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In HR Management Last updated: September 6, 2023
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Recruitment is an exhaustive process, and using third-party tools will ease the cumbersome task.

How Is an Interview Process Stressful Both for the Interviewer and the Interviewee?

Both the interviewer and the interviewee are essential players in the employment process. The interviewer must ensure the best prospects are hired, and the interviewee must be prepared to complete the interview successfully.

Both the interviewer and the interviewee find the interview process to be draining and stressful. There can be a lot of pressure on both sides to succeed, and it takes time and preparation for this event.


There is pressure on both sides of the interview—the interviewer to find the best applicant for the position and the interviewee to leave a favorable impression.

Both want to leave a good impression and ensure they can provide the relevant information. As both sides are essentially attempting to sell themselves to the other, it takes a lot of emotional energy.

The interviewer must evaluate each candidate’s profile and decide who to hire while navigating various challenging conversations. The interviewee must present themselves in the best possible light while carefully not overselling or inflating their skills.

Both the interviewer and the interviewee must put a lot of preparation into it because the interviewer must read through the resumes of many candidates in a short amount of time and ask questions to ascertain their qualifications. The interviewee must prepare the interview questions.

In conclusion, the hiring process, whether campus, lateral or walk-in, requires a lot of energy and brainstorming, automatically elevating stress levels for both the interviewer and interviewee.

We will look at additional interview process elements in the following section.

How Is It Challenging to Assess Expertise Tech Role Only Based on Q & A?

How technical hiring managers and human resource specialists conduct interviews with applicants can be crucial in determining the best job candidates.

The interview is successful and effective when both the interviewer and the interviewee have reliable information and can converse appropriately, which would conclude the applicant’s suitability for the position.

In most IT technical jobs, especially those involving coding, development, and design, a single question-and-answer period would not reveal anything about the candidates’ skills and experience. Understanding their coding abilities is crucial to understanding their genuine knowledge and talents.

Because coding, designing, and compiling are practical abilities, assessing the candidates’ true expertise through questions and answers becomes challenging.

In other words, evaluating technical skills before hiring will provide you with more accurate information. It’s easier to pinpoint the top technical talent for your organization with hard evidence that they’re a suitable fit for the team.

A practical test is essential to determining whether a candidate has real-world work experience or theoretical knowledge. In the following part, we’ll look at several websites where interviewers can assess candidates’ coding skills.

How Can Coding Tests Help Screen the Best Candidates From the Good Ones?

You give candidates a test called a technical skills assessment to see if they are capable of handling the responsibilities of the post. These could involve responsibilities including the essential hard skills required for the job, such as HTML, coding, and computer languages.


You are more likely to hire someone with confidence if you verify their competence and effectiveness. This reduces the likelihood of a mismatch, validates candidate applications, and ensures the applicant is current.

When trying to fill a particular vacancy, provide candidates evaluations that are tailored to their job titles. Suppose you’re looking to recruit a developer; for example, giving someone a coding test makes sense.

Technical recruiters frequently utilize coding challenges to assess a developer’s or programmer’s programming skills. A genuine coding test will determine the effectiveness of a candidate’s problem-solving skills and coding expertise.

In particular, for technical roles, companies must use coding tests to evaluate the caliber of incoming applicants. Naturally, it only partially determines whether to hire a person. However, they provide you the chance to assess applications objectively and give you a clearer idea of who would be a suitable fit for the position.

One way to assess a candidate’s suitability and guarantee that the company will hire qualified candidates is through technical evaluation. This technique requires candidates to write and analyze code or make software corrections.

Coding exams can also considerably speed up the hiring process by immediately removing theoretical questions and identifying candidates’ competence.

In the following section, we will see the top tools used to conduct a technical assessment for developers and coders.


Companies may identify and manage qualified professionals with the help of the comprehensive web platform known as Qualified. The platform offers extensive services, including applicant tracking, job postings, and in-depth analytics.


It includes various features, such as unique programs designed to help companies create, modify, and manage evaluations. This guarantees that applications are fairly assessed and that employers select the most qualified candidates for open positions.

The platform distinguishes itself from the competition by assessing potential hires’ skills and matching them with the right jobs. Additionally, it provides comprehensive data that enables businesses to keep tabs on the status of their applicants.

Top Features

  • Pre-built, properly prepared exams streamline and simplify the hiring process
  • The accurate level of the candidates’ expertise is ascertained through project-based coding evaluations
  • Depending on their requirements, hiring managers might create customized exams
  • Companies can use built-in libraries to conduct uniform technical tests

The platform generally assists in making the best hires and is designed to quickly identify qualified candidates, saving time and money while producing the best results. Also, it easily integrates with top management software such as bambooHR, Zapier, workable, etc.

CodeSignal’s TechScreen

CodeSignal TechScreen offers a comprehensive suite of technical screening tools that help technology companies hire the right people. With TechScreen, companies can customize assessments to test technical skills and problem-solving capabilities in a fraction of the time traditional tests require.

The platform offers a holistic view of each applicant’s skills, including their language and problem-solving abilities. This helps companies find candidates with the right technical skills and a deep understanding of the problem they are trying to solve.

CodeSignal’s products are designed to help reduce the time-consuming process of screening candidates while ensuring employers make high-performing and diverse hires.

Top Features

  • Technical assessments are designed and validated by team experts and Ph.D. IO Psychologists
  • Advanced coding platform to project the test as a real coding scenario, including Syntax highlighting, Configurable settings and themes, etc
  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System) integration
  • The platform is GDPR and CCPA compliance

CodeSignal’s tech screens are human-led and computer-scored, offering the best of both worlds. Interview questions validated by IO Psychologists objectively identify qualified tech talent fast.


Codeaid is a developer testing tool that offers a robust and comprehensive way to assess developers against realistic challenges. With tests 10x longer than the industry average and a focus on simulating real-world workflows, Codeaid provides an accurate evaluation of candidates’ skills and problem-solving abilities.


Key Features

Automated Scoring System does not only check code output but also evaluates the code structure, saving you valuable time during the assessment process.

Assess Proficiency in Complex Software Development: Evaluate candidates’ grasp of more complex coding concepts, such as OOD/OOP, asynchronous programming, API development, and design pattern usage. Candidates are not only tested on their theoretical knowledge but also on their ability to apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Web API proficiency evaluation: With Codeaid, you can assess candidates’ abilities to implement backend applications and design APIs for backend consumers. Additionally, Codeaid evaluates how well candidates can consume existing APIs, a crucial skill for both front-end and back-end developers.

Git-Based Testing System Simulating Real-World Workflows: This ensures that Codeaid’s environment closely resembles actual work environments, providing a more accurate assessment of developers’ skills.

ChatGPT-Proof Coding Assessments for Talent Evaluation: Challenges both human candidates and AI systems like ChatGPT. The built-in plagiarism and similarity score features ensure genuine talent shines through, delivering reliable assessment results.

Codeaid offers access to all core features for free forever. Benefit from a real-world simulated test system, precise and granular fully automated scoring, support for multiple programming languages and frameworks, an email-integrated messaging system, and a unique Git-based testing system.


Companies can assess candidates’ coding skills with Adaface, an online platform for coding assessments. It offers a selection of coding examinations with questions from numerous software development fields.

Every coding test has questions on algorithms, data structures, coding languages, and other programming topics.


Employers and developers alike highly suggest this powerful and effective technology. More than 1200 businesses in 75 different countries use it. Employers may quickly build and modify code tests utilizing this website for any software development project requirement.

It offers various coding challenges for testing multiple programming languages and skill levels. Hiring managers and the TAG team can use its question upload tool to evaluate candidates depending on a particular project.

Top Features

  • Coding questions and MCQs that cannot be googled
  • More than 500 technically sound exams
  • Supports more than 20 programming languages and 50+ frameworks
  • Anti-cheat features

It offers a user-friendly interface, thorough results analysis, and a sizable library of coding challenges for programmers of all experience levels. Businesses worldwide, including Amazon, Microsoft, Paypal, Morgan Stanley, the United Nations, and many more, rely on Adaface coding exams.


More than 4000 clients trust Mettl to conduct coding assessments that are adapted based on business-specific needs. Gartner has chosen Mett as the leader in remotely proctored exams.

YouTube video

The platform provides a range of coding evaluations and examinations used to gauge job candidates’ coding skills.

The platform is made to simplify the process of giving and grading examinations while also assisting employers in testing skilled recruits in various programming languages.

It offers thorough results that examine a candidate’s coding strengths and weaknesses. It also provides a wide range of customization possibilities, enabling firms to meet their unique employment requirements.

Its database has one lakh technical questions covering nearly all coding disciplines, including Backend, Frontend, Full Stack, DB Development, DevOps, etc.

Top Features

  • Simulator for advanced role-based coding
  • 600+ competencies to evaluate the ability of candidates
  • Superior IDEs that provide a practical coding environment
  • Evaluation using pre-built test cases and automatic grading

It is the ideal solution for businesses wishing to swiftly and precisely evaluate potential job seekers’ talents. Additionally, the platform provides thorough performance reports for each user, making it simple to pinpoint areas that need work.


Employers may evaluate job applicants’ coding skills quickly and effectively using Codility, an online platform. Employers can design personalized tests for applicants, and they’ll get a thorough analysis of each one’s results.


The examinations are created to be realistic and replicate the workplace. Employers can also select tests from a test library, ensuring that the exams they use are current and relevant.

AI algorithms then verify the outcomes of these exams to provide a score comparison between applicants, enabling employers to identify the people who are most fit for their company.

Employers can rapidly put up online assessment exams, evaluate candidates, and shorten the recruiting process using the platform. Additionally, each candidate can access thorough assessments highlighting their strengths and flaws.

Top Features

  • Remove bias while quickly differentiating and choosing qualified candidates
  • 50% faster hiring process acceleration
  • Offers a variety of whiteboard layouts and tools for hosting remote technical interviews
  • Fraud identification and prevention of plagiarism

Employers can use the platform’s exams to measure each candidate’s technical ability and aptitude for problem-solving, enabling them to make educated hiring decisions.


For developers and employers to find the ideal match for their coding needs, DevSkills is the top platform. This service helps reputable businesses to find the best talents.


Employers can advertise their demands on the site, which is easy to use, and developers can submit their solutions. It provides a variety of coding problems that can be used to assess a candidate’s knowledge and skills.

There are various tests available, each with different levels of difficulty. Specialists developed these tests from Stripe, Spotify, and other leading firms to evaluate the coding abilities of developers at different levels and assist hiring managers in making the best applicant choice.

Top Features

  • Real-world coding assessments and thorough scorecards for code reviews
  • Workflow powered by GitHub
  • Use a hosted Gitpod IDE or your own
  • Support for any tech stack and language

Because of its simple and user-friendly interface, developers can take coding exams and get feedback immediately, and employers can quickly locate talented coders to join their teams.


Employers may quickly evaluate the applicants’ coding abilities by using Evalground. It gives organizations a methodical, structured technique to assess applicants and identify the top talent for their IT jobs.


The coding tests are created to be unique to the job’s requirements and assess a candidate’s technical proficiency. Employers can also compare the results of many candidates and choose the one that best suits their requirements using the online coding test.

This website provides various tests for various programming languages, including C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript. Each assessment aims to test the participant’s reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Additionally, the program offers a scoreboard that lists the best speakers of each language.

Top Features

  • Extensive database of coding and technical questions
  • Completely customized reports
  • Using window blocking to stop candidates from moving
  • Module for copy detection

The website offers coding tasks in various sectors with varying degrees of difficulty, enabling businesses to evaluate employees’ skills in multiple situations. Different coding languages are available, and the tests range from simple coding exercises to more difficult evaluations.


Companies can take coding examinations with the help of Tests4Geeks. The exams evaluate a developer’s abilities, offer feedback, and assist hiring managers in finding the most qualified applicants.


It also provides users with the option to challenge one another in real-time coding challenges. Users of the portal can access practice exams, coding tasks with varying degrees of complexity, and video lectures.

The platform provides various exams and challenges to identify the developers’ strengths and shortcomings better. The information is crafted to satisfy the requirements of people who want to select the best talent.

Top Features

  • Custom branding in terms of companies domain and logo
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Provision to publish the results on the web
  • Assessment created by experienced professionals

It covers wide-ranging topics, from basic coding to advanced algorithms. The company claims the platform can’t replace the complete hiring process but will reduce the hiring time.


Recruiters and hiring managers can access CoderPad’s online platform for evaluation solutions. They make it possible for thorough tests of both technical and non-technical skills, giving recruiters a clearer idea of the applicant’s aptitude.


The platform is user-friendly and offers many features, including personalized questions, interactive coding challenges, automated testing and results, cheating protection, global benchmark market scoring, eliminating test anxiety through gamified exam sessions, and many more.

Employers can quickly develop an effective hiring procedure because of the evaluations’ simple creation and understanding of requirements. Users may design safe, precise, and adaptable exams with CoderPad to suit their particular assessment requirements.

Top Features

  • Conduct assessment based on 80+ predefined job roles
  • Gamified Test Sessions are a unique way to take exams
  • 3500+ coding questions in a database
  • Around 60 technologies and frameworks are supported

It provides a variety of characteristics that make it the ideal option for enterprises, educational institutions, and other organizations.


TestCandidates gives organizations a quick and affordable tool to evaluate a candidate’s coding abilities. The website offers coding evaluations and tests to aid recruiters in selecting the most qualified applicants for vacant positions.

The examinations assess a candidate’s technical expertise, understanding, and ability to function under pressure.


Employers may rapidly determine which coding test is an ideal fit for the candidates for their firm and make a well-informed hiring decision with the help of their thorough reports and in-depth analytics.

The platform includes a vast library of coding tests for languages such as JavaScript, Python, Java, and C# and covers a broad spectrum of technologies, from web development to mobile application development.

Top Features

  • Intuitive reporting to gain a deeper understanding of the candidate’s skills
  • The data is entirely compliant with GDPR and ICO-certified
  • Dashboard with detailed metrics for performance analysis
  • Intelligent automation for a positive candidate experience

Candidates may efficiently complete code tests with a clear, straightforward interface and get rapid feedback on their performance. The software is designed to offer hiring managers and recruiters thorough information that can be used to precisely evaluate a candidate’s coding proficiency.


Elitebrains is geared toward giving potential employees a platform to show off their coding skills in a real-world scenario. It provides interactive coding problems that test a person’s quick thought, problem-solving, and solution-generation capacity.


Its goal is to provide organizations with an accurate assessment of candidates’ coding skills—the assignments on this website range from simple coding problems to more difficult ones.

The examinations assess a candidate’s proficiency in a particular profession. The tests are accessible for various programming languages, including C++, Java, Python, and others.

The tests will evaluate their technical abilities, including coding, problem-solving, and algorithmic thinking. Employers, recruiters, and other organizations frequently utilize these exams to assess job applicants’ technical aptitude for various positions.

Additionally, students can utilize these exams to gauge their technical proficiency and prepare for prospects like jobs.


Twenty-five percent of Fortune 100 organizations utilize Hackerrank. This platform is used by more than 3000 businesses from a range of industries to assess potential hires.


It is a platform that offers users tutorials, challenges, and open-source coding to help programmers refine their abilities and practice their art. Additionally, the website provides tech firms, HR recruiters, and developers with a simple approach to assess potential hires and identify the most remarkable talent in the field.

It is a great way to test your coding skills against fellow coders while also providing an opportunity to showcase your technical skills.

It provides code challenges ranging from basic programming exercises to complex algorithmic issues, offering organizations the opportunity to recruit top talent. The tool aids recruiting managers in making data-driven choices regarding top candidates.

The website offers a variety of materials to assist developers in getting ready for coding competitions and interviews. In addition to providing solutions to technical problems, Hackerrank also gives developers a priceless resource for coding expertise.

The website also promotes developer cooperation and education through forums and leaderboards. Hackerrank assists in finding and connecting employers and programmers.

Final Words

Although it is acknowledged that hiring requires a strenuous procedure for both the interviewer and the applicant, there is no way around it. Some of the methods described above will help manage, decrease stress, expedite, and lower the cost of the total hiring procedure.

Next, you can check out pre-employment assessment tools.

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