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Readability is an underrated aspect of content creation that can be a deal breaker for readers. Fortunately, powerful tools are available to improve content readability and make it more accessible to visitors.

Possessing the necessary skills is a great place to start, but you’ll also need the right tools. Having the proper tools will be your only chance to produce content that stands out from the crowd. The best SEO companies use these strategies.

In this article, we’ll look at the top tools for improving content readability but first, let’s understand content readability in a better way. 

What is Content Readability?

You’re likely to run into the term “readability” whether you’re in charge of creating all the content for your website or just one blog post. The request to make sure your post is “readable” may have come from your boss. You might have also heard that “readability” raises your SEO ranking.

Beyond the vague idea that your content should be “easy to read,” you might not know what that phrase means.

Readability in the context of web writing and content development relates to how simple it is for readers to understand and interact with your message.

A readability score is a rating determined by a computer program that considers the number of elements to determine how readable your content is, such as vocabulary, various adverbs, use of active or passive voice, a paragraph’s length, grammar, and more!

Benefits of Content Readability

Readability matters everywhere. But, it is particularly crucial for SEO purposes as it boosts usability and converts readers into buyers.

Only if readers can comprehend what you are writing, your words as a marketer will matter. Lengthy or complex text will quickly bore the readers reducing the engagement rate and increasing the bounce rate. Let’s see the other benefits of readable content. 

Higher Ranking

The rate at which visitors abandon your site is something that Google and other top search engines take into account. This can happen due to several reasons, including poor readability. Search engine results typically place readable websites higher.

Readers return to websites that they feel are accessible. Therefore, more people will find and use your content if you make it readable.

Extra Traffic

When searching for content, people also use words they are familiar with. Your text will only appear in search results if it is jam-packed with easy-to-use terms. If you want more people to find you on the search engine, speak their language.

More Conversions and Engagement

High-quality, readable content fuels conversions and increases the chances of business success. When creating content, keep your conversion goals in mind. Remember small conversions like clicking a link or watching a video. An excellent way to increase conversions is by producing more readable content. 

How to improve Content Readability? (Ways and tips)

Here are some tips you should focus on if you wish to streamline your writing without sacrificing the quality aspects.

Brief Paragraphs

You must shorten the longer paragraphs to achieve significant gains. It will only work to cram a few words and details into one place with a good line break. 

Speak to your audience in their language

Your audience should be well-known to you. You must choose words that are simple to understand. Write as if you were speaking to the reader to keep your content sounding natural. Make your text more casual and less formal. Therefore, be mindful of your target audience and write to appeal to them. 

Format and Design

The font makes a significant difference. Pick a headline font that stands out from the body font. Make sure your fonts are readable and large enough. Strong writing should follow strong ideas. Keep your language simple to maximize its impact.

Opt for Content Readability Tools

A readability tool is among the best things you can do to improve readability. Before you publish any text, look over your readability score. This simple action has a significant effect on your content.

The Yoast SEO plugin will automatically give you a readability score and suggestions for improvement if you create content in your WordPress CMS. Get a green light by following its advice!

When talking about tools to check and improve content readability, here are some other tools to consider. 

Hemingway Editor

Ernest Hemingway, regarded as one of the best writers in American history, was renowned for taking a straightforward approach to his writing. Based on his skills, the Hemingway editor strives to assist content writers in streamlining their work for improved clarity.

The editor spots weak writing instances that will diminish your readability score and the overall quality of the article. A visual editor indicates which sentences can be split or condensed—the app singles out very complex sentences. The tool can also identify passive voice and overuse of adverbs.


The Readability Improver tool from AISEO applies the Hemingway Editor’s rules to your content and, with just one click, uses AI’s superpowers to make it easier to read. It analyses text using proprietary algorithms to identify complex sentences and paragraphs to improve the readability of the content.

AISEO Readability uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify flaws. This tool can improve the readability of a piece of writing by making suggestions. 


Grammarly is among the top and most reliable editing tools regarding content readability. Grammarly improves the content’s tone and flow. It draws attention to overly complex words and verifies that sentences are precise and clear.

A cloud-based tool, it also extends its functionality in form of a browser extension that efficiently detects content problems like poor grammar, spelling, brevity, and tone.

It also suggests alternatives to cryptic words and phrases using artificial intelligence. Moreover, it also has a feature for checking plagiarism. There are three pricing tiers for Grammarly: a free basic plan, two paid subscription plans, and a premium plan.


Readable is the most advanced readability scoring tool. It has many features, including those made especially for websites. It has its standards, which give your text a grade between A and E rather than using the Flesh-Kincaid score.

Additionally, it has reach metrics that you can use to determine how much your audience can comprehend the content.

Its website readability tool evaluates, rates, and continuously monitors all the text on your website, including headers, footers, and text not part of the main content. You can also use it to check your keyword density to help you stay clear of Google’s keyword stuffing penalties.

Longshot AI

Longshot AI is a top-notch tool for improving the readability of your content. Each company’s growth depends on producing high-quality content, but this process takes time.

At the end of it all, you are still determining how well your content will resonate with readers. You need a more innovative strategy for creating well-written, readable blog content to increase sales.

This AI-powered tool can produce blog posts with a high conversion rate within seconds! So, with LongShot, you can improve the readability of your new post in less than 10 minutes rather than spending hours doing so!


Copywritely is a readability tool made explicitly for text analysis and content optimization. It rates your content’s readability and checks for SEO issues to ensure that it is both readers and search-engine-friendly.

When problems with your content impact your search rankings, the SEO features flag them and make suggestions for editing, deleting, or rewriting them as necessary.

The readability checker employs the Flesch-Kincaid formula to identify and correct dense content. The tool empowers you to rewrite, replace and delete low-quality content by offering interactive writing tips. 


A quick way to see how well your content is rated is to use the WebFX Readability Test. To test a whole page or just a particular section, you can copy and paste text, type in the URL of the page, or use embed code.

This tool summarizes the text’s reading level, the age range for which it is appropriate, and various scores.

You get information on the average number of syllables per word, the number of complex expressions, and the number of words per sentence. There are five options provided by WebFX because there are differing views on which readability standard is the most accurate.


The newest yet very popular free readability checker website is With the help of this website, you can check a text’s readability and grammar. Users can also check the readability of DOC, DOCX, TXT, and PDF files on this website by entering them.

It employs four different methods—the Coleman Liau Index, the Automated Readability Index, and the Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease—to assess the readability of the text.

To determine the final text readability score, it then averages the results of the four test methods. Apart from that, it also displays different text statistics linked to the input text.


Based on how long your words and sentences are, TheWriter readability checker will grade your writing using the Flesch reading ease scale. The method to check the content is copying and pasting it to the editor. You will receive statistics on the overall readability score after entering your copy.

It’s completely free to use this incredible readability tool. The tool also analyses the tone of your content and makes improvement suggestions based if necessary.

SEO Review Tools

Lastly, we have SEO Review Tools, a readability checker tool that instantly determines the readability of any URL instantly. The method of using the tool is much easier; instead of copy-pasting the entire content, you just have to enter your URL to calculate your score.

After this, the tool will carefully analyze your content’s readability based on the Flesch reading ease formula. The SEO review tool provides content analysis without charging you a penny, and the tool is available online.

Last Words 

Achieving a higher quality score with search engines is a result of your web pages being more straightforward to read and comprehend. But even the most seasoned writers sometimes find it challenging to create content that is simple to read.

Fortunately, plenty of helpful tools are available to assist you in improving your content copy, reducing ambiguity, and accurately conveying information—all of which will be advantageous for SEO.

You may also explore some paraphrasing tools to improve your content quality.

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