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  • Are you planning to launch your product soon? Get the pre-launch landing page created so you can blast the email list when you launch.

    Last week I launched Site Relic, a tool to test website load time, checking screenshot, etc. and I got  2500+ visits from my email list which is a great launch day. This was only possible because I had coming soon landing page where I collected emails.

    A landing page is a standalone page which is different from that of the home page or for that matter, any other page of your website and it serves as a single page that draws focus towards your website, product, services.

    Landing page helps you to escalate the name of your brand among potential customers, drive traffic towards your website and improve the SEO. It is an excellent way to strengthen your social connection by introducing viewers to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles.

    Whenever you decide to launch a product or a service, it is necessary to create a buzz, so the interested people get an idea of what your product is.

    If you create excitement amongst the people right before the launch of your product, your product will not only get a step up but also a will reach a better number of audience.

    Online marketing is one of the preferable ways opted my businesses these days, and you must know that the pre-launch landing page is the soul of your entire online campaign.

    You don’t need to display your finished product in the Coming soon pages necessarily. These pages give you an idea of how much people are interested in your product and creates a rumble among the targeted audience.

    A typical landing page gives a short insight regarding the product and what problems it solves. Also, they include a section wherein users can subscribe to stay updated and know more about the product.

    This ensures that at the time of the actual launch of your product, you have a line-up of potential buyers ready.

    The following solution can help you to get a beautiful landing page created in minutes.


    Instapage is a viral tool available in the market for creating landing pages for marketing teams and agencies. It offers a minimal free plan and a basic plan with at $29 per month. It is an excellent tool for people with a tight budget.

    • Over 100 fully optimized and customized templates
    • Multi-platform support
    • Its directory contains over 33 million images and over 5000
    • You can create quickly various widgets to improve the functionality of your landing page
    • You can add forms to interact with your users
    • It allows you to automatically backup your leads and generates a report
    • It will enable you to publish pages to more than one domains
    • Instapage doesn’t charge you if a certain threshold of users is surpassed
    • Integrations with various modern tools like Zapier, MailChimp, Autopilot, Hubspot, Marketo


    Launchrock is primarily used to create ‘Coming soon’ landing pages which are mostly used by budding entrepreneurs to launch various products of their startups.

    • It is fully responsive
    • With Launchrock, you can have a Modern block-based builder with WYSIWYG and Custom HTML blocks
    • It gives you full access to the HTML, CSS and javascript code for free
    • It can host multiple landing pages on its servers
    • It offers powerful tools for analysis and promotion
    • It has a broad range of beautiful themes to offer.


    Unbounce is a highly customizable landing page builder where you can alter every element of a page according to your needs. Its cheapest plan starts from $49 per month. However, you can try Unbounce for the first 30 days at absolutely no cost.

    • Easy Drag and Drop scheme
    • Works with WordPress
    • A large number of templates to choose your design from.
    • Completely mobile responsive
    • Script manager allows you to embed any script you want easily
    • Using Convertibles, you can have targeted overlays on top of any web page.
    • Target users according to Location, Cookies or referring URLs
    • Unbounce has integrations with MailChimp, Hubspot, WordPress, Marketo, Salesforce to name a few.


    LeadPages is one of the best tools in the markets which helps you to create beautiful landing pages. With LeadPages you can create a homepage, error page, or any tool to collect emails. It also allows you to analyze the statistics of all the marketing campaigns you have run.

    • SEO friendly templates. You can select templates which are ranked by their past performance.
    • Drag and drop customization
    • Simple WordPress plugin allows you to add any page to your WordPress site
    • You can publish a leading page to unlimited websites
    • The hierarchical division of authority for the accounts
    • Allows you to create popup type format called the ‘LeadBox.’


    Landingi offers feature packed landing page editor for just one price plan.

    • It includes a pre-made tool for A/B and MVT tests.
    • It provides over 40 templates to choose from
    • It is easy to create and implement different types of forms. The leads are sent to you via email
    • It has a simple interface which provides conversions and sources
    • You can select among various widgets available
    • Landingi has integrations with Marketo, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Zapier.


    With a starting price of $45 per month, Wishpond simplifies the running marketing campaigns from start to end for various businesses.

    • Easy to use interface
    • Plethora of templates
    • It allows you to split test your landing pages and forms to see which one is performing the best.
    • Allows you to add auto-submit links to emails allowing your leads to register for a seminar, workshop, etc. instantly.
    • Wishpond has integrations with Slack, MailChimp, WordPress, Facebook, Salesforce, AWeber and many more applications.
    • The responsive dashboard allows you to see the performance of various popups in real time
    • No limit to the number of visitors


    PageWiz enables you to create landing pages for as less as $29 per month for 5000 visitors.

    • Drag and drop customization menu
    • A built-in three click procedure to perform A/B testing
    • It provides templates optimized for high conversation rates
    • Provides real-time statistics of your landing page
    • It has integrations with third-party apps like SalesForce, MailChimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, and GetResponse
    • Extend the functionality of page by adding various widgets


    The above platform will help you to create a landing page faster so you can test your idea, collect emails for your product launch. If you are looking for a WordPress platform, then you may check out Thrive landing page.