant, one of the best in the market, empowers to drive productivity and reduces total cost of risk with its indigenously built RMIS to deliver deep insight and drive results. Aclaimant incorporates an Active Risk Management strategy, where insurance corporations can empower their employees to more productively manage risks by leveraging technology. The process is centralized, connected, scalable, and data-driven to deliver results. 

The maps provided by the Aclaimant process utilize some of the best practices in a highly configurable system. The innovative tasks automate claims processes, saving you from the ancient siloed structures, stuffed inboxes, and complex spreadsheets. We’d say that is a good bargain. 

The clientele of Aclaimant includes Labormax, JE Dunn Construction, Trillium, Malone, Kelly, Lamb, Radco, Cassena Care, and much more small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. The major Claims Management Software network has been covered by some leading online media publishers, including big names like Forbes, Fast Company, Risk & Insurance, and Business Insurance.


Claimable is another major claim management software firm that vouches to have built a customer-first claims management software for businesses. Using the software provided by Claimable, Businesses reported to have settled more claims, went paperless, were able to organize data in a better manner, and stayed compliant with all the regulations of the industry.   

Features offered by claimable are a standard for the industry, such as unlimited file storage, filters, labels, notes, tasks, contacts, and a claim checklist. The software also encourages you to build your custom filter, thereby making the software customizable to your needs. Customers of Claimable include LOREGA, RiiG Limited, UK&GLOBAL, and many more firms. 


BriteCore is a trusted, fully-managed platform for the property and casualty claims industry. It supports digital transformation, emerging technologies, and the latest business models. 

BriteCore has been famous in the industry for leveraging modern technologies to solve day-to-day challenges. The users of BriteCore can collaborate from anywhere using their robust web-based tools that not only streamline tasks but also make them easy to use for agents and customers. The cloud-based technology by BriteCore is efficient in managing daily P&C operations from a single web-based platform.

The components connected through APIs offer a seamless experience to the users. The impressive customer lineup of the brand includes Jetty, Friends Cove Mutual, AFM, and Municipal Insurance Company, among 80+ Insurance clients across the US & Canada. 

JW Software

The File Handler Enterprise of the JW Software is a claims management tool designed and built indigenously from scratch by the company. The software is known to make the process easier, smarter, and faster. 

The Enterprise-level software built with insurance claims and risk management features live dashboards, detailed reporting functionality, business intelligence tools, and the latest security technology. The trademark file handler by JS Software has become the benchmark for claims administration and risk management information system (RIMS) among the industry’s peers. The salient features of the software include:

  • Manages the Entire Claims Lifecycle
  • Improves Claims Processing
  • Reduce Claims Cycle Times
  • Task Management System
  • Risk Management Information System
  • Industry-Leading Handling Security  

File Handler of the JW increases efficiency through its intuitive claims management software and serves third-party administrators, insurance carriers, risk pools, risk management companies, and a range of other professionals making the process better and faster claims management. 

Applied Systems

Applied Systems offers a unique Insurance Agency Management Software which can serve as the businesses’ backbone, providing flexibility as the companies grow, making it the most widely used management platform. 

The browser native feature of Applied System enables businesses to easily Access data, minimize software management, and realize the value of new capabilities. It also automates back office operations while keeping the front office sales team connected. 

The key benefits of using Applied Systems include Empowering the team to work remotely, embracing technology with an open platform, a single place of operation for P&C and benefits brokers, and much more. The capabilities of the Applied Systems include Integrated Benefits Management, Process Management, Automation, Accounting, Policy Management, Sales Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Market Access, Quoting, Insurer Connectivity, Reporting, Data Analytics, and Omnichannel Customer Service.     


360Globalnet is one of its kind, no-code end-to-end digital claims management to provide policyholders what they want, simultaneously enabling businesses to offer the same through technology. The ideology of 360 Global Net to put online offerings to customers back in the hands of companies has hit a chord with their clients. The software also reduces operational and IT expenses in recording customer satisfaction.

The cloud-based technology provides eFNOL through the settlement that unlocks the power of digital claims through the automation of mundane tasks. The no-code technology shifts the steering wheel of the industry from IT developers back to the market and insurance experts.

ClaimCentre by Guidewire

ClaimCentre by Guidewire delivers a fast, accurate, personalized claims experience. It resolves claims faster, exceeds customer satisfaction, and ignites innovation with the P&C industry’s most trusted claims management system. 

The automation technology incorporated by ClaimCentre enables businesses to optimize workflow, deliver faster claim settlements, and provide a frictionless and transparent experience.

The custom-centric approach of the ClaimCentre fuels lifelong relationships between its clients and the insured, transferring FNOL into differential experience, empowering customers with digital self-service channels, and ensuring prompt and reliable third-party service.     

Choose the Right Fit for You

There is a necessary shift towards digital in the insurance sector, which is all for the better. The Claims Management Software removes all the hassle of doing every little thing of the paperwork manually and brings a lot to the table. 

The cloud computing and artificial intelligence of the digital claims management software analyses the data in a way no human brain possibly could, well, not as quickly as the software does. 

We have listed almost every leading claims management software in the market. Like we said earlier in the article- each software has something unique to offer, and it will be a tough break to find out the winner. However, businesses can assess their requirements and choose the right fit. 

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