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Crowdsourced testing is one of the best ways to get paid to test websites and bring in some extra monthly cash.

Before considering this option, let’s discuss what crowd testing is and how you can start earning money working as a crowd tester.

What is crowdsourced testing?

Crowdsourced testing or crowd testing is a type of software testing recently getting very popular by allowing people to earn money for their testing efforts. Anyone across the globe can apply to crowd testing companies to test mobile/online apps, websites, and consumer software. 

Crowdsourced testing is not a replacement for professional in-house QA testing. The in-house QA testing team has a clear understanding of the product and the company’s values and goals. But sometimes, it becomes difficult and inefficient for them to test the product on all devices and operating systems available.

Who can do crowd testing?

Anyone across the globe can sign up to crowd testing platforms and apply to projects to get paid testing websites. Hiring individuals from different locations has benefits like conducting tests 24/7, under various conditions such as different devices and operating systems. The crowdsourced testing companies act as managers managing the crowd of testers. They allow companies to get a crowd of testers specific to their needs and requirements.

Requirements to get paid to test websites

  • A desktop device with OS, a mobile phone.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • A device with a webcam and microphone.
  • Should have good communication skills.
  • Should fill out surveys after product tests quickly.

Benefits of Crowdsourced Testing

Following are a few reasons why companies pay crowdsourced testing platforms to hire crowd to test their website, mobile apps, and other digital applications:

Speed- A crowd of testers is available 24/7 from different locations who can execute the tests rapidly. It can only take 2-5 days to complete the testing, allowing the company to launch its product ahead of its competition.

Scale- To complete the testing project faster, companies can engage 10-100 testers at a time, which is impossible through in-house testing.

Quality- Defects are detected quickly and easily as the product is tested under different conditions, resulting in high-quality products for consumers.

Maximum coverage- Individuals from different locations perform crowd testing on various devices and operating systems.

Valuable feedback- You will get valuable feedback from real users before the product’s release.

Cost-Effective – Crowdsourced testing decreases costs by up to 50% compared to traditional in-house testing.

Real-life scenario – It simulates the real-world environment where the software will be used, with users of different skills, geographies, languages, and technical expertise. 

What type of test would a user need to do on a site?

Crowdtesting is mainly done for mobile apps, gaming software, web applications, and new software product launches. Companies prefer crowdsourced testing because testers from various locations execute the test under a wide range of conditions which is impractical with in-house testing.

Following are the type of testing done by crowdsourced testers:

  • Functional Testing- Testing the functionality of web and mobile applications.
  • UI and UX Testing- Give feedback and interpret visual style, layout, and design of applications.
  • Usability Testing- Test usability of applications (how users use the app and their feedback)
  • Executing Simple Test scripts- Crowd testers can execute simple test scripts instead of using costly tools like Selenium.
  • Load Testing- Test the performance and loading speed of applications under various conditions.
  • Security Testing- Security crowd testers analyze how secure the applications are.
  • Surveys- Get feedback or opinion from the general or targeted crowd.
  • Compatibility Testing- Test application’s compatibility on different devices and operating systems.

How do crowdsourced platforms work?

Crowdsourced companies act as project managers for the crowd testers on behalf of the company. Companies use crowdsourced testing platforms to test their products globally under different conditions by users instead of professional testers. 

If you want to get paid to test websites, you need to register to any crowdsourced testing platform using your email ID, phone, and other credentials. Some platforms require you to do a qualification test, after which you can start applying to projects. You might also need to pass a pre-screening test for some projects.

Mostly the projects require you to record your voice, screen, and yourself through a webcam. After you submit the recorded video and give your feedback, you will get paid once they are accepted.

Before signing up for a crowd testing platform, consider the following questions:

  • Is the company legit and has verified testers?
  • Does the company allow testers from your location?
  • What devices are you going to need?
  • Do they send payments regularly and on time?
  • Who verifies and reports the test results?

Let’s now look at some popular crowdsourced platforms to get paid to test websites.


Betatesting offers you projects to test websites as well as apps and hardware. You can easily earn an average of $10-$20 for completing tasks and giving your feedback and bug reports.

After joining the platform, you will get project notifications on your email. You can work on up to 5 projects every month and receive payment via PayPal after the completion of each project. 

Intellizoom Panel

Similar to Betatesting, after creating your account on Intellizoom, you will get project invitations for testing websites and other digital products via email. Due to high competition, you must quickly apply to project invitations by completing a pre-screening questionnaire.

For small and simple tests, you can earn $2, whereas it is $10 for projects that require video submissions. the platform issues payments 21 days after you have completed the project via PayPal.


Ferpection allows you to complete projects to test websites and mobile applications using your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. Using the platform, you have to take screenshots, give your feedback or opinion on websites and apps, and earn money without needing to record your audio or video. Payments are issued on the last Friday of each month via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.


Unlike other platforms, TestingTime requires a live moderator with you through skype while performing the tasks. You can earn up to €50 per project to test apps, websites, hardware, food, etc.

You can choose to either get paid using PayPal or direct deposit within 10 days of completion of each task. Anyone across the globe can sign up and get paid to test websites based on the length and complexity of work.


Earn $10 for each 30 minutes feedback session through Checkealos. You can sign up for the website from anywhere in the world using your desktop device, mobile phone, or tablet. Payments are made via PayPal.


Enroll is one of the best platforms to earn money when you have only a few minutes to spend. You can sign up on their website using your email address, after which you will receive notifications for every new task. Enroll allows you to complete assignments testing web applications using your phone, PC, or tablet and receive payments via PayPal.


Userlytics is unique in a way that it not only has projects to test websites but also apps, prototypes, concepts, and other digital products. To start earning money, sign up for Userlytics using your email and complete tasks after getting an invite and passing the pre-screening questionnaire. Through Userlytics, you can make $5-$90 and receive payments via PayPal.


To sign up for Loop11 and get paid to test websites, you must first clear the 5 minutes eligibility test. According to their website, the pay is above average and good for high-quality testing. If you provide good work consistently, the platform offers bonuses as well.


With Pingpong, you can earn between €10 to €100 for the task you complete by giving feedback. Payments are issued 7 days after the completion of each assignment through Paypal or Wise. The requirements to start working are a stable internet connection and a desktop device with a webcam and microphone. 


Respondent has a wide range of projects besides website testing (like focus study groups, surveys, etc.) that you can apply and earn money. It is one of the highest-paying platforms. After setting up your account, you can browse projects and apply to start working and make money through PayPal. Other great gigs that Respondent has are focus group opportunities where you can get paid up to $150 for an hour.


You can start testing websites by downloading Userbrain on your iPhone and Google chrome. Every tester needs to pass the qualification to start working on projects testing web applications. Each test would take 5-20 minutes after completion, of which you will get $5 via PayPal.


WIth UserCrowd, you will get projects doing design surveys to help companies improve their product and give your feedback. The platform pays mainly in the form of credits which you can cash once you have reached 100 credits ($10).


Intuit pays testers to send feedback on their own products, Mailchimp, TurboTax, QuickBooks, Creditkarms, and Mint. Testers they prefer are Entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, small-business owners, Accountants, freelancers, etc., who pay their own taxes. They make payment in digital gift cards after the completion of every 30 minutes.


uTest allows testers to test and experience new technology like car mobile testing apps and payment testing apps. Once you sign up using a referral link, you will also get a bonus. With uTest, you can review the project beforehand and decide whether to participate or not, and start working. However, you will only get paid if your feedback or reports are approved.

Tester Work

Tester Work has projects from popular companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. Testers can get projects to test applications from these companies. You will get an invitation to apply for projects. The platform encourages every tester to improve by giving them feedback. Once you sign up on the platform, you will have to pass an online assessment that tests your English proficiency and testing skill. You will have a maximum of two attempts to pass the test.

Crowdsourced testing as a career option

Crowdsourced testing is a great option to get paid to test websites working on weekends or whenever you get time. However, it is not a great full-time career option but an excellent second-career choice.

Following are some points to keep in mind to make the best of this career option:

  • Choose the best platform for website testing that gives you multiple project options and has decent pay.
  • Getting consistent work from a single platform is sometimes difficult. You can sign up for more than one platform to ensure you get more project options.
  • You should have good communication skills for the crowdsourced testing platform and the company to accept your work.
  • Testers should genuinely take an interest in completing the projects rather than doing it just for money.
  • To earn more money, don’t work on multiple projects simultaneously; take projects only that much where you can give your quality work.

The Takeaway

Crowdsourced testing is not a replacement for in-house testing but a great tool to provide real-world test experience and reduce the risk of bugs before launching it to customers. It is emerging as a popular second career option and is undoubtedly a reliable source of income for you. You should select a platform that offers good testing projects and decent pay.  

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