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In Gaming Last updated: July 3, 2023
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The health potion is one you’ll need the most in Skyrim.

Personally, I feel alchemy is one of those Skyrim skills that maintain a certain level of difficulty no matter how much you’ve advanced in the game.

Put simply; it’s the art of making potions and poisons. And one of the ways you can put this skill to work is by making restore health potions.

Though it seems difficult to start, all you need is two or more ingredients to make potions by trial and error.

Creating Restore Health Potions

Every ingredient you find has typically some effects which are usually unknown unless revealed.

You can either eat (and suffer good or bad health consequences) or use the alchemy lab to experiment.

I normally do it with the alchemy lab as it satisfies my engineer’s soul ⚗️.

However, mixing ingredients naturally consumes them even if it makes nothing. So, going on an erratic string of experimentation will lead to much waste of resources, especially if you aren’t using cheats.

One solution is visiting the Skyrim alchemists to trade some recipes if they have any.

health potion

This way, you know what to look for and save yourself from needless mixing.

So here I listed some of the ingredients (with effects):

BlisterwortDamage StaminaFrenzyRestore HealthFortify Smithing
Blue DartwingResist ShockFortify PickpocketRestore HeathFear
Blue Mountain FlowerRestore HealthFortify ConjurationFortify HealthDamage Magicka Regen
Butterfly WingRestore HealthFortify BarterLingering Damage StaminaDamage Magicka
Charred Skeever HideRestore StaminaCure DiseaseResist PoisonRestore Health
Daedra HeartRestore HealthDamage Stamina RegenDamage MagickaFear
Eye of Sabre CatRestore StaminaRavage HealthDamage MagickaRestore Health
Imp StoolDamage HealthLingering Damage HealthParalysisRestore Health
Rock Warbler EggRestore HealthFortify One-HandedDamage StaminaWeakness to Magic
Swamp Fungal PodResist ShockLingering Damage MagickaParalysisRestore Health
WheatRestore HealthFortify HealthDamage Stamina RegenLingering Damage Magicka

You can see Restore Health is a common effect among all. So mixing any two or three will result in Restore Health Potions.

However, there may be side effects as well.

For instance, pouring Wheat and Swamp Fungal Pod together gives you lingering damage magicka + health restoration, owning to the common effects among the ingredients.

health potions

In such cases, it’s not entirely beneficial.

As a matter of fact, you can’t use this on yourself (as it’s a poison), and it can only be used with your active weapon. Even in that case, you will be restoring your enemy’s health in addition to doing the magicka damage.

Conclusively, it’s better to take note of the effects listed above before trying to be a Skyrim Alchemist.

Where to Find the Ingredients?

There is more than one place associated with each. And the best way to find it is by searching through the Skyrim Fandom Wiki.

I searched for Rock Warbler Egg, and they’ve given me many locations to look for.


Alternatively, you can trade for some ingredients. Mostly, every Skyrim location will have someone selling these. Common items like Blisterwort, Wheat, Imp Stool, etc., can be found with…

  • Orgnar of Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood
  • Arcadia of Arcadia Cauldron in Whiterun

Basically, you should enter every inn or trader wherever you go, ask what they have for sale, and search inside the Ingredients tab.

Skyrim trading

Still, you can also directly trade for a health potion with an alchemist.

Unless you fancy making health potions, you can also cheat. For PC version, press ~ while in-game and enter player.additem 0003eaf2 X. Here, ‘X’ is the number of health potions you want.

Wrap Up!

So, this was our health potions guide.

But Skyrim has so much more to offer. Every chest, mission, or kill gives you loot you want to store somewhere safe.

And for that, you need something (a house) that we have covered in how to buy your first house in Skyrim and how to cure vampirism in Skyrim.

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