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A quality gaming chair can help transform your gaming experience.

It offers you the utmost comfort and body support irrespective of the number of hours you sit on the gaming chair every day.

As a professional gamer, you must focus a lot on your gaming PC, processors, graphics, memory, storage, and even game hosting services.

But what most people forget about is their gaming chair or “gaming throne”.

As a result, many health problems occur, such as chronic back pain, neck pain, and whatnot. And when it comes to your health, you can’t afford to take risks.

Therefore, if you are spending long hours sitting in your chair and playing games or even working from home, a gaming chair can save your back a big time.

Not only the back, but it can support your whole body from the head, neck, arms, and all the way down to your legs.

Should You Really Buy A Gaming Chair?

When you talk about buying a gaming chair, many people will try to convince you that these chairs are not worth buying. Instead, they might recommend an office chair.

The thing is “one size fits for all” policy doesn’t apply here, as everyone has unique physical characteristics. An office chair can also work for some, but if you already know you will spend surplus hours on a chair, getting a professional gaming chair would be wiser, like a specialized gaming desk.

Many factors make a gaming chair more desirable and useful compared to an ordinary office chair. Let’s discuss some of the advantages a gaming chair can bring into your life.

Maintaining better posture

A good body posture is important for your health, and you must always strive to maintain that. The best gaming chairs help you maintain a good body posture by keeping the spine straight while sitting. The contoured back provides maximum support to your back and spine to help maintain and improve your body posture.

Relief from neck and back pain

Gaming chairs can beat office chairs by offering you a high comfort level to your body so that no part gets severely stressed or strained to cause problems like neck and back pain.

Most gaming chairs include a headrest, removable pillow, etc., along with accessories that provide better comfort and support to take the pain away from you.

Ease of adjustment

Everyone’s body shape is unique; hence, the chair must offer best-in-class support for all. The best gaming chairs are highly adjustable based on your body shape and personalization needs.

You can adjust the height, armrests, headrests, etc., to use it the way you want it. Many of them also offer recliners so you can take some rest during breaks.

Better focus

A gaming chair helps you focus more due to its ergonomic design. With your entire body in the desired position, you can fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. Nothing would distract you and cause any trouble or discomfort to your body.

Quality materials

Gaming chairs are made up of quality materials and fabric. Their chassis is made sturdy with premium steel, aluminum, etc., and they are fabricated with materials like PU leather, multi-layered synthetic leather, etc., to absorb all the stress.

Even the armrest and wheels are made to provide the highest level of support, resilience, and comfort.

Apart from all these, the gaming chairs look superbly stylish and come in various designs, shapes, and colors. They also come with many accessories to increase the comfort even more, such as footrest, massage motors, and many more.

So, let’s find some of the best gaming chairs available in the market for you professional gamers.

RESPAWN Gaming Chair

If you want to play games for long durations and get to the top of the leaderboards, RESPAWN gaming chair 110 provides that comfort and luxury as that of a race car.

The segmented padding design offers contoured body support during your playtime. This chair also features an extendable footrest that enables position reinforcement. Padded armrests, lumbar pillows for support, and adjustable headrest provide you with full comfort.

With 4D adjustable features, you can either raise or lower your chair to find the exact body position. You can also recline the chair between 90-155 degrees using locking positions. Also, you can have dynamic movement due to complete swivel rotation of 360 degrees.

Padded armrests are provided to move or recline with a chair. It upholds its premium and professional look due to the combinations of bold and contrasting colors it has used. It can also be used in offices and can hold up to 275 pounds of weight.

Get your RESPAWN 110 and enjoy the benefit of a Limited Lifetime warranty at a very affordable price of $159.99.

GTRacing Gaming Chair

Are you looking for a gaming chair that can enhance your gaming levels?

You should go for the GTRacing Gaming Chair.

This one has a strong metal frame to promote a comfortable seating position even if you are sitting for long gaming sessions. The back portion of the chair has thick padding to enhance the level of comfort. The heights of the armrest and the seat is properly adjustable. There are smooth-rolling casters for easy mobility as well as maintaining stability.

The headrest pillow is removable for improved support to your head. The seat cushions are made of high-density foam for providing better support to your body and also maintaining an ergonomic posture. Whether you are working, gaming, or studying, you will find this to be an ideal choice for all purposes.

When you place the GTRacing Gaming Chair in your office or gaming room, you will see it blending with the space and giving it a modern and stylish look.

You can even adjust the angles of the chair up to 160º for sitting at your convenience. So, if you are thinking about getting a new gaming chair, then this one is definitely going to work pretty well for you.


Phantom 3 Series from AndaSeat is a premium gaming chair that comes with a six-year warranty. Its ergonomic design makes sure you stay comfortable even after long gaming sessions or strenuous working hours.


  • 100% Steel Frame
  • DuraXtraTM Leatherette EverSoftTM Linen Fabric
  • Up to 160° recline
  • Multi-color availability
  • Re-DenseTM 60kg/m³ Foam
  • MagClapTM Easy Assembling System
  • SGS Class-4 Gas Lift
  • Premium Nylon Wheel Base

This has 100kg static and 90kg rocking weight limitations. In addition, this is best suited for a person 180cm tall.

However, AndaSeat has many more gaming chairs to cover people of all sizes.


Feel the next level of gameplay by using this advanced chair, AKRacing Core Series EX. This is made up of a long-lasting metal frame with a corrosion-free coating which is covered with heavy-density cold cured foam for maximum durability and comfort.

The type of foam used is High-Density Mould Shaping Foam. You can have adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillows that are designed ergonomically. The armrests can be adjusted up and down, rotated to both sides, and back and forth.

They have used a class 4 gas lift to support a weight of up to 330 lbs. In addition to that, the soft, breathable, and ideal fabric is used on the back and front of the chair to dissipate heat. The fabrics have color options of deep blue, solid black, red with black, black with red, and black with blue highlights.

The weight of the chair is 57 lbs having dimensions of 19.7 x 20.9 x 52.8 inches.


Are you spending a lot of hours gaming?

Well, it can affect your back. Protect yourself with a fully adjustable gaming chair by Vertagear with different color options, and play as much as you want without affecting your back.

Let’s see what you get from the chair:

  • Lumbar support pads and removable neck pillow
  • Adjustable tilt tension with lock system
  • Industrial-grade class-4 gas lift
  • An integrated steel skeleton frame
  • Aluminum alloy 5-star base
  • 80 degrees – 140 degrees back recline
  • Height range 47.25 inches to 51.27 inches
  • Experience a maximum load of 330 lbs
  • The benefit of a 10-year warranty.

With ultra-premium dual layer high resilience foam, you will get prolonged comfort to enjoy healthier gaming. You can easily and quickly assemble the parts with patented slide-in hardware.

It has adjustable armrests designed ergonomically for your forearms to keep them pain-free and steady during gameplay. ANSI/BIFMA and SGS have thoroughly tested and certified SL4000 for user comfort, optimal performance, long-lasting durability, and product safety.

Razer Iskur

Searching for a gaming chair that has quality lumbar support?

Go for Razer Iskur.

It is an ergonomically designed gaming chair for hardcore gaming that maintains your posture perfectly. Razer Iskur provides you with full comfort due to its built-in and adjustable lumbar pillow that will align to the spine to ensure maximum comfort.

Material is always a major concern; that’s why Razer Iskur uses multi-layer synthetic leather, which is more tough and more durable than PU leather. It also uses a layer of cotton polyester at the bottom layer and a resin layer at the top for shine.

Along with offering a material that feels great, the chair is also designed to absorb all the stress coming daily from long hours of usage.

Razer Iskur features plush and dense cushions that offer better contouring and allow your body weight to put on enough pressure so that they get molded and support your body shape. Your armrest should be well-positioned while playing, which is why they provide 4D armrests.

The armrests are fully customizable based on your arm position, and you can adjust them backward or forwards, up or down, left or right, and rotate inwards or outwards.

This chair can support a maximum body weight of 299 lbs or 136 kg and a height ranging from 5’6”/170 cm – 6’2”/190 cm due to its steel-reinforced body, wheelbase, and armrests. To maximize your seating area, it has features like angled seat edges.

You will also get one head cushion built up of malleable and dense memory foam that takes the shape of your head and provides comfort and support.

You will also get 3 years of warranty on this chair and access to tech support. If you are buying from RazerStore directly, then you have the option of a 14-day free return.

Herman Miller

Embody Gaming Chair by Herman Miller & Logitech G will keep you cool and comfortable with this science-backed ergonomically designed chair built especially for gamers.

This chair is not just a product of impressive design but is researched thoroughly to provide the best possible comfort to your spine, irrespective of how you prefer to sit in it. And when they say science-backed, they mean the chair has been researched and designed by 30+ physicians and PhDs in vision, biomechanics, ergonomics, and physical therapy.

Their partnership with Logitech G has also researched the way gamers sit to enhance the design and offer more comfort. The unique cooling foam technology in the seat keeps you relaxed. The chair helps reduce the pressure generated while playing the game and promotes healthy body movement. You can also get adjustable arms and cushions that are easy for you to move.

You will get posture fit support for your spine, backfit adjustment that allows you to sit for long hours with the same lumbar support. It distributes your body pressure evenly throughout the gaming chair’s back and seat, helping your blood flow normally.

They have added an extra foam layer to support your active posture that prevents extra heat from building through the copper-fused cooling foam. Convert your chair into highly personalized support according to your requirement in different situations like leaning forward, reclining, etc. It is fully customizable in adjusting arm width and height, backfit, seat depth, and seat height.

Coming to its dimensions, its total height is 42-45”, width is 29.5”, depth is 15-18”, seat height is 16-20.5”, distance from armrest to the seat is 6.5-11.5,” and it can take up to 300 lbs /136 kg. It has used various materials like 100% polyester, powder coat manufactured from die-cast aluminum, thermo-plastic urethane foam, synthetic fabric, translucent polymer, polyurethane tread, and acetal H-flexor.

Grab your gaming chair now at $1595.00 with a huge range of features and 12 years of warranty.

HERO Fallout

Noblechairs has collaborated with Bethesda, a game developer, to come up with this special edition of HERO chairs. They have integrated new lumbar support that makes you feel like you are sitting on a premium automobile seat with a rotary dial mounted on the side.

This will help you customize the chair based on your exact requirements. Noblechairs have enlarged the seat surface, armrest, and backrest, ensuring your body is in proportion while sitting in the chair.

The headrest made from memory foam is combined with cold foam to make your seat highly comfortable and feels unique. Noblechairs pairs the premium quality of HERO chair with different elements such as the familiar blue and yellow color scheme of Vault-Tec and Vault boy, giving it a premium look due to stitching in a diamond pattern all over the seat and back.

The ergonomic design lets gamers sit comfortably during extended gameplay sessions. You can customize the rocking mechanism and lumbar support, and you will find the backrest fitting perfectly with your body shape and giving you maximum comfort.

This chair is built from a steel frame, cold foam padding, and other premium materials to provide the best support to your body. The chair is certified as an office-grade chair by DIN EN 1335.

The upper material of the seat and back is made from 1.5mm PU leather and 1.7mm real leather, which is easy to clean, breathable, durable, and water-resistant. You will have awesome combinations of colors and elements from Fallout.

The chair’s base is made from powder-coated aluminum with corrosion-resistant aluminum and five good-quality caster wheels that enable quiet and smooth movement on every floor type. It supports weight up to 330 lbs, comes with a Robust Safety Class-4 gas fit, and features 2.3” nylon casters.

Get superior comfort at just $499.99 while enjoying your gameplay.


Wish to have a gaming chair according to your height and weight requirements?

Secretlab 2020 series comes up with many gaming chair models according to your unique preference. They offer next-level support, immaculate comfort, and luxury as you spend many hours either gaming or working. Secretlab has three special gaming chairs for you:

Secretlab Omega

You can get different colors and design variants in this model. This chair is especially for people with a height of less than 5’11” and a weight of less than 240 lbs. The features included in Secretlab Omega are:

  • Stitching: Machine Embroidery
  • Foam: Cold cure foam mix by Secretlab (patent-pending)
  • Armrests: 4 directional, soft PU coated, and full-metal mechanism
  • Tilt mechanism: Multi-tilt and Multi-tilt angle lock
  • Backrest: 85-165 degree high-quality spring recliner, adjustable backrest recline at full length
  • Neck support: Memory foam head pillow with cooling gel
  • Lumbar support: Memory foam pillow
  • Mechanical features: Steel frame, Snug fit seat base, Class-4 hydraulics, XL PU caster wheels, diecast powder coated, and aluminum ADC #12 wheelbase, 66 lbs chair weight
  • Warranty: 3 years, extendable to 5 years
  • Price: $359

Secretlab Titan

This is recommended for people having a height between 5’11”-6’7” and weight less than 290 lbs. Its features and materials are the same as that of the Omega model but differ in certain aspects like:

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Leveled seat base
  • The weight of the chair is 77 lbs
  • Price: $399

Secretlab Titan XL

This is recommended for people between the height of 5’11”-6’10” and weight of 220-390lbs. Its features and specifications are similar to the above two with slight changes:

  • Full-metal armrests
  • Greater durability
  • Ease of movement
  • Risk of carpal tunnel
  • PU Leather, Napa leather, and Softweave fabric
  • Price: $479

Secretlab chairs allow you to lean completely flat whenever you want and make yourself comfortable in every work. They have used very tough yet comfortable materials, especially for you, to make your gaming journey complete. Choose your favorite model based on your height and other preferences.


ALIENWARE S5000 from Dell will hit the soft spot of every gamer with its features, style, and color contrasts. The combinations of premium materials such as coffee ground-soaked microfiber and silver-coated embroidery help increase breathability and limit odor.

The embroidery also prevents bacterial activity and maintains comfort and cleanliness in the spots where you sit mostly for long hours. It uses PVC to retain durability and PU faux leather for softness at minimal maintenance without compromising comfort.

Don’t worry about the chair assembly as they provide patented and unique “Slide-in” hardware for easy and quick assembly even by a single person. All you have to do is move the backrest from up to down and slide it into the seat.

Standard High-Resilience foam withstands up to 2.5 lbs/ft3, but in ALIENWARE 5000, you will get Ultra-Premium High-Resilience Foam that can withstand 62% of higher density. The foam enhances the chair lifespan by preventing it from deformities due to heavy use.

They provide Penta RS1 casters that are coated with PU for smooth and soft gliding on the surface. The main support structure is the 5-Star Base which is designed with aluminum alloy for stability, lasting durability, providing strength, ensuring longevity and lightweight construction.

The chassis is made from steel frames for better stability throughout the gameplay. You can set your chair in the preferable height with class-4 gas lift technology. You will get two pillows, one for your neck and another for lumbar support.

You can recline your back up to 140 degrees according to your comfort zone. Tilt tension of the chair can adapt to your body weight and take four types of tilt positions.

Lastly, you can adjust your armrests with 4D adjustments to keep the forearms steady and comfortable no matter what your body shape or habits are, and it also prevents you from having sore shoulders.

The chair comes with 10 years of warranty. Add this gaming chair to your bucket list at $399.99.


Sit better, work harder, and game longer with GT OMEGA PRO Series gaming chairs and feel the gaming experience like never before. It is designed especially for pro gamers who sit for long hours.

Their classically designed PRO Series models have proved to be one of the best and popular chairs. They will offer comfort and luxury while focusing on extraordinary ergonomics for extra comfort and ease.

You will also have features like height adjustment, 4D armrests, removable neck and lumbar support pillow, and side recliners. Due to this, you can personalize your gaming or working position as per your comfort and get a perfect sitting position.

You can also have the option of accessories such as arm pads, lockable caster wheels, and XL PU caster wheels. The tilt-lock mechanism gives you better control over its knob to adjust your gaming chair’s suspension. It can be locked when you want to sit upright and unlocked to give your body some relaxation.

The framework is made up of steel that is carefully designed and welded to give you maximum support and ergonomic comfort. The steel tubing used is 2mm thick and stronger compared to industry standards.

The whole five-star base is made from corrosion-free special aluminum giving it more strength and stability. You will get other benefits: the class 4 hydraulic suspension system and PU caster wheels, which are smooth and easy to move.

The price of the PRO Series gaming chair is $259.95.

Things to consider before you buy your gaming chair

When you think about buying a gaming chair, there are many factors you need to consider, such as:

  • Check whether the chair is comfortable for you or not. Never compromise on comfort as you would be spending long hours sitting in it.
  • Enquire the maximum weight capacity of the gaming chair. You must also check whether it is suitable for your height or not.
  • Find out how easy the chair is to move and adjust so you don’t trouble yourself during gameplay or get distracted.
  • Check if the chair has cushions and fabrics that can offer effortless open air circulation.
  • Think about your budget, as these gaming chairs are a bit heavy on the pricing side. Find a chair that’s within your budget and still offers the essential features you need.
  • Check the warranty of the chair.


If you are a professional gamer, then a quality gaming chair must be your priority. It’s helpful for you to focus more on the game and saves you from health problems, and helps you maintain a good body posture.

Thus, choose a gaming chair that falls within your budget and has the essential features along with the preferred accessories for more support and comfort.

Next, explore smart things to supercharge working from home.

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