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In Design Last updated: September 25, 2023
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Are you planning to launch your product soon?

Get the pre-launch landing page created so you can blast the email list when you launch.

Sometime back, we launched Geekflare Tools, a tool to test website load time, check screenshots, etc. I got  2500+ visits from my email list, which is a great launch day. This was only possible because I had to come soon the landing page where I collected emails.

A landing page is a standalone page that is different from that of the home page or, for that matter, any other page of your website, and it serves as a single page that draws focus towards your website, product, and services.

A landing page helps you escalate your brand’s name among potential customers, drive traffic toward your website, and improve the SEO. It is an excellent way to strengthen your social connection by introducing viewers to your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter profiles.

Whenever you decide to launch a product or a service, it is necessary to create a buzz, so that interested people get an idea of your product. If you create excitement amongst the people right before the launch of your product, your product will get a step up and reach a better audience.

Online marketing is one of the preferable ways opted for by businesses these days, and you must know that the pre-launch landing page is the soul of your entire online campaign.

You don’t need to display your finished product on the Coming Soon pages. These pages give you an idea of how much people are interested in your product and create a rumble among the targeted audience.

A typical landing page gives a short insight into the product and what problems it solves. Also, they include a section wherein users can subscribe to stay updated and know more about the product.

This ensures that you have a line-up of potential buyers ready at the time of your product’s actual launch.

Creating Prelaunch Landing Page: Top Tips


Use a Compelling Headline

The headline is something the audience will not miss on your landing page. Hence, it has to be specific and attractive. It should be the biggest text on the page.

Offer Value to the Audience

While creating a prelaunch landing page, you need to make the most of your knowledge about the target audience. Understand their pain point and make sure the landing page can address that properly. 

Include Concise Copy

The landing page should consist of direct and clear copy text. Also, you need to add sufficient information for the conversion. 

Call-To-Action Is Mandatory

This landing page must have a call-to-action button that stands out and tells the users what they will get once they perform the action.

Add Supporting Visuals

Besides text, there must be visuals to clarify your message. These visuals could be screenshots or videos showcasing your product in action.

Don’t Use Too Many Links

There is no need to distract users with a bundle of links that will redirect them off the landing page. However, there should be one link in your company logo that will take the visitors to your regular website homepage.

Never Stop Testing

You can continue performing A/B tests to improve the conversion rate. Whether it is the headline, copy, CTA button, or page theme, you can always make changes for better results.

The following solution can help you to get a beautiful landing page created in minutes.

Swipe Pages

Want to create your landing page without any coding knowledge?

Swipe Pages can help you. You can create mobile-optimized and fast AMP landing pages quickly and enhance your conversion rates.


To provide blazing-fast loading speed to users, AMPs are pre-loaded and offered from Google’s cache. Hence, you can experience significantly lower bounce rates and get rewarded with low cost-per-click. Not to mention, big companies such as BMW use AMP, and Google recommends it.

It doesn’t need you to become a pro to design your landing page. Start building responsive and stunning landing pages by simply dragging the blocks and dropping them anywhere you want without writing codes. They offer many templates to choose from, along with multi-screen editing.

For designing, you will get over 25 advanced modules, tables, pricing charts, duplicate pages, galleries, and carousels; cut, copy and paste options, breakpoints, and more. Additionally, you have 50+ section templates, 8000+ icons & SVG support, 1000+ Google fonts, styles and size controls, 1M+ Unsplash images, gradient colors, and never-ending options.

After completing everything, you can easily publish your landing page to your domain. You will get free SSL, CDN, powerful cloud servers, caching and code optimization, image compression, A/B testing, lead magnets, multi-step forms, and more.

For faster image delivery, Swipe Pages uses 36 PoPs. Connect to thousands of third-party apps using direct integrations and Zapier. You can invite all members of your team, assign roles to them, and organize projects using sub-accounts.

Connect Swipe Pages with your Stripe account quickly and start selling products using the landing pages you have created, offering a wonderful checkout experience. You can increase conversion rates by 2X by offering a personalized experience to your users using data out of your ads.

Set goals and track your form submissions and link clicks to see your landing pages’ performance quickly. Start your 14-days free trial now without credit cards.


Build conversion-focused landing pages to convert clicks into potential customers with Leadpages. You can use it to create opt-in pages, confirmation and thank you pages, checkout pages, sales pages, and more using easy-to-use and customized templates.

Here you can find a lot of powerful features that are unique and useful. Leadpages has the technology to predict the page’s performance before publishing it and also recommends suggestions so you can tweak the pages and remove the guesswork to keep growing.

They offer unlimited traffic and lead collection as there is no limit imposed on these aspects of your website, and Leadpages never charges you for it, unlike others. You can also publish unlimited landing pages without thinking about bandwidth limits or error messages.


The landing pages you design with the help of Leadpages load faster, which helps you clock more conversions, higher PPC ad-quality score, and more customers and sales. Leadpages helps you save your expenses on a web designer as you have everything you need to build your landing pages with ease.

Add OpenTable reservation widget, video player, Calendly, countdown timer, and more for better functionality using the drag & drop builder. They offer 200+ professionally designed web templates to fuel your creative mind. Make the most out of your ad budget by matching ads and campaigns to relevant landing pages designed exclusively for your target audience.

You can customize its content based on each customer to maximize impact and grow the email list 2 times faster. Run A/B tests on your landing pages to know what works best for your customers and optimize the higher conversion pages.

Use their seamless integrations that connect marketing platforms and lead-generation tools so you can work as a marketing pro. The integrations include Stripe, MailChimp, Facebook, Zapier, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more.

Choose your plan starting from $27/month and take a 14-day free trial.


Build responsive landing pages by dragging and dropping elements with Unbounce. It has over 100 pre-made templates on which you can work to create something amazing that is bound to give you great conversions.

All the templates are highly customizable, and you can literally tweak every little detail. If you want a form to work a certain way, you can edit the code and add custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to achieve that.

Moreover, there are many integration options, including Zapier, which allows you to sync with over 1,000 other tools. The sky is the limit for Unbounce, literally.

Once you’re done building the landing page, you can go on to publish it straight to your custom-made business website or on WordPress with the help of their plugin.

Thrive Architect

Love WordPress?

Turn your unique concepts and ideas into conversion-driven landing pages with Thrive Architect, one of the fastest landing page builders for WordPress. It makes it easy to create visually impressive, engaging, and beautiful layouts and content like no other.

Thrive Architect lets entrepreneurs focus on their work and save their energy and time to invest in innovation. They have removed all possible barriers between your ideas and presented the same on your site with their exceptional landing page capabilities.

With the Thrive Architect editor, you can change things simply by clicking on the item and editing it instantly, or the “click-to-edit” approach, as they call it. You can also move items by clicking on the item and then dragging and dropping it.

They offer more than 290 beautifully designed templates that are fully conversion-focused and come with Thrive Suite and Thrive Architect. Experience the fastest way of designing professional-looking opt-in pages, sales pages, webinar pages, and more. Even after publishing them, you can perform edits.

Use elements like testimonials, lead generation, countdown timers, and customizable buttons and integrate them with email marketing services instead of using many plugins.

Thrive Architect allows you to instantly look into your pages with just 2 clicks to analyze how it looks on different devices and screen sizes. You can also change the visibility and place of elements in each device. Additionally, use beautiful and attractive animations to compel the customers.

They offer many other useful features such as highly flexible column layouts, attractive images and text combinations, the option to add brand colors, 700+ fonts to control typography, full-width layouts to add a wow factor, hover effects, and much more.

Get Thrive Suit at just $19/month and take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee.


ConvertKit helps online creators to showcase their creative ideas to the world using landing pages. You don’t even need any website essentially to start collecting email addresses or grab audience interest. All you need is to know your customers and have a unique concept.

Let your ideas roar with fully customizable templates to design your pages easily, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert designer. Not everyone is a coder, and that’s why ConvertKit has taken all possible steps to streamline the creation of landing pages without involving any codes.


They also have a custom CSS option for coders who want to make some advanced changes to their pages. Don’t let your landing pages look boring, instead use 100k+ free images from Unsplash to include high-quality images so that the pages look attractive.

Your landing page must be responsive across devices and screen sizes; hence, they offer perfectly formatted templates that look cool on any device. Opt-in forms are a great way to boost conversions and enter into their world or inbox, possibly with ConvertKit forms.

They help you collect information that you can use to convert your customers into subscribers and enhance your sales. Apart from customer data, ConverKit’s opt-in forms act as an automatic lead magnet, offer customizable messages, are GDPR compliant, and integrate with different tools and automation services.

You will get the benefit of quick metric updates to know your subscriber counts and conversion rates. Set up tracking methods like Google Analytics, Facebook business IDs, etc., to view landing page performance and learn how your audience reacts to them. You can use this data to improve your landing pages and grow your business.


Websites need some time to get launched, but you also need to let the visitors know about your website and what will be there inside it to help them.

Don’t wait till it releases; instead, use which helps you create your under construction and coming soon pages within minutes.

To make it work, you need to follow three simple steps:

  • Design your Coming Soon page from different themes available.
  • If you want to get a list of email leads, you can upgrade to different plugins like Mailchimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, etc.
  • At last, download HTML and then deploy it over your website.

They offer dozens of interesting features to design and deploy your coming soon page. They allow you to easily customize every element of your page with the available themes. You have many options for background images, or you can also upload one of your own.

You can collect emails and then integrate them with a supported third-party email provider. The Coming Soon page you design using this service will be responsive across screens and devices. Choose from hundreds of Google fonts for free, make your pages attractive using animations and effects, and go viral using the referral tracking feature.

You can also use a countdown timer to display the launch or show the site progress using a progress bar. In addition to this, you can showcase your social profiles and allow visitors to share theirs. You can even translate any text to understand it in your native tongue.

Choose from different plans starting from basic to pro. The basic license is free, and the paid plans start at $20/page.


Within Instapage, you’ll find over 500 layout options that are proven to convert and a plethora of built-in blocks for various purposes. This landing page builder comes with AMP and Thor render engine technology that promises one of the best page load times.

YouTube video

There’s also a built-in collaboration possibility that allows you and your team to come together and create beautiful pages using drag and drop editor. The most convenient feature is the ability to save reusable blocks so that you don’t have to create them again and again for every design.

All in all, with Instapage, you’ll be able to deliver an appealing experience to your visitors and have fun creating the pages yourself too.



Launchrock is a block-based builder that allows you to create launch sites in mere minutes. You get a bunch of customizable templates to start with, and you can add different elements geared towards your goal, like email capture form, surveys, social sharing tools, etc.

To help you with the best conversion strategies, they have over 1,000 how-to guides and various courses and videos by some of the most popular marketers out there. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a super-friendly community of more than 20,000 experts ready to clear your doubts about customer acquisition.

Big names like Bumble and VEVO started their pages with Launchrock, and you can pretty much see where they stand today. All going strong after a great launch!


Launched not too long ago but quickly becoming one of the go-to choices for website/landing page building, Wix gives you everything you need to become your own website architect without having to mess around with confusing code or developers.

YouTube video

You can add functionalities like a booking system, online store, and blog while also fully customizing every bit of it. You can be sure the sites you build with Wix will be completely responsive and optimized for search engines.

In short, this service gives you the freedom to bring your imagination to life with total ease. You can get started for absolutely free.


You can create a pre-launch landing page in several minutes with this amazing WordPress plugin called SeedProd. It comes with a real-time page builder that helps you easily tweak fonts, colors, layouts, and other elements while also allowing you to see what it’d look like.

YouTube video

You can start building from scratch or pick up one of the many pre-made themes and also utilize over 500,000 HD backgrounds along with a huge collection of Google fonts. This plugin integrates well with the leading email marketing software out there to help you collect emails right off the bat.

Another handy feature is its social sharing and referral tracking. It’s a system that enables people to share your site in return for an incentive, which can massively boost your opt-in sign-ups.

SeedProd is multilingual and GDPR-ready.


Trusted by over 3,000 brands, including Gameloft and Cisco, Lander is one of the most preferred landing page builders out there. It comes with more than 100 templates to choose from, divided into different categories, so you literally don’t need any coding or technical experience.

YouTube video

You can utilize their super-intuitive visual editor to drag and drop elements and develop a professional-looking landing page, even if you don’t possess any design skills. Apart from that, it has an A/B testing tool and a Facebook Page tab to connect your pages.

There’s so much more to it, and you can only utilize them all when you sign up for the 14-day free trial before hopping on to a paid plan.


A complete funnel-building service, Clickfunnels, allows you to build amazing landing pages along with the required tools to help convert visitors to customers potentially. It comes with a drag-and-drop webpage editor and many possible integrations to smoothen the workflow.

YouTube video

No matter if your goal is to sell a product, capture emails, display business information, or anything else, Clickfunnels is a great way to achieve all that.

It’s important to mention that this service isn’t limited to just “landing pages”. It’s literally an all-in-one sales system to help you skyrocket your business with various marketing strategies.


Be it for any purpose, with Cardd; you can easily build landing pages for free. You can pick one of their responsive templates or start from scratch, whichever is suitable for your needs. You can add up to 3 sites for the free plan and utilize all of their core features.

However, the Pro plan allows more sites, tracking via Google Analytics, custom domains, and so much more. You can try it free for 7 days and after that, pay just $19 for the entire year. It’s affordable!



You can quickly create professional landing pages with Hubspot without the need to hire a developer or designer. You can either start from scratch or choose one of their many mobile-optimized templates to get the ball rolling without much wait. The good thing is, it’s all drag and drop, so you don’t have to worry about too much lingering around trying to embed a simple form in it.

Within the landing page, you can insert CTAs, forms, and even personalized content based on visitors’ location, device, source, or any other data stored on your CRM. Hubspot allows you to track and analyze your performance over time to optimize and improve your landing page.


The above platform will help you create a landing page faster to test your idea and collect emails for your product launch.

Next, find out some of the best digital marketing tools to grow revenue and audience.

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